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ina_am 06-27-2021 04:31 PM

cherrypie12345 07-06-2021 10:52 AM

The sparkles :love:

ina_am 07-06-2021 03:16 PM

yeah :love:

canflam 07-10-2021 01:14 AM

I don't remember why they were standing close to each other there. It doesn't appear that are going to kiss each other.

ina_am 07-11-2021 04:23 PM

I think he wanted to spend more money playing on the poker tournament and she didn't agree :D

canflam 07-12-2021 02:05 AM

OK. This is another of hers that I haven't watched for years.

ina_am 07-12-2021 02:10 PM

I actually saw this a couple of months ago :yay:

canflam 07-12-2021 03:49 PM

Wow. On DVD?

ina_am 07-12-2021 04:37 PM

Yes, I have it on DVD.

canflam 07-14-2021 10:19 PM

Cool. I still need to buy a DVD player. Thankfully "Casino Royale" is currently on Netflix.

ina_am 07-15-2021 03:40 PM

:eek: is it? will have to check!

canflam 07-19-2021 12:29 AM

Yeah. Are there any extras on the DVD?

ina_am 07-19-2021 03:08 PM

Nope, only some trailers.

canflam 07-19-2021 04:27 PM

I found out that there's a 2-disc set of ''Casino Royale'' with special features on disc 2. I'll check it out from this library.

ina_am 07-21-2021 03:28 PM

Oh good, I will try to find that one too!

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