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eternalfate 04-17-2022 05:10 PM

Ryan and Gillian #3: "If this is a dream, I don't ever want to wake up."
Ryan Lavery and Gillian Andrassy-Lavery
All My Children


1.) BananaPudding
2.) Dommie
6.)True Daisy Lover
7.) warangel
10.) RyanGillianFan
11.) canflam

How They Fell In Love

Con-man Ryan Lavery was willing to do anything for a dollar. Ryan pulled odd jobs and even donated sperm to make ends meet. Ryan found a stable job at WRCW. When station manager Liza Colby learned that he was receiving private cuts from their advertisement sponsors, she threatened to fire him. That is of course until Ryan agreed to Liza’s plot to protect her nephew, Scott Chandler.

Hungarian princess, Gillian Andrassy, revealed her father had squandered their family fortune. Gillian needed money, desperately. She set out to find the richest, and youngest bachelor Pine Valley had to offer. By New Year’s 1998, that man would be 18 year old Scott Chandler. Gillian knew she could win Scott over with her good looks and passion for sex. But Kelsey Jefferson had her own plans for Scott.

Kelsey and Liza Colby led Gillian to believe that Ryan was a millionaire to lure Gillian away from Scott. Kelsey did not think her plan was working fast enough, so she called immigration on Gillian. Gillian was in the states on a visitor’s visa. If she did not want to be deported, she needed to marry a man. Scott volunteered himself, but Gillian chose Ryan. But...

Ryan: Love changes everything.

Kelsey: You mean, you guys care about each other so much, you don't care that you're broke?

Gillian was shocked to learn that Ryan’s wealth was all a ruse. Ryan learned that Gillian was just as penniless as he. The young couple moved into Wildwind, where the bickering never seemed to end.

After a year, when Gillian’s immigration status was confirmed, Ryan was free to go with a dowry from his own account. Gillian thought Ryan was sticking around because immigration was still investigating them.

At Wildwind, he became good friends with Hayley Vaughan. Gillian found herself jealous over Ryan’s relationship with Hayley Vaughan.

But, Gillian did not want to admit that she was growing very smitten with her new husband. Ryan did not want to admit it, but he too was beginning to like being married to Gillian.

Ryan was accused of the rape of Kit Fisher Montgomery. He was surprised when Gillian decided to go on the run with him. They admitted their love for each other. Derek Frye arrived at the Crystal Ball to arrest Ryan. Hayley helped Gillian and Ryan escape the authorities.



"This Time Around"

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Love Conquers All

The Way It Should of Gone

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What Really Matters

Music used in Ryan and Gillian scenes

"Let's Get It On" - Marvin Gaye
"Protection" - Massive Attack
"Miles to Go" - Celine Dion
"It Had To Be You" - Harry Connick Jr.
"Hunger" - Janis Ian
"Substitute for Love" - Madonna
"I'm Ready" - Dave Koz
"State of Grace" - Seal
"My All" - Kirk Whalum
"Anytime" - Kirk Whalum
"Absence of Fear" - Jewel
"Casi Un Bolero" - Ricky Martin
"Whenever Wherever Whatever" - Maxwell
"Do It To Me One More Time" - Captain and Tenille
"Back Here" - BBMak
"Sensitive Mood" - Kevin Edmonds
"I Wanna Be With You" - Mandy Moore
"Lady Lay Your Body" - Carl Thomas
"Hold on to Me" - Nina Gordon
"Come as You Are" - Eric Benet
"With Arms Wide Open" - Creed
"Why" - Annie Lennox
"Spend My Life With You" - Eric Benet
"I Need You Tonight" - Backstreet Boys
"Back For Good" - Take That
"Ghost of You and Me" - BB Mack
"Adagio" - Lara Fabian

Butterfly85 04-17-2022 06:45 PM

Great OP, it's hilarious that Gillian is kicking Ryan's ass in some of those gifs lol.

canflam 04-17-2022 08:31 PM

Thanks for starting this thread. I saw on YouTube today a yacht party scene that they were in. Do you remember when about that aired?

tslpsh 04-17-2022 08:50 PM

Thanks for starting a new thread!


Originally Posted by canflam (Post 106261511)
Thanks for starting this thread. I saw on YouTube today a yacht party scene that they were in. Do you remember when about that aired?

The Libidiozone party? That occurred during November sweeps, 2000. Full episodes from that are on YT.

R&G finally reunited and Ryan bought the boat and decided to name it Princess. I remember Cam saying he adlibbed lines from this. Maybe it was the let's get naked stuff. It's also when Gillian got pregnant.

Basically, David was trying to get Dixie into bed and wanted to use this new drug he created called Libidiozone to drug Tad so he'd sleep with Leslie. It was a drug that made everyone horny. He accidently spilled it in the punch and a bunch of craziness ensued. Opal starting eating everything in sight, Greenlee pushed Laura overboard cause she got jealous of her and Leo, Hayley walked in on a drugged in Mateo in bed with Arlene. Tad slept with Leslie. Gillian slept with both Jake (who had been impotent prior to libidiozone) and Ryan that same night, leading to a who's the daddy story.

Butterfly85 04-17-2022 10:27 PM

^^^Yeah, just another thing showing David's SICK obsession with Dixie and how far he would go. I also remember Hayley choked Arlene and thought she killed her, then Adam threw Arlene overboard to cover it up but she survived of course LMAO.

kayrey 04-17-2022 10:53 PM

Thanks for the new thread. :)

Sometimes I forget how crazy that whole Libidozone story was for everyone. :lol:

canflam 04-18-2022 06:58 PM

It seems so. Well, hopefully David learned a lesson.

BaileyQ 04-18-2022 07:12 PM

I'm reposting this here in the new thread in case anyone missed it before the old one closed. It's from a 1997 magazine I found in a box of my old stuff.

Butterfly85 04-18-2022 09:01 PM


Originally Posted by canflam (Post 106267678)
It seems so. Well, hopefully David learned a lesson.

He didn't. He was even willing to go after her son JR to save his own ass, so much for "loving" Dixie.

canflam 04-21-2022 08:56 PM

Yeah. That's too bad. I thought they looked good together.

kayrey 04-21-2022 09:48 PM

Thanks for posting again BaileyQ.

tslpsh 04-30-2022 11:30 AM

I was going through some old AMC transcripts, and I had no idea Ryan was having a playground built called Gillian's playground in 2002. Anyone remember what that was about?

Also, Jonathan had a point:

Simone: Oh, come now. You should give Greenlee a chance.

Jonathan: To do what? I mean, she hates me. You know what it is? She's jealous of me.

Simone: Is that why you don't like her? Or is it that no one is good enough for your brother?

Jonathan: No, no. Ryan told me about Gillian. She sounded cool. That's who he should be with. He should never have lost Gillian.


And there's this from 2004, where he basically said Gillian was the real thing vs Kendall which was fake

Greenlee: You told me that there's a man out there that will love me back. I can wait. I'm patient. Sort of.

Ryan: I want that for you. Hey, I want it for me. I mean, I didn't believe in it when I was a kid. I didn't expect it, or I didn't want it. And then when you least expect it and you think you're safe --

Greenlee: Gillian.

Ryan: Blindsided by passion, magical, but real, as real as the pain when I lost her.

Greenlee: Too real.

Ryan: Unlike Kendall, where you don't know what's real and what's rigged.


I had no idea Ryan had said this about Gillian. Very different compared to how he reacted when he found out Greenlee was pregnant and how he thought it would continue the family curse

Ryan: So Gillian didn't make a mistake marrying me?
Mia: I don't think so.
Ryan: She made me want to be better than I am. And I tried.
Mia: You sound like you didn't make it there.
Ryan: How will I ever know?
Mia: Well, was she happy?
Ryan: I hope.
Mia: Yes or no?
Ryan: Yes, she was happy.
Mia: And that's not enough?
Ryan: It was.
Mia: But?
Ryan: But when Gillian was pregnant, I thought, "here's a chance."
Mia: Of?
Ryan: Of -- I don't know -- ending the family curse or something. I mean, she had so much love inside of her. I thought -- I thought somehow it would erase everything bad that happened in my past. And raising her child would be a new beginning.
Mia: But then she lost the baby?
Ryan: Yes, she did. And the new beginning was gone.


Also during the July 9, 2001 episode, apparently the Dimitri recast left town with Alex because they got a cryptic call about Gillian and didn't want to upset Ryan anymore cause he was grieving? Did they ever follow up on this?

Butterfly85 04-30-2022 08:23 PM

Wow, I'm shocked to hear about those transcripts. Did those air, cause I always heard Ryan never brought Gillian up again after 2002. Was that written and just cut out? I'm glad Ryan talked about Gillian a little bit, acting like she never existed when she is Ryan's first love and the love of his life is disrespectful bs. I personally don't remember it, but I'm always hearing how Dimitri and Alex left the show saying they heard something about Gillian in Hungary. I don't get why they would drop that bomb with a popular character like Gillian then never follow up on it. Why bother?

tslpsh 05-01-2022 11:29 AM

I have no idea why they threw that cliffhanger in there only to never bring it up again, other than the HW change that happened shortly thereafter. Maybe they forgot. It was the last time we ever saw Dimitri too, until the online version of AMC in 2013 but it was not brought up then either. I think Dimitri was brought up in relation to Alex on GH but I forgot what the circumstances were there.

Yeah they came from transcripts from the show from the tvmegasite website that has a bunch of AMC transcripts from the 2000s. Only the first two are from post 2002.

Gillian was also brought up during the heart transplant story with Kendall and Josh. Ryan called it the worst decision he ever had to make (having to choose to give Gillian's heart to Laura). And during Myrtle's funeral, Ryan had a flashback of Myrtle telling him to tell Gillian he loved her.

There weren't a lot mentions but they were scattered in there.

Also at one point David got in Ryan's face about some sort of face Gillian made when they were in bed together and Ryan punched him out. :eek:

canflam 05-01-2022 01:13 PM

Yeah. He seems violent.

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