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rossfangirl86 08-30-2017 04:27 PM

White Collar Season One Appreciation Thread

In this clever and thrilling new TV series; charming con man Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) escapes from a maximum security prison; only to be recaptured by his nemesis; FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay). With few options; Caffrey agrees to help the bureau bring down other elusive criminals in exchange for his eventual freedom. But before long; Caffrey finds himself playing a game of cat and mouse with those who want him back in prison or dead. Co-starring Tiffani Thiessen (Beverly Hills; 90210); White Collar is sewn with surprising twists; engaging characters and riveting excitement.

1x03--Book of Hours
1x04--Flip of the Coin
1x05--The Portrait
1x06--All In
1x07--Free Fall
1x08--Hard Sell
1x09--Bad Judgement
1x10--Vital Signs
1x11--Home Invasion
1x13--Front Man
1x14--Out of the Box

Start date: October 22nd

2 episodes a week


oo1. rossfangirl86 (Nikki)
oo2. BlackSapphire (Vicki)
oo3. stalvin95 (Sam)
oo4. broken melody (Ingrid)
oo5. Summer Falls (Petra)
oo6. girl under the floor (Paula)
If you are interested in rewatching White Collar with us in the fall, please let us know here so we can add you to the list!
If you aren't a regular poster here, we'll PM you when we're about to start the rewatch
so you can join in on the fun. And we hope you consider posting here regularly.
Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated and welcomed. :)

BlackSapphire 08-30-2017 04:36 PM

Thanks for starting Nikki :love:

We do hope that you do join us for this great rewatch! :D

broken melody 08-31-2017 01:12 AM

This sounds like fun! I love White Collar.

I don't know if I could join every week as I have so many rewatches going on already, but I would love to join you guys for an episode or two :)

BlackSapphire 08-31-2017 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by broken melody (Post 91339922)
This sounds like fun! I love White Collar.

I don't know if I could join every week as I have so many rewatches going on already, but I would love to join you guys for an episode or two :)

Thanks for taking a interest, Ingrid :hug:
Yes, whenever you can join us would be great! What is your timezone btw? :)

broken melody 08-31-2017 10:50 AM

GMT +2, I'm from the Netherlands :)

rossfangirl86 08-31-2017 03:49 PM

Hi Ingrid, I'm Nikki. :wave: Glad you are thinking about joining us! We still haven't pinned down a week to start the rewatch or how many episodes we plan to watch every week so let us know what works best for you. :) We don't plan on starting until late October, we just wanted to have plenty of time to spread the word and generate interest.

BlackSapphire 08-31-2017 06:19 PM

Yes, we would like to know if anyone is interested in joining us what will work best for you guys :)

stlavin95 09-13-2017 09:52 AM

So when do you planning on starting the rewatch?

BlackSapphire 09-13-2017 02:01 PM

It will be sometime in October. Are you interested in joining us? :)

stlavin95 09-14-2017 12:02 AM

Yes I am :) Will have to figure what GMT I am though, since daylight savings always changes it a little bit.

rossfangirl86 09-15-2017 05:49 PM


rossfangirl86 09-15-2017 05:49 PM

I'll be away from around October 6th-21st. So we can start the last week or two of the month. Or if you guys want to start sooner, I could just catch up when I get back from vacation. :)

Ingrid--are you following this thread? :look: We could use more feedback. And if anyone has social media, could you please help us advertize this rewatch? I hope we get more interest once we set a date.

stlavin95 09-16-2017 06:10 AM

I can start it whenever, but the later in October the better for me.

BlackSapphire 09-16-2017 06:28 AM

Yes, I have opened a HB Instagram page but please if you do have social media then spread the word :)

We could do with alot of feedback :nod:

rossfangirl86 09-17-2017 04:22 PM

The more the better. :nod:

So how about we start the week of the 20th? And how many episodes are you guys up to rewatching a week? I don't mind staying on the low side, 2-3 would work for me but if you want to watch more, that's fine too.

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