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reason to believe 11-08-2017 02:48 PM

That totally made me think of a scene from a Shirley Temple movie where she sneaks away some cookies from the table with an impish smile, you almost look like a photo from that :lol: so cute!

fluffybunny 11-09-2017 11:22 AM

Thanks Leanne. :hug: That's my first memory! :lol:

reason to believe 11-09-2017 11:30 AM

Julie, I also have a photo of my first memory but I can't post it in public cause I'm 10 months old and tried to escape my crib and Im on my stomach like I tried to back out with my legs between the bars and my diapered butt hitting the in-between crib bar and got stuck. Too embarrassing to show... but I remember coming up with the plan and the feeling of shock when I hit the crib bar, cause I didn't think about that factor. :lol:

Oh, do you remember if you got to eat the tart after that??? I hope so! :lol:

fluffybunny 11-10-2017 07:37 AM

Aw Leanne! :hug:

Memories being what they are, I can't remember, but I'm sure I would have ate it! :lol:

Here are a few more early pics of me - I'm 46 now.

With my dad

With my mum and nanna

lizzybug57 11-10-2017 07:42 AM

Such cute pictures! Thanks for sharing!

fluffybunny 11-10-2017 09:32 AM

Thanks Lizzy and you're welcome. :hug:

One Thing Remains 11-10-2017 12:48 PM

I love all the pics Julia!! Thanks for sharing them all! You look adorable in all of them :love:

Chris 11-10-2017 02:18 PM

Thanks for sharing all the pictures Julie.

fluffybunny 11-10-2017 02:28 PM

Thanks Amy and you're welcome Chris. :hug:

L i N d $ @ y 11-15-2017 07:29 PM

Great pics, Julie. Thanks for sharing them. :)

fluffybunny 11-16-2017 10:57 AM

Thanks Lindsay and you're welcome. :hug:

crash landing 11-27-2017 03:08 AM

L i N d $ @ y 11-27-2017 08:14 PM

Cute cat, Sarah. :)

crash landing 11-29-2017 04:03 AM

Thanks :) have had him since he was born due to at that time almost 10 years ago :eek: having his mother first

Firecrest 11-29-2017 08:57 PM

Love the pics! :)

One Thing Remains 12-06-2017 08:50 PM

Great pics Sarah! Such a cute kittie :melt:

crash landing 12-28-2017 02:29 PM

reason to believe 12-28-2017 04:00 PM

Aww, being in England at this moment, I am Tim Hortons deprived! And hey, I have that same remote control for my tv :lol:

crash landing 12-29-2017 12:50 AM

Nice :lmao: :rotfl: this is an old TV

Chris 12-29-2017 06:53 AM

Timbits?! you going to share? :drool:

crash landing 12-29-2017 12:29 PM

Sure :thumbs_up:

One Thing Remains 12-29-2017 01:54 PM

That looks really yummy Sarah!

crash landing 12-31-2017 03:27 AM

They are super yummy :sigh:

Firecrest 01-02-2018 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by we are not alone (Post 92502100)

Mmm, that looks yummy! :drool:

crash landing 01-06-2018 09:39 AM

Driveway at home :lmao: and this is probably the lower end of the storm - I know my sis in a neighbouring town that's 30 minutes away got loads more

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