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Talula78 09-09-2021 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by Sternbetrachter (Post 104738932)
such a 90's picture :lol:

:lol: Isn't it, though?

I hadn't seen that photo either, Lindsay.

Sternbetrachter 09-09-2021 09:52 PM

maybe you did, back in the 90's in some teen magazine ;)

Talula78 09-10-2021 07:10 AM

:lol: I wouldn’t have known who the hell he was then. :blush:

Sternbetrachter 09-10-2021 11:03 AM

you would've found him cute, right?

Lindsay 09-10-2021 03:48 PM

I would say so.

Talula78 09-11-2021 08:36 AM


Originally Posted by Sternbetrachter (Post 104771622)
you would've found him cute, right?

Of course!

Sternbetrachter 09-11-2021 11:24 AM

JF does not look happy to me :lol:

Talula78 09-12-2021 08:46 AM

Gotta love that kitty's expression. He is NOT havin' it! :lol:

Sternbetrachter 09-12-2021 08:58 AM

its revenge will be gruesome

Lindsay 09-12-2021 08:07 PM

Sternbetrachter 09-12-2021 11:40 PM

I do agree, little one :lol:

Talula78 09-13-2021 07:05 AM


Originally Posted by Lindsay (Post 104788703)

:lmao: That is one fluffy cat.

Sternbetrachter 09-13-2021 11:17 AM

I wonder if he likes bathing :lol:

Lindsay 09-13-2021 08:44 PM

Was that recent? The kitty didn’t wanna be left out.

Sternbetrachter 09-13-2021 10:31 PM

could be recent, could be 6 months old, I can't tell :shrug:

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