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BlondieLeigh 07-07-2022 06:48 AM

Sounds a bit choppy, tbh. I'll see how it goes, but I do have a lot to catch up on, so will have to drop it if it's not working for me.

shinebrighterxx 07-08-2022 12:29 AM

Yeah that's understandable :nod:. It might be better if you watch it all in one go, but feels a bit choppy at least watching it weekly. I wouldn't blame you if you dropped it when you've already got a lot to catch up on. But hopefully you can enjoy the season

Guess time will tell :shrug:

BlondieLeigh 07-08-2022 07:54 AM

I can never motivate myself to watch it all at once.

Work has been exhausting the past few months, so I decided to stall watching everything until I was off for the summer, and I've just got so much to catch up on. Season 16 and onwards of OG L&O, the current season of SVU, the final 2 episodes plus a special of B99, 5 episodes each of Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD, 6 episodes of The Flash (with new one every week), and that's without considering the amount of documentaries I have recorded over the past few months. It's a lot. OC is on there, but if I'm honest it's the one I'm most on the fence about, so if I don't have the time it has to be the first to go.

shinebrighterxx 07-10-2022 11:49 PM

That's understandable. It is a heavy show, but it also isn't as captivating either

Understandable decision. Can't blame you there. That's a lot to catch up on :thud: :hug:

I'd be curious to see what you think of the new season of SVU when you start catching up on that :wiggle: :)

BlondieLeigh 07-11-2022 06:02 AM

I just don't connect with it like I do the others.

And of course I forgot the NCIS shows :lol: LA is recording now, at least.

shinebrighterxx 07-12-2022 02:44 AM

Understandable. It is hard to connect with at times

Glad LA is recording, that's something :D. Didn't even notice them not on your list. Are you still waiting on NCIS?

BlondieLeigh 07-12-2022 08:26 AM

I'm relatively sure it's on Disney+, but I'm prioritising stuff I've recorded.

shinebrighterxx 07-12-2022 10:21 PM

understandable priority :nod:

BlondieLeigh 07-13-2022 04:05 AM

Just clear the backlog.

The frustrating part is that I usually watch NCIS and LA together, and alternate episodes, as I do with One Chicago, and it's more effort to do that with one on Disney+.


shinebrighterxx 07-14-2022 01:24 AM

I know that feeling :nod:. Although I've never had such a large backlog myself.

Yeah that is a bit of a pain. At least NCIS & LA don't need to be watched together alternating between the two, but that's a nice way to watch them. Switching between your recorded & what is on Disney+ would be annoying though.

BlondieLeigh 07-14-2022 09:27 AM

It seemed like a good idea at the time :lol:

Yeah, I may not be able to do that this time.

Dropping OC for now at least, because it'll just slow me down with SVU.

shinebrighterxx 07-15-2022 12:59 AM

Yeah might just need to leave NCIS for later :nod:

Understandable. You have a lot & if you're not attached to OC... what are you thinking of this season of SVU so far?

BlondieLeigh 07-15-2022 07:21 AM

Will see how it goes.

Haven't started yet. Working my way down, so most recent first, which means I've started with The Flash.

shinebrighterxx 07-15-2022 12:33 PM

That makes sense too :nod:

BlondieLeigh 07-15-2022 12:56 PM

Doing quite well with it, though.

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