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LoyalFreakLisa 04-05-2022 09:36 PM

Alex O'Loughlin Campaign Thread
Alex O'Loughlin Campaign Thread

crash landing 04-06-2022 02:25 PM

Am game but already gonna be Sandra Bullock cause we both did the same thing :lol: new threads of old campaigns

LoyalFreakLisa 04-07-2022 09:20 AM

photo taken 4/16/21
photo credit: Ross Halfin

:love: :thud:

crash landing 04-07-2022 10:26 AM

Still :drool: handsome as ever - I'll help keep the thread alive but throwing my attention to Sandra once she's elijable

LoyalFreakLisa 04-07-2022 01:22 PM

TY Sara! :D :hug:

Yes, he is! :love:

crash landing 04-07-2022 03:04 PM

[WTF Jason Dohring was in the series :crazy:] oh and looked up the movie I had seen him in The Invisible believe his role was small but I remember it was an interesting movie

I am :angel: haven't seen Hawaii Five-0 :angel: it was always on the list though -- never ending list :lmao:
Hello :eyebrows: sexy :drool:

LoyalFreakLisa 04-07-2022 04:05 PM

:love: Moonlight!

I just watched that movie the other night and thought it was good. :D

:thud: :love:

crash landing 04-08-2022 02:22 AM

It was a great movie :) and :drool: of a picture

LoyalFreakLisa 04-08-2022 09:16 PM

:thud: :love:

crash landing 04-09-2022 01:55 AM

Really giving the :drool: factor :thud: keep it coming all you want :lmao:

LoyalFreakLisa 04-09-2022 09:16 PM


crash landing 04-10-2022 12:18 AM

Hmm :drool: He can cook for me any day he wants :whip: Sexy beast :nod:

LoyalFreakLisa 04-10-2022 08:56 PM

:thud: :love:

crash landing 04-10-2022 09:14 PM

Oh man Moonlight aka where first saw him :thud: too bad it aired during the 2007 writers strike :no:
Still shocks me learning Jason was in the show :thud: never seen VM which believe is the right one where sometimes confuse him with Matt aka Gilmore Girls and The Resident

LoyalFreakLisa 04-11-2022 11:02 PM

I wish it had been on longer :(

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