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Old 07-14-2022, 03:35 AM
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I dont know everything that happened behind the scenes but it sounds like a lot of microaggressions towards taylor, like claiming she was going to "blow up" for being nominated and other stupid things. They were also saying jerky things like, lets lock her out of the room and hit her in the face when we open it etc.... I hate the bullying mentality SO MUCH on this show and whenever they target one person its always so annoying.

Paloma was saying some weird ass things on the feeds too and its rumored she was removed from the game. For her own mental health, I hope that is the case. And the fact that these peopel will rally around Paloma, despite her going off the rails, yet they are just flat out ignoring Taylor, who has been nice and rational and calm, says a whole lot.

Very disappointed in Monte to for throwing her under the bus after everything that was brought up last season.

I am all for a girls alliance, and it sucks that Taylor went and told Monte about it... she shouldnt have done that, and I can see why Paloma was upset/trying to save her own game. BUTTTTT its not like Taylor was lying. So what made me more mad was the fact that Monte and Joseph just assumed that Taylor was lying. The fact that they were all so adament about it really irritated me.

And then you have dumb Daniel telling her she should apologize during the veto speech, like WHATTTT??? He doesnt even know what is the truth???

And even if Taylor did lie, so what, its big brother, like everyone int his game needs to lie. I cant stand how they were all ganging up on her and talking about her behind her back... Hoping there is some sort of twist that can save her and if Paloma is really gone then maybe she will be safe this week. I dont even love Taylor all that much, but no one deserves to be bullied like that...

With all that said, i was glad that Michael was able to save himself this week!

My new order:

everyone else i am meh about but some have potential.

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Old 07-14-2022, 10:14 AM
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Ahhh, of course! The racism and bullying is here already and it's only been one week. Racist Christmas said the same thing about Davonne and Bayleigh, even though she's the one that repeatedly ran into someone's car on purpose. I also love when they say racist crap like that but usually when someone has a temper tantrum and won't follow the rules or won't do their punishment or task from a comp, it's usually the White houseguests *gasp* but that usually flies cause BB lets people get away with breaking the rules all the time now. So if Palmoa was kicked out, I wonder what she did cause they will literally do anything they can to keep someone in the house even if they got physical (Like when Evel Dick poured tea on Jen's head and burned her with a cigarette) I heard she was off her meds in the house, so that explains why she was acting and looking so crazy with her Taylor bashing obsession. Also, lock her out and hit her with the door? More assault, and it's pathetic and embarrassing adults are acting like that. That's some middle school bs.

Yeah, I still don't know much about Taylor but the way they all just ganged up on her and jumped on the bandwagon with Paloma and her irrational jealousy was just bizarre. Taylor has been nothing but nice to people from what I've seen and heard, and it just doesn't make sense for people to be so mean to her for no reason. I always hate when people are bullied, especially when it's just a game. Taylor did nothing to deserve all that, I just hope Taylor will be safe now that Palmoa is gone and if Michael doesn't win HOH I hope she does (Then she can put these bullies up) I feel like the damage is done and they will target her anyway, but I hope I'm wrong. I hope it gets better, cause this is a horrible way to start the season with instant racism and bullying but like I said that's the BB norm. That's why last season was such a breath of fresh air with The Cookout alliance (and makes Monte an embarrassment since he instantly threw Taylor under the bus. Ugh, I thought I would like him too) and minorities and women didn't go out one by one in the beginning. At least that trash Palmoa is gone, hopefully she gets help now that she's gone.
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Old 07-14-2022, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Butterfly85 (View Post)
lol Yep, so after this episode I don't like Monte (Can you say sellout?)
Throw Ameerah, Jasmine in with him. Black Twitter is dragging all three of them.

Daniel needs to be checked too. These people have lost their damn mind.

I expected this to happen this season after how The Cookout dominated last season. I thought it would just take a little longer for them to reveal themselves but nope, they let be known early.

Big Brother [USA & CAN] #16: This season is already a dumpster fire.

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