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B ē tt ⓨ 06-16-2020 08:50 PM

Robert Pattinson #6 | Because he is the next Batman
R O B E R T ❤︎ P A T T I N S O N


Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson (born 13 May 1986) is an English actor. After starting to act in a London theatre club at the age of 15, he began his film career at age 18 by playing Cedric Diggory in the fantasy film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005). He went on to star as Edward Cullen in the film adaptations of the Twilight novels, consisting of five films between 2008 and 2012, which grossed a combined total of over $3.3 billion worldwide. It brought Pattinson worldwide fame and established him among the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. In 2010, Pattinson was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and he was featured in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

After starring in the romantic dramas Remember Me (2010) and Water for Elephants (2011), Pattinson began working in independent films helmed by auteurs, which earned him critical recognition. He played a manipulative billionaire in David Cronenberg's thriller Cosmopolis (2012), an aspiring actor in Cronenberg's satire Maps to the Stars (2014), an explorer in James Gray's adventure drama The Lost City of Z (2017), a bank robber in the Safdie Brothers' crime drama Good Time (2017), a criminal in a spaceship in Claire Denis' science fiction drama High Life (2018), and a troubled lighthouse keeper in Robert Eggers' horror film The Lighthouse (2019).

Pattinson composes and plays his own music. He sang songs for the Twilight film series and the 2008 independent comedy-drama film How to Be. Since 2015, Pattinson is the ambassador of the GO Campaign, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness and funds to help orphans and vulnerable children around the world. He is also a supporter of the End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT) campaign, Parents and Abducted Children Together (PACT), is a member of International Medical Corps, and has shared details about cancer through PSAs to raise awareness about the disease.

B ē tt ⓨ 06-16-2020 08:52 PM

From the previous thread:


Originally Posted by lyndell75 (Post 100953490)


Originally Posted by Holland Fan Forever (Post 100967149)
"Tenet" will be released on July 31, 2020. Here's the link,


Originally Posted by Holland Fan Forever (Post 100996734)
"The Batman" is included. Here's the link,

Firecrest 06-17-2020 02:01 AM

Love the OP! :thud:

Holland Fan Forever 06-18-2020 06:47 PM

I thought that this article deserves to be shared here. Here's the link,

Firecrest 06-19-2020 02:19 AM

Love the amazing article! :thud:

lyndell75 06-19-2020 06:05 AM

Holland Fan Forever 06-19-2020 04:05 PM

"The Lighthouse" is included. Here's the link,

Firecrest 06-20-2020 01:51 AM

Love the amazing posters and links! :thud:

Holland Fan Forever 06-20-2020 12:14 PM

I am not a fan of Entertainment Weekly but, I will share this article nonetheless. Here's the link,

Holland Fan Forever 06-21-2020 01:44 PM

I thought that this article deserves to be shared here. Here's the link,

Holland Fan Forever 06-22-2020 08:50 PM

I thought that this article deserves to be shared here. Here's the link,

Firecrest 06-23-2020 03:00 AM

Love the article! :thud:

My Kind Of Crazy 06-24-2020 11:33 AM

Robert Pattinson and Johnny Depp Are ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ in New Trailer

- just stand still - 06-24-2020 04:51 PM

thanks for that!

Holland Fan Forever 06-24-2020 09:35 PM

Here's the trailer for "Waiting For The Barbarians." Here's the link,

Firecrest 06-25-2020 01:25 AM

Love the trailer! :thud:

Holland Fan Forever 06-26-2020 08:06 PM

"Tenet" will be released on August 12, 2020. Here's the link,

Firecrest 06-27-2020 03:15 AM

Hooray on the release news! :woot:

Holland Fan Forever 07-05-2020 11:54 AM
Thanks to Beadgirl for the info.
Here's the original source,

Firecrest 07-06-2020 01:53 AM

Love the amazing post and link! :thud:

Holland Fan Forever 07-14-2020 08:43 PM

Rob is included. Here's the link,

‘THE BATMAN’ will reportedly resume filming in September.
However, all locations are reportedly scrapped and everything will be built & shot in studio going forward.
Here's the link,

Firecrest 07-16-2020 02:38 AM

Thanks for the links and news! :thud:

Holland Fan Forever 07-20-2020 08:18 PM

Tenet has been delayed indefinitely. Here's the link,

10 Defining Robert Pattinson Roles To Devour
Here's the link,

Thanks to Beadgirl for the link.

Firecrest 07-22-2020 01:41 AM

That's too bad! :(

lyndell75 07-27-2020 02:46 PM

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