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LindaL100 02-16-2021 03:28 PM

just watched this week's ep that focused on Buck, another really good ep and it was interesting to learn more about Buck's backstory, but I feel like this ep also focused more on Maddie and we were given more insight into how the Buckley family life was like. It certainly explained a lot of things, about why Buck was behaving the way he was, why his parents were so neglectful of him and Maddie and of course what the secret was. I have to admit I was wrong about the secret, I thought they might be just half-siblings, but now that I've watched the ep Buck being a savior or donor baby for Daniel makes more sense, it explains why the parents were so heartbroken about Daniel and their neglectful attitude towards Buck. I think the parents were really selfish to have another child just so they could use that child as a donor to save their sick child, they treated Buck like spare parts and when Buck couldn't save Daniel they treated him so horribly to the point that Buck constantly had to take risks and injure himself just so he could get their attention. The flashbacks in the ep also showed that throughout his entire life, the only person who always loves Buck and was always there for him was Maddie, with their parents disinterest in them and treating them horribly, Maddie sort of raised Buck and she gave him the love that he didn't get from their parents. Maddie even sacrificed herself and her own safety to protect Buck, and I'm glad that Buck realised this in the end. I've always liked the relationship between Buck and Maddie but we didn't know just how strong the bond between these siblings really were until this ep and now this sibling bond between Maddie and Buck is one of my favourite things on 911.

And a side note, I'm glad that we got another case that actually involves fires :D I think perhaps Ryan Murphy have realised that viewers are becoming annoyed with the lack of fire cases on this show even though it's mainly focused on firefighters, and that most people find 99% of the cases on this show to be too ridiculous and farfetched, so now they are gradually including more cases that actually involve fires to make it seem slightly more realistic. But the show overall is still very outrageous and farfetched in terms of their cases.

fly me to the moon 02-17-2021 06:00 PM

I wish that Buck Begin should be two episodes bec I felt like they rush everything into one since he really had tough childhood and all that..

Jasper1975 02-18-2021 05:05 PM

But they tend to stuff in a lot in these origin episodes. I liked that they did not string out the secret long. It was rather brief before we were told. I have often noticed that with the origin episodes. They put in a lot of stuff, that could take more time. I thought the episode sold the secret more than I thought it would.

Felt for Buck. I get why the parents were closed off. But I wish they could have seen that they had another child who deserved to be loved. No wonder Buck is out of sorts in his life. Because he was born to save his brother, and while it worked in the beginning, it did not last...

I loved how they showed how close Buck and Maddie were, going back to childhood and how much the difference in ages cost Buck because she left. And he was left with their parents.

He had a lot travels. Poor Maddie, the postcards highlighting the abuse.

A strong episode.

fly me to the moon 02-18-2021 05:22 PM

Yeah, I agree w/ you that I wish that his parents can have him so he can be loved, but not have him to save their other son.. But it's sad to see what he went through and wonder that he could have.. But I really like the episode..

LindaL100 02-23-2021 03:44 AM

I just watched this week's ep, I really love it, after such a heavy and serious ep last week with Buck's backstory, it's good to have a light-hearted and fun ep this week. I enjoyed the whole ep, there was nothing I didn't like, but my fav part of the ep was when they went to rescue a clown at the clown store and the team inhaled the helium and they sounded like chipmunks, I was laughing so hard when I heard their high-pitched voices I literally choked on my water :lol: This is probably 1 of my fav episodes of 911 ever.

fly me to the moon 02-24-2021 06:00 PM

I read that they used the scenes from last season which that made sense bec some part that I noticed that they don't even wear the masks including people.. I was like umm..

But this episode was hilarious..

LindaL100 03-09-2021 11:42 PM

I enjoyed this week's ep, I like the part when Christopher wasn't happy that Eddie was starting to date again and went to confide in Buck, I really like the dynamic between them, Buck is like the caring uncle to Chris. I think deep down Chris is still sad about his mum's death and wasn't ready to lose another person, I think that's why he was initially unhappy that Eddie has a new girlfriend. But he seemed happy when he found out Eddie is dating his old teacher, it's obvious that Chris really liked her when she was his teacher so I think he will accept her as Eddie's new girlfriend now, I do hope things will last between Eddie and this new girlfriend, after losing Chris mother, both Eddie and Chris deserve a happy ending. I'm not a fan of "Buddie" though, I still think they're just very close friends, like brothers, I don't see anything romantic between them.

fly me to the moon 03-11-2021 04:04 PM

Yeah, I like that even though, I think that the problem is that the creator did lie to fans that something will happen in between both Eddie and Buck when they shouldn't lead the fans like that..

LindaL100 04-20-2021 05:55 AM

what a great episode this week, I think it's probably my favourite ep in a long time, the highlights for me are definitely Maddie & Chimney's baby being born and that pile up accident.

I'm going to post some spoilers so if anyone doesn't want to be spoiled then ignore this.

I think the accident was the real focal point of this ep, so many storylines were connected to it; the story of the alcoholic mother who caused the accident in the first place, the accident triggering Bobby's own personal past with alcoholism, Chimney's brother Albert getting caught in the accident, Chimney running to the hospital from the accident site to be with Maddie while she was in labour, and the woman's husband's heart-wrenching confession to Athena at the hospital was so emotional.
I also liked Hen's sidestory with the foster child, that was emotional too.

Overall the ep was fantastic and so well written, the accident scenes were magnificently shot, and there were so many emotional storylines in this ep and the acting was great. And the case this week was actually realistic and believable, which is a rarity for this show.

fly me to the moon 04-21-2021 04:00 PM

I really enjoy this episode..

Jasper1975 04-21-2021 04:34 PM

The crash was scary.... They way it was going on and on, before the pileup happened.

I was wondering if the mother had zoned out, or something, had some medical condition. So, it was sad to know it was just a drunk driver...

But yeah, it triggered a lot of characters.

LindaL100 04-22-2021 03:53 AM

drink driving is a huge problem, a drunk driver is one of the most common reasons for car crashes, so I'm glad the show addressed this issue in this week's ep.

fly me to the moon 04-22-2021 02:26 PM

For sure.. Plus she was driving while she has her son in the car.. Damn..

LindaL100 05-06-2021 06:21 AM

another great ep this week, I love how all the cases this week were all connected to each other, we learned what happened to the kidnapped girl and how the hit-and-run was related, and I was pleasantly surprised that the ep also delved into Josh's backstory and how he became a 911 operator. Apart from Maddie and now May, it's rare for the other 911 operators to get so much focus in an ep and Josh was great in this week's ep.

Jasper1975 05-06-2021 07:35 AM

Of course we have reached the point, where to get a origin story of sorts. We go to the supporting characters. But it's good to see such a focus on Josh, and how it tied to the crisis.

And how it tied to Athena and her worries for May. A girl, young and on her own out there in the world.

Loved how Josh was really commanding the computer to get help there. He is a fun character.

Interesting Athena's fight with May about Laila made her remember her own Mom, so she's relenting on overprotection but with stipulations LOL.

A great episode.

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