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Brenda Walsh/Shannen Doherty #69: "But Brenda was never a bitch!"

credit to: Laura

Welcome to the 69th Brenda Walsh&Shannen Doherty thread!

credit to: xelanoops

"Brenda was the heart and soul of 90210. Brenda was the one we tuned in for, the one we couldn't quite figure out, the one who somehow always just demanded attention. Shark-jump plot machinations aside, many of the best episodes were carried along on the blustery jet stream of her moods, which tended to start out chirpy and sarcastic before building to a fit of pique and climaxing in a punishing emotional sh/tstorm, which then inevitably gave way at the last possible moment—and here was the key point—to warm Brenda sunshine and smiles and hugs all around. Sure, the show ran six seasons after she was packed off to study in London, but the party, for all intents and purposes, was over."- Radar Magazine

the s h i p p e r s
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the s o u n d t r a c k

credit to: charmingbrenda

the q u o t e s
season o n e
Brenda: Nobody knows me here. I can be anybody. I can be somebody.

Brandon: Bren, I love you.

Brenda: Everybody has known everybody forever. All I wanted was to blend in like I used to.

Dylan: Brenda, I love it that you think. Not a lot of people do.

Brenda: I went skydiving.
Jim: Brenda, didn’t we agree?
Brenda: Dad, let me tell you. After staring at death, copping to this is easy. I mean, I’ve seen a larger meaning of life.

season t w o
Brenda: Well, the best part is I wasn’t afraid to be by myself back then – six years old in a department store full of strangers. There’s no reason in the world why I shouldn’t be like that today.

season t h r e e
Brandon: Well, you know us Walshes, boring and predictable.
Dylan: All except one.

Ric: God, you are so beautiful.

Iris: A wise man once said, salvation is attained by being so clear headed and inwardly strong, you could meet your opponet half way.
Brenda: I can't ever imagine being that clear headed or that inwardly strong.
Iris: You already are.

season f o u r
Brenda: Look the truth is, it’s not about you, it’s me. I came out here to prove some kind of a point. To prove I can make it on my own. That I didn’t need to be in LA where Brandon was and all my friends were. I wanted to be different. Well, it turns out I am different. Not from just my friend’s back home, but from you and everyone else, and that’s just the way it is.

Stuart (to Brenda): You’re beautiful, intelligent, sensitive.

Roy: I didn’t expect to come here and actually find an actress.
Brenda: Only if she had the proper training.
Roy Randolph: Training you can get. Talent is innate.

Brenda: I am Maggie the cat. A woman scorned by the man she loves. I understand the character completely.

Brenda: I mean, there was my brother shaking hands with the president of the United States. You should’ve seen my parents Dylan. There was such pride in their eyes. I’ve never seen them look at me like that…ever.
Dylan: Well, Bren-
Brenda: The only time I ever felt anything close to that was when I was on stage. And then it wasn’t just my parents, you know? It was like a whole audience applauding me. I want it Dylan. That’s why I’m going to London.

Cindy: So far Brenda, this trunk has seen more miles with you than it has in my entire life.
Brenda: Don’t sound so melancholy.
Cindy: But I don’t, do I? You’re the one who takes those risks. It’s been your personality since the minute you were born.

Kelly: She’s not as strong as she seems is she?
Dylan: Well, it always amazes me how people think Brenda is so strong. I wouldn’t worry about her though. She’s just like a cat, always lands on her feet.

Roy: You’re very talented Brenda. You have a real future as an actress if you want one.

Brenda: Look I just wanted to say I’m sorry if I put any of you in uncomfortable position. I know that you had to look out for yourselves. And I know that some things stretch the boundaries of friendship, but I hope none of you ever feel as alone as I have felt.

Brenda: I feel like I don’t have a friend in the world.

Brandon (about Brenda): I know she wouldn’t run out of here if she didn’t know exactly where she’s going.

Brenda: You’re right. I guess I should start with my friend Steve here. Lets go. What you gotta go and spread more rumors about me? What’s next Steve? That I slept with Eddie too? I always knew that you were weak.
Steve: Brenda, lets get one thing straight. I’m your brother’s friend, not yours.
Brenda: Well, that’s a relief.
Steve: Well, now that you have the part, choke on it, okay?
Brenda: One more thing, Laura. I may have missed rehearsal, but I am still Maggie and you still have nothing. Except for Steve, which is kind of the same thing I guess now isn’t it.

Brenda: Brandon, in my entire life I slept with two guys: Stuart Carson and Dylan McKay. Why all of a sudden would they believe I became the **** of CU?
Brandon: Well Bren, I’m not saying they’re right, but you gotta admit, it could look a little peculiar to people.
Brenda: Tell me the truth, Brandon. Do you think I slept with him?

seasons p o s t - b r e n d a
Valerie: I grew up across the street from the Walshes. Brenda and I used to be best friends until I moved away.
Clare: I didn’t really know Brenda that well.
Valerie: Really? Well, you would’ve liked her. She used to send me these long letters about how hard it was to grow up in Beverly Hills and fit into the crowd.

Andrea: Where’s Brenda with her three scoops of icecream when we need her?

Valerie: You know, I am not Brenda. I will never be Brenda! Don’t talk to me about Brenda!
Dylan: No, you’re not Brenda. You’re just pretending to be and I think you like it. I think you like living in Brenda’s house, you like sleeping in Brenda’s bed, you got Brenda’s brother, and Brenda’s parent’s all there in that nice cozy little package. Instant family.
Valerie: What’s wrong with that?
Dylan: Nothin’.

Dylan: Brenda’s got guts man. She had the guts. She moved away to another continent just to get away from you.

the r e a s o n s
01. Because she is the original 90210 lead female character and actress.
02. Because she's the original brunette.
03. Because she's the original bad girl.
04. Because they're feisty.
05. Because they're strong and guarded.
06. Because Brenda's giving.
07. Because Shannen seems like such a sweet and down to earth person.
08. Because Brenda was incredibly selfless.
09. Because Brenda was incredibly forgiving.
10. Because Brenda was brave enough to talk Emily out of setting fire to the float, and Laura, the psychopath that tried to destroy her, out of commiting suicide.
11. Because Shannen's an amazing actress.
12. Because Brenda was the most beautiful and distinguished girl the first 4seasons with her dark hair and green-grey eyes.
13. Because even though Brenda lived in a stifling, controlling enviroment with her parents and overshadowing brother, she still wanted to be a part of their family.
14. Because Brenda was incredibly loyal.
15. Because Brenda was stronger than ever when she left despite all the bad things she went through during her time on the show.
16. Because the show was never the same after she left.
17. Because Shannen rocked Prue on Charmed as well as she rocked Brenda.
18. Because despite her bad reputation, bad mistakes, and bad rumors; we love her.
19. Because we love her friendship with Holly Marie Combs and Sarah Michelle Gellar.
20. Because Brenda was humble enough to accept her mistakes, and brave enough to stand up for herself.
21. Because she was not an H as in hypocrite, but H as in honest.
22. Because Shannen gives the best of her strong personality to her characters, and makes them unforgettable.
23. Because she's smart, sweet, and sassy!
24. Because like Donna said, Brenda can make the best of every situation.
25. Because she's like a cat. “Always lands on her feet”.
26. Because even Jim agrees that in the end, she always does right thing.
27. Because Kelly said she was less of a bitch since Brenda moved to Beverly Hills.
28. Because she volunteered at the rap line and helped a raped girl.
20. Because Andrea said Brenda knows how to listen.
21. Because she is a great dancer.
22. Because she helped abused Sue Scanlon.
23. Because she was a great senior buddy.
24. Because Erica wanted her to be her big sister, and her brother's girlfriend.
25. Because Brenda loves theater, and theater loves her.
26. Because reviews for her performance in "Cat on the Hot Tin Roof" said that Brenda showed maturity beyond her years.
27. Because she won a scholarship for RADA!
28. Because that way, she was the first character who won financial and complete independence from her parents.
29. Because she was Heather Duke!
30. Because Kevin Smith put her in his movie.
31. Because Shannen worked with so many great and established actors.
32. Because she's funny.
33. Because she ranked #96 in TV Guide’s Television icons.
34. Because she ranked #5 on VH1’s list of the Top 100 teen stars.
35. Because she's a queen of confrontation.
36. Because Aaron Spelling said, she won't lie to you.
37. Because she's a queen of unconventional beauty and behavior.
38. Because maybe she was a drama queen, but a queen anyways.
39. Because we love her either as an angel or a witch.
40. Because Brenda's departure was stated as the moment when 90210 jumped the shark.
41. Becuse she starred in Slaughter's video "Real Love".
42. Because Brenda spent a day in Paris searching for Balsac's house.
45. Because Brenda loves literature and to discuss it.
46. Because she certainly knows how to move on.
47. Because she can sing.
48. Because this cat is a doglover.
49. Because she's irreplaceable.
50. Because she dated Julian McMahon.
51. Because Yahoo! Buzz released the 'Top 20 Why' searches and the search about Shannen was in at number 18!
52. Because she has great hair.
53. Because even her bangs are iconic!
54. Because she can rock the Asian look.
55. Because her wonky eyes are lovely!
56. Because Brenda's a sophisticated and educated girl.
57. Because Brenda’s a fighter.
58. Because Brenda graduated with honors!
59. Because she never made a big deal of her intelligence, grades, and SAT results, though they were awesome.
60. Because Brenda defines supportive.
61. Because even her witchy/bitchy moments are unforgetable.
62. Because Valerie wanted to be Brenda.
63. Because she almost always stood up for herself and what she believed in.
64. Because like Joe E. Tata said, "Nobody can replace Shannen!"
65. Because we're not almost over her, and never will be.
66. Because she's our "Christmas Caper".
67. Because she turned her scars into garments.
68. Because Shannen got Holly Marie Combs her part on Charmed.

the p a s t t h r e a d s
Brenda/Shannen#41:"I love acting—it is in my blood,coursing through my veins,& when I am on a set,I am alive & free."
Brenda/Shannen#43:"Nobody knows me here. I can be anybody. I can be somebody." - (S1)"
Brenda/Shannen#44: Because no matter what we always rooted for Brenda.
Brenda/Shannen#45: Because She Is "Strong Willed, Loved and Loyal." Yes Iris, You Do Know A Lot About Brenda.
Brenda/Shannen:#46: "Because Shannen Did Not Improvise She Made Things Come Alive" - Charles Rosin
Brenda/Shannen#47: "Strong, Determined, and Loving" - Holly Marie Combs About Shannen

s h a n n e n
"If you have perseverance and you’re good at what you do, then you’re gonna get through anything."

"Growing up changes you. You roll with the punches and find an inner peace."

"God, no. I'd hate to look like everybody else. I'm so happy I have dark hair. These are my looks, whether you like them or not. They work for me. I have a gap in the middle of my teeth. You know how many people wanted me to cover that gap? My parents are like 'Don't you ever do that. That's what makes you different!' I was taught to have a lot of confidence and believe in myself."

"I have discovered that I am a pretty damn good person."

"I don't have any Hollywood friends; I relate to normal people."

"It feels incredibly liberating to aknowledge to myself that I do not need a man to make me happy."

"I would never write about my castmembers whether I liked them or not. When you're working on a set, that's a private experience. It's not supposed to end up in a book for somebody to make money off of."

"I think I discovered that working constantly isn't necessarily the right thing for me. And working constantly is. I have the most terrific family."

"I am good friends with Holly Marie Combs, but we were friends prior to the show. I was the one who told Aaron Spelling that he had to hire her, so we got to work three years together on the show."

"I don't want my life judged. Why would I judge someone elses? I got tired of having my life judged."

"Ninety percent of what you read isn't true. I already had a conversation with Mr. Spelling and told him it wasn't working for me. My head wasn't in the game." (On leaving "90210")

"You know, you play a character. People recieve you as the character. I guess it means I did my job. But what did I do?! I went out! I was 18 years old. At 18, you're going to sorority parties. I just did it in the public eye. I certainly wasn't showing my crotch. Just because I was on 90210 didn't mean that I didn't get to have my own real life experiences. You have to live somewhat normally."

"I hate to use the word 'unfair', but again I have to stand up and say it just wasn't just the press- I played a huge part in it. A huge part. Everybody has a job and if I am creating some of the drama, you guys have a job to report it. But I think where I say 'Now we are getting out of hand' or 'Now this is unfair' is when no one lets it die. When no one says, 'You know what? She was young. Give her a break.' Give me a chance to get up again. Stop writing about stuff that happened 10 years ago. Stop bringing up every bad thing that happened in my life. And give me a chance to mess up. If I mess up again, then write about it. Otherwise just let me breathe and let my parents breathe. Let them pick up a paper that says one nice thing about me."

"I think we all knew he was sick. I certainly stay in really close contact with Holly Marie Combs. She's one of my closest friends. So we both had discussed it. I knew it was far worse than anyone said it was. So, it wasn't necessarily shocking. But it was hard. You are talking about I man that I have know since I was 18 years old. Who has played a significant, significant role in my life. And I man that I owe a lot too. I loved him dearly and he loved me dearly. You know, you always wish that things were different and you always wish you had that last moment with someone to express yourself to them. But you know, we lost an amazing man. We lost a man who shaped TV. And made a huge contribution to this business. But most importantly, made a huge contribution in his personal life." (On Aaron Spelling's death)

"I am a beach girl. I am about California. I love my space. I could never do the New York thing."

"When I was eight, my family moved from Memphis to California. I had the thickest Southern accent in the world, and no one could understand a word I said. Being different is difficult for any kid- but I think even more so for me because I was incredibly shy. The other kids can't understand me I figured, so what's the point in trying?"

"When I was 27, my mom sat me down and said, 'Honey, don't pretend this stuff isn't hurting your feelings. If you go through your whole life feeling self-protective, you're going to feel sad a lot.' Something about what she said, woke me up. I realized that I would rather have people know me as the shy, awkward person I am than this bitch onwheels who was tough."

"I got rid of a lot of people in my life. And after lots of therapy and lots of patience and love from my family, I started to allow myself to open up. Now if I'm having a bad day, instead of hiding in my room and crying into one of my dogs' fur- 'Oh Roamy, you're the only one I can trust'- I'll call one of my friends."

"I wouldn’t be the person I am now if I had not had those experiences. Do I say ‘Ooh, I wish I hadn’t done that?’ Sure. But I don’t regret anything, because I think I’ve turned out to be a pretty good person."

"This receptionist told me, 'What you have done for brunettes is amazing. It's always the blondes that get the guy, who have the wonderful life, who are perceived as the most beautiful one. And you have totally turned it around.'"

"There was definitely a time that I did not want to be there. I was unhappy. It sounds odd to say that I was on a hit show making a lot of money and I was unhappy, because it makes me sound unappreciative — I wasn't. It's just that the sacrifice at the time seemed too large to me. The sacrifice of a camera pointed in my face 24 hours a day while I was desperately trying to grow up, to figure out my spirituality, to figure out my boyfriends. I mean, I was a teenager." (On leaving "90210")

"[President Bush] was going through the receiving line and just stopped, did a double take, and said, 'I used to watch you on 90210 all the time!'"

"My upbringing gave me a really strong moral base. It doesn't mean you don't make mistakes, but when you make that mistake, you come back to the person that you should be and the person you want to be."

"I was exploring who I was as a person and testing my own boundaries and trying to be a normal 18-, 19-, 20-year-old, and I got raked over the coals."

"I think you can probably tell, I'm open but I'm not open. I'm very private about certain things, and my own cast mates never knew about my dad and his medical problems. Nobody knew I was at the hospital till 5 in the morning and came straight to the set. People just thought, 'She's unprofessional.'"

"It started hitting me that you can butt heads throughout your life or figure out a way to do what makes you happy but not constantly have conflicts around you. It was like, 'Oh God, I just need to chill out.'"

"I definitely took my hits, and I definitely got punished for the bad things I did. And you know what? Some of those I deserved. Having been given a second, third, whatever chance, I don't think that's being a magician. Maybe it's about having an absolute blind faith in a higher power. Maybe there's something I'm supposed to do that I haven't done, and that's why I keep getting chances."

"I can live vicariously through my character, and when they call 'Cut,' I'm me again. And that's kind of cool."

"It's pretty crazy. I got evacuated with the last fire at my house at like 4, 5 o'clock in the morning. And I was outside. You know, helicopters going everywhere. I felt like I was at a war and they were hovering over my house, draining out my pool to help put out the fires. And I ran and got my dogs. First and foremost. Got my dogs out of my house, put them into my car. And I walked back in my house and I was like, 'What-What do I take?' I have all this beautiful artwork and jewelry and everything. And I stood in front of my shoe closet and um, I grabbed as many of my shoes as I possibly could. Threw them in my luggage. Took all my pairs out."

S: Well, you wouldn't like it if I was riding you.
David Letterman: Well, see that's a different category.
S: You bring out the worst in me.

"Don't judge me for who I am because everybody makes mistakes."

on b r e n d a
"All that angst she went through as a teenager has fallen to the wayside. She's secure and happy." (On Brenda's return in the new 90210)

"I don’t think Brenda was a complete brat. She was fueled by her insecurities: not being from Beverly Hills, not feeling safe in that environment. And then the love of her life was stolen from her. That can really injure a young girl’s esteem."

"There were other moments when I saw vulnerability and greatness in her, and believed her passion for life would make her a great actor."

"There were parts of Brenda I love. They just took her in a really odd direction that I didn't necessarily agree with at the time. I still kind of look back and think, 'Eh, it's not what I would have done, but I understand. Every show has to have that character full of teen angst and drama. I think she was driven by the insecurity that was at the root of everything."

"We talked back and forth about Brenda having been in London and now she's a really sucessful theater actor. The successful part I thought was nice. I'm glad she's not a burnout. The most important thing for me was that she evolved- that she didn't come back as the same person. The she has no hang-ups about the past. It was really important to portray her honestly. We all evolve. We all grow up. We all change. Sometimes TV wants to keep people exactly the same, and that's not always true to real life."

"I've worked for 27 years, steadily, thanks to very loyal fans. What's the one way to say thank you? To play a character that you thought you'd never play again in the one show they want to see."

"Which is why I liked her. Brenda was realistic. She was normal. Not many 16-year-olds are so morally correct, you know? She had her moments where she was a great girl, and her moments where she was a bitch and you wanted to kill her, times when she was completely peaceful and times where she would bitch-slap Dylan in the face and never talk to Kelly again. She had those extremes."

on s h a n n e n
"Strong, determined, and loving."- Holly Marie Combs (about Shannen)

"If you have a show called 90210 and you’re bringing characters back, you can’t not bring Shannen Doherty back. That’s like putting on Hamlet and leaving out Hamlet."- Kevin Smith

"Shannen's lived a lot of life. I always liked her. She's a real no-BS kind of chick."- Jason Priestley

"She invited me to her trailer to hang out. We talked and laughed. She is one of the most down-to-earth and real actresses I've met."- Anna-Lynne McCord

"She didn't do anything wrong. It's the end of the fourth year. We were only picked up for one more year. She had some things she wanted to do. And the next thing I know she's the 'bad girl of the world'."- Aaron Spelling

"Always stick up for yourself. Never let anyone walk all over you. Be a strong woman."- Michael Landon to Shannen

"Shannen I think was happiest when a new story was either gonna be about Brandon and Brenda."- Charles Rosin

"Shannen’s very outspoken. You know, she’s not afraid to voice her opinions and she’s not afraid to say no."- Jason Priestley

"When she draws the line in the sand and if another person decides to step over that, Shannen’s uh, you know, she’s a tornado, man. She’s wild."- Jason Priestley

"She recalls one trip to Italy for an awards show, during which thousands of fans thronged the street in front of the auditorium, shouting "Brinda! Bellissima, Brinda!" and where, despite her police escort, scores of hunky Italian boys on motorbikes chased her car through the streets."- Radar Magazine

"I love her. I love her. Shando! Shandoooo, the Magician! That's what I used to call her. 'Cause every time something happened with Shannen, some problem, that little devil got out of it. She always escaped."- Joe E. Tata

"I have nothing, but really fond memories of Shannen throughout that really chaotic time. We just did good work together and that really what it was all about."- Jason Priestley

"It turns out she has grown up. She's still a strong independent woman."- Jennie Garth

"The best young actress I've seen in a long time. She is a very honest person who wears her emotion on her sleeve, if you'll ask her direct question, she'll give you direct answer."- Aaron Spelling

"All of the stories about Shannen are so blown out of proportion. She's a very intelligent young woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. I really enjoy working with her. We have a good relationship on and off screen."- Jason Priestley

"There's one thing I have to say about Shannen. Everybody calls her a bitch, but from day one of 90210 it's always been about the work for her. If she doesn't think something's good, she's gonna insist that it's changed and made better. Not because she's this control freak, bad is it that your lead actress wants the show to be better? I'm not saying she's always used the best tactics, but if people would step outside their egos and try to understand that she's aggressive because she's passionate, it would be better. But they want to jump to a quick conclusion and just say she's 'difficult'."- Brian Austin Green

"She was 90210."- Tori Spelling

''When I heard Shannen was going to be on the show I wanted to scream, but I had to keep my manhood intact. So I just smiled really big.''- Tristan Wilds

"She’ll succeed. She keep on going. She’ll do whatever she wants and I think she’ll always be welcome".- Deidre Hall

"As an actor, sky’s the limit. She’s certainly got that the talent that if the right vehicles keep coming along for her, then she’s gonna be around a long time."- Alan Metter (Director of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun")

"She’s a surivior. She’s proved that she’s here to stay."- Andrew Essex (Details)

"It's been so great. We have so many scenes together, a lot of confrontational dramatic scenes, but after every take she's hugging me and encouraging me."- Jessica Lowndes

"It’s really fun to work with her because she has a totally different vibe than Jennie. She’s darker and more mysterious."- Ryan Eggold

"I was like a kid on Christmas the day Shannen came up on the set. She was amazing."- Shenae Grimes

"About the business and set life and Hollywood and paparazzi and everything that's so foreign to me."- Shenae Grimes (about the type of advice Shannen's given her.)

"One of the things I admire so much is that she has stayed strong and so open-minded and easygoing. The past is past. To see how someone handles it so gracefully is great."- Shenae Grimes

"I love Shannen."- Anna-Lynne McCord

"I can't get through the door of my house without finding Shannen there, which is great. She's a terrific girl, and we love having her."- Aaron Spelling

"What you see is what you get with Shannen. You'll walk away loving her or walk away hating her, but she won't lie to you."- Aaron Spelling

Charles Rosin: As you watch the episodes and watch Shannen perform…what I remember her for is this girl would save up her— the emotions for the close-ups. She just was fabulous. She would get the nuances. She would say the lines. Shannen did not improvise. She made things come alive. And you know you would see her actually get more and more into it during the blocking and actually memorizing her lines a little later and—
Karen Rosin: She had a great memory actually.
Charles Rosin: Yeah, she really had a terrific process and made these scenes work.

"Aaron [Spelling], who knew the value of Brenda to our television show and who I think had personal affection for Shannen, nonetheless realized time had maybe passed, time to make a change. And Shannen, being the trooper that she is, did really some fine work. Everything that you see in these takes having to do with Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and saying goodbye, this was all done after she knew she wasn’t coming back to the show. And I don’t think a casual person could know that. The level of her work was really high."- Charles Rosin

the a r t s

Credit to: izkim

credit to: xelanoops

credit to: LauzG

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You're welcome.

The quote from the title is from the reboot. Shannen says that in response to fans' reactions to the pilot of the show inside the show, when the fans complain Brenda was not bitchy enough in the new episodes.

I also do not think Brenda was a bitch, although she had her moments like everyone. Then again, apparently in the early 1990s every outspoken woman could have been labeled a bitch, so only in that reclaimed sense of the word it could be applied to her. As the editors of Bitch media said:

When it’s being used as an insult, “bitch” is an epithet hurled at women who speak their minds, who have opinions and don’t shy away from expressing them, and who don’t sit by and smile uncomfortably if they’re bothered or offended. If being an outspoken woman means being a bitch, we’ll take that as a compliment.

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I agree, Brenda was never a bitch. She had her moments but so did every single character on that show.
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There is a very cool article about how both Brenda and Shannen were constructed as bitches back in time and how it did not hold.

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Thanks for the link.
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So the article says at some point in S4 at Brenda became a "dark, estranged college activist." Here's an homage to that phase:


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Very interesting article.
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This is also a great homage to S4 Brenda:


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Thanks for sharing.
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A bit late but tftnt.
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Originally Posted by yulan (View Post)
This is also a great homage to S4 Brenda:

That is so great!
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I also love that video.


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It was a beautiful video.
"And when the broken-hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be"
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It really was.
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