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Old 08-20-2015, 08:00 PM
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If I'm not wrong, I think that she was wearing a school uniform in an episode and it really seemed to be one of a private school. It wouldn't be too weird if she went to the same school than Oliver (and we think that also Laurel and Tommy) went.
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Old 09-01-2016, 02:20 PM
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Passing thoughts whilst watching...

Oooh dude from Chicago Med!
Dude, flashback hair though...
Isn't Laurel's sister the girl who's on LoT now, who's this chick?
(this is what I get for having four years of secondary info in my head)
Other important information: Where is Felicity?
The Diggle!
Gonna need to figure out where there are crossovers once I hit Flash's start
RIP tennis balls
Buddy! Roger Cross! Dunno if he's there just the once
"What's Twilight?"
Aaand then you'll die
Bad Mama Queen!!

"fine bro, guess I'll walk home"
Dang Diggle got moves
How many languages you speak, bro?
What the hell you up to, Mama?
Arrow got Arrowed

Dude brought a bow to a gun fight apparently...
Oh look, more scars...
Oops, poison... you really need to get yourself a crew dude...
Oooh codenames, we like codenames
And this dude loves tattoos...
"I slept with his fiancée"... oh brother....
Thea don't make me whoop your butt
Dude has one hell of a steady hand..
And Thea lets the cat out of the bag!
Laurel got some moves, pow!
Ooooh Marian!
Latte, bullet holes, sure...
Did she say a tiger?
Good save, good save!
Not the Diiiiig! Oh wait he'll be fine
"Hey." Dun dun DUN

Jooooin me!
Go away, I want my Diggle
"No reason." Oh I think there's a reason.
He's long gone. Like you will soon be, faux Diggle.
Yeah you tell 'em Felicity!
* makes cooing noises at precious snowflake * So getting that Funko Pop...
It smiles!
Burning Dad with the burn, Laurel...
Why do I have a feeling sister in law is gonna die at some point?
Oh look Laurel is in trouble again
Aaand busted!
You little dork of course he spoke English
Buzzkill, Daddy Lance, Diggle was getting in on the team!

Oh look there's more people on that island!
Here comes Laurel to save the daaaay
It might be just his style
Oooh smart... move?
Toys, yes we like toys. Get at it, Diggle!
Who's this fella...
That is one creepo of a mask sir
... mic drop?
Activate rich douche mode!
We can't all have shapeshifting aliens to cover our butts
Well that's not conspicuous at all
Aaand smooch!
Everybody is very sad...
} Rose {
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Old 09-14-2016, 05:03 PM
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Carrying on...

This idiot got killed of course, now y'all are in trouble! (the bank robbers)
Stop moving so I can see your faces!
Oh hey he lived!
Dude you're hallucinating!
Siblings bantering together is love...
"Speedy." Chug!
Listen to the Diggle, dude!
Yeeeah close, no Oscar there, Laurel..
"For all our sakes, start reading US Weekly." Yeah, don't do it....
Oh it's that dude!
He has never been so glad a bank was being robbed, now he can leave
Auntie what's her face!
Heeeeeey girl....
Because he looooooves you....
Oh Thea, sweetie...
"But Mooo-oooom, I'm stopping bank robbers!'
Oh drunk!Thea you sound weird
Magic ink, Papa Queen? Okay, alright....
Gimme that milkshake!

Mom down, Mom down!
He is gonna be piiiiissed
Oliver honey, you're on foot, he has a bloody motorcycle!
At least he has a better haircut now
Thea doesn't believe your butt, bro
Guys, seriously, don't do this to me...
It's gonna be so weird to see this dude on Chicago Med again after this...
Oh who are you girl...
Hey guy, hey... TAHMOH!
And mystery girl there...
Yeah sweetie nice try...
Dude, about your girl...
Oh you again...
Heeeey buddy, 100 represent!
Money troubles, dude?
You two should start a mopey vigilante band...
Barrowman you're being all weaselly...
Well this is awkward...
Papa Lance, not this again...
Father and son, of course..
Bad Tahmoh!
Yeah, that will send a girl over the edge...
Lovey dovey hour..
That is about-to-kiss music.... yep...

Dude this girl is trouble
Listen to the Diggle!
I'd hate to know how you'd be with an actual brother..
Ew don't say merger that way...
Are you sure you want her to have MORE weapons?
Not the tennis ball!
Oh Felicity, you speak and I smile
How can you be angry at that face??
"I like purple." Girl, me too.
Notebook twins, Mama Queen?
Well that won't be awkward at all...
"Yeah remember that girl whose sister I slept with?"
Well that was a dark greeting...
Let her go, better things for you in the future.
"When you meet the right person.." *giggles like a tween*

Step dad is so going to get dead
That ain't Oliver, can see where this is going...
Oooh Christmas!
"How about... Green Arrow?" DRINK!
Felicity calling!
"Uh, no I... HE.... He did not... Yeah, he."
Oliver the Christmas motivator!
Ooh associate, what associate?
For goodness sake when are you just going to tell her who you are so you don't have to make up these dummy stories...
"You're remarkable." And don't you forget it.
Merry Christmas - I'm Jewish - Happy Hanukkah...
"It's you, me, and some-girl-who-is-not-Sara-fight-me."
That is gonna go boom...
Somehow I have a feeling that telling everything bit won't come to pass.
Boy you better run...
That dude ...
Motorcycle, sure...
Oh snap Barrowman!
Uh oh, bye step dad, I told you!
Okay sort of
Yeah good luck with that buddy...

Egads that was not water
Those poor tennis balls
Oh no it was her brother!
Laurel is so gonna swipe that phone
Nice secret entrance there...
Who's a grumpy little Arrow...
"I was on an island for five years" is code for "gimme exposition"
Oooooh a lot of burns in this episode and not all fire ones...
Yeah you'd think that... I'm thinking he ain't dead...
Well he ain't pretty...
Oh crap they're trapped..
Or something is up.. Mama is sneaky that way
Papa Lance coming around?
No wait he bugged it
Oh Papa Lance
He's baaaaack!

Whatever you're transporting, you won't be transporting it for long...
Ah you rich kids and your birthdays...
Oh hello personal connections
Diggypoo ain't happy (yeah I called him that)
Oh look it's the father of the year
Oh even his darts are green, that's commitment to the look!
Yeah he probably didn't get the wrong guy
Diggle honey come here I hug
Oh Thea you nosy little thing
Yeah if only it were that simple, Thea
Mama Queen, you're being set up by your son there
Darling girl, I was wondering where you were
Oh look less smitten I dare you
Bad Daddy Barrowman...
"So no wine then." Pumpkin you want wine, I'll get you wine. We'll go to Italy, I'll get you all the wine...
You just put a bug on him, didn't you...
Just say no, Thea...
You always manage to see them when he's getting handsy
You can see his wee Diggy heart break...
See I knew she'd get in trouble someday...
Of course he knew about the bug... At least she's okay!
Meanwhile, back on idiot island.. there goes the new car..
Aww sad Barrowman... still evil
And now you're 18, so busted big time! Happy Birthday?
Awww snap
} Rose {
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Old 09-14-2016, 08:05 PM
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Bad Daddy Barrowman...
I should re-watch that episode because I don't remember of it
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Old 09-14-2016, 09:19 PM
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I believe that was when he went like "hey I know I cut you off, but come by dinner, yeah, bring your girlfriend! See, this is nice.... oh btw, will you sign this thing to shut down your dead mom's clinic? K thanks."
} Rose {
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Old 09-15-2016, 04:37 PM
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Finished season 1 today Part of me wants to start season 2 tonight, since I'm kind of against the clock with having to return all these DVDs, but at the same time taking a moment to breathe after all that sounds good, too

No intrologue! (Intro monologue, ha!)
Puppy is piiiiissed.
Girl, you're the one who messed up, don't go all snippy
Looking a little emo in that cage there
Hey you! Please get on my screen more girl!
This guy went to mustache twirling villain school
Awww Laurel pleading for Thea...
Your cop buddy is gonna get in trouble
Thunder dome. He's taking you to thunder dome
Neat trick indeed.
Oliver and Laurel looking all parental with Thea
You are 18, she doesn't need to tell you everything you little moron
Yeah this won't help at all... no time for a trip, Oliver...
It's your Diggy buddy, no choking!
Oops, still in you a bit there?
And he is up, wobbly but up and heeeey Felicity!
Yeah you totally stared at him
"I ran out of sports bottles." ... "Your BS stories are getting worse." THANK YOU SIR, REALLY.
Spare the tennis ball!
Diggle are you trying to get skewered??? Also the ball lives!!
Miracle he manages to hit anyone right now
This dude deserved it, yeah
Oooooh, she came to his house, I'm not giggling at all, don't be ridiculous, those are birds.... yup... chirping.. in a giggly fashion.
Yeah, trust him...
Tell. Her. Everything. Go oooon.

Oh the intrologue is back
David Anders, of course!
Just arrived and already killed a guy, of course.
Yeah, sure, you had no idea, okay. Just burned that right quick.. If only there was another copy..
Like Diggle knew his buddy?
Did that say Wolfram & Hart??
Oh Diggle... awkward is awkward...
Oh Papa Lance, I try, I do.
Oh Tommy if you only knew
That is NOT Tommy, run Laurel!
Snooping Diggle... SNOOP DIGG! HA!
Nice touch with the arrow...
Just you and...?
Poor Olly puppy...
Teaming on up! Oh yeah!
Surprise, mother bleeper!
Stopped him from going over the line
Sad Lances are sad...
Bow, he's gonna choose a bow isn't he...
Oh that mask...
Helloooo mother... I mean, Moira... I mean. Hey...

Well that didn't go very well...
Felicity!! OMG he's gonna tell her isn't he! Well it's about time, bro, the stories just.... come on
Welcome to the teeeam!
We need to save his life! But first.... let's get that makeup off! *facepalm*
Judging by the length of his hair now and what it was when he left, I'm guessing this plan won't work, so...
Easy there snippy
Billy Wintergreen? Yeah okay...
My gosh we are spending a lot of time in flashback land
"I'm not THAT blond." Yeah sing it!
Bonding over the cover stories, awww
"You didn't say clear." Yeah, safety!
Or he'll leave and you'll be stuck there...
Yeah that's not gonna happen
Bye bye plane
Okay what is happening with dude and his daughter?
Bless you darling snowflake...
Yeah, temporary, sure....
Okay, the tattoo, yeah...
Surprised you didn't bump his shoulder "accidentally"....

That's a big rock..
Yeah I'd be nervous too
I know that dude
Messing with the lock
She's not gonna let you boss her around
Okay let's take wagers on who will get one of those collars among our sweeties
I wanna say... BSG?
Ooooh gonna make that move, Diggle?
Awwwww she likes him too!!
Please don't kill her
I was wondering when he would show up
Everyone has dates! Now how many of those will go smoothly?
Thea going all detective
Roy Harper!
Strike one, Diggle
Is that.... what's his face from the 100?
BSG reunion then?
Well that works, too
Fancy Smoak!
Of course she'll get collared
Hey look it's the City of Light
Fancy shot AND knows anatomy
THE Hood, yes. Robin Hood, nope
Feel, Diggy, feel!
Well our boys know how to kiss and make up with their ladies
Well this shouldn't complicate things at all
Oh not her again
Oh Mama Queen

"Dude I just got here!"
Ooh training the puppy
A canary you say?
I think it's not the food
Oh hey it's tattoo guy
Hit the restroom or hit someone IN the restroom
Mama Lance calling!!!
Somebody else will pick the bands
A lot of people are there actually
Aaand we're off
Points to him, first thought being Tommy
Big day for Tommy there
How's that for bulletproof
In your other life you're a doctor, you could fix this, ha!
Well... because I'm your buddy?
Mama Queen foiled
Oliver is like really glad he's read the Odyssey right there
Did not remember that was the dude that killed his brother
He just never does well with losing loved ones, does he?
Straight hair AND an American accent?
I think she may be alive, too! I mean call me crazy but...
Bless Tommy and Laurel and their Whovian parentage

Hey hey Helena
Well she kept her little toy
Yeah Papa Lance this isn't what you think
The accent does not sit well
Threatening the family, really?
Tommy is gonna do something stupid isn't he
Free the stapler!
Well this won't end well
You touch a single hair on that precious blond head and there will be hell to pay
Ha, busted!
Yeah, what needle?
Should have taken that call, I'm guessing.... OH WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT THE PRECIOUS HAIR?
Oh she's about to get dead, isn't she
Oh she's alive!
Yes, listening is good, listening leads to not so dead daughters

Felicity getting to watch Oliver train, job perk?
Well someone beat him to the punch
Both parents there, Laurel is all WTF
All the phones are going cray
"Do I tell you how to sharpen your arrows?" Oh SNAP
Yeah your track record just rolled through your brain didn't it
Oh she's in the states now...
Jumping jumping jumping
Awwww Felicity
Yeah that's not Sara
Ooh falling leaves how romantic.... isn't it supposed to be spring or something by now?
Okay well that took a turn
Mama Queen is in some deep trouble now
Yeah how DID you know?
Okay but you didn't!
The girl can take care of herself, thanks
Awww yes Thea would miss you
Home in a flash, to Central City? Oh look what you did
Whatcha gonna do with that arrow, Roy?
Is she though? Is she?
Mama Queen, you're knee deep in it
Felicity, quit while you're ahead
Awwww sweetness
The map!!

Oh girlie you high.... and now you're dead
Oh this.. thespian again
Hey tiny child loves his uncle Diggy
Oh he's mad, someone hide the tennis balls
Tommy what are you up to?
I would have liked to see Felicity going in for that buy
Oh look, trouble again
Five seconds rule?
You have loads of those fancy herbs?
Oh yeah let's not go down there
Oliver looks all surprised too
Everyone is very grumpy right now
Well they're about to die...
At least he came prepared.. oh gross
Only needed the one, bro
Oh Tommy...

Yeah too late....
"I dye it actually... I keep your secret.. " OH SWEETIE
Heeeey girl hey!
iZombie what, the 100 what! Woot woot
Okay well she didn't last long
Don't hurt the kid!
Kid just got himself a protector
Hey Roy what are you up to
Oh Tommy with the talk
Do not hurt the puppies
Laurel with the shotgun!
Did he teach you to load up, too?
Sleepover at the Queens'
Yes, show him ALL the cookies
Smart Papa Lance
Flight 815? Don't bother, it'll crash
Two missions at once, oh my.... don't hurt my Diggy
Why would you make him more mad, why?
Felicity getting better with that patching up of the team
Everyone is pissed at Oliver
Must be near season's end
Your hitman gonna go rogue....
Tommy, would you not?
Olly can take care of himself
Aaaand done
Bye Gunn
Well the hits just keep on coming
Let's find him.... well you're very close
Oh Diggypoo
Damn it dude

There will never be an arrow in either of those peepers
Ooooh home flashbacks, that's a change
Yeah, that doesn't sound good
Oh Felicity, for the love of...
Undercover Smoak, this should be good
Oh Barrowman, I want to feel bad for you, I do.... but..
Relationship counsellor
Tommy pushing her to Oliver...
Activate Fancy Smoak!
Having him inside her.... ear... I've seen this on tumblr, glorious in real time
You're gonna be really upset when you meet my partner... oh yeah
Is he though?
Broliver in all his glory...
Oooh smart man is smart, more spying
Moody arrow time!
Now with parachute!
Heeey buddy
Welcome home, Walter!
Felicity, meeting the family, ha!
Broliver, you little rat bucket
Bad Barrowman! BADRROWMAN
He can't go lying, of course
"I've always known where you live" oh just kiss, go on
Queen and Diggle, taking back the city, yeah yeah yeah

Less screaming, more running
Hey there you are, so you really were lying, ha!
Oh look the intrepid junior detectives
Aaaaaaand kidnapped.... is Mama gonna find out the truth I wonder
Oh this now...m
Yeah, totally hacking
Who's the chick in the heels?
Malcolm just came by to chat about our days back in Wholand
Corporate Tommy is no fun Tommy
Oliver like "nope, get out"
"Very platonic.... circumstances" yeah, sure
About to hack face, more like about to puke face
Aww making sure she's okay
Well who wouldn't be....
No harming my puppy
"Wow, I really DO do that."
"But I love him!" *snort*
Freaking Thea...
Run, Walter, you'll be better off away from this madness
"Who the hell is Felicity Smoak?" BOY LET ME TELL YOU
Pre kiss music swelling!
Pre hanky music, apologies!
Oh come on right in front of the window????
Tommy is what's about to go radioactive, dude
Can you actually catch am arrow in mid flight though?
And now he knows....

Well that training thing paid off
Oh go away Papa Lance
A hobby... that I don't engage in
Yeah you tell him, Felicity!
Whatcha gonna do now, Papa Lance?
Gonna tell her the whole thing there?
Tommy's world, tumbling down further and further
Calm down there, Badrrowman
Mama Queen coming clean.. well this can't end well
Yeeeeah Team Arrow! Brothers!
Oh Tommy...
Aww, y'all are cute. Reckless idiots, but cute
Yeah, he remembered that trick of yours
Oh Papa Lance
Go Roy go
Or you can do that...
Oh crap... of course there is
Leave the paperwork, woman!
Hey Tommy!
Yeah he's not getting out of there
Yeah that's a really big booboo
Well Badrrowman is really gonna kick himself when he finds out his avenging his wife cost him his son
He should talk to Cersei Lannister
Actually no, better not
} Rose {
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Old 09-15-2016, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Awesome Nerds (View Post)
I believe that was when he went like "hey I know I cut you off, but come by dinner, yeah, bring your girlfriend! See, this is nice.... oh btw, will you sign this thing to shut down your dead mom's clinic? K thanks."
I don't remember Malcolm being like that. I do need to re-watch season one

You binge-watched it! I would recommend you to continue later, how much are you late to return de DVDs?
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Old 09-16-2016, 04:24 AM
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Well that was what it came off like at the time

I'm not late yet with returning them. Seasons 1 and 2 are due on the 21st, season 3 on the 22nd, and the Flash season 1 on the 23rd (they all came into availability like that, I had to go to the library three days in a row ). It's not just about the DVD deadline though, because then on top of that I need to get through Arrow 4/Flash 2/LoT 1, so I can be all caught up when they all begin, and between that and other things I need to do, and fall shows coming along in no time, I need to get a move on

Season 2 today!
} Rose {
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Actually greatly enjoyed this season getting to know the characters and the different dynamics plus it had Tommy Tommy|Laurel
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So I have to finally come here and post my thoughts about the show so far, I have just finished S2 but thought I'd also give a bit of a review for S1 too. When I introduced myself a few weeks back, I was just a few episodes into S2, and I needed to watch more of the show before I started to post here more (as of course I don't want too many spoilers) but now I've finished S2, it's time to get my two cents in and post here more!

I really enjoyed S1, it was a great start to the show. The overall plot was strong, though I did feel there were a few iffy episodes here and there. But of course, that's only to be expected as the show finds it's footing. It did take me some time to warm to some of the characters, especially Laurel and Oliver himself. I have to mention that this version of Oliver is much darker than the Oliver in Smallville, he's definitely more serious and doesn't quite have the sense of humour and light heartedness SV Oliver had. Of course, we get to see more of Oliver's horrific experiences on the islands here and that in no doubt shaped him into a darker and more serious figure than he was before, a fun-loving party-going not to mention cheating rich kid. Those experiences changed him, he had to learn how to grow up on the island. I liked the way the show is set up, with the flashbacks to the island and to the present day and how the events on the island directly contrast to his present life and how he had to adjust to being home, seeing his family and friends, after 5 years of them thinking he was dead. The scenes on the island were nail biting and tough to watch, you can't help but feel for Oliver for what happened to him, after the Queen's Gambit sinking, Sara being swept away and having to watch his father kill himself. I like how he becomes the Arrow and trained himself to be stronger and fight, skills which he obviously began to obtain on the island, and keeps his father's dying request to right the wrongs of his family by taking down all the corrupt rich elite in the city.

Now, I knew this show was filmed in Vancouver, like Smallville and many others, but it surprised and confused me that they used same building used as the outside of the Luthor mansion on Smallville as the Queen mansion, albeit with different angles and sides of the building, which I believe is the Hatley Castle in Victoria, BC. Every time they showed the mansion all I kept thinking was that's the Luthor's residence. Not Queen's lol. I couldn't see it differently.

The Queen family dynamic was interesting and certainly a contrast to the Luthor's, although some similarities. At the beginning, I could quite never work out if Moira's intentions were good or bad, what was she up to? Obviously that was shown at the end of the season when Moira tries to right her wrongs when she admits being complicit to the undertaking of the Glades, but outs Malcolm as the real villain. I like that she took responsibility for her actions. I like Thea. She's your typical teenager but I sympathised with how she must have felt after learning about her father and her brother in the shipwreck, and then 5 years later learn that her brother was alive. I liked how she tried to get him to open up about what happened to him.

Diggle is a great character and if wasn't for Moira getting him to be Oliver's bodyguard, he probably wouldn't have become the first member Oliver's team. When Diggle finally finds out what Oliver has been up to, making an underground lair below his new club, I like that he shows Oliver that he needs someone to back him up and to watch his back, even if Oliver doesn't want to.

Laurel. She seems nice enough, but I couldn't work her out either. It seemed like they didn't know what to do with her character at the beginning and it showed. I wouldn't have expected her to forgive Oliver for what he did, not only cheating on her with her own sister but unintentionally leading Sara to her death. But she did. Eventually. I like her as a lawyer and she's great at her job and sympathetic when she needs to be. But she was all over the place as a character (even worse in the first half of S2 but I'll get to that in the S2 thread). Her father Quentin was your typical cop and first hates the ''vigilante'' but eventually learns to work with him. I've grown to like him more now after S2 (ugh, I hope he's gonna be ok in S3!).

I knew I would, having seen snippets of her character on the show before I started to watch properly and I loved Felicity as soon as she was first introduced in the third episode. She's a tech nerd, spunky and I love her somewhat impromptu inappropriate commentary. She can sometimes put her foot in it, but her heart's in the right place and she has a wonderful spirit. I like how Oliver reveals his secret to her and she eventually joins his team.

That's all I have right now for S1, it's a lot to try and remember and review, even when watching a S1 recap video and reading the episode synopses, it's hard to review it all in one go, especially after I had just finished watching S2. That one will be fresher in my memory after all and I will get to that tomorrow hopefully, if not really soon.

I'll discuss more on S1 later for sure.
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