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My Kind Of Crazy 04-20-2019 07:05 PM



To all the kids who came up short...Happy Easter! #dontbreak

Persephone 04-22-2019 12:26 PM

Adorable :sigh:.

My Kind Of Crazy 04-22-2019 02:56 PM


Hey NJ, Dallas, Chicago, and my hometown ATL - I can’t wait to meet you! Visit @creationent site for more info. See ya’ soon! #StrangerCon #StrangerThings #EricaSinclair

My Kind Of Crazy 04-24-2019 04:43 PM



JoJoF92 04-25-2019 01:40 AM

nice pics

Persephone 04-25-2019 06:52 AM

Yes, they are.

My Kind Of Crazy 04-25-2019 11:24 AM

llove them

Persephone 04-28-2019 05:31 AM


My Kind Of Crazy 04-28-2019 03:20 PM

such an adorable kid

JoJoF92 04-28-2019 11:43 PM

she really is

Persephone 04-29-2019 07:55 AM

Yes, she is.

My Kind Of Crazy 05-05-2019 11:33 AM


Dear New Jersey, thanks for the ❤️ From the hugs, kind words, and beautiful gifts.... @strangerthingstv has some pretty amazing supporters! Love you guys. Oh & I met @mattycardarople ☺️ #StrangerConNJ

JoJoF92 05-05-2019 11:54 PM


Persephone 05-06-2019 06:14 AM

Yes, it is :D.

My Kind Of Crazy 05-06-2019 09:16 AM


My team, incredible. #BTS
Stylist. @Apuje
Hair. @hairjunkierandy
Makeup. @rebekahaladdin
Photographer. @eltonandersonjr

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