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Bellamy Blake [Bob Morley] #114: "You are brave, you are kind, you are more, more than you hold back from being."

Bellamy BlakeBob Morley

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f u nf a c t s

Full Name: Robert Alfred Morley

Birthday: December 20, 1984
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Nationality: Australian
Ethnicity: Filipino-Irish

Family: Youngest of 4 children (2 sisters, 1 brother)
Spouse: Eliza Taylor (2019)
Children: Bowie and Panda

Education: Graduated from La Trobe University
Did you know... he was initially an engineering major?
Athletics: Played Australian football

Nicknames: Bobby, Big Boy Lemonade, Bobber, Uncle Bob, Bubblegum
Hobbies/Interests: Dominion, Writing, Reading, Pikachu, rock climbing
Convention: Conageddon (co-owned with Eliza and Zach)

Twitter // Instagram // IMDB


50 Reasons to Love Bob Morley:

01. His personality
02. His talent
03. His sense of humor
04. His intelligence
05. His bravery
06. His honesty
07. His willingness to stand up for himself
08. His ability to educate others
09. His vulnerability
10. His cool nerdiness
11. His kindness
12. His playfulness
13. His modesty
14. His devotion to his fans
15. His generosity
16. His eyes
17. His ever-present smile
18. His adorable freckles
19. His hair
20. His voice (real voice and Bellamy voice)
21. His compassion and empathy
22. His positivity
23. His dedication to his character
24. His understanding of Bellamy
25. His ability to be a great role model
26. His quirkiness
27. His charitable endeavors
28. His ability to articulate himself well
29. His ability to give a classy middle finger
30. His magnificent hugging technique
31. His love of family and friends
32. His contagious laughter
33. His adorableness
34. His thoughtfulness towards fans
35. His dorky dances
36. His love of dogs
37. His charisma
38. His athleticism
39. His weird bear shirt
40. His ability to put fans at ease
41. His modesty and humbleness
42. His amazing arms and hands
43. His interest in writing and reading
44. His willingness to learn
45. His love for Australia
46. His sometimes random tweets
47. His clothing and style
48. His down to earth attitude
49. His passion
50. His pride in being a husband

Season 1 - "What's wrong with a little chaos?"

Bellamy began, it seemed, as the bad guy.
He opposed the heroine and was antagonistic toward those presented as good and wholesome with his selfish desires.
He gave no thought for the lives of others whilst promoting anarchy on the ground.
But with each episode, a bit more of his mask was stripped away to reveal a man who cared far more than any would have guessed.
He was a man terrified, desperate for a sense of power and control that had always eluded him.
He had spent his life in perpetual fear for his sister and with the heavy responsibility of not just her safety, but also her very life.
His failure to his mother and sister weighed heavily upon him, leading to rash decisions to protect his family as he’d been unable to do before.
But with more time on the ground, the parameters of family changed.
He began to feel responsible for not just Octavia but all of the 100, and he felt each death keenly.
His guilt culminated in Day Trip as he faced the deaths of the culling, which bloodied his hands.
It was a turning point as he recognized he’d strayed from the good man his mother had raised.
As Clarke helped him to recognize that his poor choices didn’t define him, that he has done good and is needed,
he came away determined to be the man his mother had raised him to be.
His fierce loyalty and protective spirit shone through as he sacrificed and repeatedly put his life on the line for others.
At the beginning of the season, he was a man who cared only about his sister.
At the end, he extended that love to everyone else.

50 Reasons to Love Bellamy Blake:

01. His bravery
02. His loyalty
03. His complexity
04. His passion
05. His honesty
06. His integrity
07. His confidence
08. His humility
09. His ability to accept responsibility
10. His ability to inspire
11. His capacity for love
12. His devotion to others
13. His trustworthiness
14. His tenacity
15. His resilience
16. His strength
17. His relatable flaws
18. His desire to be a good man
19. His willingness to show his emotions
20. His protectiveness
21. His intriguing storylines
22. His ability to forgive
23. His leadership
24. His sex appeal
25. BUNS
26. Brover
27. His growth over time
28. His love of family and friends
29. His willingness to put others over himself
30. His perseverance
31. His intelligence
32. His learned ability to stand up for himself
33. His attempts at jokes
34. His deep voice
35. His smoldering looks
36. His tendency to have very bad days
37. His reliability
38. His representation
39. His complicated development
40. His ability to overcome a difficult background
41. His capacity for guilt
42. His determination to do better
43. His strong instincts
44. His willingness to do whatever it takes
45. His motivational speeches
46. His importance to the show
47. His interest in nerdy things
48. His beard
49. His flair for the dramatic
50. His overall story

Season 2 - "There are some lines you can't uncross."

As the adults from the Ark came to the ground and began imposing rules once more, Bellamy struggled again under their authority.
He was no longer the young man on the Ark who needed to toe the line and keep his head down in order to protect his family.
He had come to be a leader and felt a great responsibility for the lives of others.
He chafed as the adult leaders literally and figuratively tied his hands, preventing him from doing what he felt was his duty.
Bellamy is a man of action, so he couldn’t sit idly by while there was power within him to do something.
So he infiltrated Mt Weather, again proving his loyalty and fierce protectiveness as his life was in perpetual danger.
Yet during this time, his view of friend and foe shifted, as he was at the mercy of those he presumed to be his enemy.
He witnessed firsthand the good residing in Mt Weather as so many worked to save him and his people - some paying with their lives.
And then there were the children. The circle of those to protect expanded, but he ultimately failed.
As he was faced with the harsh reality that not all could be saved, a choice had to be made.
Days before, Bellamy vowed with fierce determination that he would kill everyone in Mt Weather,
unable to foresee his heavy heart as he and Clarke weighed the lives in Mt Weather against their own people.
What happened at the end of the season broke him. In retrospect, this may have been the beginning of his downfall.


❮ Eliza Taylor:

"Recently I married my best friend and soul mate"

"I am so very proud of my husband,
his courage, his vulnerability, and his determination...
(I won the life lottery with this man!)
So... as he would put it, so eloquently, as always -
be well and be kind to one another -
it’s the most important thing in the world"

"I am the proud wife of someone with a mental health condition...
My husband works day in and day out on his own mental health,
not only for him, but in the hope that he can help others who are suffering.
I could not be prouder."

❮ Jason Rothenberg:

"Bellamy has really risen as a true hero in many ways.
Totally pure, although he started in a pretty dark, selfish place in season one…
He’s going to be inspirational to his people, and he’s going to be recognized as the hero that he really is.
I guess you could extrapolate to a future where he is, in some way, really given responsibility.
And when Clarke goes off on her own, Bellamy stays, because he feels responsible now.
He feels ownership in many ways. These are his people.
Everything he’s done to get them back here, he’s not going to throw away.
He’s going to make sure that they continue surviving."


"Morley has an onscreen presence that lasts for days.
He commands any scene he’s in
and I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re seeing him
as the star of an action series on the big screen one day.


"Morley’s character, Bellamy, has always had a certain edge
but this past season (Season 3) showed Bellamy crossing the line
with his friends and family (and sometimes viewers).
Morley as the lost and fractured Bellamy in Season 3 was heartbreaking to watch.
He raised the emotional stakes in every scene he was in
and even though we didn’t always agree with the choices his character made,
there was no denying that Morley slayed the performance."


Morley uses his eyes and body in unison with his outstanding ability
to deliver dialogue in meaningful and powerful ways...
This isn’t a gift that every actor possesses,
and when an actor like Morley taps into how to use his body
in a way equal to his ability to portray words, it’s a truly beautiful thing...
Morley brings Bellamy’s best and worst qualities to life week after week,
and for that his talent should be respected and rewarded
because he is truly a gifted actor.

Season 3 - "I have to live with what I've done."

Choices made in Mt Weather weighed heavily on Bellamy. But he carried on.
His duty to his people remained constant and was a responsibility he would not shirk.
He was doing all he could to be happy, but another betrayal shattered that. Another Grounder proved herself untrustworthy.
For a second time, lives within Mt Weather - lives he felt a need to protect - were lost because he trusted the wrong person.
Bellamy was determined not to make that mistake again as his perception of friend and foe narrowed further.
Unfortunately, his anger and desire for vengeance led him down a dark path.
Through it all, he justified his choices, truly believing he was doing what was right for ‘his people.’
In the end, it was his loyalty which snapped him out of it as one of his own was to be executed,
a man who had shown him respect and in turn earned his, a man who continued to believe the good in Bellamy despite his struggles.
Unfortunately, though Kane and others were saved, another was not.
While not directly responsible for Lincoln’s death, it will forever weigh on Bellamy due to its effect on Octavia.
Bellamy once again had to face his demons and decide who it was he wanted to be.
At the season’s end, he is still on a journey of discovering himself and determining who he will be, but along the way
(though he gets sidetracked at times) he is not allowing his mistakes to hold him back from who he can be.
At the end of the season we see a Bellamy more aware of himself, of what is right and wrong,
and ready to become once again the hero they all need.


Bob Morley
✗ Arms: Survivor | Winner
✗ Convention Looks: Survivor | Winner
✗ Facial Expressions: Survivor | Winner
✗ Hair: Survivor | Winner
✗ Lost in the White City: Survivor | Winner
✗ Selfies: Survivor | Winner
✗ Tongue: Survivor | Winner

Bellamy Blake
✗ BUNS: Survivor | Winner
✗ Speeches: Survivor | Winner
✗ Inanimate Objects: Survivor | Winner

✗ Season 1: Survivor | Winner
✗ Season 2: Survivor | Winner
✗ Season 3: Survivor | Winner

Future Ideas
Facial Hair . Smile . Eyes . Style/Looks . Thud-worthy Gifs
Types of Quotes . Strangling . Character Outfits
S1 Moments . S2 Moments . S3 Moments
S4 Moments . S5 Moments . S6 Moments
Heroic Moments . Sad Moments
Funny Moments . Badass Moments

More ideas are always welcomed! PM a mod or thread-starter.

Season 4 - "War made me a murderer. Don't let it happen to you."

Bellamy was determined not to be the man he'd been under Pike's leadership.
But unfortunately, he didn't have much time to be a better man, as Praimfaya assured that time was running out.
Undeterred by almost certain death, Bellamy persisted in helping others, working together with Clarke
to try to devise a seemingly impossible solution to save as many people as they could.
However, whereas Clarke was pragmatic, Bellamy was often still emotional in his decision-making.
He saved a group of Skaikru slaves at the expense of a generator needed to withstand the apocalypse.
He also opened the bunker door to save his sister, thereby causing each clan, including his own, to have to sacrifice people.
But Bellamy's decisions no longer stemmed from fear or uncertainty; they were rooted in love and compassion.
He made a promise to himself to be better, and in fact, he was. However, he still didn't feel he deserved to survive.
Ultimately, Bellamy did survive, though. He became one of the seven who retreated into space.
But the decision to leave was not easy. Following Clarke's advice, he used his head instead of his heart
and chose to leave her behind, even though he did not want to. Clarke knew that the others would need him
to be strong and to be their leader, or else they wouldn't survive. So this is, in fact, exactly what Bellamy vowed to be.


❮ The 100: Bellamy Blake (2014-present)

Bob was the first one cast for this show, and despite stories to the contrary, never auditioned for Finn.
He did, however, prank all the actresses auditioning for Octavia by telling them that they needed
to be able to do an Aussie accent. Being hungover resulted in his now-famous "Bellamy voice."

❮ Winners and Losers: Ethan Quinn (2016)

Bob had a small role on this Australian soap opera in an episode titled "Cold Hard Bitch."
He played an intellectual investigator who was married but had a mistress.

❮ Lost in the White City: Avi (2014)

In this indie film, Bob plays an ex-Israeli soldier whose charm and magnetism
captivates a young couple in Tel-Aviv. Bob worked with an accent coach for the role.

❮ Blinder: Nick (2013)

This Australian football drama required that Bob take a 10-week break from his soap opera role at the time.
The film saw him getting to use some of his athletic background for the role.

❮ Neighbours: Aiden Foster (2011-2013)

An Australian soap opera in which Bob was cast as the love interest for an established character.
His character and the character of Chris Pappas became the first ever gay couple on the soap
and shared the soap's first male gay kiss. Bob praised producers for not sensationalizing it.

❮ Road Train: Craig (2010)

This Australian horror film is known as Road Kill in the U.S.
A group of young adults are driving through the outback
when a road train comes up behind them and pushes them off the road.

❮ Sea Patrol: Sean (2010)

Bob appeared in the episode of this Australian show titled "Paradise Lost."
He played a handsome member of a paradise island commune.

❮ The Strip: Tony Moretti (2008)

This Australian television show took inspiration from CSI: Miami.
This police detective drama followed investigations into crimes on the Gold Coast.

❮ Scorched: Brendan Langmore (2008)

An Australian television movie that tackled the issue of climate change and water scarcity.
It was set in the near future (2012 at the time) and was set in Sydney.
Bob's character was a volunteer firefighter.

❮ It Takes Two: Himself in 2007

An Australian reality competition in which professional singers
Bob competed on season 2 and was eliminated 5th.

❮ Home and Away: Drew Curtis (2006-2008)

An Australian soap opera considered to be one of Bob's breakthrough roles.
He was nominated for a Logie Award for Most Popular New Male Talent in 2007.
His character was known as a "bad-boy heartthrob."

❮ "Ashes to Ashes" (The 100): Director in 2019

The show's creator had tried to convince Bob to direct since season 1.
He took a Warner Brother's directorial workshop and fell in love with it.
Many cast members cited their experience with him as a director
as being some of their easiest, most enjoyable days to ever film.

Season 5 - "This is how we stop the war."

Bellamy began this season as a changed man. 6 years in space gave him a sense of peace
he had never before had in his life. However, this stability and ease of his life was, ultimately, very fragile.
Upon returning to earth, it became clear that Bellamy's new mentality as a leader who thinks with his head
instead of impulsively making decisions with his heart would be tested in major ways, largely because of Blodreina,
his own sister, who was nearly unrecognizable to him. His reunion with Clarke was unexpected,
as it was the true belief that she was had sacrificed herself that propelled him to live his life in her honor.
Although they initially fell back into old routines, the changes in both their personalities was obvious,
driving a wedge between them, to the point where they are not able to make decisions with the best interest
of each other's loved ones in mind. Bellamy felt the need to prioritize the seven people he bonded with in space,
but his decisions caused Clarke to feel a sense of betrayal. Once he was abandoned in Polis, left to fight for his life
in the death arena his little sister presided over, his survival instinct kicked back in. The end of his short return to earth
saw Bellamy standing up to his sister, doing his best to balance his new approach to leadership, and imparting advice
to Madi, the new leader of his sister's fallen society. But 125 years in cryosleep and an inspirational message from Monty
set the stage for a new life for Bellamy and his people, where once again his leadership would be questioned and tested.

our opinions:

a little chaos

Favorite Bellamy ship? Bellarke
Favorite Bellamy friendship? Murphamy
Favorite Bellamy crackship? Bellexa
Favorite Bellamy-centric episodes? 2x11, 4x07, 4x11
Favorite Season for Bellamy? Season 4
Favorite Bellamy moments? Mt. Weather, kicking ass in bunker, CRP scene
Beard or no beard? Both
Longer hair or shorter hair? Longer
Favorite Bob outfit/look? We Are Grounders con
Favorite non-100 project? Neighbours, Home and Away


Favorite Bellamy ship? Bellarke
Favorite Bellamy friendship? Besides Bellarke, Murphamy
Favorite Bellamy crackship? Harpamy
Favorite Bellamy-centric episodes? 4x07, 5x03, 6x06
Favorite Season for Bellamy? Season 6
Favorite Bellamy moments? "She is," and the CPR scene
Beard or no beard? Beard
Longer hair or shorter hair? Longer
Favorite Bob outfit/look? Anything in the weird bear shirt
Favorite non-100 project? LITWC


Favorite Bellamy ship? Bellarke
Favorite Bellamy friendship? Murphamy, Montamy
Favorite Bellamy-centric episodes? 1x06, 4x07, 5x03
Favorite Season for Bellamy? Season 2
Beard or no beard? No beard
Longer hair or shorter hair? Shorter
Favorite Bob outfit/look? The bear shirt, of course.


Favorite Bellamy ship? Bellarke
Favorite Bellamy friendship? Murphamy
Favorite Bellamy crackship? Murphamy
Favorite Season for Bellamy? Season 3
Favorite Bellamy moments? "She is," CPR, and disabling acid fog
Beard or no beard? Beard
Longer hair or shorter hair? Shorter
Favorite Bob outfit/look? What he was wearing when I met him


Favorite Bellamy ship? Bellarke
Favorite Bellamy friendship? Bellarke, Murphamy
Beard or no beard? No beard
Longer hair or shorter hair? Shorter
Favorite Bob outfit/look? Anything with glasses and no cap/beanie

destroyer of worlds

Favorite Bellamy ship? Bellarke
Favorite Bellamy friendship? Montamy
Favorite Bellamy crackship? Bemori
Favorite Bellamy-centric episodes? 1x06, 1x08, 4x13
Favorite Season for Bellamy? Season 2
Favorite Bellamy moments? S1 finale speech, Mt. Weather, CPR scene
Beard or no beard? No beard
Longer hair or shorter hair? Shorter
Favorite Bob outfit/look? Suits, V-necks
Favorite non-100 project? LITWC

kiss the wind

Favorite Bellamy ship? Bellarke
Favorite Bellamy friendship? Aside from Bellarke, Bellasper
Favorite Bellamy crackship? Bemori
Favorite Bellamy-centric episodes? 4x07, 1x08, 2x14
Favorite Season for Bellamy? Season 4
Favorite Bellamy moments? Speeches, Saving Mel, Fighting Pit
Beard or no beard? No Beard
Longer hair or shorter hair? Shorter
Favorite Bob outfit/look? MCC and Dragon Con
Favorite Non-100 Project? LITWC and mental health campaigns


Favorite Bellamy ship? Bellarke
Favorite Bellamy friendship? Montamy
Favorite Bellamy crackship? Murphamy
Favorite Bellamy-centric episodes? 4x13
Favorite Season for Bellamy? Season 3 or Season 4
Favorite Bellamy moments? CPR scene, 3x05 fight, 3x13 hug
Beard or no beard? No beard
Longer hair or shorter hair? Shorter
Favorite Bob outfit/look? We Are Gounders con
Favorite non-100 project? Home and Away


Favorite Bellamy ship? Bellarke
Favorite Bellamy friendship? Murphamy
Favorite Bellamy-centric episodes? 3x02, 1x06, 4x07
Favorite Season for Bellamy? Season 6
Favorite Bellamy moments? Mt. Weather guard, speech to Madi, CPR
Beard or no beard? Beard
Longer hair or shorter hair? Longer

Season 6 - "We did do better. I have to believe that matters."

A new planet. A new start? That was what Bellamy was hoping for. Although there would never
be a day where he stopped feeling guilty about his mistakes from the past or allowed himself to forget
about everything he had once done, he was also determined to live a better life. 6 years in space had taught him
that it was possible, so he approached the next chapter of his life with a newfound confidence to stand up for himself,
even if that meant giving Octavia some tough love. To him, a new planet was something to explore with
an adventurous and optimistic spirit. Both he and Clarke bore in mind Monty's instructions to "do better"
as they began to learn about their new world, hoping it would be a place to finally call home.
But this new home was not at all what they were expecting. Early on, there were hints that they were in way over their heads
in this new world. When Clarke fell victim to body-snatching ways of the most privileged residents of Sanctum,
Bellamy was determined to avenge her death. It was a relapse into his heart-driven mentality, one that he hadn't
allowed himself to fully return to for many years. However, when Bellamy pieced together that Clarke wasn't gone,
he led the charge to bring her back. Ultimately, he had to abandon the people he had sworn to protect,
but because of his strength and refusal to let her die, Clarke returned. Once Sanctum's royal family was defeated,
Bellamy assured Clarke that they had done better, although whether or not he truly believed it was unclear.


❮ Alexa:

Congrats on 50 threads guys! We are finally here and in my honest opinion, Bellamy/Bob deserves far more!
Bellamy as a character is one of the more complex and interesting characters on tv right now.
He isn't perfect and he makes mistakes, but it makes him so much more root-able because he is so genuine and real.
Bob is such a charming, sweet, charismatic guy and he deserves all the support he's gotten and more.
He's such a phenomenal actor that really makes you feel for, and understand Bellamy.

❮ April7739:

Bellamy Blake jumped out to me as my favorite character right when I started watching this series,
and that is in large part due to Bob Morley's fantastic portrayal. It's clear that he understands and appreciates
the character more than anyone else, and he constantly sets new standards of excellence
for himself as an actor by expertly portraying Bellamy's inner turmoil, struggles, passions, and desires.
There are so many subtle nuances to his performance that are easy to overlook, but when you notice them,
you realize just how much time Bob spends "in this guy's head," as he would say.
I’m also so fortunate to know Bob’s personality, and I find him to be one of the kindest, most generous,
funniest people I have ever met. It’s so rare to find an actor who is very down-to-earth like that.
His efforts to spread awareness about mental health and illness have inspired me so much.
Honestly, it's been life-changing, and I'm so fortunate to have gotten to talk to him about this in person.
I am very thankful to have discovered the amazing talent that is Bob Morley because of this show.
It's because of him that Bellamy Blake is the heroic antihero that rivets and intrigues me so.
Plus, he's hotter than the sun!

❮ CanIcallYouKate:

I love Bellamy because he’s emotional and brash and considerate at the same time.
He takes care of Octavia and loves her and Clarke more than himself
and would do anything for them and buns!
I love Bob because he understands Bellamy like no one else can.
He’s an amazing actor who can convey more in one look than others in a lifetime of acting.

❮ Celluule:

When I first saw his character on screen, I thought
«*Here comes the cliché «*I'm way too cool and handsome*» jerk of the group...
What is it in his hair anyway ? Jelly*?*» Guess I couldn't have been more wrong.
The development of his character is definitely one of the best I have seen on screen.
Like a certain blond said once, he's got such a big heart,
and you don't get to see this sensibility in a male character on TV very often.
Bellamy is everything but selfish as I had thought at first, and I think it's this side of him,
his true devotion to his sister and his people, that made me really enjoyed his character.
That and the fact that he has his flaws, a certain darkness inside of him because of his past,
and it's always interesting to see him trying to fight his inner demons.
Thank you Bob Morley, for portraying him with so much accuracy."

❮ Sashimi:

For me, in the beginning, it was difficult to like a character such as Bellamy.
I feel as though he is one of those characters you are meant to hate at first.
Throughout the season(s) you learn how dynamic a character Bellamy is, all thanks to the acting of Bob.
It's crazy how you can go from disliking a character to loving them.
Sure, there is a lot to like about Bob/Bellamy. For most it would be the looks. . .
I am still trying to figure out what exactly I love so much about our little Baellamy Blake.
Or maybe. . .that's the flaw in my thinking.
Maybe there is simply too much to love about him to confine it into one simply put testimonial.
So I guess my consensus is that I have no idea what I love about him. He just makes me speechless.

❮ Ellfoy:

"Bellamy Blake quickly became my favorite character of the show.
Which is not surprising considering how his character was developped in the first two seasons*:
a cocky self-centered tyrant who is revealed to be actually a charismatic leader
who cares too much and who will do anything for the people he loves.
Who doesn't like a bad boy who is actually nice and heroic*? It was easy to root for him then.
But I actually fell entirely for the character during season 3, which exploited the worst sides of Bellamy,
because you have to know the best and the worst to really love a character.
And I love Bellamy's qualities and flaws, and often in this character, his best qualities are his worst flaws.
What strikes me the most about Bellamy is his loyalty and protectivness toward the people he loves
or feels responsible for, something which can lead him to do incredible things or terrible things,
something which can make him the most selfless character or the most selfish one.
There is something both beautiful and terrific about the lenghts that Bellamy will take for others.
And also so human. But more than that, season 4 is currently proving that Bellamy is able to grow and learn
from the mistakes he has made and to try to do better. And this is all we can and should ask of him.
Of course, the whole of this complex character is brought to life by the incredibly talentd Bob Morley.
I am not one for caring about actors generally, but I made a exception for Bob,
who not only has a perfect understanding of the character he is portraying
but seems to be a beautiful human being."

❮ girl under the floor:

I usually have a soft spot for the protective big brother character.
That's what made me interested in Bellamy to begin with.
But of course Bellamy is so much more than that.
He has his own story, his own development, his own struggles to go through.
He's a strong person who's not afraid to show his emotions when he has them.
And I love a character who goes both ways like that.
And Bob just does it so well. He draws me in every time I see him on screen.
He makes me feel for him, he makes me feel with him.
He sells it even when I don't want to be sold on it. He's easily one of my top three actors.

❮ juve:

One of the main points of Bellamy's character is his loyalty.
Loyalty to his sister and his delinquent family and wanting to keep them safe.
Bellamy could have chosen to abandon them like Clarke did at the end of season 2 but he never does.
Even when Bellamy makes the wrong decisions you can see he cares for his family.
He just wants to keep them safe. Like Bob said at a con, Not my children!
I hope Bellamy learns from his mistakes and becomes even stronger to continue protecting his family.
Regarding Bob, I love him as an actor. I don't watch much TV but as of recent,
he really impressed with his acting range in regards to emotions and everything he conveys with his eyes.
It's excellent. Bob also seems really easy going and witty. I wish him the best.

m e n t a lh e a l t h

Bob has been very open about suffering from depression, anxiety, and most recently,
he even shed light on suicide awareness by revealing that he attempted suicide multiple times in his life.

We are all incredibly grateful to Bob for his continued efforts to shatter the negative stigma surrounding mental health,
and many of us have been personally inspired by him to talk about and confront our own issues and disorders.

World Mental Health Day: October 9
Suicide Awareness Month: September

Need Help? Crisis Hotlines

Links: Beyond Blue // National Alliance on Mental Illness // Mental Health Foundation
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention // JED Foundation

Bob's Book Rec: "Reasons to Stay Alive" by Matt Haig

Represent Campaigns: "What's wrong with a little chaos?" JED Foundation Campaign
Whatever the Hell We Want Beyond Blue Campaign

Vids/Clips: What Men Really Think About Their Body // Supanova interview

Tweets: x // x // x // x // x

More Testimonials:

❮ Karma Police:

50 threads and we still can’t get enough of Bellamy and Bob.
It took me a few episodes to warm up to his character,
in the beginning he was a rather off-putting but the writers slowly started to add layers
and we saw that behind the bravado and the tough exterior is a very caring and vulnerable person.
Bob adds a lot of depth with his acting, I’m in awe of his acting, his eyes are so expressive,
he can convey so many emotions without doing much, it’s the little things, it’s subtle.
He understands and loves the character like no other, he cares about him, wants him to be understood.
What I love most about this thread is that we go from goofing around
to serious character analysis’ to goofing around again. It’s never boring.

❮ kenni727:

Bellamy is a deeply flawed person - which is what makes him real.
And makes him someone to relate to and root for.
While I don't approve or agree with all of his choices I still admire his tenacity and drive.
His desire to do what's right and his struggle to figure out what that is makes him fascinating to watch.
His passion and loyalty won my heart as they resonate deeply with me.
It is those qualities which enable him to endure. They are qualities necessary for humanity to survive
So in many ways Bellamy's arc mirrors that of the human race.
Mistakes were made but we must find a reason to fight and keep going.

❮ Leelith:

Bellamy Blake, is one of the most amazing characters on TV right now.
He is powerful, but vulnerable. Kinda but ruthless. If he cares about someone,
there is nothing in heaven or hell that could stop him from protecting them.
He is fiercely loyal. Bellamy Blake is a great character, in large part from Bob Morley.
Bob not only plays the character Bellamy, he becomes it. He makes you fall in love with Bellamy.
We have gone on a journey, and Bob has been the tour guide.
He makes the character come alive.Something I am eternally grateful for.
Bellamy represents the best and worst parts of ourselves, and Bob could not play it any better.
We have been blessed to have him on our screens and in our lives.
These 25 threads is just a testament to how powerful of an effect he has had one us.
Here's to 25 more.

❮ destroyer of worlds:

So please that we've arrived at this milestone ... especially this year when it's been
a topsy turvy year of being a Bellamy fan. It's been bittersweet with many good moments
where I've gained a deeper appreciation for this incredibly complex and intriguing character ...
and bad moments which have been hard to watch. But through it all, Bob has remained stellar ...
he brings such a rich, layered perspective to Bellamy's characterisation that,
love him or hate him, you'll never be indifferent when it comes to Bellamy.
IMO, it's impossible to imagine anyone else in this role now and that is all thanks
to the beautiful and talented Bob Morley. Can't wait for more of Bob's nuanced portrayal of him
and what is in store for this character in Season 4 and beyond.

❮ sasskit:

13 reasons why Bellamy Blake is loved/important to so many/to me:
-He gave up his childhood to protect and raise his sister.
-He then proceeded to risk his life/freedom to come to earth and protect her.
-He tries so hard to do the right thing.
-He's haunted by the decisions he's made, and he allows them to
shape his future decisions and make him into a better man.
-He's able to come to self-realization: the guilt is part of the fabric of who he is
and now he's wearing it. It must reside in him as an old friend
rather than a feared enemy, as a reminder of who he wants to be.
-He's able to see the other side, and question the path he's been travelling down this whole time.
-He's learned to make a choice for his own betterment.
-Bellamy Blake being silly: he loves his backpack, he's a terrible flirt,
he makes lame dad jokes, he's not cool with spiderwebs, his sass.
-He's a Dramatic™ hoe and the King of Extra™
-He makes grand, motivational speeches.
-He subverse toxic masculinity: he's emotionally vulnerable and open
and he respects, supports and depends on the relationships with the women in his life.
-And finally: Bob Morley is the MoC lead, and Give Bob Morley All The Awards™

❮ sonny1:

I have liked Bellamy very much since the beginning of the show,
because he was always so protective for his sister.
He saved Clarke's life, although he had wanted to cut off her hand before.
He showed weakness when it came to mercy killing Atom,
and he noticed and respected Clarke's strength when she mercy killed Atom.
He wanted to sacrifice his own life to save Jasper's life,
and then he went on a suicide mission to save the lives of his friends
in Mount Weather. He walked through an Azgeda army to rescue Clarke,
and he believed in Clarke when she said she has to take the chip to destroy ALIE.
He has used his head to go up in space to save himself and his friends,
although it has broken his heart to leave Clarke behind.
These are only a few examples … I could make an endless list here.
I like Bob, because he is such an talented actor, and he plays Bellamy so well.
He is such a friendly and modest person, and he has so much charisma.
He creates/supports charity projects to help people with mental illness,
and he likes dogs, just like me.

❮ Steph26:

What I love about Bellamy is that he has so many layers.
It's always interesting to watch each layer get peeled off.
He's fiercely loyal with a big heart, always wanting to do what he thinks is right.
Bob Morley has brought Bellamy to life; his acting is always on point,
and Bellamy wouldn't be Bellamy without Bob Morley.

❮ the1marie:

Bellamy Blake is an extra special character to me because of how
he exemplifies a new standard of masculinity. Sure, he can shine in an action scene
and risk his life for his friends like any of the best action heroes.
But he can also admit that he's broken and cry about it. He can seek comfort
from those he trusts because he is, after all, just a man who is trying
to carry incredible weight on his shoulders. And he can play a supporting role
while a woman saves the day without being diminished as a character.
He is equal parts badass and vulnerable with flaws that only serve to make him more lovable.
Through Bob Morley's superb acting combined with well written dialogue,
Bellamy has transcended the troubled anti hero archetype to become a character with immense depth
that I can't help but root for. So here's to many more threads of love for Bellamy and Bob!

And if you're here for the BUNS...

BUNS = Bellamy + Guns. Got it?

...or here for THIS...

Fan Videos:


More videos can be found HERE

Soundtrack art created by April7739, with songs suggested by various posters.

Fan-made Soundtrack available HERE

Future Titles:

◄| "We take care of ourselves."
◄| "They say they'll forgive your crimes. I say, you are not criminals."
◄| "Whatever the hell you want. Whenever the hell you want."
◄| He's so tall and handsome as hell; he's so bad, but he does it so well.
◄| A true leader is one who is humble enough to admit their mistakes.
◄| "I have to live with what I've done."
◄| Bellamy "Talk Nerdy to Me" Blake
◄| Bellamy "Every Day Is a Rough Day" Blake
◄| Bellamy "Got the Guns, Working on the Girl" Blake
◄| There will be doubters, non-believers, and skeptics. And then there will be you proving them wrong.
◄| Every saint has a past; every sinner has a future.
◄| Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?
◄| Our new brave princess.
◄| My strength did not come from lifting weights; it came from lifting myself up every time I was knocked down.
◄| Are you the man who did awful things, or the man who is horrified by the awful things he's done?
◄| More than a cardboard cutout of masculinity.
◄| "He raised the emotional stakes in every scene he was in." -HiddenRemote
◄| We miss his motivational speeches!
◄| The post-apocalypse looks good on him.
◄| He wishes he could control his demons instead of having his demons control him.
◄| My heart says 'Handle with care,' but my mind asks, 'Do you deserve it?'
◄| Boys believe nothing can hurt them. Grown men know better.
◄| "There's my soldier Bellamy. Always does what needs to be done and sees what needs to be seen." -Sachin
◄| "Bell still does what he can no matter what has happened before. He's the person you need in this world." -Sachin
◄| Bellamy "Truth Bomber" Blake
◄| If life is a battle, I don't have to fight it alone.
◄| He grows on you like a Chia Pet.
◄| Heartbreak is a crown; I wear it well.
◄| Even though it's not who I am, I'm not afraid of who I used to be.
◄| Your heart is a muscle, but that does not mean it should carry the weight of the world.
◄| “Looks like geekdom runs in the family!”
◄| They made you into a weapon and told you to find peace.
◄| He will bear the world like atlas, until his shoulders collapse and his knees buckle, and he is crushed by all he used to carry.
◄| You're kind, you know ... the soother of those that never bothered to check the aching in you.

Past Titles:

#1: He’d do just about anything for his sister. Even hitch a ride to Earth. |►
#2: We’re on the ground now and that means that WE are grounders! |►
#3: “My voice & Bellamy’s voice are quite different."- Bob "It’s like Batman.” - Devon Bostick |►
#4: “If Bellamy learnt anything from season one, it's how to run!!!" – Bob |►
#5: “He’s going to be inspiration to his people, and he’s going to be recognized as the hero that he really is.” |►
#6: "Bellamy is very stoic, yet emotional, that can be tricky sometimes because I just want him to let it out." |►
#7: “If there is one thing Bellamy Blake is not good at, it’s giving up on the people he cares about.” |►
#8: “Without Morley there is no Bellamy Blake” – Spoiler TV |►
#9: “He’s going to make sure that they continue surviving.” - JR |►
#10: We hope Bob appreciates how many Mountains, Waterfalls and Store fronts we have to identify for him. |►
#11: "Bellamy is going to do work to be trusted. He CAN be redeemed." - Bob Morley |►
#12: “Some actors just have “it.” “It” can’t be taught and Morley has “it” in spades.” – TV Junkies |►
#13: He might not always have been the good guy, but he always had a good heart. |►
#14: You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece. |►
#15: There's only one logical explanation for how he got this good: GOD SCHOOL. |►
#16: Baellamy Blake: “He’s put so much heart and soul into Bellamy, that he’s made him a real living breathing man” – SpoilerTV |►
#17: “What’s wrong with a little chaos?” |►
#18: “I think Bob Morley did a really great job of humanizing that reality.” – Eliza Taylor |►
#19: Bellamy “I Got a Glock in my Rover” Blake: “Bellamy shot him.” –Jasper |►
#20: Redemption is not just about the survival of our soul; it's about the revival of a soul that was once dead. |►
#21: Bellamy “Like a Boss” Blake: He’s thud-worthy. |►
#22: “Stop this? I’m just getting started.” |►
#23: SS: "I support the crap out of that. I can't begin to describe what a great dude BM truly is." #BobAppreciationDay |►
#24: Bob both perfectly fits who Bellamy is and creates who Bellamy is in every scene.|►
#25: "It's such a privilege playing a polarizing character. Love/hate him, generating an emotional response makes it worthwhile" -B.M. |►
#26: "Anyone else bored of Bob Marley jokes?" - Bob Morley |►
#27: "Keep the positivity and the love." - Bob Morley |►
#28: In truth, you like the pain because you think you deserve it. |►
#29: They treat me like a machine, a contraption free from emotion. But all I ever do is feel. |►
#30: "Making someone else happy is the best gift you can ever give." - Bob Morley |►
#31: "Morley as the lost and fractured Bellamy in Season 3 was heartbreaking to watch." -HiddenRemote |►
#32: The only thing I know is this: I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet. |►
#33: "I'm pretending to be an adult... I think it's working." |►
#34: Bellamy "I'm Fine" Blake: There’s a battle raging inside between who I am and who I want to be. |►
#35: Bob "Big Boy Lemonade" Morley: "We call him freckless because he's freckly and reckless." -Lindsey|►
#36: Clarke may be taking her time, but we loved him from the second we laid eyes. #wakeupclarke |►
#37: Wizard, Sass Princess, Pokémon Trainer, and Jedi. #HalfManHalfAmazing |►
#38: We're so glad he's not still out in that field licking rocks. |►
#39: Don't need those butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo. |►
#40: "In season 4 I'd like to see my MW hat make a return. There's an untold story there." - Bob (in my dreams) |►
#41: "Though we didn’t always agree with the choices his character made...Morley slayed the performance." -HiddenRemote |►
#42: I want to be a better brother, better son, better adversary to the evil I’ve done. |►
#43: I believe in miracles, since you came along. You sexy thing. |►
#44: This rib cage carries scars of a riotous heart. |►
#45: If you want it to be good, girl, get yourself a bad boy! |►
#46: “Bob Morley turns in a devastating performance that really sells Bellamy’s inner turmoil” –A.V. Club |►
#47: Bellamy "Emotional Epicenter" Blake: He thinks with his heart. |►
#48: He has the right to bear arms . . . and bare arms. |►
#49: No one puts Alpha princess in the corner. |►
#50: Fifty threads of Bob's love of Pikachu, tiaras, and Ellie and Bellamy's love of guns, girls, and rovers. |►
#51: Midway upon the journey of our life I found myself within a forest dark for the straightforward pathway had been lost. |►
#52: I can be made of steel but still be soft. I can be vulnerable but still be strong. |►
#53: April has a pumpkin with Bob's face carved into it. Now that's a true fan. |►
#54: I am not what I have done. I am what I have overcome. |►
#55: Please, sir, may I have some Morley? |►
#56: "He's very resilient . . . that's what I like about the guy." -Bob |►
#57: We're all eagerly awaiting details from Lisa on her Bob experience! |►
#58: He leaves the ladies feeling "utterly satisfied." |►
#59: When someone does something wrong, don't forget all the things they did right. |►
#60: "Bellamy is the kind of emotionally complicated and morally challenged character that makes television so much fun." - SpoilerTV |►
#61: It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply. |►
#62: I'm a good gun in a bad man's war. |►
#63: We're celebrating our favourite man's birthday today! |►
#64: It’s hard to resist a bad boy who’s a good man. |►
#65: “My favourite scene from season 2 was any scene with my cool hat” -Bob, in my dreams |►
#66: Bellamy “Ultimate Cheerleader” Blake: Need a pep talk? He’s your man. |►
#67: Smiley Bellamy is like a unicorn, rare but beautiful. |►
#68: Bring on the mountains/hills, traffic signs, store fronts and other nonsensical Captchas! |►
#69: Title would be dirty if I hadn’t just met him, which I FINALLY DID! |►
#70: It's full on Alpha Male Madness right now. #warflashbacks |►
#71: Bob "Forever Our Alpha Male" Morley: The things we do for this man. |►
#72: Our Alpha Male wears a tiara, plays Dominion, and loves his puppies! |►
#73: Like Arryn, we love us a man that can pull off pigtails and a mustache. |►
#74: "Bellamy Blake is Bellamy Blaking so hard in Season 5. Prepare to swoon." - Meg Bonney |►
#75: Sometimes I am frightened but I’m ready to learn ... about the power of mug. |►
#76: “Bellamy’s leadership style is influenced by who he is at his core, which is a protector.” -Hypable |►
#77: He has an excellent sense of dramatic timing and great hair. |►
#78: Winner of polls. King of conventions. Wearer of pigtails. |►
#79: You are loved more than you know. |►
#80: "The 100...can rely on Bob Morley and his perfectly teary eyes to deliver a performance to be remembered" -SpoilerTV |►
#81: "Heart emojis for everyone!!!!!" ~ Bob |►
#82: Isn’t it tragic that tortured souls have the kindest hearts? |►
#83: There is a different God for soldiers, one that judges hearts instead of deeds. |►
#84: There's so much more to you than you know, not just pain and anger. There's good too, I've seen it. |►
#85: Our bearded man with the big fork |►
#86: We’re so proud of him for directing! #bobisboss |►
#87: "Wrapping as a director, I can't even come close to the heartwarming love I have for the crew, writers and cast." |►
#88: “Follow his example and Choose Kindness. No shame in that!” -Thomas Leath |►
#89: Bob is incredible. That is all. |►
#90: "Stop! I have a mug!" |►
#91: "Can a man still be brave if he is afraid?" "That is the only time a man can be brave." - George R. R. Martin |►
#92: This husband has an awesome wife. |►
#93: “You’re imperfect and wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” -Brene Brown |►
#94: We're happy for his happiness. |►
#95: "[Bob's] striking original imagery & strong visual language will be his calling card for many years to come." - CDG |►
#96: *war flashbacks* Time to vote our fingers off for our man for @eonlineTV’s #TVsTopLeadingMan. |►
#97: I've been cold, I've been merciless, but the blood on my hands scares me to death. |►
#98: "It takes insight and compassion to be honest with yourself and others. It's not melodramatic or whiny, it's honest." |►
#99: He's a magical man and a master chef.|►
#100: Be well, be kind. |►
#101: Soul made of dreams, eyes of thunder; a heart of gold and words of wonder. |►
#102: Show me the most damaged part of your soul, and I will show you how it still shines like gold. |►
#103: "Bob turned Bellamy into who Bellamy is." |►
#104: The best Bellamy we could ever hope for. #thankyouBob |►
#105: #WhereIsBellamyBlake? Trending worldwide after 1 minute of screen time, that's where! |►
#106: That smile: Open, Oceanic, and Infinite. |►
#107: Bellamy Deserved Better. |►
#108: Bob Deserved Better. |►
#109: "He thought he was never going to set a foot on the ground ... then, he got to walk across four different planets." |►
#110: Not everyone will understand you. Allow yourself to be misunderstood.-Matt Haig |►
#111: "Nothing can be said or done to redeem the gaping blunder--and glaring disrespect--of the legendary Bellamy Blake."
112. The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, its tides and in its depths, it has its pearls too."|►
113."You're not perfect. You're better. You're real." |►
114. "You are brave, you are kind, you are more, more than you hold back from being." |►

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Uncredited gifs courtesy of DailyBellamyBlake, DailyMorley, bell-arke, and BlakesCaptain

Thanks to kenni727, jessystorm, and April7739 for the season summaries.


be well,
be kind

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TFTNT! Love this title.
You have always been my true north, Mal.
You told me about cardinal north and true north.
Cardinal north is a direction on a map.
True north? True north is home.
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|Lisa| | icon by Saboukkah on LJ

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You have always been my true north, Mal.
You told me about cardinal north and true north.
Cardinal north is a direction on a map.
True north? True north is home.
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Good hair/beard combo there.

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Big congrats to Bob on his new show. So excited for him.

You have always been my true north, Mal.
You told me about cardinal north and true north.
Cardinal north is a direction on a map.
True north? True north is home.
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I'm very excited for this! Even though I promised I would never watch a scripted show ever again, I will of course break that promise for Bob. I had a feeling this would be a limited series, which is pretty cool. I really hope he has a great experience filming. In terms of a genre, it sounds like it will be right up my alley.
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Sounds like it'll be quite the interesting experience and show.
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I really hope he has a great filming experience like Eliza had with IOTAN. Lord knows he deserves that after everything he ended up having to put up with during The 100 (in its later years).
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I really hope that he has a great filling experience too, this is a stellar cast it seems and it’s what he deserves … especially after the 100.

You have always been my true north, Mal.
You told me about cardinal north and true north.
Cardinal north is a direction on a map.
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I'm really curious about Love Me and what his character will be like. I hear that the Swedish version is very good, so this is promising.
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Originally Posted by April7739 (View Post)
I'm really curious about Love Me and what his character will be like. I hear that the Swedish version is very good, so this is promising.
Yup, and I assume that he'll be playing the son though I have to say, the character is 22 and though I think Bob looks WAY younger than his age, that is still a bit of a stretch if so. But we'll see, in any case.

Does anyone know where this is from? I have never seen this picture before.

You have always been my true north, Mal.
You told me about cardinal north and true north.
Cardinal north is a direction on a map.
True north? True north is home.
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If he shaves and cuts his hair he could pull off looking a few years younger.
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