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Cristofle 06-01-2022 06:03 PM

Mischa Appreciation #7
The best picture to continue appreciating Mischa!

stlavin95 06-02-2022 02:12 AM

Thanks for the new thread

Cristofle 06-02-2022 06:37 PM

Eternally the best picture. I miss dark hair sometimes.

stlavin95 06-03-2022 12:17 AM

Was a good look for her.

Cristofle 06-03-2022 02:13 AM

Keds were so fun.

stlavin95 06-03-2022 01:55 PM

Yes they were

Cristofle 06-05-2022 06:19 PM

I miss big endorsement campaigns.

stlavin95 06-07-2022 02:44 AM

Same here

Cristofle 06-07-2022 03:53 PM

Although I'd take a release date for her latest movie right about now, lol.

stlavin95 06-07-2022 07:36 PM

Would be nice, lol

Cristofle 06-08-2022 04:35 PM

The good thing about modern films is that small films are now often released on streaming. It used to be tough to be able to find theaters for her indie films, but now, they usually pop up on Prime or something.

stlavin95 06-09-2022 03:10 AM

That's definitely nice

Cristofle 06-10-2022 05:23 PM

I was living in North Carolina and had to come to DC to find The Oh in Ohio in theaters, I remember. And it has a weird ending. It just...ends. I went to see it with two pals and we were all like "......" LOL.

stlavin95 06-11-2022 03:32 AM

Weird, lol

Cristofle 06-11-2022 05:23 PM

It's not a bad movie, I overall enjoyed it, but it literally just ends out of nowhere.

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