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One Thing Remains 01-06-2018 09:46 PM

that's a lot of snow :thud: Hope it's not too bad at your sister's place

crash landing 01-07-2018 02:44 AM

Believe we are getting the same amount tonight into tomorrow :lmao:

One Thing Remains 01-07-2018 12:10 PM

oh no :( Good luck Sarah!

crash landing 01-07-2018 12:18 PM

Will see what happens on if landlady will want me to shovel or not :rolleyes:

crash landing 01-08-2018 10:34 AM

More phrase work on snow :thud:


From last 24 hours cause driveway was cleared over weekend #snow

lizzybug57 01-08-2018 04:41 PM

That's a ton that fell! Oh my that this is on top of what was already cleared!

crash landing 01-08-2018 04:42 PM

Yes :thud: I had a cleared driveway around Noon Sunday :wiggle: so yea within 24 hours

Chris 01-08-2018 04:58 PM

Woah! I hate it when that much snow comes all at once.

crash landing 01-08-2018 04:59 PM

Yea it wasn't much at first than it hit overnight :thud:

One Thing Remains 01-08-2018 07:32 PM

ugh! Hope you're able to stay on top of it Sarah. I imagine it's a real pain to get that much at once, especially when you have had another large snowfall recently.

crash landing 01-09-2018 05:23 AM

Yea on Friday+weekend :thud: hope its an all day type thing instead of overnight

Milk-tea 01-14-2018 07:36 AM

In just a few days I'll be back to my healthier diet of sushi and salad. :blush: Crazy how I eat better while I'm at school. :lmao:

lizzybug57 01-14-2018 07:36 PM

Looks like a delicious healthy meal!

L i N d $ @ y 01-14-2018 08:14 PM

I love sushi and salad and that looks delicious, Hannah. :drool:

Chris 01-15-2018 06:24 AM

That pic does look yummy!

sourburst 01-15-2018 01:27 PM

I freaking love sushi and that looks so tasty

One Thing Remains 01-15-2018 01:48 PM

yummy :drool: Now I want Sushi :lol:

Firecrest 01-22-2018 03:13 AM

That looks amazing! :drool:

quin0611 01-26-2018 09:50 PM

Looks good! :D

me and the sky 01-26-2018 11:58 PM

That looks delicious! Now I really want sushi too :lol:

reason to believe 01-31-2018 12:15 AM

Speaking of delicious, I posted my origins of becoming a chocolate addict elsewhere but might as well post here since I still saved my link :lol:

L i N d $ @ y 01-31-2018 02:24 AM

Awww, such a cute pic, Leanne. :D

Chris 01-31-2018 06:22 AM

awww ... that's such a sweet picture Leanne!

sourburst 01-31-2018 02:00 PM

Aw such a lovely family photo!

One Thing Remains 01-31-2018 02:49 PM

Leanne you are so adorable there :love:

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