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ollibear 01-15-2016 01:11 PM

Kindred Spirits {BღE} #24: "Don't hold me like I'm going. Don't look at me like I'm gone." Because we still believe in Bay & Emmett's love!
Welcome to the Official Bay Kennish Emmett Bledsoe Appreciation Thread No. 24


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123. Heαrt&Souℓ

" the end of the pilot, it's scripted "A look between Bay and Emmett." At the end, as he pulls up on his motorcycle to take Daphne away, there's a look scripted between Emmett and Bay.
A lot of viewers picked up on that pretty early on when I read the response, like "Oh, did I sense something between them?" So it was something I had always planned."-Lizzy Weiss

ღ[About Bay & Emmett]ღ

ღ[Season One]ღ

Reasons WE Love EBay

01. They have magical chemistry - Didn't Sean say that?
02. Bay is Emmett's exception to the hearing world.
03. Emmett demanded Melody treat Bay better.
04. Regina thinks they make a really cute couple.
05. Lizzy Weiss had Emmett and Bay planned from the pilot.
06. Because they're so different, it makes them more attractive.
07. He started speech therapy for her.
08. Emmett spoke for her.
09. Emmett practiced the words "I just want you" a hundred times.
10. Bay cared enough to get Melody to like her.
11. She is learning ASL for him.
12. He gives her private ASL lessons.
13. Emmett is the only person Bay told about her street art.
14. They didn't let Melody's disapproval stop them from being together.
15. Melody finally realized how special Bay is.
16. Because they finally said "I love you"
17. The way they looked at each other the first moment we saw them*
18. Emmett wanted to know who she is.
19. Because of the intense chemistry there is when they were officially introduced.
20. How Bay didn't let the fact that Emmett is deaf stop her from talking to him
21. Their first conversation was so beautiful.
22. He helped Bay find Angelo.
23. He wanted to dance with her.
24. He kissed her first
25. Because he told Melody Bay wasn't going anywhere.
26. Because she's his island of Bay.
27. Because she made the ultimate sacrifice for his happiness and well being.
28. Because he doesn't want to lose her.
29. Because even if she had been Daphne, her and Emmett would have ended up together.*
30. Because he put her art up on a billboard.
31. Because she gets him and he gets her.
32. Because he made her a helmet.
33. Because the helmet didn't sink.
34. Because the camera zoomed in on Bay when John told her that "when you're committed, you work things out."
35. According to Lizzy Weiss, "A lot of fans think Bay and Emmett have true love."
36. Because Emmett wanted his wallpaper to be of him and Bay
37. Because Emmett thinks they are important
38. Because even Daphne knows that Bay is crazy about Emmett.
39. Despite everything that has happened, She knows he's sorry.
40. They are bigger than his mistake.
41. He's waiting until he can figure out how to fix this.
42. Because she was concerned about him.
43. Bay is Emmett's perfect girl.
44. She finally confided in him..
45. Emmett wanted to talk to Bay instead of Robin.
46. He kept his distance for her.
47. Because they're talking again.
48. He let her borrow his camera .
49. He knew her car art wasn't completely hers.
50. Zarra was Bay's Emmett replacement.
51. Bay is madly in love with Emmett - Vanessa
52. She made sure he got his camera back.
53. Emmett went to find Bay.
54. Bay was touched that he went all that way for her.
55. He'll always come find her.
56. Because they fight like an old married couple after less than a year of dating.


Wish List

1. Getting back together
2. Being a couple for their senior year at Carlton.
3. Winning the yearbook's "Cutest Couple" accolade.
4. Making love.
5. Attending family gatherings together.
6. Planning for the future (college, career, family) together.
7. Having fun together (exploring, road trips, mini-adventures, etc.)
8. Babysitting Bay's little sister.
9. Being artists together. Discussing their artistic vision and exploring photography, street art, painting, sculpting, collage, EVERYTHING!
10. Talking to each other using only their eyes.
11. Being close enough to feel their hearts beating as one.
12. Sharing their most sacred secrets and fears with each other.
13. Cuddling together under a starry sky.
14. Hiding love notes in each other's pockets.
15. Sharing a milk shake at the ice cream parlor.
16. Emmett taking care of Bay when she's sick or Bay taking care of Emmett when he's sick.
17. French kissing. Emmett & Bay are so good at that. They must return to it!
18. Skinny dipping.
19. Playing in the rain together.
20. Kissing each other's hands and each individual finger.
21. Adopting a puppy together and naming him Banksy.
22. Emmett smelling Bay's hair during a hug.
23. Showering together (to conserve water ;)).
24. Getting it on in Bay's studio.
25. Sledding down a snow-covered hill.
26. Ice skating on a frozen lake (or ice sliding, if without skates).
27. Building a snowman together.
28. Pretending to be snowed in and snuggling in front of a fire.
29. Going to Europe together to meet Bay's aunts and uncles from Angelo's side.
30. Bay getting her own motorcycle to ride alongside Emmett.
31. Babies!
32. Emmett watching Bay sleep.
33. Taking a bubble bath.
34. Going to a baseball game together to root for her dad's old team and sharing a popcorn & cold drink. Emmett would bring a few of his baseball cards to get signed, and Bay would help him by capturing the attention of all the ball players, probably to Emmett's chagrin.
35. Jumping on a trampoline hand-in-hand.
36. Huddling under the covers for a powwow about their day.
37. Wandering a bookstore together, talking dream trips in the travel section.
38. Sharing a breakfast of coffee & croissants at a small cafe, before hopping on Emmett's motorcycle for a road trip out in the country.
39. Looking for furniture to decorate their new home at little antique stores around K.C.; returning to their new place for a lazy afternoon together.
40. Taking a sailboat out on the river for an afternoon; Emmett would have a natural affinity for sailing.
41. Going to a drive-in movie (with captions) and snuggling under the stars.
42. Staying up all Friday night to play Emmett's favorite video games together, then sleeping all Saturday wrapped in the comfort of each other.

Credit: MagnoliaFairy

Lost Kid
Use Somebody
You Get Me
When You Say Nothing At All
Here Is A Heart
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
The Scientist
Love Lost
Bless The Broken Road

Music Videos


Season 1:

"You are the best listener I know." - Bay 1x06

"I've never been comfortable around hearing people. I haven't been around them much. But, with you, it was different. From the beginning, you weren't hearing, or deaf. You were just Bay. The truth is, it would be easier if I could just go find a deaf Bay. But I don't want a deaf Bay. I just want you." - Emmett 1x10

"He gets me, and I get him." - Bay 1x12

"She's my girlfriend, and she's not going anywhere." - Emmett 1x12

"Did you just say are we going to fall out of love? As in we are currently...."

"I am."

"Me too." - Emmett and Bay 1x17

"I don't want to lose you." - Emmett 1x21

"Whatever it is, we can fix it." - Bay 1x22

"We were bigger than my one mistake. We are bigger."

"Then I'll wait, until I figure out how I can." - Emmett 1x23

"I already found my perfect girl." - Emmett 1x26

"I can't believe you came out all this way just to come find me."
"I will always come find you."
- Bay and Emmett 1x30

Season 2: To Be Continued

"How come you never told me I was such a bad signer?"

"Because you're not."

"Emmett, I'm pretty bad."

"I understand you."
- Bay and Emmett 2x02

"Soon everyone here will love you as much as I do." - Emmett 2x03

Future Thread Titles

"I love Bay and Emmett." -Vanessa
"They're so similar and so different and I love that relationship." -Vanessa
"I think they're both very intense people and passionate people" -Vanessa
"I think they've been in love for a long time" -Vanessa
"They have a relationship that’s kind of the great love of the show" - Vanessa
"She's still in love with him. She's madly in love with him" - Vanessa
"He's the love of her life " - Vanessa
"Bay and Emmett [are] such a part of the show in a way that ties the show together" - Vanessa

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AnneH 01-15-2016 05:04 PM


Lucresiare 01-15-2016 05:07 PM

You have joined the 2 titles :clap: TFNT

ollibear 01-15-2016 06:08 PM


Originally Posted by Lucresiare (Post 84705427)
You have joined the 2 titles :clap: TFNT

Yeah, but I am having a crisis of faith tonight. I'll post about it in the venting thread, though.

When I created this new thread, I realized we should update the "Quotes" section. It wouldn't hurt to add to the "Reasons We Love EBay" and "Wish List" sections, too.

Does anyone want me to add anything specific to those sections, or to the OP overall?

This thread needs some love.

~AnastasiaGrey~ 01-15-2016 09:54 PM

Thanks for the new thread love the titles.

AlwaysCB 01-16-2016 06:42 AM

tftnt :love:

Which episode is going to be the 100th?

AnneH 01-16-2016 08:04 AM

I think 5x07

Lucresiare 01-16-2016 01:22 PM

Some good moments of Bay and Emmett. It makes me nostalgic.

Slayerfan714 01-16-2016 07:04 PM

Reach For You - Chapter 6 - sarcasticnotsardonic - Switched at Birth (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Hashtag, update.

I'm also trying to work on an AU one where Bay & Emmett meet as strangers stranded in an airport during a snowstorm.

Slayerfan714 01-16-2016 07:04 PM

Reach For You - Chapter 6 - sarcasticnotsardonic - Switched at Birth (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Hashtag, update.

I'm also trying to work on an AU one where Bay & Emmett meet as strangers stranded in an airport during a snowstorm.

nailpolishchick2 01-16-2016 11:17 PM

I'll always love Bay and Emmett. Their differences is exactly what made me fall in love with them. Emmett broke Bay's heart on many occasions and I think it's time he stood by her but to me, he's let her down many times. After she forgave him for Simone, his next biggest betrayal was turning his back on her during a RAPE crisis. Whether or not she felt Tank raped her or not, was not the case. She wasn't 100% sure on it and Emmett bailing on her, wow.. You find out who you can count on during bad times like that. I hope one day they redeem Emmett because I thought a real love was to stand by you no matter what.

AnneH 01-17-2016 08:49 AM


Originally Posted by Slayerfan714 (Post 84719103)
Reach For You - Chapter 6 - sarcasticnotsardonic - Switched at Birth (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Hashtag, update.

I'm also trying to work on an AU one where Bay & Emmett meet as strangers stranded in an airport during a snowstorm.

Love it! Mooore. Always more! :lol:

ollibear 01-17-2016 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by Slayerfan714 (Post 84719106)
Reach For You - Chapter 6 - sarcasticnotsardonic - Switched at Birth (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Hashtag, update.

I'm also trying to work on an AU one where Bay & Emmett meet as strangers stranded in an airport during a snowstorm.

Thanks for sharing, Alyssa! :)

Please continue to post updates for everyone!

~AnastasiaGrey~ 01-17-2016 09:19 PM

Thanks for the video

ollibear 01-24-2016 08:53 AM


Originally Posted by ~TwilighterTee~ (Post 84734237)
Thanks for the video

I watched the video again this morning. I agree with Tee. Thanks for sharing it Lucresiare.

I remember Bay's line to Melody, when she visited after Emmett broke up with her. Bay said, "I wish that I had never even met him."

I would love to see an AU where Bay never did meet Emmett and to see how different her life would be. Emmett was a comfort to Bay, when she first found out about the switch. He helped her search for her father and listened as she shared her heartbreak over learning Regina knew the truth all along. I guess Bay would have done fine without Emmett back then, but it was nice that he chose her, when everyone else was making her feel like they chose Daphne.

Bay's life would have been a lot better if she could have avoided that first prom, though. Maybe she would have gotten into Pratt University, if she had not had all of that heartbreak in high school.

However the AU goes, when Bay wakes up from this alternate universe, I would like to know if she still wishes she had never met Emmett.

I would also like for Bay to have a glimpse as to what Emmett's life would have been like, if he had never met her.

Switched at Birth writers, please show us this alternate universe! I need to know how Bay and Emmett's presence in each other's lives affects them.

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