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Old 05-06-2022, 02:49 AM
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Luke Danes

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Old 05-06-2022, 02:51 AM
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Vote 1 out.

Top 9
Voting ends May 8th

James "Sawyer" Ford

Josh Holloway

Stefan Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries
Paul Wesley

Pacey Witter

Dawson's Creek
Joshua Jackson

Ryan Atwood

The O.C.
Ben McKenzie

Jess Mariano

Gilmore Girls
Milo Ventimiglia

Jim Halpert

The Office
John Krasinski

Harvey Specter

Gabriel Macht

Nathan Scott

One Tree Hill
James Lafferty

Seth Cohen

The O.C.
Adam Brody

Vote 1 out.
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Old 05-06-2022, 03:01 AM
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Seth Cohen barely seen him in anything unlike I noticed Ben cause of Gotham

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Old 05-06-2022, 04:57 AM
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Pacey Witter
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Old 05-06-2022, 05:57 AM
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Pacey Witter

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Old 05-06-2022, 06:00 AM
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Out: Seth Cohen
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Old 05-06-2022, 06:16 AM
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Old 05-06-2022, 06:47 AM
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Stefan Salvatore
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Old 05-06-2022, 07:30 AM
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I will vote the ones I don't know before the ones I do...

Pacey Witter

Out of the ones left, I only care for two... possibly 3 to win... so I'm open to most votes to vote with at this point.

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Old 05-06-2022, 07:45 AM
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Seth Cohen
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Old 05-06-2022, 07:45 AM
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Pacey Witter
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Old 05-06-2022, 08:26 AM
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*Has heart attack and is brought back to life* This is the fourth time I thought Pacey was gone. Every time I'm resigned to him going, he stays so I'm grateful but SHOCKED he's still here. I'm so jealous of some choices that aren't being noticed cause so many are focused on voting for Pacey, but damn what an underdog story! I'm glad he's still here but this is also tiring at the same time. I'll keep trying though cause I'm going down swinging (Sarah, no one cares about Harvey right now. So help me! lol) I'm still expecting him to eventually go with the way it keeps going, but at least we finally knocked out one of the Gilmore Girls guys. I keep getting shocked so maybe I'll be shocked again, who knows anymore lol.

Seth Cohen

I'm still fine going for Nathan like others brought up, but once again no votes and I've been in survivor mode for many rounds now, so I guess that's my best option. Plus, I guess The OC is the last show left now with two choices. So if he goes at least it will be more balanced with every guy being from a separate show. I guess I'm flexible to change if Nathan gets a slew of votes, but got to go for this right now.

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Old 05-06-2022, 08:53 AM
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Seth Cohen
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Old 05-06-2022, 10:09 AM
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Seth Cohen
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Old 05-06-2022, 10:15 AM
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