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Cristofle 07-10-2022 04:31 PM

So many actors never acknowledge widely-documented bad behavior.

stlavin95 07-10-2022 07:59 PM

No they don't

Cristofle 07-11-2022 05:19 PM

Case in point: Lea Michele. LOL.

stlavin95 07-11-2022 11:29 PM

Great example, lol

Cristofle 07-13-2022 12:36 PM

People out here being like "I'm sure she's grown." I'm about 99% sure she has not. LOL.

stlavin95 07-13-2022 02:05 PM

Nope, lol

Cristofle 07-14-2022 08:04 PM

There are horror stories about her dating back to when she was 12, and as recently as her short lived show The Mayor. Like…I think it’s just who she is, heh.

stlavin95 07-15-2022 03:04 AM

Pretty much

Cristofle 07-15-2022 06:38 PM

I hope for the co-stars and especially the crew of Funny Girl on Broadway that she knows all eyes will be on her and she'll resist her worst instincts, but I imagine she won't hold out forever.

stlavin95 07-15-2022 08:25 PM

Yeah, will be shocked if she isn't on her best behaviour

Cristofle 07-16-2022 04:48 PM

But she's always been the most shocking towards "little people", crew members or extras or background actors, etc.

stlavin95 07-16-2022 08:03 PM

No real surprise there

Cristofle 07-17-2022 04:57 PM

Oh yeah, she's a massive bully and she punches down whenever she can. I've always found it interesting that the only people she seems to work at having positive relationships with are leading men. I'm not just talking about Cory - JGroff, Matthew Morrison, Darren Criss, a couple other Glee actors, etc. She does not make that same effort with leading or even supporting women, and then her behavior becomes overtly abusive if she can punch down at someone with little to no power.

stlavin95 07-17-2022 05:40 PM

That doesn't shock me at all sadly

Cristofle 07-19-2022 10:52 AM

It's not surprising at all, but it's very troubling - you always have to worry about people working with her who don't have any clout.

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