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Heda_Khaleesi 04-06-2022 02:36 AM

The Person Below Me #5 ~ TPBM is tired of bad news?
TPBM is tired of bad news?

Jen's Herald 04-06-2022 09:23 PM


TPBM wishes humanity could find common ground?

TFTNT! :flowers:

Jen's Herald 04-09-2022 10:05 AM


Firecrest 04-09-2022 08:02 PM


TPBM went to the restaurant?

Jen's Herald 04-10-2022 03:01 PM

yes on Friday

TPBM same question?

cherrypie12345 04-10-2022 11:42 PM


TPBM can cook?

Jen's Herald 04-12-2022 02:45 AM

yes and no

TPBM same question?

Heda_Khaleesi 04-12-2022 06:17 AM

a bit :D so basically also yes and no :lol:

TPBM has a favorite cocktail?

Jen's Herald 04-12-2022 07:04 PM

yes. Crown Royal Black Label and Coke, crushed ice :D

TPBM same question?

cherrypie12345 04-13-2022 11:40 PM


TPBM has Easter plans?

Jen's Herald 04-17-2022 03:03 PM

not really, but had a nice weekend :yay:

TPBM celebrated Easter/Palm Sunday?

Firecrest 04-17-2022 07:41 PM


TPBM had chocolates and peeps today?

Jen's Herald 04-17-2022 08:28 PM

some chocolate w/ almonds

TPBM likes white chocolate?

cherrypie12345 04-18-2022 11:50 PM


TPBM likes dark chocolate?

Jen's Herald 04-19-2022 02:11 AM


TPBM likes hot chocolate on cold days?

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