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florerr 07-14-2021 01:42 PM

NCIS Campfire (OT) #17: We're half way through the year, the best is yet to come
Welcome to the NCIS Campfire
(aka Off Topic) Thread!

"Campfire! It's sort of a new thing I like to do. I find it focuses the group better than just...
you know, shouting across the bullpen. Not that there's anything wrong with that."

A place to sit back among friends, relax, & enjoy! So "Huddle Up"!

shinebrighterxx 07-14-2021 01:44 PM

Thanks for starting :hug:

florerr 07-14-2021 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by shinebrighterxx (Post 104376211)
We need a new thread. Anyone have a title idea?

Australia didn't start until supposedly February but I think it was more like April that people really started to be able to get vaccinated. So we were later starting, but we had a LOT of issues with getting the vaccine. Foolishly we don't make it here & its only now that they're more actively considering it so it'd be 9 months or so before they'd even have any if they do start making it here. So we're relying on other countries, some of which have blocked us at least in the past. I think there is a plan, it just isn't executable as well as they hoped. Then we keep finding hurdles. Probably why they have now said if you're under 40 & willing to have AstraZeneca you can. To speed things up again. Guess this Delta Strain is good for something :look: :P

You've seen the revival but not the end of the show Steph? :lol:

See I like the actors who play the boyfriends, they're all talented, but not necessarily their characters or the storylines given to the characters at all times.
Dean was the perfect first boyfriend but I think he played that role & it was all he should've been. The young marriage & then cheating storyline I didn't like & tarnished the character a bit for me. But I also think they had to write the character out so part of how they ended things for him were a bit off because of that. Doesn't excuse the second relationship storyline though.
Jess I think is the only one who truly saw Rory not just for who she was but who she could be. Then I think she saw the same in him. That made them good for each other, but I also think it may have been wrong place, wrong time for them too. Or Jess is Rory's Christopher where they are better off just as friends. (But honestly I think all three could play that role for Rory & they seemed to give it to Logan in the revival)
Logan I can understand but I didn't always like him. It took multiple watches for me to appreciate his character & where he is coming from. He was just someone trying to live his life but couldn't because his family was controlling it - so he made the most of things whenever he could. But that made him reckless which could hurt Rory or get her hurt. Mostly I didn't like Logan's family which also may have tainted things for me there.
I think what Rory needed was to find someone who was a mixture of all three. Who had the comforting, protective, & loving aspects of Dean, who understood her like Jess, & could encourage her to take risks like Logan. But I don't think any of them could've given her all three things.

Christopher & Lorelai were each other's backup plans when things weren't working out. They weren't meant for forever, they were meant to be friends. They were a comfort because of their long history & that they knew each other so well & for so long. But they were best as friends not a couple.

I don't mind the mystery daughter storyline, but they could've done it better. Somehow I just don't see Luke as someone who'd make the mistake of getting someone pregnant though. But accidents happen. I don't like what the storyline did to Luke & Lorelai either

Hart of Dixie revival could be good :D

I hope that the title is okay... :look: I couldn't think of anything better atm...

If they want something quick, they should figure out how to get/make JJ instead of Zeneca :P But it sounds like that Australia is still running around, trying to figure out how to resolve the covid-issue before it gets out of hand (again) because of the Delta strain... :look:

Chelle, all good points!

I didn't hate completely the Dean 2.0 dating phase, but only because it showed that Rory wasn't the same 16 year old girl and she had a new life... I think revival-Dean was okay... And it made sense that they had to make "Dean" disappear quickly... They did something similar with Adam Brody's & Chad Murray's characters, when they got casted for The OC/OTH...

I don't necessarily like Jess, I can accept him as Rory's best friend, but not as her future... And I know that the writers were aiming - except for s6 & s7 - for making Jess into "the Luke of Rory"... But it never felt right, and that s6 shared episode with Jess repeating the same thing to Rory that everyone else was saying to her that she shouldn't give up on her dream won't make me forget s2 & s3 Jess :P

I liked what they did with Logan's character by s7's end... It's a shame that they went back to s5/s6 Logan when it came to the revival... Just to make a point with Logan being just like Christopher... :blank:

I would have preferred a new guy, a mixture of the original 3 boyfriends, in the revival.. :pout:

My day was good, just tiring and I have 2 more days to survive this week... It's not too bad, just really busy... And both of the full-timers will be soon gone on vacation, so it's going to be me working 40h in a row for 3 weeks, just to make sure that we have 2 people at the office part of the distribution centre at all times... :pout:

shinebrighterxx 07-15-2021 02:21 AM

I really don't know what Australia is doing :shrug:
We're also sending some of our supply to neighbouring countries too...
JJ is approved here but don't think we've got it here yet. It was only approved recently

See I just think it was a bad storyline for them both :shrug:. Mostly Dean though. It showed him as immature, well both really. He rushed into a marriage while still in love with Rory. The end showed how Rory was in a different place but they could've done it in another way imo

Jess isn't Rory's Luke. He's Rory's Christopher. They shouldn't have made Logan it in the revival. I agree that they took Logan backwards in the revival. They had him in a good place where he was free from his family & could finally live his life. But did he still have that so much in the revival? Then still sleeping around instead of just sticking with one woman? Didn't he learn anything from his relationship with Rory on how to have a monogamous relationship? I think he'd want to have that again & then find someone who would say yes to his proposal :shrug:

Agreed with a new guy being better :nod:. But not this forgotten boyfriend rubbish they did. that was odd

That sounds bad :eek: Not fair on you. Hope it isn't too busy for that period of time :hug:

maplezbear 07-15-2021 08:55 AM

thanks for the tread! Title is good :)

That is crazy that it could take so long if they start making their own vaccines over there Chelle. You would think with all the technology and everything we have now days that these places that are making the vaccines would be able to get them to countries who are not making theirs yet or are unable to and have other issues.

I pretty much agree with everything you said about GG Chelle.
What about Marty? :lol: I always liked him and thought him and Rory could have been cute together.
And yes, I have watched the Revival and not S7 :P I was curious to see what happened :lol: But hearing about the season I didn't watch and what was done with Logan then them having it reversed in the revival - they just ruined it to me :lol:

I feel your pain Hanna. You can make it through those weeks!

florerr 07-15-2021 02:08 PM

Marty was too nice for Rory, I think :P Or too good for her... Something along those lines... The forgotten boyfriend story was just stupid... But revival Rory didn't really make much sense to start with... :P

I can accept Jess as Rory's Christopher, but not as Rory's Luke... Steph, I think it's worth to watch s7, it had more character development and made more sense... Except for maybe the season finale of s7 - I wasn't really happy with Rory breaking up with Logan for good... :pout:

It doesn't make any sense how Australia is handling the virus tbh... But hopefully they will figure things out on time... But it makes no sense why would they offer vaccine to other countries, when they are unable to figure out the way to first vaccinate the general population... :look:

It's not fair, but I will manage, I always do... My manager is leaving tomorrow for the next 2 weeks, so he assigned me one of his weekly tasks - checking transport invoices and figuring out who to charge the costs... Since I will be working 5-days for the next 2 weeks... :pout: But it's okay, just funny, since on paper I'm still just a part-timer, and the other full-timer at the office will still work next week...

The other full-timer. who - on paper only - works above me & my colleague, had a Team meeting today with the GM of the UK distribution centre... He had to explain some part of his job to the GM over there... And the full-timer had the nerve to say that he's working alone only with "some part-timers" in the office... :blank: I'm not sure how he would be able to do his job, if the so called "part-timers" would leave him alone with everything for a day, while our manager is on holiday :roll_eyes:

shinebrighterxx 07-16-2021 02:38 AM

They can get them here. They just want to keep it for themselves & the people in their country. (which is fair enough, but also annoying) Then I can understand us sending it to the small islands around us as they need them too but wouldn't necessarily be able to easily get them themselves (& we always look out for them). Plus it is what is considered our 'surplus AstraZeneca' since we aren't using as much as we got now. It is just frustrating when they can't figure out how to do our vaccinations & get what we need...
I think Australia's handling of the virus is fine for the most part, its the vaccine which is a mess. :shrug: People just don't take it seriously over here & we may be slightly too relaxed on it. But when you have 0 cases or close to it for months it is easy to go about things as normal. Our mess also lies with the people we're letting into the country. That seems to be where most of our cases originated.

I never thought about Marty as a good boyfriend. I never really saw something there. Maybe it could've worked, I don't know. :shrug:
True revival Rory was just odd. Wasn't Rory at all really.

Lovely attitude there :rolleyes: It can also mean so much. Just because you're part time doesn't mean you're not valuable or there most days. With that attitude maybe you need to give him a day to do all the jobs at once :P

florerr 07-17-2021 12:40 PM

I would say that Australia is lucky that it can get away with not having a good/convincing vaccination plan, and with just a few cases... :shrug:

As you say, it all depends on who's arriving to the island/country and from where...

But I know even in my workplace most of the young people - my generation & the ones even younger - don't want to get the vaccine, because they think that the virus is something only for older people... And right now they're the ones increasing the numbers once again... :blank:

Revival Rory was odd... She was a 30 years old stuck with a mentality of someone just getting her BA... :P It was weird... At least Lorelai was still Lorelai... And of course the absence of Sookie was noticeable too :P

Yeah, we totally could... But since for the next 2 weeks, it's basically me in charge of the office, I can't do that... :P I got a few stuff assigned to me, stuff that is normally handled by our manager... Nothing that I cannot do well, or figure out how to do.. It just means that I will work full-timer hours this month... :shrug: :pout:

Sorry for not posting yesterday, my parents are going on holiday tomorrow morning, and I was more in "let's make sure that I don't need to do much grocery shopping and that everything is in order mood" ;)

shinebrighterxx 07-17-2021 05:51 PM

I wouldn't agree that we can get away with our terrible execution of the vaccination plan, we're all sitting ducks right now (not that the vaccine necessarily protects against the Delta Strain). Basically the entire country is begging/praying for people in Sydney to stay where they are like they are meant to but people are getting out. Unfortunately it has spread into other states too.
Australia's probably more cocky than lucky & our PM is an idiot tbh :P (or maybe we're lucky that we can be cocky but that's certainly not a good thing)

Its not even who is coming in but how they're being let in. Screening isn't perfect. Then this Delta Strain supposedly spread because a driver picking someone up from the airport to take them into hotel quarantine wasn't wearing a mask or vaccinated. Don't know if that is true but big flaw in the system there :facepalm:

Ugh :blank: that's terrible. Sounds like what my co-mod on Kelly was saying about her country. While I don't think vaccination should be mandatory as people should be respected for their point of view some opinions as to why they don't need it are stupid. The 'it won't affect me' attitude is terrible :blank: Not helpful at all

I agree. Revival Rory didn't feel like the same Rory we had from the show either to me. Are we meant to believe that she was struggling & jumping all around the world 10 years after she started? Rory had more drive & determination than that. I would have thought she would've landed a solid job somewhere by now. It does show the industry is tough which is good but don't think it fit her character necessarily.

Yeah no not for the next two weeks, but one day :P (joking of course)

Understandable mood to be in :)

maplezbear 07-17-2021 06:20 PM

I hope they can figure the vaccine thing out soon over there Chelle. I hope it doesn't keep spreading. I don't know why people can't just quarantine or wear masks if they know they are sick.

Sorry your co-work was acting that on the meeting call Hanna. I hate when people act like they are the only ones really doing the work.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. It seems like it's going by way too fast as usual.

florerr 07-18-2021 01:30 AM

It's not good at all! :nod:

Yeah, it's crazy how the checking can be sloppy, and people don't care about others enough to stay put...

In NL the majority of "our" new cases are of the Delta strain, but it's not as bad, not that many hospitalized cases, thanks to the majority of the population willingly vaccinating... It's only the younger generations now... I agree that it shouldn't be mandatory, but if there is a choice of multiple good/working vaccine options, then it sounds unwise to gamble and think that it won't affect you... Of course, I'm not talking about someone already having a serious illness, where no one really knows what the shots could do... Just about a normal average person... :shrug:

It shows the industry & the struggles of finding a job perfectly, it just didn't sound realistic to the Rory we knew back then... Who was ambitious and turned down Logan's proposal to go on a campaign tour as a reporter - that was the s7 final ending, right? ;)

Steph, I agree... I would have gladly taken another day of weekend... :pout:

My parents are still "en route", but everything went fine with arriving - we have had floods in parts of NL & Germany for the past few days - and checking in... I hope that they can relax and enjoy the change of place...

shinebrighterxx 07-18-2021 01:59 AM

I think part of the issue is people feel fine & don't know they are sick. No excuse though. People should just wear masks, it doesn't hurt them. Even if you don't like them or agree with them. It really isn't hard to wear one.
Here I just wish people would stay home or at least in Greater Sydney in general like they're meant to :whip:

Yeah I can get some people's concern. I don't fully trust getting it. But the right thing to do here is to get the vaccine if you can. Don't play with fire thinking you're safe & won't get it. Like any vaccine there is a small risk of side effects, but having covid is worse. Hopefully the younger generations can be shown some sense over there :hug:

Yeah that's how it ended :nod:. The storyline of struggling was perfect, it just wasn't Rory. She would've fought harder. It would've made more sense to have her as a reporter somewhere not flitering around & between jobs.

Another day of weekend would be good :nod:

Yeah I saw something about floods on the news the other night :eek:. Looks quite bad in some places. Glad your parents made it fine :)

florerr 07-18-2021 03:02 AM

It is quite bad in some areas, but luckily not in my area..

Exactly... I think the best incentive for the younger generations, is to tell them that they cannot travel without being vaccinated tbh... :P That's probably the only think they understand... And I know I'm talking about my generation... :lol:

Yeah, her working somewhere as a reporter/journalist and being unhappy at the same time would have been much more realistic... :shrug: But as I said, I prefer to think of the revival as something that has never happened... :lol:

Play with fire.. That was the expression I was searching for... Some days I'm like Ziva with my close, but not quite English idioms... :lmao:

shinebrighterxx 07-18-2021 03:18 AM

I agree unfortunately :lol: Take away their traveling allowance & that might get them thinking about vaccinating themselves

Best to think it didn't happen :nod:. I can so see her being unhappy, & even that brings her to start working at the Stars Hollow paper to find herself. That'd be a better storyline imo

Playing with fire is a good expression :sigh: or I just like fire. Ziva would be very relatable I'm sure :nod: :hug:

florerr 07-18-2021 04:15 AM

Well, most of the time my expressions aren't that bad... it also depends on the day & time... And whether my mind is willing to completely think in just English or not... :lol:

But I do the same with Hungarian expressions/idioms... And then have my parents correcting me... :lmao:

Exactly, that would have been a credible adult Rory, with still ending up back in Stars Hollow... :nod: Without the job interviews, the struggling and the nameless, forgotten boyfriend & sleeping around... :P

And you have a new icon ;)

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