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NotAnAngel 12-06-2014 01:36 AM


Originally Posted by always protect you (Post 79212341)
There's no point in living in negativity. Postivity breeds positive results! :D

Very wise :)

k-drama addict 12-06-2014 01:37 AM

I will sail this boat to the very end! :D

NotAnAngel 12-06-2014 01:39 AM


Originally Posted by always protect you (Post 79212370)
I will sail this boat to the very end! :D

:back_hug: I'm in!!

k-drama addict 12-06-2014 01:41 AM

NotAnAngel 12-06-2014 01:43 AM

Full steam ahead, Captain!!! :pirate:

k-drama addict 12-06-2014 01:47 AM

Have you sent any spoons in? :look:

fractured moonlight 12-06-2014 01:49 AM

I haven't sent any spoons yet but the ones I've seen on tumblr are :love:.

k-drama addict 12-06-2014 01:50 AM

I know! Everyone is so dedicated! :love: A lot of protests like this have gotten characters back so hopefully this one is successful as well! :fingers_crossed:

NotAnAngel 12-06-2014 01:57 AM

That's great! :lol:

I'll keep my :fingers_crossed:

JaSam4Life 12-06-2014 04:39 AM

add me pls

fractured moonlight 12-06-2014 04:13 PM

Adding you.:) Welcome to the thread.

Can't wait for Rockstar.

JaSam4Life 12-06-2014 04:58 PM

Thanks. Rockstar is my new favorite song but Ugh Julie is really good.

fractured moonlight 12-06-2014 05:45 PM

Welcome.:) I love so many of her songs. It's hard to choose.

JaSam4Life 12-06-2014 06:04 PM

Julie, Dad Says and Be Good are three of my favorite from her last album.

fractured moonlight 12-06-2014 06:15 PM

Love all of those.

Every time I hear one I'm like yeah that's my favorite. Then another one will come on. Yep that one. :lol: So glad I finally bought her albums on iTunes. I also need to get them on cd though too.

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