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Old 07-30-2016, 07:07 PM
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Dead of Summer Episode Discussion: 1x05 - How To Stay Alive In The Woods


Joel has an eye-opening experience during the overnight camping excursion in “How to Stay Alive in the Woods,” an all-new episode of “Dead of Summer,” airing TUESDAY, JULY 26 (9:00 – 10:00 p.m. EDT), on Freeform.

Deb and the counselors take the campers on an overnight camping trip deep into the woods for an unforgettable experience. As everyone is pitching tents and trying to find the perfect marshmallow roasting stick, Joel grows uneasy about what is happening at Camp Stillwater. Meanwhile, flashbacks feature Joel.

Guest stars include Tony Todd as The Tall Man.

“How to Stay Alive in the Woods” is written by Erin Maher & Kay Reindl and directed by Norman Buckley.

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Old 08-02-2016, 03:08 AM
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I didn't expect that ending!

One of the main characters having the back of her head smashed by a bear trap. And she is laying there, dead, covered in blood, with her eyes open, "looking" at the stars and the blood moon while her favorite song "The Killing Moon" by the Echo and The Bunnymen is playing in the background.

The song fits perfectly.
And the irony of being Cricket the one who dies this way. The "outdoor specialist", the one who was warning everyone else about the bear traps and the masked people. The one talking about the blood moon.

I should have seen it coming. Thankfully, I didn't. Great ending.

I thought it was interesting that Cricket died "looking" at the stars in the sky because DoS has a different opening title for each episode. And on the episode about Cricket, the opening title was a sky full of stars (and some plants/branches).

Maybe it's nothing, but it would be cool if the opening titles are clues about the characters or about how they are going to die.
I have this feeling that Joel is going to die burned alive since he mentioned The Wicker Man movie in the first episode. And the opening title of Joel's episode was fire.

I also didn't expect the ghost of the Tall Man being seen outside of the camp/lake. So he haunts people that go to the camp. Not only people that are at the camp.

But I wasn't surprised that he's connected with Joel because in the first episode Joel had already seen him and his reaction was as if he was seeing someone he knows.

I still think the events are repeating themselves over and over again and it has something to do with reincarnation, but now that we know that what's happening with Joel also happened with his brother, maybe it is a family and blood thing. Maybe they're all descendants of the people from the 1800s era. Joel would be an descendant of the Tall Man. And this cycle of events is only going to stop if they kill the beast. The succubus thing that is being resurrected/summoned inside Amy.

I still think Joel is related to the Tall Man by blood. The Tall Man also had a taste for recording things, just like Joel.

I thought it was the Townies who had killed the cult people in the lake, but it was the Tall Man telling them to poison themselves so they could see the truth about the lake.
But I still think the Tall Man is not bad. He continues to warn people. And he wants Amy dead because she's not Amy any more. There is a beast inside her now. And killing Amy is the only way to avoid more deaths and stop the cycle of events, I guess.
The Tall Man probably was trying to do the same thing when he was alive. And has been trying to do it for years. He probably was telling Joel's brother to kill someone too.
Until the show proves the contrary, I will think the Townies are the bad ones and they made people think the Tall Man was the leader of their cult. When it was probably someone else. The Tall Man was killed because he was trying to stop them.

I also didn't expect the Deb/Joel thing to be an illusion.

It makes sense though. If you think about it, their relationship was mostly from Joel's pov and the way it was written, it looked like something wasn't right (no, that's not the age difference). I thought it wasn't right because Deb had second intentions, like she was seducing him on purpose and/or also Deb being possessed by the devil in the lake. But it all being a figment of Joel's imagination is a good (and funny) explanation too.

I really like that the real Deb is actually telling Joel that she's his boss. So "please, respect". I think Deb is some kind of hippie, free spirited and open minded person (I mean, if she loves The Dharma Bums). So, she actually wouldn't be against a relationship with Joel, but she would think a lot about it. The real Deb would have a different behaviour.

But now this reveal makes me wonder about Deb's involvement with the occult. I don't know what's real or not about Deb.

I think the mask is real, so Deb is or was part of the cult. She knows about it, at least. Also inside Deb's cabin there is something that looks like a goat symbol, so maybe it means she's probably part of the spiritual cult. The book is real too and the man she loves very much who gave her the book and "taught" her things is real too. This Keith guy.

Theory of the week about Deb: I think Deb had a romantic relationship with this Keith guy when she was a counsellor and he's part of the spiritual cult. So that's how Deb got to know the cult and maybe became part of the cult too. That's how Deb has the mask. I think this Keith guy is the "teacher" Damon mentioned. And I wouldn't be surprised if this Keith guy is the reason Deb re-opened the camp. Maybe he helped her financially to re-open the camp because he has shady reasons that he obviously is hiding from Deb. Deb will have to fight against the man she loves.

Someone from the camp will have to be involved with someone from the cult. For now, I think it's Deb.

It could be someone else. This episode made me suspicious of Blair. But that doesn't make much sense.
Also Jessie mentioned she trusted the wrong people in the past. Which could be the cult people. But Jessie seems completely clueless. It doesn't make sense too.

They are making Amy and Deb really similar in basically every episode.
In this episode, Amy doesn't remember the kiss and Deb doesn't remember the kiss/sex with Joel.
Amy was possessed, that's why she doesn't remember. Deb doesn't remember because it never happened. But I wonder if there is a connection between Amy and Deb. There must be.
Also Joel keeps saying he has a connection with Deb when the person he's actually having a connection with is Amy.

I still think Deb is Amy in the future. Or maybe they are blood related (since it seems to be important), but they don't know. Mother and daughter, maybe.

The Deputy's father was investigating the weird things happening at the camp/lake. That's probably why he died/was killed.

I'm much more confused about Deb now, but I liked the use of the camera in this episode to show what's real or not.

I also liked the character development of Cricket and Joel.
We saw a parallel with mental illness through what was happening with Joel. It was nice to see him actually realizing that he can be helped by his friends. Contradicting what happened in the flashbacks.
And it was nice to see Cricket's self-worth.

There was some character development for Alex too. I hope it is genuine.

It was a very good episode.
The only problem I had with the episode was the problem I usually have with slash/horror genre. The amount of stupid/unbelievable things they do. Like taking the kids to spend the night at a place full of bear traps?! Really, Deb?
At least, the bear trap was responsible for a great death scene.
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