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Old 11-16-2020, 02:18 PM
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I think they did a good job with Covid, it was realistic what they did.

Sure, the episode had a weird vibe to it, but I liked the case and seeing Patton's goddaughter being there etc... And the new guy was decent too, they toned down his "mean sense of humor" a bit...

I felt so sorry for Loretta's friend though
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Old 11-17-2020, 02:33 PM
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They did do a good job with the Covid stuff but I guess I am just tired of seeing it all over the place.

Yes, that's it, it had a weird vibe I also forgot to mention about new guy. I liked they toned his character down a lot.
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Old 11-17-2020, 03:02 PM
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Yeah, that's understandable!

I only watch the NCIS franchise this year, so I'm not as sick of the Covid stuff as I could be, if watching more shows

And I only follow the news online, so that also helps with not having "Covid overload"...

Yes, I was happy that they have decided to slightly change his character... I mean essential Carter still acts like himself, but he was so much less of an unbelievable jerk to everyone... I may even grow to like him by mid season...
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Old 11-21-2020, 06:17 PM
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aww Sebastian trying to take Tammy's place because she doesn't like boats despite his getting sea sick on boats. Then she refuses trying to look out for him

Didn't think of how Sebastian would get paranoid but of course he would be. Poor thing. He should send Tammy out to get him things, she'd be braver surely? But he probably wouldn't want to risk her getting sick either in his paranoia

Loretta so many bodies. Bless her giving the paramedic(?) more masks. How awful only having one for a whole shift & he's working a double. That should've at least entitled him to a second one.

Don't like the people in charge of the boat trying to force it in. Yes its a pandemic & people need supplies on that ship but they shouldn't be risking bringing that boat in when there could be covid on it.

Poor Hannah & her worries over her daughter & trying to get to her Not a nice storyline but I guess this is a way to keep those actors safe by writing them out for a bit

Expected Pride's bar to be shut down so that moment is not a surprise at all. Glad they were being realistic though

Forgot about Laurel being in New York. Poor Pride too

Loretta listen to Pride. You need to rest

Nice seeing Pride trying to look after his employees at the bar

"Can't call it hacking if her password is her favourite colour" sorry Patton, still is hacking... His goddaughter seems cool

Sad about the paramedic

For me its a little weird but interesting watching the shows & seeing it all. I don't watch the news & covid wasn't all that big here so it kinda never affected me. At least not compared to other places & people. But being so much a part of the show could get old to watch after a while. It is good to have shows to escape things & it is clear NOLA will not be that. I think they're doing well with it all but I also don't know what is factual & what is not too
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Old 10-08-2021, 03:06 AM
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Originally Posted by florerr (View Post)
True, but at least NOLA seems to do or plan to do justice to the virus with keeping it real
I know they really have which I like .

I love this team , showing the covid side to it was a good change in pace.

It was odd to not see the colourful into
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