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Exhibitionists [A♥I]#481: "They were the real deal - or as much as a real deal can be on Grey's Anatomy" ~ J.C.

Karev & Stevens, two doctors with completely different personalities and backgrounds who would have never met if they hadn't been accepted in the same surgical program, at Seattle Grace Hospital. What could have been just a work friendship or not even that, turned into something EPIC. From the very first moment there were sparks between them, the 'angry-but-sexy' kind of spark, which quickly turned into sexual attraction. You can't deny that she is beautiful and he is handsome, but together.. together they became the Exhibitionists.

Their relationship was never just about sex though. The competitive and tough surgical program brought them together, having each others backs at work and personal lives. Through five seasons they developed an unique bond that was never broken. Even when he was at his worst, she ignored his mean words and gave him her best. Whenever she was feeling low, he highlighted her tiniest quality, making her feel special. Alex and Izzie's love turned out to be the most rare type of love you can find. Their love is the UNCONDITIONAL type. They didn't love each other only in good times, cause those btw, never came. They loved each other and supported each other through ugly stuff, through the worst days of their lives. He was the one who picked her up from her dead fiance's bed and she was the one who held him tight when his girlfriend made up a pregnancy and tried to kill herself.

True Love is not just about 'I love you's' and 'I miss you's'. True Love is that type of love that challenges you. That makes you a better person by learning how to understand, change and forgive. That teaches you to see an imperfect person perfectly, that makes things you would find abhorrent in anyone else, impossible to live without. True Love is about cute little imperfections, is about being able to say "I love you" through a "shut up".

Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens have built a relationship of love, friendship, understanding and explosive physical attraction. The sparks between them remain as strong as they were when they first met. But now, years later, those sparks are not just being generated by two young bodies physically attracted to each other. Those sparks that leave us enthralled every time they share a scene, are coming from two people who discovered themselves as the love of their lives. Those, are coming from her husband 'Aalex' and his wife 'Iz', a couple who have learned by the most painful but wise way, what love is all about. AI have created a love strong enough to survive anything, big enough to transform themselves into better people because of each other, for each other. Their love was always smart enough to see beyond the act, selfless enough to forgive, fearless enough to confront, mature enough to let go and persistent enough to say 'lets try again, it is not too late for us".

The Exhibitionists. A romantic bright girl who wears pink every chance she gets, cares about animals, has a huge and warming smile, loves christmas and magical weddings. A charming provocative boy who wears a sexy black wifebeater every night, is not good at talking about feelings, has an adorable smirk and brings you corpses to cheer you up. He is her rockstar, she is his something to live for. Together, they are our OTP.

Welcome to the Alex & Izzie appreciation thread.
"True Love not only heals your broken soul but creates an irreplaceable shield for your heart."

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Bartender Joe
Betsy Beers
Justin Chambers
Katherine Heigl
Meredith Grey
Miranda Bailey
Robbie Stevens
Patient Frank
Kristin dos Santos
Patient Allison

Because he went all caveman to keep her safe.
Because he was the one that told her that her best friend was dead.
Because she took his hand when she needed comfort.
Because only he pushed her in the wheelchair.
Because they had an epic arm/leg touch!
Because he carried her pinky bag for her!
Because he’s right there, and she still misses him.
Because their handholding just about killed us!
Because the doctor called her “his wife”!
Because she likes to tell him to take of his pants!
Because, “Be my husband. Get undressed, get into bed and hold me!” *THUD*
Because he’s afraid to move, to breathe and to touch her.
Because, “I can’t lose you, I won’t survive.”
Because their foreheads pressed together is the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen.
Because they own hugging moments! *love*
Because he’s the cutest over protective husband ever!
Because he checked up on her whenever he could.
Because bickering husbie/wifey AI is the most adorable thing ever!
Because him feeding her was EPIC!
Because he believes in her more than anyone else.
Because no other couple look so cute and couply while cuddling on bed!
Because he wore only boxers in bed. Night activities or what!?
Because they were all married bickery, even around their patients!
Because she called him babe!!
Because he only bothers to fake a smile for her happiness! *lmao*
Because ‘in the middle of the hospital hall kissing’ FTW!
Because she smiled when she watched him sleep!
Because they both got scared of the bear.
Because he grabbed her and kept her from kicking Reed’s ass. Epic much!? *lmao*
Because he went all husbie and went to the chief and told him not to fire her!
Because he got completely lost when she left him.
Because he called her over and over again, and wouldn’t put the phone away.
Because he talked to her mom on the phone! *love*
Because she called and he hatead himself for hanging up the phone.
Because he waited for her on that chair all day long.
Because when she didn’t show up, he broke down.
Because their angsty gallery scene kicked ass!
Because only them can affect each others hearts so deeply.
Because Cristina thinks he’s her bitch!
Because he wasn’t in the mood for the holidays, when his Iz wasn’t there.
Because she came back to stop him moving on.
Because she apologized to him.
Because "we'll be okay." ♥
Because "you're gonna be jealous." *lol*
Because "if you think you're losing your love, then suddenly nothing else matters." *sigh*
Because "we'll get through it". ♥
Because she got scared when she didn't hear his voice.
Because FOOT HOLDING is the new hand holding! *yay*
Because he made her feel more comfortable.
Because he was so happy when he saw her scans were clear.
Because until he met his Iz, he used to think he wasn't a good guy.
Because he's thankful for her showing him that he is a good guy.
Because he loves her so much and wants her to be happy.
Because when he thought he's dieing he saw her, ONLY her. *love*
Because he's sorry for sending her away.
Because "don't ever leave me again." ♥
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You want me to tell you an epic love story? Well, since you’re here reading, I bet you will love the one Im gonna tell you right now.
It all started the year 2005, somewhere in Seattle, at a fancy party. At that party, Alexander Michael Karev met Isobel Katherine
Stevens. It started with a handshake and cute smiles, but since Alex is well, Alex, it didn’t end so nicely. Im actually pretty sure
that Izzie hated him. But she wasn’t alone. Alex wasn’t really the most loved person at work. And even though Izzie clearly didn’t
want anything to do with him, she still had to put up with that cocky grin, because Alex had clearly set his attention on the former
model. They had nicknames for each other too. Yep. Dr Model and Evil Spawn. And he was evil, right. After having just lightly made
remarks about her butterfly tattoo, he went a little bigger. He found a magazine with photos of a barely dressed Izzie, and decided
it could be fun to put pictures all over the locker room. If he had expected her to be angry, I bet he hadn’t expected her to strip
down to her underwear in front of him and everyone else present. Dr Model wasn’t weak, that was for sure.
Work brought them together though. Alex’s patient hitting his head led to them getting to scrub in on a brain surgery together.
After having teased her about her hockey boyfriend Hank and the party she was planning at Meredith’s, he showed an almost
actually human side of him self in the OR, when he talked about the mistakes his dad had made. That was the first time Izzie
didn’t look at him with disgust. She missed the party, and she broke up with her boyfriend. Yet, she smiled when she had Alex
met in the hall way.Okay, now I bet you’re looking at the screen with a raised eyebrow and saying, “This is what you call an epic
love story?” Yes it is. But this is just the start of the most beautiful love story ever told.

"He has been beaten by the love bug
and he doesn't know how to deal with it."
Justin Chambers

"Life as a surgeon."
"And loving every minute of it."

You know how it is when you start to see a person you thought you had all figured out in another light? Well, that happened to Izzie.
She thought she knew all she needed to know about Alex. But he started to show a decent side of him self. She got a look into his
childhood, which involved his father abusing his mother. She started to slowly understand that under the entire ass act, there was a
decent guy. Alex wanted them to be friends, and they did become friends, sort of. But they didn’t fool their friends, and both of them
flirted with each other from the start. They finally asked each other out, but that day was the day when Alex found out he’d failed his
boards. He had to retake them and make it this time, or he would get kicked out of the program. That together with the feelings he knew
he had for Izzie, the date became pretty much a disaster. Izzie was pissed when he didn’t even kiss her good night. That led to some
cold words and tension between them. Izzie, who was angry at her self for letting Alex have her only night off in a week, didn’t even
wanna be his friend. But taking the ball in his own hands, Alex entered Joe's bar one night, walking straight over to Izzie, swooping her
back on her bar stool into his arms in the most epic first kiss ever. Starting to see why they are so epic?
But when you fail something, that often leaves you with the feeling that you’re gonna fail everything else. And often, when you think you
will, you do just that. Because he was nervous about his growing feelings for Izzie, and because of that thought of how much of a failure
he really was, Alex failed the attempts to have sex with her. Izzie was patient and wanted to keep trying, but a mistake Alex made with a
nurse, destroyed everything. He hurt her, and she didn’t even wanna be in the same room as him anymore. It all came to a building
point when Izzie found out he had failed his boards, and that her friends were helping him study. She was pissed as hell, but then
ended up helping him too. While helping him study, she finally let the feelings she had keep inside out, and she cried, while Alex sat
next to her, not knowing what to do. This though, gave Izzie a chance to let it go. She decided that they could be friends, and she was
the one who opened the envelope with the result of Alex’s retake of the boards, just because he simply couldn’t. Clearly, Alex’s feelings
for her didn’t go away, but he kept them inside, unable for her or anyone to see. They didn’t stay apart for too long though. When a
bomb threatened to blow the whole hospital up, Izzie realized she needed to be a doer. She had been a watcher the whole time, and
now she needed to do. And well yes, she did do something. She did Alex in a supply closet. After not having had sex in 8 months and
12 days, she dragged him into that closet and ordered him to take of his pants. Kinda funny, since she just that morning had told him
that they were never gonna happen. The reality of the bomb situation made Izzie freak out, and Alex was there to comfort her. That led
to more sex. After the bomb scare, Alex wanted to do it again. Izzie told them they were friends though, and that it didn’t work the last
time they had tried to be more. But a patient with a rather different case didn’t really help the beast, that Izzie called it, sleep. Especially
as it was hungry for more of the food that Alex had given it. It had been good food. After having looked at each other with dirty in their
eyes for all day, Izzie ended up breaking the promise she had made to her self, and they had sex twice before heading home. Okay, so
we didn’t really get to see that, which sucks, but at least Izzie assured us that they did.
The happiness of course didn’t last long this time either, because being an AIer sucked. Izzie dumped Alex outside the hospital, with a
cupcake he had brought for her, just because a patient, Denny Duquette, was back. While she still had been away from Alex, she had
formed a bond with the patient, who couldn’t stop flirting with her. And now he was back, and that led to a jealous Alex. Alex, who
preferred to see Izzie as his, did anything to keep Denny away from her. But this made Izzie angry, as she clearly didn’t understand how
deep Alex’s feelings for her were and just thought he was being an ass. They started fighting, and it didn’t take long for Izzie to break up
with him, and completely break his heart. Alex stayed away from her, and Izzie went into a relationship with Denny, one that was against
the rules, and didn’t really make any sense. They even got engaged, but he died. And Alex did something that I believe that everyone
that has ever seen the episode remembers. He did something so beautiful and EPIC that I bet you get why AIers still loved them more
than anything. He picked her up from Denny’s bed, and carried her over to a chair, sat down with her in his lap, and let her cry in his
arms. He was the only one who knew how to comfort her.

"She is hanging out with Alex!? Why?"
"When you get to know him,
he is really sweet."
"For a kiss to be really good, you want it to mean something.
You want it to be with someone you can't get out of your head,
so that when your lips finally touch you feel it everywhere.
A kiss so hot and so deep you never want to come up for air.
You can't cheat your first kiss. Trust me, you don't want to.
Cause when you find that right person for a first kiss, it's everything.."


"How can someone be so ofensive yet
so charming all at the same time?"
"It's an art form."

"Now the beast is wide-awake and wants to be fed
and the food that Alex gave it.. it was good food George."
"You fed the beast didn’t you?"
"He opened up a piece of himself that he has never dealt with,
and he can't anticulate it. He can only.. you saw, he brings
a cupcake for her. Those little moments and little things are
surprising about Alex because he is surprised that he is doing
these things. Shows that he is falling for this beautiful young girl."
Justin Chambers

Izzie quit her job, and Alex stayed away and let her mourn Denny for a while. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t care. He got angry at
Bailey for not wanting to talk to Izzie, and when Izzie decided to come back and talk to the chief about having her job back, he was
happier than anyone. That day though, Izzie ended up standing outside the hospital, not being able to move. Alex saved her again, by
walking out in the dark and placing his jacket around her, and taking her home. Another reason to why their story is the most EPIC. He
always saves her. Izzie was back at work, and they pretty much were back to being friends. One day though, Izzie was supposed to
shadow Alex. This meant she was just supposed to stand next to him and watch while he worked. But Alex’s love for her was so
obvious, as he defended her to Mark Sloan, and then let her be apart of the case he was on. Izzie was happier than she had been in a
long time, and they had fun together. They talked in third person, just liked their patient, Frank. Im sorry, just had to mention him,
because he was such a great part of the AI love story. Well anyway, he saw the vibes between them, and told Alex to go for it. Make
Izzie forget all about the other guy. And Alex did go for it. He kissed her in the stairwells. And Im telling you, Izzie was close to kissing
him back. But she didn’t, and told him she wasn’t ready. Later, they met at the bar. Yes, the EPIC bar haha. Well anyway, there she
said she was sorry, and Alex told her he was sorry for being such an idiot. They shared smiles and laughs, and were back to being
friends. Im gonna tell you, season 3 wasn’t the best season for AI. We have to skip passed some time, involving Alex hooking up with Addison
and Izzie being jealous of George and Callie’s relationship. Those don’t really go with the AI story, do they? Well anyway, so Alex
moved into the house with Meredith and Izzie. Izzie didn’t like that at all. Probably wasn’t a good start that Alex walked in on her naked
in the bathroom, but as he said, he had seen it all before. Izzie tried to get someone to come home with her so she wouldn’t have to be
alone with Alex, and lucky for her, Meredith’s father and his wife came over for dinner. Alex was there too, and they shared a moment in
the kitchen, where Izzie realized that he maybe wasn’t interested in her anymore. And that hurt her a little bit. He didn’t deny it when she
asked if he had a hot date, even though that date was his patient Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca/... She doesn’t go well with the AI love story
either. Anyway, Izzie told him that she didn’t want him to want anyone else, and then asked him if she was supposed to move on. He
told her that she would move on when she was ready, and kissed her on the cheek. If you have seen the season leading up to this, you
know that this is a really sweet and uncommon thing or Alex to do. But he always had a soft spot for Izzie, actually, his whole heart for
Izzie. He did try to love Rebecca, while Izzie fell in love with George after some drunken sex. The end of season 3 was so bad for AI if
you ask me. Not that I want to keep you from watching the show, but AIers deserved a lot more than what we got.

"You have a girlfriend? Dr. Stevens?
Frank can sense the vibes."

At Seattle Grace, Izzie is back, but not necessarily in the same capacity, or
with the same attitude. "She's changed forever" says Peter Horton, executive
producer of GA, who adds that salvation may come from an unlikely source:
"I wouldn't say her relationship with Alex is dead".
Usweekly Magazine

"He is still in love with her. To find love for the first
time in his life was a big issue for him."
Justin Chamber

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The first half of season 4 wasn’t that much worth talking about except from when Alex found out Izzie had slept with George and got
hurt. Later that night he came into Izzie’s room and brought her tissues as she cried, and it’s obvious how much he loves her and how
badly he wants it to go away. But in the second half, things finally started to look up for our EPIC couple. Alex did the grand gesture
again, when he let Izzie have the case he was on, just because she was a bright yellow, the opposite of him. Izzie and George were
broken up, and Alex wasn’t sleeping with anyone at the moment. But then Rebecca returned, with some news. She told Alex she was
pregnant. Izzie got on the case, and pretty quickly found out that Rebecca wasn’t pregnant at all. Rebecca left to tell her husband about
the pregnancy, before Izzie had the chance to tell her she wasn’t pregnant. Alex was about to turn his whole life around, and Izzie
couldn’t tell him Rebecca wasn’t pregnant, since it was against the rules. That led to Alex thinking she didn’t think he was good enough
to be a dad, and he got angry at her, telling her to get out of his freaking life. When Rebecca returned, denying Izzie’s every attempt to
explain that she wasn’t pregnant, Izzie told Alex. He got angry at her again for not telling him before, and he took Rebecca home, not
caring about Izzie’s attempts to tell him that Rebecca wasn’t okay. It wasn’t until when Rebecca hurt her self and Alex had to get her to
the hospital, that he yelled at Izzie, telling her that he had done it before, that he had taken care of his mother. Izzie calmed him down
and told him he didn’t need to say more, and seeing the look in her eyes, finding out what Alex had been through broke her heart as
much as his. Alex let the hospital take care of Rebecca, realizing that he couldn’t do it on his own. The feelings and memories that it
had brought to him, made him go straight home to his room, staring right into space, slowly breaking down. Izzie came in and sat down
next to him, and said she was sorry. That made Alex kiss her. She pulled back, but Alex begged her for just one night. He was
trembling and tears had started to make their way down his cheeks. The cold walls around his heart had disappeared, and Izzie had
never seen him like that before. So vulnerable and weak. She obviously still had feelings for him, and even though she knew she
shouldn’t, she kissed him. It didn’t go farer than kissing, because Alex broke down for real. And just like he had done when Denny died,
she wrapped her arms around him and let him cry. EPIC full circle.

"Yang's got nothing on you."

Heigl expressed a desire for Izzie to reunite with Alex, explaining: "There’s a connection
between Izzie and Alex. He can do honorable things even though he’s cutting and
sarcastic. I would like to ultimately see them together, if not this season, then next."
Katherine Heigl on 'Sex, Love and Cupcakes', New York Post

"Alex has a deep longing for her but he is not admitting it because he has
issues to work out...but hopefully he will get secure enough with them."
Justin Chambers

What can you say about season 5? That it was one of the most EPIC things ever? Yeah, probably. I think that every AIer will say yes when I ask if this was
your favourite season so far.It started with that Alex and Izzie actually were friends. Good friends too. Alex had changed since he broke down, and Izzie
enjoyed the sweet guy that had taken form. Of course they still looked at each other on a way that says ‘more than friends’, but at least they weren’t
fighting. Alex was actually really sweet. Well, that was before Meredith let it slip that Izzie had told her what a good man Alex had become. Alex got angry,
thinking Izzie had told her about everything, involving the crying part. He got back at her by making out with another woman right in her face. And there was
the ass back. Izzie, who was really tired of him changing personality all the time, was cold to him, making remarks of his ‘skanks’ that he brought home.
Alex though, had a patient that made him realize that when it came to having something to live for, or at least the possibility of something, it was Izzie. She
was his reason to live for. The funny thing with AI though, is that they always have to go on each others nerves. The sexual tension they are both trying to
ignore makes them practically hate each other. They fought hard about a surgery they both wanted, but still ended up sitting together at the bar, where Alex
said he knew he was an ass, but that was just because there was no one else to be pissed at except her. In Alex language, that means that she’s the only
one for him. They shared two patients, a father and a son. The problems they had build up the problems Alex and Izzie had, and at one point Izzie told Alex
that he couldn’t keep being a decent guy once and act like a total jerk the next. He had to pick one. But Izzie soft of picked for him. She walked up to him in
his room, and ignoring he telling her to get out, she kept saying she cared about him. Finally he cut her of with a kiss, and they ended up in each others
beds again. This time though, Alex wanted it to be more serious. But since he isn’t that good at talking about feelings and relationships, Izzie completely
misunderstood him, and thought he was getting tired of her. She did realize he didn’t want them to see other people later though, and she asked him to go
steady with her. But since Alex and Izzie never can just be happy without having to face a lot of crap, they didn’t get to be together for long until Denny
came back. Okay, now I bet your eyes are wide and you’re saying, “What? Didn’t he die?” My answer is yes, he died. That doesn’t mean they don’t take
him back a lot on the show though. Well anyway, Denny came back, and Izzie started to have ‘ghost sex’ with him. She was still dating Alex, who was the
world’s sweetest boyfriend. He noticed that she was acting weird, and begged her to talk to him, to let him help her. Even when she said she was a mess,
Alex told her that he wasn’t going anywhere. That he could handle the mess. And Izzie obviously didn’t want to break up with him, since she clearly had
feelings for him, while she didn’t wanna stop being with her dead ex fiancé. That led to one of the weirdest most disliked love triangles in TV history. Alex
told Izzie he loved her. He had a beautiful speech, and the rush of getting picked to do a solo surgery made him even more confident. It wasn’t until
afterwards that he started to freak out, when he realized he had told her he loved her and she hadn’t said anything. All that, before his first solo surgery. He
didn’t think she would show up and scrub in with him, but she did. She choose love, she choose life. Izzie started to feel guilty about not telling Alex about
Denny. So she did. She told him she was seeing Denny, that they were having sex, but Alex brushed it off, telling her it was okay to have fantasies. He
gave her a little birthday present in that room and Izzie asked Denny to go away. Alex baked her a pink birthday cake, and Izzie wished at nothing would
change. Derek’s mother coming to visit made Izzie realize that she would never have that with Denny. That she was dating a ghost and things wouldn’t get
farer than they were. So she choose Alex, who later asked her if she wanted to met his mom, which made her even surer about her decision. Denny hadn’t
been just a ghost do. Izzie soon, after help from him, realized she was sick. She started to do tests on her self, but keeping it from Alex and their friends.
After some time, she found a mole on her back. She went to get it looked at, and what she had feared was true. She put the interns to work, trying to figure
out what it was she had. At the same time, she was just trying to act normal and bubbly around Alex, but he quickly understood something was wrong. He
was worried, but she kept telling him she was fine. Alex got a lot of respect at work, and that made him tell Izzie she needed to stop screwing around and
do real surgeries, because he didn’t want to be the future of the hospital if she wasn’t there with him. Izzie told Cristina about her sickness, and it didn’t
take long for Cristina to tell Alex that Izzie had cancer. Izzie got admitted to the hospital and that was the start of an EPIC cancer storyline. Alex stayed
away from Izzie under the first time she was a patient, because he couldn’t handle seeing her like that, didn’t know what to do to make it better. He was
also angry at him self for not realizing she was sick. The Chief freaked him out even more when he asked him to give a sperm sample, because Izzie’s
eggs would have a bigger survival rate if they were fertilised. Even if he wasn’t in her room with her, he looked out for her form the outside. A patient made
him realize that he wasn’t handling the cancer on the right way at all, and he hurried to her room, to find an empty bed. After the surgery that had gone well,
Alex came into the room and cried while he held her hand. He told her he was there. He lay down next to her on the hospital bed and held her hand
through the night. Which is one of the most epic things a guy can do, isn’t it? He was with her on everything, and was the perfect boyfriend. Her mother,
who came to visit, really liked Alex. A little too much maybe. Alex tasted food for Izzie as they were deciding how Meredith and Derek’s wedding menu
would be. The shrimp was sweet and spicy, kind of like their first date. Bailey came to take her to surgery, and Alex kissed her good bye, both on the lips
and the hand.But the most EPIC episode ever was the 100th episode. The episode where Denny came back. While looking for the reason, Izzie told Bailey
and Derek that Denny wasn’t the man she loved anymore. Alex was. They found the tumour, on a very risky and bad place, which broke Alex, who started
to think that Izzie would die on him. Things lightened up a lot when Meredith and Derek gave their wedding to Alex and Izzie. It was Izzie’s wedding. It was
just the way she had wanted her wedding to be, and it was perfect. The most beautiful heartbreaking wedding ever. Alex said the most beautiful vows, and
Izzie told him she loved him for the first time. Funny, doing that on your wedding day, huh? Their wedding kiss was probably the most EPIC wedding kisses
of all wedding kisses ever made.Alex took his wife back to the hospital, and helped her in bed. She started crying over her hair that was slowly falling out,
but Alex told her she was beautiful and kissed her. They shaved her hair off, and Alex still looked at her with this huge love in his eyes. They had problems
deciding how to do with the tumour in her brain. Izzie decided to not operate, but that made Alex yell at her, telling her it wasn’t just her life anymore, it was
his life too, his life with her. So she chooses the surgery, but she signed the DNR. Alex was completely broken because of that, begging her to please rip it.
Telling her that he would risk his job to have her alive if he had to. Izzie told him to please, let her go, because she didn’t want to live like that. They kissed
and he pretty much promised her he wouldn’t do anything crazy. After the surgery, Izzie was asleep, and they didn’t know when she would wake up. Alex
was by her side every second, holding her hand, begging her to wake up. She did wake up, and her memory wasn’t gone, and she was okay. Or so they
thought. Her mind reset every five minutes, and Alex was angry at Derek, thinking he had screwed up her brain. Alex did everything to make her memory
come back. Maybe it seemed harsh when he yelled at her and all, but he did it because he loved her. It was obvious how much the situation scared him,
and how badly he just wanted Izzie to be okay. He had promised her that she would come out of the surgery with a life, and now he didn’t know what to do.
Luckily, her memory came back, making both of them relieved and happy. But that didn’t last long, as Izzie collapsed in his arms, and started coding. Her
pressure dropped and Alex stated to make compressions while yelling at the nurses for a crash cart. Cristina tried to stop him, saying that Izzie had signed
the DNR, but Alex didn’t care. He just wanted to save her. The chief decided to screw the DNR, and Cristina took over the compressions as they told Alex
to step back. They started to work on her while Alex stood at the back and started to cry. At the same time Izzie walked into an elevator in her prom dress,
while Alex sobbed uncontrollably…

"Alex has turned into a very good man. He's changed.
He's actually opening up to me."

"Ah the softer side of Alex. Izzie was right."

"She is the only one left. In a weird way you can only be that angry with your
closest friends and she is the closest. He is mean to her cause in a weird
way there is the safety of knowing she is gonna be there, which I love."
Shonda Rhimes

"You must have something to live for.
Or even just the possibility of something.
Your luck's gonna turn around. It's science.
It's the law of averages. It's gonna turn around.
And when it does... you say hello."

"We choose love, we choose life."

"Her growing feelings for Alex are pushing her into reality. He baked her a cake!
To me, he's turning into probably the most amazing man. McDreamy has
always been pretty Dreamy, but we're getting to see the journey of Alex."
Shonda Rhimes

"Izzie's actions show how much she loves Alex. Her choosing Alex shows
how much she loves Alex. I think the way Izzie LOOKS at Alex shows how
much she loves Alex. There is love there. She loves him."
Shonda Rhimes

"I met Izzie, the other day. She is very
pretty. Do you think she is the one?"

"I love her. I do. I love her
and I wanna be with her."

"The sex is hot, huh?"

"When I think about my future. Who I am now, who I want
to be, how I want to spend the rest of my life.
When you get that flutter in your chest.
Alex. Alex is the man I love."

"You don't recognize the biggest day of your life,
not until you're right in the middle of it.
The day you commit to something or someone.
The day you get your heart broken.
The day you meet your soul mate.
The day you realize there's not enough time,
because you wanna live forever.
Those are the biggest days.
The perfect days."

“I would expect Alex to shut down a little bit if something awful happens to Izzie
but these are opportunities to see his chivalrous side and his true love for her.”
Justin Chambers

"Izzie and Alex. I absolutely love their relationship and I love that
this is where it is now. I love beggining the season that way,
I love that they are these two people who had this on and off
relationship for 5 years, they've been sort of in love with
each other for 5 years even though other things have
happened, and finally they are together."
Katherine Heigl
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They have so much chemistry! When I saw them for the first time in the scene
where Alex plastered the locker room with her posters I could feel there would
be more between them one day. It was just a feeling, but I was right.
They belong together.

I’ve watched Grey’s from the beginning and AI are the one couple I’ve cared about
the whole time. They had me hooked from the beginning but the moment I knew
they were meant for each other was when he picked her up off Denny’s bed –
that moment was just beautiful. The chemistry I see even when they are fighting
is amazing. I believe that whatever the future holds for them they can get through
it because they are meant to be and it’ll only make me love them even more.

Our Favorites;

I loved them from the beginning. The chemistry, the funny dialogs
and the way they looked at each other. Their first kiss was the best
one I ever saw and I couldn’t help but fall for them. I finally knew they
were destined to be together forever when he picked her up from Denny’s
bed. He was like her knight, he helped her even when she hurt him.
Even when they weren’t together they cared about each other and the
bound between them was always there. And it’ll always be.


Ever since they first met, Alex and Izzie have had a spark between them.
She was the first person to try to actually get to know him, and she was the
first person he was actually nice to. He trusted her, and ever since then, they
have had this bond between them that is extremely special. The moment I
first started shipping AI was when I realized how different their relationship is.
I love the way they are when they're around each other, and you know its
nothing but true love. They bring out the best in each other, you can see it in
both their personalities. They've gone through the worst, and yet they can still
smile about being with each other. That's when you know that it's true love.
Alex and Izzie are meant to be, and as separated as they may be, they'll
never be able to stay away from each other.


They stole my heart. It was that simple. When I started whatching scenes
with them, I was completely stuck. They were nothing like any couple I had
shipped before. I’ve been stuck on them since then and I don’t think I’ll be
able to stop loving them, even if you force me. So.. I don’t really have a reason.
They are beautiful, have amazing chemistry, are sexy as hell together.. but
those are not reasons for my love. I just LOVE them. They have stolen my heart.

Once upon a time, my sister brought home the Grey’s DVDs and I started
watching the show. I loved it, and after season one my sister told me she adores
Alex and Izzie. I was like WTF?! Alex is an ass! But after watching season 2 I
completely fell in love with this couple. They are the most adorable and cutest
couple of whole time. I just love they have been always there for each other and
will aways be, not matter what will happen in the future.

Loving AI was not a choice for me, was something totally unconscious. Since the
first season my favorite characters were Alex and Izzie. His conflicts, always trying
to hide his sweetness, and her smile, her dedication to others. But as much as I
love them as individuals, I love them even more as a couple. Together, they
have this amazing chemistry that just glues you to the screen every scene they
share. My main reason to love AI is because their love feels real. It is the perfect
fit for a real life love story, sometimes difficult, but intense, honest. It proved to
be resistant to any barrier life decides to put in the way. And only true love can do that.


I love everything about them, I believe they are perfect for each other.
The way their complicated feelings took a twisty turn by bringing them back
to each other after a long journey was enough to make me fall for them
over again, only harder this time.

Songs Compilation Celebrating
Four Hundred Threads of AI

Click Here to Download the CD

I once saw a TV promo where a girl and a guy were in a locker room and the girl
slapped the guy, and then pulled him in for a kiss. I remember thinking, "Now
THAT is the kind of dynamic I would be interested in watching". Having since
caught up on every episode of Grey's Anatomy, I have been amazed at the
incredibly authentic, turbulent love story between Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens.
There is something undeniable about them that has kept me coming back for
more, even when I had every reason to quit. Here’s to the next 400!

Why do I adore AI? First of all, Alex and Izzie always find their way back to each
other, no matter what. They are destined to be together. Other stuff may be
going on in their lives, but they always occupy a piece of the other’s mind and
heart. The deep connection they share always remains, and they bring out their
best qualities. They just fit together, whether they’re standing next to each other
or making love. And what about you? Don’t you love AI? Because if you
don’t..."Alex and Izzie do not believe you".

Videos by Mona:
Alex & Izzie - Season 5 Moments - Mona9800 - MyVideo
Alex & Izzie - How Deep Is Your Love - Mona9800 - MyVideo
YouTube - Million Miles - Alex & Izzie
Alex & Izzie - I"d Come For You Video - Mona9800 - MyVideo

Videos by Shiran:
Youtube - Alex & Izzie - "What's left of me"
Youtube - Alex & Izzie - "Baby when the light"
Youtube - Alex & izzie - "She's"
Youtube - Alex & Izzie - "From a whisper to a scream"

Videos by Isabel:
YouTube - Everything You Want - Alex & Izzie
YouTube - Alex and Izzie - "HOT"
YouTube - Alex and Izzie - We might as well be strangers.
YouTube - Alex and Izzie - Why don't you & I
YouTube - 2 Become 1 - Lexzie/Merder

Videos by Emma:
LoveInNewport Videos

Videos By McLexzie:
YouTube - Alex & Izzie - All I Need
YouTube - Alex & Izzie - Yellow
YouTube - Alex & Izzie - Re-Offender
YouTube - Alex & Izzie - She Says
YouTube - Alex & Izzie - Hot
YouTube - Alex & Izzie - Closer
YouTube - Alex & Izzie - Reach Out
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I still remember the moment in which AI became my fav couple: I watched
“Let It Be” and saw the scene in which Izzie first slaps Alex and then kisses
him. I was like “Awww, that was the cutest, sexiest and most adorable scene
I’ve seen on GA so far!” and since then AI had their place in my heart. Anyway,
I guess that it’s more important why I stayed with them until now than talking
about the very beginning. I definitely had (and still have) hard times but my
faith in them is unbreakable. I think what makes them special is that you can
always feel their love. It doesn’t matter what mistakes they make, what crap
happens to them, what new catastrophes are showing up – They make it. And
they don’t stop loving each other. They may be the most unstable characters of
GA but their love is not.

The first silly thing I thought when I caught the first sweet glance between them
was: here it is, just like Beauty and the Beast! He seems an ass but he's just
hurt,and she seems just pretty,but she's a strong woman. How could I not fall in
love with them? The way in which he always tried so hard to be the right guy for
her,those adoring eyes staring at her like she was some sort of angel; and the
way in which she was never discouraged by his behaviour, because she knew he
was a wonderful man,no matter how hard he tried to push her away. The passion
and the drama ,but also the cute,funny moments,carving Halloween pumpkins
and feeling manboobs! I always knew they were meant together: no man would
ever love Izzie the way Alex does, and no woman would ever understand and
love Alex the way Izzie does.



Exhibitionists Fan Site
Alex and Izzie Icon Site
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Justin Chambers Online
Katherine Heigl Fan Site


FanFiction.Net - Lexziema
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Search for more fics:

FanFiction.Net - Alex and Izzie (Grey's Anatomy)


|more| |more||more| - Video Clips

Why do I love AI?
Maybe because they are so natural together. Or because their scenes
are always full of passion and tension. Or because they semeed to be
totally different at first but with every episode we saw them complete
each other so well. Or maybe because now I know they have more in
common than we first thought. Or is it because both have gone through
awful things in their lives and deserve to be happy together.


Click to see full size.

aftershake@lj __________________Mysha___________________Mysha________

__________Des ____________ ________Nil_____________________Mysha________


"Surgery, it's just a job. It's just a job, it's the thing you come home from, not the thing you come home to.
And if you lose your job, you get another one, because there's always another one, but...
If you lose your love... If you think you're losing your love, then suddenly nothing else matters."

"Are you still there?"
"Im right here."
"Can you hold my hand or something, so I know you haven't left?"
"I can't reach your hand."
"Oh, yeah..."
"I can hold your foot."

"Iz... I love you so much. And I... Until I met you, I got used to thinking I just wasn't a good guy.
Growing up in my family, that's what they told me. But now, after all of it, I know that Im a good man.
And I thank you for that."

50 | 100 | 150 | 200 | 250 | 300

OP Credit to Dani and Nil
Alex and Izzie's love story by Emma
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Can I be added, please? Thanks!
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Originally Posted by miki_cza (View Post)
Can I be added, please? Thanks!
Done! Welcome!
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Originally Posted by Christian'sKimberDoll (View Post)
Done! Welcome!
Thank you!
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We got a new thread!
Welcome miki_cza!!
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481st thread! Wow...

And your thread opener is just freaking awesome...

Kudos to all you guys here.
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Alex mentioned Izzie yesterday, it was so sad, he's always afraid everybody is going to leave him He's used to it but it hurts every time...
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Yup a lot of mentions on today's episode...even slexie.. Writer's feeling sentimental I guess..

So he acknowledge that his proposal was a freak out of some sorts too.. He's probably in that stage of his life where he wants to really settle down (ehem, mark) but Jo is just too young and not ready (ehem lexie) and yup it's sad that he's so afraid to love and to be left. I think he wants Jo to be the one. He's risking his heart again! yet I feel it's not entirely the same with her.
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I didn't watch the eppy though i have seen a gif-set and i guess there is something bad for jolex i don't care about them but it's sad to see alex in pain to me too. I love him so much
It was a very sad mention still made me cry he's mentioned izzie for like a hundred times..
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I was surprised to hear him mentioning Izzie. She is still not forgotten. And I'm glad that Alex and Jo are not really engaged. It's too early for that and he proposed for the wrong reasons. I'm sure he wants to settle down. He almost had this all with Izzie or he wanted to make it happen with her, marriage, babies... To hear her name again was like a stab in my heart.
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I think my biggest fear is that Alex shares with Jo that Izzie left him and he is afraid to put himself out there and then Jo says something about how she would never leave him as Izzie did. I guess I am worried about indirect digs at this ship.
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alex karev , grey's anatomy , izzie stevens

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