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Outlaws {S/K} #24: You are the realest thing I know.

(by PollyGreen)

(by Lovecat)

(by Demy)

The Outlaws

Honorary Outlaws
Yessica Kumula (Josh's wife)
Elizabeth Mitchell
Jenna Fisher
Carlton Cuse

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4. White Lady of Rohan
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(by Lovecat)

Why We Love S/K

1. Because they have a connection
2. Because she's his 'Freckles"
3. Because they had the first kiss
4. Because once you go Sawyer, you never go Jack
5. Because he knows her type
6. Because she's seen every square inch of him
7. Because she made him moan
8. Because she triggers something in him that's vulnerable
9. Because they know each others darkest secrets
10. Because we saw tongue!
11. Because they couldn't say goodbye
12. Because they've rolled around the floor, several times!
13. Because he got the briefcase for her
14. Because she has carte-blanche
15. Because they spent the night together
16. Because she's his Nurse Kate
17. Because she's his reason to stay
18. Because She was Worth Staying For
19. Because he won´t judge her
20. Because they were the first to kiss in the island
21. Because he wished for her four years before he knew her
22. Because they played "I never"
23. Because they have "something in common after all"
24. Because she just wanted to spend some time with the only other person on this island that just don't belong
25. Because she was looking for his letter in the botle
26. Because she didn´t say goodbye
27. Because he wouldn't mind sharing a few things with her himself
28. Because he was "protecting" her (Ep. 112)
29. Because he "hate to bicker about positions" (E.112)
30. Because she was on top (E. 112)
31. Because Hoolies are an impatient bunch.
32. Because she got ON THE BED!!
33. Because she bet on him against Jack (Ep. 109)
34. Because her lap is the perfect pillow for him
35. Because maybe she was not there for the case at all
36. Because she was dieing to get a little closer and warm him up
37. Because they talk one outcast to another
38. Because he doesn´t bore her
39. Because she´ll make him fall in love for the first time
40. Because the head kisses are deep
41. Because she admitted she has feelings for him
42. Because when he said there was nothing worth staying for, he lied
43. Because her thoughts were of him on the raft, they didn't get to say goodbye
44. Because her "whisper in the ear" technique made him all better
45. Because she sat by his side while he was recovering
46. Because he woke up to the sound of her voice
47. Because they both saw the horse
48. Because they wished they could've said goodbye to eachother
49. Because we know she really does want to be his nurse
50. Because they make bananas sexy
51. Because she wants to wake him up every morning
52. Because when she helped him up, the sexual tension was nearly explosive
53. Because Kate could use a little Southern Comfort
54. Because they make each other smile
55. Because they don't need any net
56. Because she's the only one he'll tell
57. Because they see through the lies to the person underneath
58. Because they trust only each other with certain parts of their baggage
59. Because they can speak without words
60. Because they make physical therapy sexy
61. Because she knows he wears cologne
62. Because Sawyer let Kate have a gun when Jack wouldn't
63. Because he knows she doesn't hate him
64. Because she is his reason to survive
65. Because when nobody else wants anything to do with Sawyer, "She does"
66. Because Sawyer gave her his fishbiscuit
67. Because didn't run, she went back to her cage
69. Because she would do anything to save his life
70. Because he was ready to die for her
71. Because lets face it we are all Hooligans at heart.

Even TV Guide Loves Them
They aren't officially a couple, but Lost's Sawyer and Kate generate a ton of heat with their spark-filled love/hate attitudes. This unbeatable romantic tension will have to be addressed sooner or later — the island isn't that big. And after the thieving Kate gave the tortured troublemaker one of the hottest kisses of all time, another may send an S.O.S. to Sawyer's heart.

Excerpt from an Evangeline Lilly interview in Lost magazine:
"I try to analyze the situation as realistically as possible and I can only see Kate and Sawyer growing closer from what's happened. If Sawyer gets back to the island, they should have a new sense of value in each other. They say if you love something, let it go, and then see what happens from there. Not only did they break physically, but they really broke ties emotionally before they left. You see them both gazing out across the beach before they left, looking for each other, so they clearly play a significant part in each other's lives. I also think that what Sawyer gives to Kate is a sense of normalcy and mutuality. When she is around Sawyer, suddenly who she is doesn't have to be hidden and I think she's less ashamed of it. I think she is more able to say, This is who I am. Take it or leave it,buddy! That's a real gift. In real life, usually the people we feel the most in love with and attracted to are the people that allow us to be ourselves- faults and all."

Excerpt from a Josh Holloway interview in Lost magazine:
No doubt fans are eagerly anticipating Sawyer and Kate locking lips again but will his absence truly have made their hearts grow fonder? "I don't know how reuniting with Kate will strengthen or weaken their relationship," reports Holloway. "It is yet to be discovered. However, their current relationship definitely is motivating his will to survive."

Excerpt from a Josh Holloway interview in TV Guide:
Viewers will have a chance to see the softer side of Sawyer as his romance with Kate continues to heat up. "He generally cares [for her]," Holloway says. "She triggers something in him that's vulnerable."

From an Evangeline Lilly interview with E! Online's Kristin Veitch:
"How could anyone choose?" Evangeline Lilly tells me. But she does have an opinion for her alter ego, Kate. "Honestly, I think that I have to say sometimes I feel like Kate is a better match for Sawyer, because they've got a lot in common. I mean, Jack's almost like Kate's hero, whereas Sawyer's like her equal. They're kind of just these sparring partners, and Jack is like someone she almost idolizes and that, to me, is not the kind of relationship I'd want to be in. I don't know about you, but I don't wanna worship the guy that I'm with. I wanna kind of play around with him and be on equal terms with him, so I'm gonna have to go with Sawyer... for now!"

Excerpt from an Evangeline Lilly interview in the British Elle Magazine:

"Sawyer makes so much more sense than Jack because Kate is inferior to Jack in so many ways at this point. Jack is so righteously superior to her and that's not attractive. She and Sawyer are on a level. They get each other. They might get each other in a depraved, wild way, but at least it's parallel."

Excerpt from an Evangeline Lilly article in the UK Daily Express:
"Kate has gravitated more toward Sawyer. She's not completeley in love with him yet, but she has an attraction to him."

Excerpt from Evangeline Lilly interview in Brazilian ELLE magazine, August 2006:
"I keep calling the writers asking when Kate and Sawyer are happening."

Excerpt from a Josh Holloway interview in Tv Guide, October 2006:

"She sees right through him," Holloway explains. "She's the little chisel that broke his first wall." [...] "Slowly, he's been falling for this girl."

Excerpt from an Evangeline Lilly interview on the online edition of the Brazilian magazine Globo, November 2006:

"I believe that romance on the show bloomed on the right moment, and the way it's happening, I believe it's very realistic, without being infantile or gratuitous. It's something genuine, mature and sensitive."

Quotes from the official Lost podcast, December 2006:
Carlton Cuse: But let's talk about Kate hooking up with Sawyer, just for a segue.
Damon Lindelof: Sure, I'd love to. [...]
CC: Was this choice...definitive?
DL: How much clearer could you be about her choice? I mean, who's watching it and going, 'I'm not sure that she picked Sawyer, I think maybe she went with Jack there.' She's had sex with him.
CC: And yet- And yet people actually do, you know, I think certain people maybe just don't value the act of sex as being that important.
DL: I don't- I don't even know how I could possibly respond to that in any PG-13 sort of fashion. But...I will say that when you are curled up naked on someone's chest, as I have been on Carlton's on several- on several occasions...
CC: I knew that was coming.
DL: You...You've made your choice.
CC: Well. And I'm- I thank you for that. I appreciate it. I appreciate your commitment to me.
CC: I guess if you blow your father up that might not be an illegal act, as having sex with someone doesn't mean you are necessarily committed to them.

Excerpt from a Josh Holloway interview for
He said that he had always been personally hoping for Kate to choose Sawyer over her other potential love interest, Jack (Matthew Fox), but was never sure that it would turn out in his favor.

Excerpt from a JH/EL interview in the March/April 2007 issue of Lost Magazine:
"I felt that a huge part of Kate became vulnerable enough to cry out that she loves a man and offer him her kiss. Instead of letting him kiss her. I think because she was stripped so bare, when Sawyer says, " I was trying to give you hope". The idea in all this hell, that he was trying to protect Kate broke her down. It opened her up to offer him this little nugget of love, her kiss. Even after she did it, she was afraid to admit it...when she says I don't know, she knows obviously the actual answer is "I love You" and I don't know how to say it because I am afraid to say it. He is so much like her and when he hears her say that he hears "I love you" and kisses her back. I think the writers did this beautifully because it was real and grown up." (Evi)

Quotes from the 'I Do' commentary in the S3 DVD box set
Evi: 'And I love the contrast between the two stories because every element of them is completely opposite to the other. So when Kate is with her husband in the flashbacks, she wants it so badly, and yet she knows she can't have it. And yet with Sawyer, she so desperately doesn't want to go there, and doesn't want that thing to happen, but she can't seem to stop it from happening, because there's this momentum and this chemistry between them that she can't really help.'
Carlton Cuse: 'It was great. I mean you think about it, you know, in a show, in a television show, to basically go fifty-five hours before these two characters who are in love with each other actually finally culminate and, you know, make love. And I think it's really amazing, and I think it was all the better for that. And I think just as a starting point to that relationship, and you know, really kind of deepening and existing on a different level, it was really a great scene. And then you know, we kind of now see that in contrast with Kate and this other man who she loved, but obviously is kind of very torn because she's keeping this deep secret.'
Evi: 'I was actually surprised, and really pleased with the writing when I read that there was this sort of post-coital scene, because I felt like for it to be really clear that Kate and Sawyer didn't just have a weak moment of lust where they gave in to their desires, but that they actually had realized, physically realized, something that was inside of them emotionally. I thought this scene provided that, and it proved that, and it supported what we were trying to show in, you know, the previous cage scene. It was really nice to read it and to feel like they were honoring that, they were honoring the emotion.'
Carlton Cuse: 'Yeah, and just having Sawyer say 'I love you too' to Kate was such a huge moment for us on a writing level, because just that acknowledgement from him was such a hard thing for that character to get to that place.'
Evi: 'You know, again in contrast to the flashbacks, where she's got this man who is doing the exact opposite. He's, you know, really really heartfelt and intense and intimate about the way he will look her in the eye and say, 'I love you Monica.' And it's just really sort of what you imagine the traditional idea of falling in love with someone being like. And then here on the island she's got, you know, a guy who's kind of throwing it out there flippantly while she's not even looking at him, and it seems to mean so much more.'
Evi: 'And that's what kind of breaks my heart in this scene, is that I think Kate displays some of the girliest qualities you ever see her display, in this scene. She's kind of weak and whimpery about the whole thing, but I.. for me, where that came from was that 'I just for the first time, maybe ever, finally connected to someone, and feel like I have something here, and something worth fighting for and worth living for, and now you're gonna take it away.' And I feel like Sawyer is, again, in the same situation, where this is the first time, maybe ever in his life, where he's found someone who he can love. And now he's about to be killed.'

(by PollyGreen)

Official Hooligan Greeting
The Sawyer Tackle

The Drinking Game
That's right, Hooliganians! You can't wait for him to call her 'Freckles.' You get giddy when they're in a scene together. You spend all week thinking about what the next new episode will bring. Now there's a game that's just as crazy as the Hooliganians! The Hooligan Drinking Game.

Kate Gives Sawyer a Longing Look - 1 Drink
After a heated conversation, one of the two walks off and Kate shoots her Lover Boy a longing look (i.e. her thoughts are something along the lines of 'I love you,' 'I want to jump you,' 'Let's ditch this island and go get it on in a motel.')

Sawyer Calls Kate 'Freckles' - 1 Drink
It's self explanatory. Take another sip if he gives one of those cute smirks after he says it.

Kate Breaks Up a Fight Between Sawyer and Someone Else - 2 drinks
Kate tries to break up a fight between Sawyer and someone else and does so while remaining calm, cool, and collected. Half a sip more if it's Sayid.

Sawyer Makes an 'Obscene' Comment and Kate Pretends to be Offended - 1 drink
Yeah . . . we all know she's not offended. Take another 5 sips if she actually doesn't make a fake offended face.

Kate and Sawyer Have Physical Contact - 3 drinks
Kate and Sawyer have some sort of physical contact, be it him on top of her or him protecting her from boars. Take one more sip if it's foreplay.

Kate and Sawyer Kiss - Chug, Chug, Chug!
And then tape the episode so you can watch it again and again.

Sawyer and Kate hook up and then ditch Jack to run off into the jungle to live on their own - Keep On Drinking . . . Never Stop

S1 Moments

S2 Moments

S3 Moments

(by Lovecat and -Feefs-)

The UK promo

(by Lovecat)

- Animations by Lovecat -

SKate Scenes Online

1. First SKate kiss
YouTube - Sawyer and Kate Confidence Man kiss

2. Sawyer and Kate playing 'I Never'
YouTube - Outlaws

3. Fireside conversation in BTR
YouTube - Born To Run

4. Missed goodbye in Exodus
Kate looking for Sawyer | Sawyer looking for Kate

5. Scenes from Collision
Pill scene | 'You're home'

6. Rare scene from What Kate Did
YouTube - Sawyer and Kate holding hands

7. The haircut scene
YouTube - Fire + Water

8. Scenes from The Long Con
Flirting | Kate confronts Sawyer

9. Kate and Sawyer Cage Scene from 'A Tale of Two Cities'
YouTube - Skate scene

10. Sawyer looks at Kate's Assets from 'The Glass Ballerina'
YouTube - Sawyer Leers at Kate's Ass(ets)

11. SKate Kiss from 'The Glass Ballerina'
YouTube - Skate kiss

12. Strawberries and Fishbiscuits.
YouTube - Skate Cage Scene

13. Kate admits that she loves Sawyer
"I love him" scene

14. Love Making Scene from 'I Do'
YouTube - Skate Sex

15. Cuddling Scene from 'I Do'
YouTube - Post Coital Scene

16. Hug from 'One of Us'
YouTube - Sawyer and Kate reunion hug

17. Skate sex 2 from 'Catch 22'
YouTube - Skate Sex 2

18. Afternoon Delight from 'Cath 22'
YouTube - Afternoon Delight

19. Tent scene from 'The Brig'
Dailymotion - Kate and Sawyer Tent scene

20. Through The Looking Glass convo
YouTube - Sawyer and Kate at the creek

(thanks to misteriosa for provinding the links)
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Season One Quotes

Kate: You decided to join us.
Sawyer: I'm a complex guy, sweetheart.
Sawyer [grabbing Kate's arm]: I know your type.
Kate: I'm not so sure.
Sawyer: Yeah, I've been with girls like you.
Kate: No girl's exactly like me.
(episode 1x02, Pilot part II)

Sawyer: Okay, really enjoyed the puppet show, fantastic. But we're stuck in the middle of damn nowhere. How about we talk about that other thing. You know that transmission Abdul picked up on his little radio? The French chick that said they're all dead. The transmission's been on a loop for... how long was it, Freckles?
Sawyer: Need a light? [He throws her the lighter] Came by to thank you. You going to ask what for?
Kate: What for?
Sawyer: For taking that gun away from me.
Kate: I didn't take it away from you.
Sawyer: It's sticking out of your denims, ain't it? I sure wouldn't want to be the one with that gun right now. Because everyone sitting out there listening to that poor boy scream all night knows what's got to be done. Only one that can do it... is the one with that gun. Don't act so surprised. I heard you tell the hero the same thing. Hell, there's only one bullet left... be damned near poetic.
(episode 1x03, Tabula Rasa)

[Sawyer is walking to his stash and grabbing a pack of cigarettes. Kate tackles him.]
Sawyer: Well, it's about time.
Kate: For what?
Sawyer: I made this birthday wish 4 years ago.
(episode 1x05, White Rabbit)

Sawyer [approaching Kate]: Well, well, well, if ain't the belle of the ball? So what's it like having both the doctor and Captain Falafel fighting over you? [Kate doesn't respond] Just call 'em how I seem 'em, Freckles. Truth be told, I'm not the only one wondering where you're going to weigh in on this whole moving off the beach thing. Are you going with the pessimists, or staying here and waiting for the rescue boats?
Kate: Are you going?
Sawyer: Well, that's the real trick, isn't it? We all pack up stakes for the caves and the next day a plane passes by, they're going to go on their merry way and be none the wiser. On the other hand, stay here, get eaten by boars, fall off a rock, not going to be anyone around to answer that 911 call.
Kate: Still haven't answered my question.
Sawyer: You didn't answer mine. And I asked first.
(episode 1x06, House Of The Rising Sun)

[Shot of Kate walking up the beach with bananas. She finds Sawyer's clothes and Watership Down.]
Sawyer [from the ocean]: Hell of a book. It's about bunnies.
[We see Sawyer coming out of the ocean naked.]
Kate [looking Sawyer up and down]: Must be cold without your trunks.
Sawyer: You bet. How about you come a little closer and warm me up?
Kate: You sure know how to make a girl feel special, Sawyer.
[Shot of Sawyer chopping wood.]
Kate: What do you want?
Sawyer: Excuse me?
Kate: What do you want, Sawyer?
Sawyer: Freckles, I got so many answers to that question, I wouldn't even know where to start.
Kate: What do you want for the inhalers?
Sawyer: Ah, good question. Hang on a tick. What do I want? A kiss ought to do it.
Kate: What?
Sawyer: A kiss, from you, right now?
Kate: I don't buy it.
Sawyer: Buy what?
Kate: The act. You try too hard, Sawyer. I ask you to help a woman who can't breath and you want me to kiss you? Nobody's that disgusting. I've seen you, you know.
Sawyer: Seen me what?
Kate: With that piece of paper - the one you keep in your pocket. Seen the expression on your face when you read it and how carefully you fold it up. It means something to you. So you can play games all you want, but I know there's a human being in there somewhere. Give me the medication.
Sawyer: You think you understand me?
Kate: Yeah. I think I have. . .
Sawyer: Shut up. You want to know what kind of human being I am? [He hands her his letter] Read it. Read it. Out loud.
Kate: Dear Mr. Sawyer, you don't know who I am but I know who you are and I know what you done. You had sex with my mother and then you stole my dad's money all away. So he got angry and he killed my mother and then he killed himself, too.
SAWYER: Don't stop now. You're just getting to the good part.
Kate: All I know is your name. But one of these days I'm going to find you and I'm going to give you this letter so you'll remember what you done to me. You killed my parents Mr. Sawyer.
Sawyer: Now about that kiss... I didn't think so.
Kate: So I'm here. Where is it?
Sawyer: Happy to tell you, as soon as I get that kiss.
Kate: What? Are you serious.
Sawyer: Baby, I am tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery. I just got tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a gen-u-ine I-raqi. Of course, I'm serious. You're just not seeing the big picture here, Freckles. You really going to let that girl suffocate because you can't bring yourself to give me one little kiss? Hell, it's only first base. Lucky for you I ain't greedy.
Kate: Okay.
Sawyer: Okay.
Kate [holds up Sawyer's letter]: I read it again, and then again, because I've been trying to figure out why you beat up Boone instead of just telling him you didn't have his sister's medication. Why you pretended to have it anyway. The thing that I keep coming back around to is that you want to be hated. Then I looked at the envelope -- America's bicentennial, Knoxville, TN. You were just a kid, 8 maybe 9 years old.
Sawyer: Kate.
Kate: This letter wasn't written to you. You wrote this letter. Your name's not Sawyer, is it?
Sawyer: It was his name. He was a confidence man. Romanced my momma to get to the money, wiped them out clean, left a mess behind. So I wrote that letter. I wrote it knowing one day I'd find him. But that ain't the sad part. When I was 19, I needed 6 grand to pay these guys off I was in trouble with. So I found a pretty lady with a dumb husband who had some money. And I got them to give it to me. How's that for a tragedy? I became the man I was hunting. Became Sawyer. Don't you feel sorry for me. [He grabs the letter from her]. Get the hell out. Get out!
(episode 1x08, Confidence Man)

Kate: You want to come you should just say.
Sawyer: I think I'll pass on that, Freckles. Not big on crowds. And let's face it, the crowd's not too hot on me, either.
Kate: One outcast to another -- I'd think about making more of an effort.
Sawyer: I've two tubes of sunscreen and a flashlight says he chokes.
[Everyone just stares at Sawyer for a minute.]
Kate: I'll take that action.
(episode 1x09, Solitary)

[Shot of Kate climbing down a tree. She hears a noise and stops. She continues walking, hears the sound again and picks up rock and throws it.]
Sawyer [off camera in the jungle, then stumbling into the clearing]: Ow. Son of a bitch. What the hell are you doing?
Kate: What the hell are you doing?
Sawyer: It's my knee. You practically busted my damn knee.
Kate: You stalking me, now?
Sawyer: Stalking you? I was protecting you.
Kate: From what? Southern perverts?
Sawyer: Yeah, whatever. I can't believe you.
Kate: It's not that bad.
Sawyer: It's my knee. I'll tell you how bad it is. What the hell you doing out here anyway?
Kate: Everyone's been eating a lot. This is the only place the trees aren't picked clean.
Sawyer: Yeah, well, you shouldn't be out here alone. Not after what happened. . .
Kate: I'm fine. I can take care of myself.
Sawyer: Oh, of course. [Mocking Kate] I don't need protection. I can take care of myself. Me Kate. Me throw rock.
Sawyer: Come on, Freckles, after all we've been through on this damn island, don't we deserve something good? What? You going to say no? You some sort of no fun, navel-gazing, mopey type?
[Sawyer climbs in. Kate takes off her pants and gets in.]
Sawyer: Well, [happy]... it's chilly. Come on, girl, woohoo. It's nice, huh? C'mon, what you got? C'mon, let's go up the rocks.
[Back to the beach. Shot of Kate going into Sawyer's tent. She sees him sleeping with the case between his knees. She sneaks up and tries to take it, but he grabs her and traps her with his legs around her waist.]
Sawyer: Gotcha.
Kate: Get off of me.
Sawyer: Golly, I hate to bicker about positions, sweetheart. But I think you're the one on top. Maybe you're not here for the case at all.
[Kate head-butts him and tries to grab the case, but Sawyer is stronger.]
Sawyer: Ow, woman. If you wanted to play rough, all you had to do was say so. You want to try for it again?
Sawyer: Whoa, easy sweetheart, I don't really care what it is. What's burning me up is why it means so much to you.
(episode 1x12, Whatever The Case May Be)

Kate: A boar wouldn't just attack you for no reason.
Sawyer: Thank you, boar expert. This one did.
[Shot of Sawyer and Kate at night at a fire. Sawyer takes out a little bottle of booze and starts drinking it.]
Kate: Where'd you get that?
Sawyer: Plane.
Kate: Jack was looking for the liquor cart.
Sawyer: It's a good thing I found it instead, then, huh?
Kate: Got any more of those?
Sawyer: I've got a lot more of everything, but you ain't got carte blanche yet.
Kate: Is that a no?
Sawyer: Alright, sassafras, but if you want to drink, you've got to play.
Kate: Play what?
Sawyer: I never.
Kate: What?
Sawyer: I never.
Kate: How am I supposed to know what that means?
Sawyer: Call it a way to get to know each other better. For example, I know you've never been to college.
Kate: How do you know that?
Sawyer: If you had, you'd have heard of I never. It's simple, you say I never and then you finish the sentence. If it's something you did you drink, if it's something you never did, you don't drink.
Kate: That makes absolutely no sense.
Sawyer: Learn by example. I never kissed a man. Now you drink 'cause you've kissed man. Your turn.
Kate: I never implied that I've been to college when I never have. [Sawyer drinks.]
Sawyer: I never been to Disneyland. [Kate doesn't drink.]
Sawyer: Ah, that's just sad.
Kate: I never wore pink. [Sawyer drinks.]
Kate: I knew it.
Sawyer: The '80's. I never voted democrat. [Kate doesn't drink.]
Kate: I never voted. [Sawyer drinks.]
Sawyer: I've never been in love.
Kate: You've never been in love?
Sawyer: I ain't drinking, am I? [Kate drinks.]
Kate: I've never had a one night stand. [Sawyer drinks.]
Kate: Bottoms up, sailor.
Sawyer: I've gotta drink for each one.
Kate: Your turn.
Sawyer: I've never been married. [Kate drinks a small sip.]
Kate: It didn't last very long. I never blamed a boar for all my problems. [Sawyer drinks.]
Sawyer: I never cared about having carte blanche because I just wanted to spend some time with the only other person on this island that just don't belong.
[Kate drinks.]
Kate: I never carried a letter around for 20 years because I couldn't get over my baggage.
[Sawyer drinks.]
Sawyer: I never killed a man. [Kate drinks. Sawyer drinks.]
Sawyer: Well, looks like we got something in common, after all.
Sawyer: I don't wear cologne.
Kate: Yes, you do.
(episode 1x16, Outlaws)

Kate: Get up. You're going to Jack.
Sawyer: Do I get a lollipop?
(episode 1x19, Deus Ex Machina)

[We see Kate burning the photo of a passport. Sawyer enters.]
Sawyer: What the hell do you think you're doing?
Kate: Sorry?
Sawyer: Don't give me the awe-golly eyes. Michael just told me you were jockeying for my spot on the raft.
Kate: I was just asking some questions. He must have misunderstood me.
Sawyer [grabbing Kate's arm]: I know what you're doing.
Kate: Yeah?
Sawyer: Yeah, just like I know why you wanted that Halliburton case so bad -- the one that belonged to that U.S. Marshal who was flying with us. You were his prisoner.
Kate: Let go of me.
Sawyer: The only chance of running is getting on that raft, ain't it? We get picked up by a ship and they come back to rescue the rest of you all -- there's going to be a nice big asterisk next to your name. Don't worry puddin', your secret's safe with me. But just so you know -- no way in hell you're getting my spot on that raft.
Kate: Hey Sawyer. I want your spot, I'll get your spot.
Kate: Are you here to say sorry, Sawyer?
Sawyer: Nah, sorry don't suit me. You cornered me, Freckles. I did what I had to.
Kate: I cornered you?
Sawyer: You said if you wanted my spot you were going to take it. I guess I believed you. Well, that's that. I've got some packing to do.
Kate: Why is it so important for you to be on that raft?
Sawyer: Cuz there ain't anything on this island worth staying for.
Kate: Be safe, Sawyer.
Sawyer: Yeah.
(episode 1x22, Born To Run)

Season Two Quotes

Sun: Kate! Those are private. Kate, stop. What are you doing?
Kate: We didn't, uh... I didn't say goodbye.
Sun: Sawyer?
(episode 2x05, …And Found)

Kate: I can do it. Sawyer? It's Kate. You need to listen to me, okay? The only way that you are going to get better is if you take this pill. So I need you to swallow it, okay? Okay, here we go. Now swallow, swallow. Good. Good.
Kate: Hey! Hey, can you hear me? You're going to be okay. You're going to be alright. You're home.
(episode 2x08, Collision)

Sawyer: [Whispering] Where is she?
Jack: What? I didn't...
Sawyer:[Whispering] Where is she?
Jack: You mean Kate. She's been watching over you for the past 24 hours straight. The only way I could get rid of her was to send her out to get some food for you.
Sawyer: [Whispering] I love her. I love her.
Kate: You hungry? I'm just going to mash you up some fruit here. When you wake up you're going to get a kick out of me feeding you like a baby. I saw a horse. Yeah, that's what happens when you don't sleep.
Kate: Can you hear me? Sawyer? Wayne? I'm probably crazy and this doesn't matter, but maybe you're in there somehow. But you asked me a question. You asked me why... why I did it. It wasn't because you drove my father away, or the way you looked at me, or because you beat her. It's because I hated that you were a part of me... that I would never be good. That I would never have anything good. And every time that I look at Sawyer... every time I feel something for him... I see you, Wayne. And it makes me sick.
Sawyer: That's about the sweetest thing I've ever heard.
Kate: Sawyer?
Sawyer: Who the hell's Wayne? I'm in a bunk-bed?
Kate: Yeah, you're in a bunk-bed.
Sawyer: Are we saved?
Kate: No, Sawyer. Not yet.
Sawyer: I really thought you were yanking my chain. What do you keep smiling at?
Kate: You need a haircut.
Sawyer: Oh, really? Maybe you ought to take me back inside.
[Sawyer sees a black horse then Kate turns to see it as well]
Kate: You see that?
Sawyer: If you mean the big ass horse standing in the middle of the jungle, then yeah. Do you know that horse, Freckles?
Kate: Yeah, I do.
(episode 2x09, What Kate Did)

Sawyer: A little close to the ear, Freckles. You sure you know what you're doing?
Kate: Would you please turn your head.
Sawyer: Why, you ain't got a clean enough shot at my neck? I can cut my own damn hair.
Kate: You know, you don't have to be belligerent just for belligerent's sake. Everyone loves you now.
Sawyer: Bull puckey.
(episode 2x10, The 23rd Psalm)

Kate: Morning.
Sawyer: Did you just throw a banana at me?
Kate: Couldn't find any rocks.
Sawyer: There are nicer ways to wake a man up, Freckles.
Kate: Come on, it's time to go get your bandages changed.
Sawyer: Why can't you do it for me?
Kate: Because I'm not your nurse and Jack's got the bandages.
Sawyer: Of course he does. You want to give me a hand?
[Kate pulls him up and they stand close together looking at one another]
Sawyer: Thanks.
Kate: Come on.
Sawyer [to Zeke]: You touch a hair on her head, I'll...
Sawyer: Don't beat yourself up, Freckles. If he'd told me to stay behind, I'd have done the same damn thing.
(episode 2x11, The Hunting Party)

Kate: I like what you've done with the place.
Sawyer: Maid's day off. You want to move?
Kate: I heard Jack took your pain killers.
Sawyer: Well, I guess me and the Doc are on the outs. One less Christmas card I'll have to send this year.
Kate: Maybe that'll cheer you up. It's from the hatch. I know you're hard up for new reading material.
[Kate tosses him a copy of Elegant]
Sawyer: Well, as much as I'd like to learn to feather my hair... I lost my damn glasses on the raft. You want to read it to me? What, you got an appointment or something?
Kate: Alright, 10 Ways To Tell If He's A Sensitive Man.
Sawyer: This ought to be good.
Kate: What kind of a person do I think you are? I don't think this has anything to do with guns or with getting your stash back. I think you want people to hate you.
Sawyer: Good thing you don't hate me, Freckles.
Kate: Why do you have to do this?
Sawyer: You run. I con. Tiger don't change their stripes.
(episode 2x13, The Long Con)

Kate: I need a gun. And you don't get to ask why.
Sawyer: Well, Thelma, seeing as I got all the guns, I do get to ask why.
Kate: No, you don't.
Sawyer: Yes, I do... watch. Why?
Kate. Just give me a gun, Sawyer.
Sawyer: Check it out. I found a new pair of glasses damn near my prescription. You like 'em?
Kate: Alright, I'm going into the jungle to track down Rousseau.
Sawyer: The French chick? What for?
Kate. Claire thinks she knows where there might be some medicine. The baby's sick.
Sawyer: Well, hell, I got medicines.
Kate: She thinks he's really sick... as in quarantine sick.
Sawyer: What do you think?
Kate: I think she's a little too worried, but she's going after Rousseau with or without me.
Sawyer: No boys allowed, huh? Alright, what do you want... 9 millimeter or rifle?
(episode 2x15, Maternity Leave)

Kate: So, he just attacked you, huh?
Sawyer: Try to contain yourself, Freckles.
Kate: What? I'm worried. You look like you got your ass kicked.
Sawyer: Don't you got an adventure to get to? I think Timmy fell down a well over that way.
Kate: Seriously though, why would Hurley of all people...?
Sawyer: I've got no idea. I didn't do nothing. He just Hulked-out on me.
Kate: For no reason at all?
Sawyer: Okay, you walk off and have yourself a nice long giggle, but steer clear. The man is crazy.
(episode 2x18, Dave)

Sawyer: Neither am I. So what happened out there in the jungle?
Jack: Exactly what he said happened... he found their camp...
Sawyer: I ain't talking about Mike. You and Freckles... before you found him you all were gone all night.
Jack: We were caught in a net.
Sawyer: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Jack: It means we got caught in a net.
Sawyer: Tat what they're calling it these days?
(episode 2x22, Three Minutes)

Kate: Don't even think about it. It's a trap... a net. Rousseau's got them all over the island.
Sawyer: How the hell would you know that?
Kate: I tripped one with Jack. We ended up... never mind. What?
Sawyer: When the Doc told me you all got caught in a net I thought he meant, uh... something else.
Kate: And since when did you and Jack start talking about me?
(episode 2x23, Live Together, Die Alone)

Season Three Quotes

Sawyer: You okay freckles?
Kate: Yeah. You?
Sawyer: Just swell. I requested that cage, but whatever... Nice dress.
Kate: They made me wear it.
Sawyer: You hungry?
[He tosses her the fish biscuit which she catches and eats. Sawyer watches on intently, smiling.]
(episode 3x01, A Tale of Two Cities)

Sawyer: Are you having fun yet, Freckles?
Kate: Quit staring at my ass.
Sawyer: Give me something else to stare at.
[Shot of Sawyer and Kate being put back in their cages as Sawyer gasps and coughs]
Kate: You okay?
Sawyer: Never better.
Kate: What the hell were you thinking?
Sawyer: I couldn't help myself... you just looked so damn cute swinging that pickaxe. Chain gang looks good on you, Freckles.
Kate: Sawyer.
Sawyer: 2 of those guards got some real fight in em. The rest of them I'm aint that much worried about. That heavy-set guy packs a hell of a punch. The shaggy-haired kid's got some sort of marshal arts training, but I think I could take him if I had to. Oh, FYI, those zapper things got a safety on them.
Kate: Did you see the look on their faces when you got a hold of that rifle?
Sawyer: I'm guessing most of these boys have never seen any real action. But that blond who had a gun pointed at you? She would have shot you. No problem.
Kate: Why'd she call you James?
Sawyer: Cause that's my name. I noticed something else, too. You taste like strawberries.
Kate: You taste like fish biscuits.
(episode 3x02, The Glass Ballerina)

Sawyer: If you want me dead why don't you just shoot me and get it over with.
Ben: Because we're not killers, James. Oh, and one other thing. Kate.
Sawyer: You touch her I swear...
Ben: You tell her what we did. What we put in you, that we're watching you. You tell her any of these things...we'll put one in her too.
[Shot of Kate in her cage when Sawyer is brought back and placed in his own cage]
Kate: Sawyer. Sawyer are you ok? [A bucket of water and a sponge is placed in both Sawyer's and Kate's cage and Kate also gets a small bag of clothes]
Tom: That's uh, so you can clean yourselves up. And Kate if, uh, any of that doesn't fit just give me a holler, ok?
Kate: What happened? What did they do to you?
Sawyer: Nothing. They just asked me questions. Ain't important.
Kate: Talk to me. What happened?
Sawyer: Look, I told you! Nothing happened. So quit asking me.
[Kate opens the bag of clothes and prepares to change]
Kate: Turn around.
[Sawyer watches Kate's bare back as she puts on her shirt and his pulse rate goes up and the watch starts beeping]
Kate: What's that?
Sawyer: It's just my watch. It's busted.
Kate: When did you get a watch?
Sawyer: Look! I don't tell you everything! Just leave me alone, dammit! [The beeping gets faster]
Sawyer: Put some clothes on!
[Sawyer dumps a bucket of water on his head to cool off]
Pickett: Do you love him!
Kate: Leave him alone!
[Pickett smashes Sawyer in the face again and then again]
Pickett: Do you love him!
Kate: [Crying] What are you doing! Stop!
[Pickett smashes Sawyer in the face again]
Pickett: Do!
[Pickett smashes Sawyer in the face again]
Pickett: You!
[Pickett smashes Sawyer in the face again]
Pickett: Love!
[Pickett smashes Sawyer in the face again]
Pickett: Him!
Kate [Crying, frightened] Yes! Yes, I love him! I love him. I love him...please.
[Pickett backs away then leaves]
Kate: You're the one that said we had to go.
Sawyer: Well that was before...
Kate: Before what!? I don't know what they did to you, but I know you're scared enough to lie about it and that scares me more than anything they have done to us before.
Sawyer: Wait. Wait!
[Kate makes it back to the ground outside her cage and tries to break the lock on Sawyer's cage]
Sawyer: What are you doing?
Kate: Getting you out of here.
Sawyer: Don't!
Kate: I'm not leaving you Sawyer. I can get it open!
Sawyer: You're already out, you gotta go! You've got to leave me!
Kate: What?
Sawyer: Run!
Kate: What did they do to you!?
Sawyer: Will you go!
[Sawyer's watch starts beeping]
Kate: What is that thing?
Sawyer: Run. Just go. It's every man for himself.
Kate: Why didn't you fight back? Tell me the truth for once in your life!
Sawyer: If you really love me, go.
Kate: I only said that so he would stop hitting you.
[Kate turns around and goes back toward her cage]
Sawyer: Run! Hurry!
[Kate begins climbing back up the cage]
Sawyer: What the hell are you doing? Kate! Dammit, Freckles, don't! Every man for himself!
[Kate gets back into her own cage]
Kate: Live together, die alone.
Sawyer: You did all this just to...just to keep me in a damned cage?
Ben: We did all this because the only way to gain a con man's respect is to con him. And you're pretty good...Sawyer. We're a lot better. Funny thing is, us telling you about the pace maker wasn't what kept you in line. It was when I threatened her! You work so hard to make her think you don't care. That you don't need her. A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody. It don't make no difference who the guy is, long as he's with you. I tell ya. I tell ya...a guy gets too lonely and he gets sick.
(episode 3x04, Every Man For Himself)

Sawyer: Just go freckles. Man wants to give me a day off, let him give me a day off.
Kate: No, Sawyer, we're a team. You break the rocks, I haul 'em.
Kate: You think I'm gonna put a hood over my head cause you said please?
Juliet: No, Kate, I think you're going to put a hood over you head because the man standing behind me, the one who's burning a hole in my back, that man is going to kill Sawyer. But if you put this on and you come with me, there is something you can do for us that will save his life.
[Kate puts the hood over her head]
Jack: What did they offer you?!
Kate: [Crying] Nothing. They...
Jack: What are you doing here?!
Kate: [Crying] They're gonna kill Sawyer! God, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, but she said that if you do it and you do it soon they'll let us go.
Jack: And you believe them?
Kate: I have to. Jack, please.
[Shot of Kate being put back in her cage]
Juliet: Sawyer. You really care about him huh?
Kate: Where is he?
Juliet: I'm sorry you weren't able to help us Kate.
[Pickett leads Sawyer from the jungle back to his cage]
Pickett: Forward Ford.
Juliet: Danny?
[Pickett hits Sawyer across the back of his head]
Juliet: Danny!
Sawyer: Ahh! Son of a bitch!
Pickett: Right. Sorry Jules. You got anything you want to say to your girl, you best say it tonight.
[Pickett and Juliet leave. Sawyer gets up and looks over at Kate]
Sawyer: And how was your day, honey?
Kate: I saw Jack. They brought me in to see him. They want him to do surgery on Ben.
Sawyer: Who the hell's Ben?
Kate: Henry, the guy who brought us in. He's sick. And they say if he does it, they're gonna let us all go.
Sawyer: And you and me are what, bait?
Kate: Something like that.
Sawyer: At least the doc ain't dumb enough to do it.
Kate: I told him he had to.
Sawyer: Why the hell would you do something so stupid?!
Kate: To save your life.
Sawyer: My life don't need saving.
Kate: You want to die? Cause that's what's gonna happen. Pickett is just waiting for his chance. I've seen him look at you.
[Kate starts to climb out of the top of her cage]
Sawyer: Damn it, freckles stay put.
Kate: And you know what he's going to do. So don't pretend, like you don't care.
Sawyer: Get down freckles. We've already been through this.
Kate: Shut up, James. You don't want Jack to save your life, then you're gonna save your own. We're getting out of here now.
[Kate starts hitting the lock on Sawyer's cage lock with a rock]
Sawyer: Stop it. Damn it, Kate.
[Kate knocks the lock off and enters Sawyer cage]
Kate: Go! Get out of here! Run!
Sawyer: You're out of your cage. Why don't you run Kate? Cause me, I ain't running... cause their ain't no place to go.
Kate: What are you talking about?
Sawyer: We ain't on our island. Were on another island, like Alcatraz, couple miles off shore. So unless you're a mermaid or you got a boat, there ain't no point.
[Kate hits Sawyer in the chest]
Kate: When were you planning on telling me this?
Sawyer: Never.
Kate: Why not?! Why wouldn't you?!
Sawyer: Cause I wanted you to believe that we had a damn chance.
[Kate kisses Sawyer and they hold each other]
Sawyer: What the hell was that for?
Kate: I don't know. I don't know.
[They continue kissing, remove their cloths, and make love]
[Shot of Sawyer and Kate in each others arms, post-coital]
Sawyer: Let me ask you something, freckles. The day blockhead was beating on me and you said I love you. That was just... to get him to stop, right?
[Kate passionately kisses Sawyer]
Sawyer: I love you, too.
[Kate is held a gunpoint by Jason who has recovered from being punched by Sawyer]
Pickett: You let go or I do her too. Let go.
Kate: Don't you let go. Don't even think about it Sawyer, you fight! No. No. Sawyer!
[Sawyer lets go and is hustled out of the cage]
Kate: No! Don't! No! Sawyer, please. You get your hands off of him.
Pickett: Get on your knees.
[Pickett kicks Sawyer to his knees and holds the gun to the back of his head]
Kate: Please! I will do anything you want!
Pickett: I want you to watch.
Sawyer: Close your eyes, freckles.
Kate: Stand up!
Sawyer: Close your eyes!
Kate: Don't you give up!
[Pickett cocks the gun and gets ready to shoot]
Kate: No! No! No.
(episode 3x06, I Do)

Sawyer: Okay, anyway look, Karl... I've been with a lot of girls... some of them worth the trouble, some not. Every now and again there's one... one you name dumb stars with.
(episode 3x09, Stranger in a Strange Land)

Kate: You know, all you have to do is say "Sorry". We could start again. Give each other a clean slate.
Sawyer: [Chuckles] Slate? Like on Little House?
Kate: What?
Sawyer: Little House on the Prairie? Laura Ingalls used to write on this little chalk board at school...
Kate: [Laughing] You call it "Little House"?
Sawyer: [Defending himself] I had mono when I was a kid! I missed 2 months of school. We only got one channel on my trailer.
Kate: [Seriously] What are we even talking about?
[Sawyer gets up and starts walking away]
Sawyer: [Under his breath] We ain't talking about nothing.
Kate: James!
Sawyer: And I ain't got nothing to be sorry for.
Kate: So that's how it's going to be?
[Kate walks away]
Kate: Welcome home Sawyer.
Sawyer: [Under his breath] Welcome home, Kate.
[Sawyer and Kate walk out onto the beach and are noticed by everyone else. There is a big reunion with hugs and smiles. Sawyer looks over at Kate wistfully and looks away. Kate looks at Sawyer and then looks down sadly.]
(episode 3x10, Tricia Tanaka is Dead)

Hurley: I came to give you back your stuff. [Throws a Playboy magazine at Sawyer] Cause I know you're the kind of guy who needs stuff.
Sawyer: Are you a shrink now?
Hurley: She'll be ok, dude- Kate. I know you're worried about her.
(episode 3x11, Enter 77)

Sawyer: Hey freckles, you home?
Kate: Thought you weren't allowed to use nicknames?
Sawyer: Well, you weren't around when I lost the bet, so you're...
[Sawyer enters the tent to see Kate getting dressed]
Sawyer: ... Exempt.
[Kate looks at Sawyer as he ogles]
Kate: What's up?
Sawyer: Er, I wanted to ask you something.
Kate: Yep?
[Kate notices Sawyer ogling her breasts]
Kate: I'm up here.
Sawyer: Er, so did you tell him?
Kate: Did I tell who what?
Sawyer: You know, did you tell the Doc? About you and me.
Kate: No. But he knows. He saw us on one of those surveillance monitors.
Sawyer: Thought you said the camera was broken?
Kate: Well they had another camera.
Sawyer: [Mumbles] Perverts.
Kate: Anyway, he knows.
Sawyer: Well now that, that's out the way, maybe a little afternoon delight.
[Kate doesn't look impressed]
Sawyer: I mean sex.
Kate: I know.
[Kate pushes Sawyer out of her tent and walks away]
Sawyer: Come on, freckles wait, now look, you need me to make ya a mix tape.
Kate: Yeah why don't you do that.
(episode 3x17, Catch-22)

Sawyer: You want me to walk you home?
Kate: Its five tents I think I'll make it.
Sawyer: Sure. I gotta pee anyway.
Kate: That is so romantic.
[They kiss]
(episode 3x19, The Brig)

Kate: Something's wrong.
Sawyer: Lots of things are wrong, Kate.
Kate: Jin, Bernard and Sayid, they should have caught up to us by now. I wanna go back to make sure they're all right.
Sawyer: Course you do.
Kate: What's that supposed to mean?
Sawyer: It means, Kate, there's always someone to go back for.
Kate: What's the matter with you?
Sawyer: Nothing.
Kate: [Sarcastically] Nothing?
Sawyer: I'm fine.
Kate: Why don't you just tell me what happened?
[Sawyer pauses, and Kate splashes him with water from the stream]
Sawyer: What you do that for?
Kate: To wake you up. Ever since you got that tape from Locke its like you've been sleepwalking. You don't care about our friends, fine, but its like you don't care about anything anymore. And since when did you start calling me Kate?
[Sawyer starts to go]
Kate: You know. They sent Juliet to check out Sun, but she was there to check and see if I'm pregnant too.
Sawyer: Well let's hope you're not.
(episode 3x22, Through The Looking Glass)

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Credits for the update go to a lot of people:

Polly: for allowing us to use her beautiful art, thanks a lot!
Misty: for collecting the S2 quotes, the awards, and helping me putting up the thread with suggestions and tips.
Crystal: for the S3 quotes and the suggestions.
Maria: for the name change idea.
Deiaa: for the link to the 100 reasons to ship Skate, I used some of them. ^_^

And thanks to everyone who posted suggestions in the previous thread!
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Wow, the thread looks awesome!!!
Love the new them x)
Great title
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It's gorgeous! Thanks Fran! Btw, if you want, I could steal the updated s3 moments from the Hoolie thread and post it here?
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I thought the S3 Moments banner I put above *was* the updated version. What is missing from it?
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Great job! The opening posts are awesome.

avatar by Lostgirly
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sawyer-kate gif

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Originally Posted by Hawthorn (View Post)
I thought the S3 Moments banner I put above *was* the updated version. What is missing from it?
Nevermind. It is the updated version. I guess I was seeing things.
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the best opening post ever I love all the quotes
And thank you for pimping Skate Stillnesss
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Guys, two last requests.

1. I was supposed to replace the animations that didn't load anymore with new ones, but with my computer in these conditions, if it's difficult to go through pics, it's hell to visualize animations scatted around my folders. So, I just removed the broken links. If anyone has made/saved animations and would like to see them in the opening, post them here and I'll add them in the post.

2. I really wanted to add an artwork from the "I love you too" scene in the second post (between the quotes and the links) , so if you have made/found art with that scene... let me know. ^_^
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I found this art:

Kate&Sawyer | Eric&Sookie | buffy&Angel | Damon&Elena | Dan&Blair

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Thanks for the help, Deiaa!

ETA - I put up a banner I had saved in my computer, it was made by Demy so with it we know for sure who to credit for the art.
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