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Silinde 05-13-2022 06:36 AM

ABC Song List #258

Originally Posted by Michelson Morley (Post 106429308)
You are correct. :eek:

Get It Right Next Time -- Gerry Rafferty

Hostage To The Light - Lacuna Coil

I'm not much of a Lacuna Coil fan.

Michelson Morley 05-13-2022 06:40 AM

Oh wow, the thread turned over by itself? I didn't realize it worked that way.

I Know But I Don't Know -- Blondie

This was written by a guitarist who later left the band, and has had a feud running with them for decades now. :eek:

Silinde 05-13-2022 06:43 AM

Wow, you would think they would settle for something, otherwise only lawyers will gain.

Junk Food Junkie - Larry Groce

Michelson Morley 05-13-2022 06:48 AM

Yeah, I don't know what the whole situation is.

^ :D That song is hilarious. It kind of messed up Larry Groce's career, though; he got stereotyped as a "novelty song" singer.

Knee 5 -- Philip Glass Ensemble

Silinde 05-13-2022 06:53 AM

One day they'll be able to copy info from one brain to another, and I'll download yours. :D

Love Is Only A Feeling - The Darkness

Michelson Morley 05-13-2022 06:57 AM


Marigold & Gray -- TOPS

Silinde 05-13-2022 07:04 AM

Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party - Courtney Barnett

Michelson Morley 05-13-2022 07:05 AM

^ :D

Oasis -- Aqualads

lost in stereo 05-13-2022 08:15 AM

P.A.T.T. | Against the Current

Hot Rod 05-15-2022 09:43 AM

Queen of the Reich - Queensryche

redserver 05-15-2022 12:08 PM

Rebel Rebel - David Bowie

lost in stereo 05-15-2022 02:42 PM

Steal My Sunshine | LEN

Silinde 05-16-2022 05:59 AM

Take It Easy - Travis Tritt

redserver 05-16-2022 10:09 AM

U R The Best Thing - D:Ream

Violent Delights 05-16-2022 11:49 AM

Victim - Eighteen Visions

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