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{Chuck♢Blair} #2205: "I only want you to be happy. I’m just sorry it couldn’t be with me." ~Chuck to Blair

Welcome to the Chair appreciation thread

Attention all CBers: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law this thread. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you.

"and next time you're planning to injure yourself to get my
attention, just remember that a little sweet talk works wonders."

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high resolution

{ please PM either ripe to fall or all this time to be added on the shipper list }

Chuck and Blair are the king and queen.
Everyone else, except Serena, is a pawn. - Josh Schwartz
(the moments)
1, 2, 3, 4

tell me that you love me more...

the links;

blair and chuck [dot] com fanlisting
livejournal comm
blair+chuck fanlisting
drabble lj comm
the r o y a l i t y

you want three wishes

if your loves ever goes away.............

the r o y a l i t y

"The first thing I thought when I met Leighton was, wow, this girl's gorgeous.
And she was incredibly sweet. We've been fake shagging for a year and a half now."
- Ed Westwick


"and next time you're planning to injure yourself to get my
attention, just remember that a little sweet talk works wonders."
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There can never be enough words to describe this awesome sexy couple. Why do I love them this much? Well first, you have Ed & Leighton's undeniable sizzling chemistry that just draws you in this couple, then you have Chuck & Blair's general storyline. They really are special and not your typical bad boy/girl couple. Since the very crucial point in their story (and in Gossip Girl as a show for
that matter) aka limo sacred sex, they've been having viewers thud whenever they share screen time together. The fact that more than a half of the fandom is tuning in just for them is pretty much telling. Both as individual characters and as a couple are the most interesting thing for me on the show. They grew together, by each other, through worst and best. They both helped one another to
develop in these amazing human beings that they are now. They are these perfectly flawed characters that are virtually loved by many. They shake up the screen whenever they share scenes. They
are fireworks. How can one not root for them? They are the definition of OTP. Meant-to-be is written all over their foreheads. The facts that they are made for one another are everywhere, from the littlest
things like wearing matching outfits to the huge ass inevitable parallels. Whichever bogus writers throw at them and whatever they're going through, they'll always find their way back and come out as
winners at the end. They had hit rock bottom, yet it's obvious that since they came back from that almost undamaged that there's undoubtedly no such thing that can take them down. How their story will unfold? Cannot physically wait to find out and see. All I know is that all these wedding foreshadowings aren't for nothing. - nat

Chuck and Blair are both strong individuals, who intimately know what makes the other tick and have been through so much together. Simply put, these two are better together than apart and are perfect for each other. CB are always going to love each other and this ties them together in numerous ways. Nobody else has or will, ever stand a chance.
The actors, with their undeniable and incomparable chemistry, have done an amazing job of creating a multifaceted relationship. CB are as equally compelling with their humour and witty banter; as they are with their sexiness and passion; or their tenderness and romantic side; or their drama and angst. It is extremely rare to have, so flawlessly displayed, such breadth in a relationship.
Ultimately, CB is a dark relationship due to the two characters involved and I really enjoy the complexity of these types of relationships. This is what makes CB so compelling and unique in the history of television and why they will be remembered forevermore. - iszy

Chuck and Blair’s awesomeness cannot be explained in simple words. They are two very beautifully flawed characters
and when thrown together they are simply fabulous. I love them because of their wild and dangerous exteriors, but also
because of the love, loyalty and passion that lies underneath. Two very unique souls. - lisa

I love Chuck and Blair because of the passion, drama and intensity that characterises their love for one another. It’s larger
than life, as are they
. They remain the most fascinating, complex and darkly beautiful TV couple I have ever seen. They can
banter, scheme, manipulate, and seduce one another – all the while desperately in love -- for as long as they like, for
I will never, ever tire of them. - grace

When I say I love this couple, I mean it. It doesn't come with what ifs, or stipulations, or buts. I love this couple because I think
that they are truly meant to be together,
that they are at their strongest, their most united, and beautiful TOGETHER. It's
hard to imagine a Chuck without a Blair, and viceversa. They are the most popular couple on the show, and will continue to be. Ed
and Leighton really bring out the characters
, and they are truely one of a kind. Long live CHUCK AND BLAIR - nadia

Chuck and Blair have had many, many ups and downs, yet no matter what it always comes back to these two. They understand
each other in ways that no one else can. They’re Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck. They make each other happy and these two deserve
all the happiness in the world. Together. - neera

"i like chuck and blair" - leighton meester

Why do I love Chuck and Blair? The simple answer is because they are Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. They love and accept each
for and because of who they are. They can be true to themselves when they are with each other, and in their world of the
UES that is not something that happens often. They also understand each better than anyone else, they see through each other’s
smokescreens and delusional escapes and pull them back to reality. Then there is their love story which has the essence of a great
love story that is timeless in its appeal. They write with pen and paper notes to each other, they believe in “inevitable” and people
being “made for each other”. On a show that features technology and divorce quite heavily, Chuck and Blair contrast nicely to this
making their love that much grander.
- jaime

From the very beginning, Chuck and Blair had my attention. They worked so well scheming together and they had the witty banter down.
It never seemed like they could just be friends, and thankfully, they didn't stay that way. Blair brings out the sweet, romantic, side of
Chuck while Chuck gets Blair to let down her hair and relax. They love each other for being exactly who they are. I love how they believe
so strongly in each other.
How as terribly stubborn as they are, they were able to say those 3 words, 8 letters. How their outfits even match.
Even after everything that's happened, I still love them. My love for them has grown, just as their love for each other has.
They'll always be Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck, to me. (Plus, Ed and Leighton have amazing chemistry.) - kate

One word to sum up Chuck and Blair is EPIC! They get each other like no one else and when they are scheming or working together in some form,
they know what the other is thinking without mentioning it. Words couldn't contain why I love them so much because how do you find the
right words to describe them. No matter where they are taken they always end up back with each other. Even when they have a treaty forbidding
them to touch each other, they end up not being able to abide by it. Add in the insane chemistry that Ed and Leighton and you have more epicness
of them! I'll always love Chuck and Blair because of how well they get each other, the chemistry they have, and all the epicness they share!
- haylie

"Chuck and Blair are going to take some journeys...
and will lead them back to one another."
- heather

Chuck and Blair, quite simply, have always belonged together. From the very first show, we learned the Chuck and Blair were drawn together and understood each other like no one else did. It's more than the fact that they both love to scheme, both desire power and both have a flair for the dramatic. Those are just things that they have in common. Both Chuck and Blair, from the beginning of the show, have desired truth, always want to know what the whole picture of their lives are going to look like, and have a need for love.

It's no accident that Blair lost her virginity to Chuck and not to Nate. Chuck has always understood her better than anyone else has. He has also always accepted her for exactly who she was, no changes necessary. He cares for her in a way that her mother, her father, Serena, Nate, and anyone else ever could. For Blair, someone who desires a plan and a plot, who wants to know exactly how things are going to end up, Chuck is the missing puzzle piece that put it all into perspective.

Chuck has loved Blair from a distance possibly for forever. It was evident, even from the beginning when he offered Blair a key to his suite in the Palace so she and Nate could go seal the deal, that he wanted her to have whatever made her happy. This was something that no one else had ever truly wanted for her. And when they finally slept together, it was like a switch was flipped -- the light was always there, waiting to be turned on, and finally it was.

Chuck has struggled so much with who he is. He never felt that he could win over his father and in his absence, has continually tried to do what would earn his father's approval. But, from the very beginning, even when he tried his hardest and Bart wouldn't approve, there was someone there to remind him that he was worthy of love: Blair. Blair was probably the first person to ever tell Chuck that he "made her proud" when he pitched the Victrola idea to her. You can bring in any other girl you want to temporarily entertain Chuck, but at the end of the day, Blair will always understand the internal struggles that Chuck faces, and can always talk him down, reason with him, and show him that she loves him. Now, Chuck needs to learn that that very love that has saved him so many times is exactly what he needs to put his faith in first, before his faith in money, power, or property.

When two people are young and fall in love, it can be difficult for them to figure out where to go next from here. If you've loved and known someone for your whole life, what is there new to learn? And what if you change while you're growing into an adult? Blair and Chuck have proven time an again that no matter how one of them grows and changes, they will always love each other and always be family to each other. And at the end of the day, they are the only person that they can turn to to say "I need your help," and know that their request will be answered without question. Their mutual respect for each other is what keeps their love alive, even when they're apart.

The truth is that Blair knows that Chuck can be powerful and can be a business titan that just as good, if not better, than Bart before him. And Chuck knows that Blair is already a powerful woman with immense talents, persuasive abilities, and popularity. But they both need to learn that they are these things before they can be complete together.

So when it all comes right down to it, we have to know that both Chuck and Blair are going to take some journeys, during which their paths diverge. These broken roads will eventually be what makes them stronger and will lead them back to one another. It may take awhile ... but we'll wait. Because we know how amazing they'll be when they have both dealt with their insecurities and can come back together confidant, strong, and mature.

“I am a fan - which sounds ridiculous - of Chuck and Blair.
I love their relationship and I really love working with Ed
is probably what it really boils down to.”
- Leighton Meester

{ all I wanted was to be there }

“Leighton [Meester] and I were talking on set the other day,
wondering how our characters might get back together.” -Ed Westwick


"and next time you're planning to injure yourself to get my
attention, just remember that a little sweet talk works wonders."
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fake empire He walked past her, and his movements reminded her of a Panther. He was graceful in his own way, but there was also the sense that he was stalking his prey. Currently, his prey, was the bar, and he reached for a bottle of Scotch to fill up his empty glass. Blair observed him silently, hoping he didn't catch her staring, but unable to actually turn away from him. Besides, she felt it would put her at a distinct disadvantage if she turned her back on him. He was someone who had to be watched at all times, and even then if he sprang, she wasn't sure what she could do. Words had always come easy for Blair, but not tonight, not with him. He'd not only robbed her of breath it seemed, but some of her mental capabilities as well. She probably resembled a helpless little guppy to him, and later he would laugh about her with all his worldly friends. The thought made her cringe, and want to go hide in his big beautiful bathroom again. She wanted her ball gown back, and the pins in her hair. She didn't know who she was standing in her little black dress, her hair falling down her naked shoulders. This wasn't her, none of this. He finished pouring himself a drink, and then promptly drank it down in a thirsty gulp. He refilled his glass again without looking over at her. She could have been a statue for all Chuck Bass cared. He'd already forgotten she was in the room. Blair folded her hands before her, and forced herself to look away from him at the bar. Serena had deserted her, but she was Blair Waldorf, Queen B as they all called her, and she could salvage this night. Maybe if she just tiptoed out of the room, he'd forget the encounter all together and she could never revisit this humiliation again. Serena, of course, would be getting an earful for abandoning her later. "Here." Blair was shocked to look up and find Chuck Bass standing right in front of her, holding out his half full glass of Scotch for her to take. She stared at it blankly for a minute, but then thankfully came to her senses and grabbed it from him. "Drink." He ordered as he stalked past her, and dropped down onto an antique arm chair that Blair had admired earlier. Blair looked down into the swirling liquid, and tried not to grimace. She hated Scotch, but to refuse him would be another insult, and she'd already embarrassed herself enough. She pulled the glass to her lips slowly, and sipped at the bitter liquor. One sip, two sips, and then she finally lowered it again. She glanced at where he was sitting and found him watching her again, an impenetrable expression on his face. He probably thought she was a complete joke, but what could she do about that now. "Come sit down." He patted the small space beside him, but Blair didn't move. She just watched him warily, trying to figure out what was going on in his head. "Come." His eyes met hers dead on, and he refused to drop his gaze. The sucking and whooshing started up again, and Blair decided to sit just so she didn't faint. He didn't move over to accommodate her, so when she sat their thighs were pressed up against each other, and her dress spilled over his pants leg. Black on black. It should have looked funny, but it didn't. Instead, it looked right, and that thought made a warm heat spread down Blair's neck. She'd kissed boys before, but they were only boys, and she knew right from the first moment she'd seen Chuck Bass he'd never been a boy. He'd been born with this power and confidence that she so desperately craved for herself. It was what her mother had, but her father lacked, what she herself could never hope to attain. Chuck Bass made it all seem effortless though, and she envied him for that. They came from the same world, but some part of her knew even then they were light years apart.
Oscar Wilde, The Ballad of Reading Gaol He is thunderstruck. Looking up from the piece of paper that would take him far, far away from the street where he lay bleeding, from the diamond that should have been his panacea, from his guilt and regret and his home and himself and her. Now she stands before him and everything changes. Everywhere I went, you caught up with me. He is staggered. She walks to him as though in a dream (I’m in here. I’m trying to tell you something) in which she cannot speak. They approach slowly, tentatively, so as not to awaken from what cannot be real. If you have to leave, let me come with you. (Only do not leave me in this abyss where I cannot find you). They cross the chasm that lies between them, tearing themselves out of time and space. They are lit in their separate spheres – she is fire, and he, ice. She emerges resplendent from her hues of red, a flame in the dark (the fire below) that burns him in his moonlit coolness (the icy exterior). She examines him, surveys with exactitude the reality that is Chuck Bass, speaking as though rehearsing a scene that she has watched flickering across a screen, extending her words like a favour bestowed. It is unbearable, his sadness, his regret, his love for her that weighs heavily on his face. .... The air is heavy with what they cannot say. They pause, they swallow, their throats are dry, their eyes speak a language which they mouths cannot agree with, cannot give voice to. That’s true. But it wouldn’t be my world without you in it. What is Blair Waldorf without Chuck Bass? (If all else perished and he remained, I should continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger: I should not seem a part of it.) She swallows, her eyes begging. He listens to what she doesn’t say. This is what they have always done. Come home. Come home and we’ll start again. We’ll circle each other like predators, we will dissemble and cheat and feign disinterest and burn the world down. This will never end. Just come home.
the garden The sound of footsteps startled her and she quickly took a bite of the cookie she had been holding, not wanting to catch another stern look from Eugenia if she didn't at least attempt to eat one. She waited for the maid to come bustling around the table, but the footsteps that she had hear before were now absent. Her fingers wrapped tightly around the cool glass of milk as she swallowed thickly, enjoying the way the chocolate had melted deliciously against her tongue. As she took a sip of milk to clear her throat, there was a small sound behind her, like the soft exhale of someone who was surprised by what they saw. A peculiar feeling wrapped around her entire body and Blair tightened her grip on the glass of milk, she was now acutely aware that someone else was in the room with her, and that the person was watching her very carefully. Her heart stuttered nervously in her chest as she slowly turned on her stool, her chin grazing the soft, cotton sleeve that covered her shoulder as she glanced tentatively behind her. A gasp escaped her lips as their eyes connected, her own soft hazel gaze meeting the nearly black stare of a boy that she had never seen before. It surprised her, not just his presence, although that was certainly unexpected. But the inensity of his gaze, she had never seen or felt anything like it before. Her eyes strayed just long enough to survey the rest of him, enough to know that he was absolutely beautiful. A moment later the cool glass slipped between her fingers, crashing at her feet before she realized that it was she that had dropped it. The creamy liquid spread quickly across the dark, hardwood floor, closing the distance between her black Oxford shoes and his stocking clad feet. The sound of breaking glass snapped her out of her reverie, she jolted from the stool and pressed a hand firmly against her chest in surprise, her heart beating wildly underneath. His gaze left hers for only a moment, sliding down to where her pale fingers were spread across her starched white shirt, her breasts heaving against the fabric as she tried desperately to catch her breath. For just a moment, she thought she saw him smirk.

chuck bass did not fall for Raina Chuck was not “falling” for Raina. He was opening up to his own humanity. There is a reason why Raina was supposed to be seen as the female Chuck Bass. Simply put, Chuck hates himself. It’s a phenomenon I’ve always found so intriguing. People can be self-involved and conceited as hell, but it’s a mask because they HATE themselves. Chuck falls into this. He doesn’t believe Blair when she says he’s a good man, he doesn’t believe Lily when she tells him that his father loved him and that he’s his legacy. He has so much self-loathing that he hurts those that love him most because he is basicaly challenging them and showing them that he isn’t worth it. So him, warming up to Raina, it wasn’t about him falling for another woman, it was about seeing himself in a different light, maybe seeing himself as sympathetic and seeing a different avenue than what he’s always done. And even that was short lived, it was one step forward and two steps back, because when he told her she was sacred to him, he didn’t mean it. It was still about the company and proving himself to daddy. Basically, Chuck is a liar and doesn’t open up to his feelings because he is scared and self-hating. That makes me personally love him. He’s real, he makes me feel. If it were romantic, Chuck would have had a reaction to her going with Nate, but he didn’t. It wasn’t about Raina as a romantic option. It was what she represented, and that was a version of himself. His own demons that he’s always fighting. I realize the writing sucks and when you take things at face value, as most people do, it’s ugly. But take a peak beyond and to the next episodes. Nothing supports the idea that Chuck felt something deeper for Raina. I do not hide that I am a Chuck and Blair shipper, and I know that the separation sucks right now for all of us that still love them. I do not in any shape or form support the idea of DB because I think Dan is lost, confused, and doesn’t realize or know the real Blair. As a Blair fan, nothing in me can support that. As a Blair fan, I know that Chuck needs to make things better but I still think that he is the man that knows her best and can make her happy and who her heart chose. Chuck has screwed up, he has a long list of sins that he needs to atone for and I have every hope that he will and that CB will come back. But I wont add “falling for Raina” to the list. Ill-conceived and executed by the writers as always, but he didn’t fall for her. He is hopefully on a path that will make him realize his own worth, and then he can in turn appreciate Blair’s worth and be the man he is capable of being. like two puzzle pieces Chuck and Blair are the only real couple on Gossip Girl. They are real because they are fresh and because they are rare. Chuck and Blair have traits from timeless couples, like Scarlett and Rhett from Gone With The Wind. They have similarities to movies like Cruel Intention and they prove that sometimes the opposite don’t attract. Sometimes you find yourself mesmerized by someone who has been there all along. She was the only girl who had the ability to break Chuck Bass and make him feel something, and he was the only boy who made her relax and be herself. With him she didn’t have to pretend and with her he couldn’t kill the damn butterflies. Their path has been rough and it has not been easy but all of the lies, the hurt, and the games make them who they are today. Without them they wouldn’t be Chuck and Blair. They would just be like any other couple. Call me a masochist but the ones that we love are the ones that hurt us the most. The people that we love are the ones who hold the power to break us to bits and that’s what happened with Chuck and Blair. They are two people, two souls, who have hurt each other. Chuck is the master of hurting Blair with his actions and Blair is the master of hurting Chuck with her words. The issue is that Chuck is too proud to admit that he’s hurt. We don’t see Chuck saying that his whole body hurts but somehow we know it because we know that losing Blair was losing everything that he was proud of being. Blair Waldorf represented everything that was good in him and without her he’s just the same Chuck Bass who didn’t respect anything or anyone. He’s Chuck Bass who keeps screwing up just to feel something because he has lost the only one who truly believed in him, and saw the goodness in him. Blair Waldorf doesn’t have the same problem when it comes to her feelings, as she admits that she misses Chuck and that she’s still hurting. That’s why it’s easy to call Chuck and Blair unbalanced because they are the opposite when it comes to showing emotions, and if you can’t understand Chuck or try to get him you’ll just end up tearing them apart. It’s the same if you don’t accept everything that Blair Waldorf is and every part of her. Blair Waldorf isn’t weak unless you make her weak. She’s not perfect unless you make her perfect and put her on a pedestal. The beauty with Chuck and Blair is that they are two people who can break each other to pieces but at the same time they are the only ones who can glue the other one back together. They are like two puzzle pieces. You can try and put them somewhere else in the puzzle game and sure they’ll fit there, but when you put them together they connect and they become whole. It’s easy to ship couples who have it easy because you don’t see the ugliness and the hurt, but at the end you’ll have to ask yourself if you want to see two people have it easy or have two people who are in a battle, but then they come together and realize that nothing can tear them apart.

"and next time you're planning to injure yourself to get my
attention, just remember that a little sweet talk works wonders."
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chuck and blair as a real life couple;
richard's love letter to Elizabeth …I am oddly shy about you. I still regard you as an … inviolate presence. You are as secret as the mysterious processes of the womb. I’m not being fancy … I have treated women, generally, very badly and used them as an exercise for my contempt except in your case. I have fought like a fool to treat you in the same way and failed. One of these days I will wake up—which I think I have done already—and realize to myself that I really do love. I find it very difficult to allow my whole life to rest on the existence of another creature. I find it equally difficult, because of my innate arrogance, to believe in the idea of love. There is no such thing, I say to myself. There is lust, of course, and usage, and jealousy, and desire and spent powers, but no such thing as the idiocy oflove. You’re off, by God! I can barely believe it since I am so unaccustomed to anybody leaving me. But reflectively I wonder why nobody did so before. All I care about—honest to God—is that you are happy and I don’t much care who you’ll find happiness with. I mean as long as he’s a friendly bloke and treats you nice and kind. If he doesn’t I’ll come at him with a hammer and clinker. God’s eye may be on the sparrow but my eye will always be on you. Never forget your strange virtues. Never forget that underneath that veneer of raucous language is a remarkable and puritanical LADY. I am a smashing bore and why you’ve stuck by me so long is an indication of your loyalty. I shall miss you with passion and wild regret. You may rest assured that I will not have affairs with any other female.… I shall gloom a lot and stare morosely into unimaginable distances and act a bit—probably on the stage—to keep me in booze and butter, but chiefly and above all I shall write. Not about you, I hasten to add. No Millerinski Me, with a double M [Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe]. There are many other and ludicrous and human comedies to constitute my shroud. I’ll leave it to you to announce the parting of the ways while I shall never say or write one word except this valedictory note to you. Try and look after yourself. Much love. Don’t forget that you are probably the greatest actress in the world.… I wish I could borrow a minute portion of your passion and commitment, but there you are—cold is cold as ice is ice. I love you, lovely woman. If anybody hurts you, just send me a line saying something like “Need” or “Necessary” or just the one magic word “Elizabeth,” and I will be there somewhat faster than sound. You must know, of course, how much I love you. You must know, of course, how badly I treat you. But the fundamental and most vicious, swinish, murderous, and unchangeable fact is that we totally misunderstand each other … we operate on alien wavelengths. You are as distant as Venus—planet, I mean—and I am tone-deaf to the music of the spheres. But how-so-be-it nevertheless. (A cliché among Welsh politicians.) I love you and I always will.… Come back to me as soon as you can …You asked me to write the truth about us.… I suffer from a severe case of “hubris,” an overweening pride. Prometheus was punished by the gods forever and is still suffering in all of us for inventing fire and stealing it from the gods. I am forever punished by the gods for being given the fire and trying to put it out. The fire, of course, is you. The belligerence that has developed between us is inexplicable.… Love, however (however much I deride it) is an overwhelming factor. It is something that will live with me forever with or without you.… But if for e.g. I happen to come across a snap of you in a nightclub laughing with another nameless group of people, I shall add some more pain to my already pained mind. Well, first of all, you must realize that I worship you. Second of all, at the expense of seeming repetitive, I love you. Thirdly, and here I go again with my enormous command of language, I can’t live without you. Thirdly, I mean fourthly, you have an enormous responsibility because if you leave me I shall have to kill myself. There is no life without you, I’m afraid. And I am afraid. Afeared. In terms of my life, scared. Lost. Alone. Dull. Dumb. (That will be the day.) And fifthly, and I hope I will never repeat myself, I fancy you. I bet that you would be alright if you loved me and stuff like that.
our soundtrack;
because our ship kicks ass;
Competition was fierce but in the end, Blair and Chuck conquered all to take out our coveted #1 position, leaping up from their #5 debut last year. And really is it any surprise that these two are #1? Gossip Girl is the latest IT thing so is this duo. They began as confidantes and scheming partners. She was dating his best friend and they ran in the same social circles. Yet somewhere along the sniping and bantering, the feisty pair realized that there was something there between them. He tried to fight his feelings, while she pretended that she didn’t care. But in the end you just can’t fight passion, chemistry, and of course love. They might not be together right now, but everyone know that these guys are endgame and the chase and bickering is all part of the game. Besides they are Chuck and Blair – they can do what they like. CHUCK& BLAIR ARE NO.1 IN POTRAIT MAGAZINE 2009 BEST COUPLE The 2008 television run would not have been the same without these six other great moments that almost made it into our year-end list: and Blair finally telling Chuck she loves him on "Gossip Girl." HONORABLE MENTION IN YAHOO TV’S BIGGEST MOMENTS OF 2008 Honestly, it wasn't even close. Mr. Chuck Bass and the Upper East Side's Queen B are clearly tops when it comes to heating up your screen with their particular love-hate relationship. They ended up with more than half the vote, blowing all the other competitors out of the water. The only people who could even come close were House and Cuddy of House, who ranked second, and Cristina and Owen of Grey's Anatomy, just behind them in third. HOTTEST ROMANTIC TENSION OF 2008 The two secret ingredients for a sizzling kiss are a broken heart and a repressed desire -- which are exactly what paved the way for Blair and Chuck to enact Gossip Girl's hottest lip action. After a big fight with Nate, Blair took the stage in Chuck's newly opened burlesque club for a striptease number, which of course stimulated Bass's libido (and produced one of his most adorable smiles ever). All it took was alone time at the backseat of a limo for these two to lock lips. And as we all know... it did not stop there. MOST MEMORABLE GOSSIP GIRL KISSES
epic celebrations;
025. Because we know this is the beginning of something special.
050. Celebrating 50 threads of nose grazes and butterflies.
100. A hundred threads of scheming, limo rides, and butterflies!
200. Celebrating 200 threads of learning to love and be loved in return.
300. 300 threads of realising everything's nothing without you
400. 400 threads of waiting for you to come back to me!
500. 500 threads. 3 words. 2 souls. 1 heart.
600. 600 threads of you and I building our forever.
700. Celebrating 700 threads of finally understanding you're the one right thing in my life.
800. celebrating 800 threads of begging to be let go, but holding on tighter instead.
900. So what have we been doing for 900 threads? Oh you know, just hanging in there.
1000. 1000 threads later and we are all still standing for hope & glory, fighting for their love story.
666: Devil & the Queen. #666: Because the Devil can Ravish HIS Queen Anytime!
JUST DO IT. Thread #1. Thread #2.Thread #3. Thread #4.
Christmas. CELEBRATION! C/B this year have been: naughty, nice and epic.
Valentine's. Because whatever words I say,or how far away, I will always love you.
April Fools Day. Thread #1. Thread #2. Thread #3. Thread #4.
Halloween: Chuck and Blair Halloween Style
3 years of limo!sex: Thread #1. Thread #2. Thread #3. Thread #4.

Everyone on the list will get a title/thread dedicated to them on their birthday!
January 12 - Carter
January 13 - Catrinn
January 18 - Alicia
January 19 - Chuck, Jaime
January 29 - Antonella
February 7 - Laura2
February 14 - Erin
March 11 - Monica
March 27 - Stephanie
March 28 - Jamie
March 30 - Kathryn
April 4 - Taylor
April 9 - Leighton
April 19 - Iszy
April 21 - Karen
April 22 - Laura
April 23 - Chrissy
May 2 - Lois, Mel
May 8 - Anne
May 16 - Eva
May 19 - Chuck
May 23 - Eli
May 27 - Marina
June 9 - Kate
June 13 - Tweety
June 17 - Vall
June 19 - Gummy, Leticia
June 20 - Samy
June 23 - Chris
June 27 - Ed
July 4 - Aurora
July 21 - Steph
July 28 - Melissa
July 29 - Gloria
August 7 - Abby
August 9 - Ire
August 11 - Neera
August 15 - Tina
September 5 - Erin
September 20 - Talie
September 24 - Megan
September 25 - Kat
October 1 - Amber
October 3 - Tati
October 5 - Martyna
October 6 - Nat
October - Kate2
October 8 - Emma
October 24 - D
November 15 - Blair
December 5 - Heather
December 12 - Haylie
December 13 - Nikki
December 22 - Veronica
December 30 - May

To help you get better acquainted with the CB shippers...we are the Mavericks and here are our nicknames

Chuck: Sting Chameleon
Blair: Boomer Kuwanger
CB together: Bubble Crab
Nat: Earthrock Trilobyte
Kat: Launch Octopus
Neera: Split Mushroom
Mon: Magna Centipede
Mel: Optic Sunflower
Anne: Overdrive Ostrich
Marina: Crush Crawfish
Rora: Toxic Seahorse
Marty: Tornado Tonion
Sara: Vanishing Gungaroo
Vero: Crystal Snail
Juliana: Wire Sponge
Isa: floating thingie
Kelleybelle: Izzy Glow
Grace: Web Spider
May: Gravity Antonion
Eli: Dark Dizzy
Kate: Wheel Gator
Keri: Morph Moth
Chris: Infinity Mijinion
Megami: Rainy Turtloid
flipped/Chuck Bass: Chuck Bass
Mitra: Blaze Heatnix
Jaime: Flame Stag
Summer: Armored Armadillo
Effy: Neon Tiger
Erin: Blast Hornet
Kasia: Blizzard Wolfang
Tweety: Metal Shark Player
D: Splash Warfly
Bev: Axel the Red
Heather: Magma Dragoon
Iszy: Jet Stingray
Dani: Dark Mantis
Jane: Storm Owl
Erin #2: The Skiver
Erin #3: Slash Beast
Lucy: Duff McWhalen
Rett: Mattrex
Jasmin: Wing Crowrang
Regina: Blizzard Buffalo
Emsy: Tunnel Rhino


Cecily's Quotes:
'He just said. "Yeah," and left. And we knew he was lying and Blair knew it too." - Cecily von Ziegesar

"I didn't think GG was capable of this kind of emotion." ~ Baltimoresun
"When she sees C still has the dog, her eyes get doubly the amount of sad they were previously." ~buddytv
"As the episode ends, Chuck's emotional floodgates finally spill over after his conversation with Blair." ~buddytv
"Later, we see Chuck crying — yes, crying! — in bed over Blair's pregnancy" ~buzzsugar
"Oh, B ... we should've guessed it was all a lie." ~aoltv
"In the most stunning scene of the episode, Blair goes to see Chuck to tell him that she's pregnant."~digitalspy
'Excellent acting all around, as usual, & pretty complicated situation that gets the best out of both players.'~Jacob/TWoP
Maybe it's Maybelline or maybe it's a Chair baby.
"And from Chuck's face, you can tell he wanted the baby to be his, too." ~ e!online
"But as it remains, Chuck is heartbroken — and so was I." ~ EW
"C holds his pet close & finds himself finally able to cry in earnest for the one true love of his life." ~TVRA
'I'm sure not the only one who caught a glimpse of hope, adoration in his eyes, as he works out the math.'~TVRA
'Monkey's an awesome wingman, and he wants Blair to know that Chuck DOES have love in his heart.'~TVRA
'Chuck blinks at this, as if to say, "a part of me wishes it was mine as well."'~TVRA

'Chuck drops his carefree facade to ask Blair, in earnest, how she is doing.' ~ TVRA
'The usually confident C is adorably shy in this scene, mumbling something about squirrels.'~TVRA
'Is Monkey secretly a Chair shipper? ~buddytv
Chuck is tired of feeling on the outside of things. He's already lost the most important thing he ever had: Blair. ~buddytv
And they're walking with Monkey too! It's a short scene but an adorable one, especially when Monkey pulls the two together. ~buddytv
Here's hoping she lied about the paternity of her baby, and that it might be Chuck's after all. ~buzzsugar
'Chuck's tragic and lonely, but that doesn't keep him from a couple of really sweet scenes with Blair and Louis. ~JacobTWOP
... but wouldn’t Chuck’s “artistic” end come in that Prague alley clutching Blair’s ring?~TFT

“An episode ended with a flourish, potentially reigniting a couple that was once the show’s signature.” - TVFanatic
“Louis is off on a little trip and we can only hope he returns to find B&C together!” – Wall Street Journal
“A return of the merciless, minion-bashing B of old and a rather fantastic Chair scene to close might have redeemed the episode.” – BuddyTV
“When Chuck gets upset his voice gets all raspy like a sexy, rapey Batman.” – BuddyTV
“It’s nice that even when they’re saying goodbyes Blair admits she’ll always be there for him.” - BuddyTV
“Their friendship, even removed from their actual love story, has always been one of my favorite things about the show.”- BuddyTV
“Starting tonight I’m going to take charge of myself,” C vows. I guess this means no more drama queen theatrics on roofs, which is frankly a bit of a disappointment.“ - BuddyTV
"I guess it is Louis’s baby after all. Can I get a “damn!” from the shippers out there?” – Daemon’s TV
The one that, no doubt, broke the most hearts was his admission that he should have told that he loved her when he knew it.- Daemon’s TV
“That might have been all he needed to say to win her back. Blair isn’t so eager to see her prince anymore. Now can I get a “huzzah!”?” – Daemon’s TV
I also believe that C&B’s romance is the show’s endgame, we’ll get that passionate kiss before the final curtain falls on the show.”- AOLtv
“Chuck looks at Blair and sincerely apologizes for all of the pain and hurt he caused her over the years." - PhillyBurbs
“We loved everything about C’s apology to B. Seeing C finally come clean was needed and B’s face throughout the whole thing was perfect.” - PhillyBurbs
“The GG writers have been taunting us with no C&B drama since the beginning of the season, but tonight proved that’s about to change.”- HollywoodLife
"After C had an epiphany that he’s been in a depression because he lost B, he decided to do something about it." - HollywoodLife
"In one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in GG history, Chuck showed up unexpectedly at Blair’s house." - HollywoodLife

(titles that fit from 5x06):
“Louis is off on a little trip & we can only hope he returns to find B&C together!” – Wall Street Journal
“It's nice that even when they're saying goodbyes Blair admits she'll always be there for him.” - BuddyTV
“Their friendship has always been one of my favorite things about the show.”- BuddyTV

'A+ for the Sabrina dream! And how hot was Chuck in that dream?!' ~ E!online
'We really felt for Chuck, who clearly still has feelings for Blair.' ~ E!online
'Blair&Chuck both find that they can't stop thinking about each other after last week's big apology.'~buzzsugar
'C did it, even though he probably could have won B back. Have we mentioned how much we love him?'~BaltimoreSun
'Chuck kissed her so she would go back to her prince. Awwwhh poor Chuck.' ~ Wall Street Journal
'Arguments between CB always contain an undercurrent of sexual tension, & this time is no exception.'~TVRA
'If at all possible, the seduction scene that led up to this kiss, was even hotter than the kiss itself!'~TVRA
'It proved that B&C are 100% not over each other, Ed and Leighton's chemistry is still off the charts.' ~TVFanatic

"The look on Chuck’s face, when he turns around and sees her standing in his apartment says it all."~TVRA
"On one hand, he’s totally and completely enamored with her, and probably wants nothing more than to take her in his arms..."~TVRA
"On the other hand, Chuck truly believes he’s lost her already."~TVRA

Other titles:
That’s the problem with us. We’re both stubborn asses and always want to get our way. We both hate to be wrong and love to be right. But that’s the thing about love.
-2 only, because as any scientist can tell you, adrenaline does have the side effect of making you want to **** Ed Westwick.~NYMag
Maybe the fire that makes Chair so electric on screen also destroys both. For Chuck, he loved Blair TOO MUCH to risk it.~TVF

TVRA titles:
Remember that C&B started out during S1 of GG as friends & partners-in-crime.These are two individuals know what makes each other tick.
C&B were able to help one another with their respective business problems, without letting all the dull talk get in the way of their sexual activity.
Like B, C is the kind of person who keeps his feelings closely guarded, no matter what he’s doing at the time.
'Everyone assumes that C is on drugs, just like Beatrice thought about B. Coincidence? I think not.'~TVRA

The world's most evil dictator shipping my ship... PRICELESS.
'The countless nights I stayed up dreaming of CB's wedding & their babies when they would finally reunite!'
'Maybe it's for the best. If they reunite them this season, they'll probably just tear them apart again. It would kill me.'
'The life of a Chair shipper. They better make it up to me.'

"I feel like I can't even breathe half of the time, and the other half I don't even want to breathe."
He just looked at her. She was growing to hate that look. It was like she could never be alone with her own thoughts.
He just sensed something was wrong, and then for some reason he couldn't leave it alone until she spilled her guts.

latest moment;

artwork + layout: laura and aurora
soundtrack arts: tweety.
animations: haylie
We're gonna keep a CB keeper's list here. Everyone can claim a scene or anything CB or EL related really, but you can't claim what's already claimed, so be sure to check the list please. We all know CB have some pretty damn amazing scenes, but no fighting please. The purpose of this is having fun! Everyone can claim up to 20 things, so be careful what your claim is. And don't go and claim like 20 scenes all at once, be mindful for your fellow CBers that want to claim some stuff too. And I only realized now that I said 'claim' too much in this paragraph. Oh welp. -Sincerely, Nat.

iLoveChair [Nat]
Garden scene 2x01
CB/B&B parallels
"Too Late" by M83

all this time [Mel]
3 words 8 letters 2x01
Make-out scene 2x03
Forehead kiss 4x22

BlueDog9 [Kate]
Necklace scene 1x08
"Signs" by Bloc Party

AKdancer [Anne]
ILY so much it consumes me 2x25
"Break a leg" 1x18

firefliesCB [Leti]
Limo sex 1x07
Baby Bass

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy [Neera]
Train Station 4x02
GwtW parallels
EL 'Say lesbians' comment in the bloopers

eli_bear [Eli]
The hug 2x13
EL Elle Korea photo shoot
"I haven't seen you around." "Have you been looking?" scene 2x25

HaleyJamesFan [Chrissy]
"I meant it with all my heart" scene 4x09
Blair's headbands

`toomuchpurple [Tweety]
"I'm Chuck Bass, no one cares" rooftop scene 2x14

obsessed_aussie [Kat]
CB waking up scene 1x18

Fall Out Girl <3 [Mon]
EL 4x06 filming pics
"Shut up and dance with me" 2x12
EL "I'm fcking in love with you" blooper

CarolineForbes [Vall]
ILY too scene 2x25

ces't moi [Martyna]
Make-out scene 1x10
"I'm In Here" by Sia
EL "That's how good I am blooper"

blondephoenixrising [Heather]
The 'butterflies' scene 1x08
CB/BW/ILY scene 3x04

love fades [Aurora]
"With Me" by Sum 41
1x07/4x22 parallels

sayitandimyours [Abby]
Hospital scene 3x12

amoRBD [Veronica]
Chuck abuse
The Engagement Ring
Ed's accent

CarterT [Carter]
GG board, power over all of you ahahahahahaha!

yuzzz66 [Emma]
Prom scene 2x24

ChrisM [Chris]
Bridal kiss and carry 4x08
Wedding foreshadow look 3x05

Talie [Talie]
"Maybe in the future" scene 2x08

jcox20 [Jaime]
Mirror scene 4x09

ambontoast [Amber]
Dance scene 1x10

eternal sunshine [Hayal]
"I'll ALWAYS be your family" ILY 3x13

glutton01 [G]
Make-out scene 4x09
Bed scene (spooning) 3x02

Wickedfun [Megan]
"Chuck Bass is a romantic who knew?" dance 1x18

darkonfire [Ire]
Chuck and Blair's ASSets

ErinlovestheOC [Erin]
"This ends here." "How about over there!?" 4x08
"I will scream!" "You better believe you will." 4x08

annablake [Anna]
Mirror scene "At least we won't be lonely in hell." 3x18
Wuthering Heights Parallels

MyHatHasACow [Sally]
Bar Scene 2x16

<Marina> [Marina]
"Because I love you" scene 2x13
"Then you will never have me" scene 2x07


"and next time you're planning to injure yourself to get my
attention, just remember that a little sweet talk works wonders."
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tftnt chair!!!

i love you. ♡
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tftnt! chuck and his flawfree quotes

aw rora, you put your old username in your sig at least
"Before you say no...
don't say no."
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New opening for this thread?
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tweety yeah, it's been like that for a while it's glorious, tbh

this gifff
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Originally Posted by Fall Out Girl <3 (View Post)
tftnt! chuck and his flawfree quotes

aw rora, you put your old username in your sig at least
yes. I miss it so much now.
Big momma is gone.

i love you. ♡
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Mon and Rora

I haven't opened threads in a while

Gah the gifs I need to make some too, my vid downloaded before I went to bed

It's funny how we all have icons from the promo
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tftnt! Nice to see we are flying through these threads

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i love you. ♡
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omg I cant even remember where that came from.

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blair waldorf , chuck bass , ed westwick , gossip girl , leighton meester

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