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L i N d $ @ y 07-29-2017 07:32 PM

The Picture Thread #16
Continue to share your pictures here. :)


Originally Posted by Babybuttoneyes (Post 90983030)
I just thought my cat looked adorbs sleeping in the sun today so here is a photo I'm sharing of my baybee! :love:

Cute cat, Leanne. :)

Chris 07-30-2017 06:37 AM

Thanks for the new thread Lindsay.

Leanne - your cat must enjoy soaking up the sun

quin0611 07-30-2017 02:44 PM

Tftnt! :) Great pic!

New pic of myself! :)

L i N d $ @ y 07-30-2017 07:30 PM

What a fierce make-up, Quin. :D

quin0611 07-31-2017 07:24 PM

Thanks Lindsay you are sweet! :hug: :D I'm signing up for Beauty School tomorrow! :yay:

lizzybug57 07-31-2017 08:18 PM

Awesome pic of you! I love the look, Quin! :woot:

Thanks for the new thread.

reason to believe 08-19-2017 03:22 PM

:lol: k, I was eating this instant cup of noodles imported from Britain and when I looked carefully I saw some silly humour on the packaging that I thought I'd share cause it's funny to just look at something then do a double take making sure you're really reading it :lol:

Chris 08-19-2017 04:53 PM

:lmao: That's hilarious Leanne!

Quin - quite the dramatic make up there! Enjoy beauty school.

L i N d $ @ y 08-19-2017 06:47 PM

That's funny, Leanne. "So we know who to send back to noodle school." :lol:

Firecrest 08-21-2017 12:51 PM

Similar to what I saw! :thud:

L i N d $ @ y 08-21-2017 07:15 PM

Wow! How long was the eclipse? :)

Firecrest 08-21-2017 10:00 PM

About an hour of the moon covering the sun! :)

One Thing Remains 08-26-2017 06:28 PM

Norman glad you got to enjoy the eclipse :)

Leanne that is so funny :lol:

Quin I love your hair!! Good luck at beauty school :)

Jen's Herald 08-27-2017 12:27 PM

awww the cat in the sun pic, so darn cute!

reason to believe 08-27-2017 05:57 PM

^ thanks, can you beleive I have to live with this cuteness on a day to day basis? :P :melt:

And on another note..

Behold! ...the homemade chocolate cake I'm about to eat.... well, not the whole thing... just a piece :lol:

L i N d $ @ y 08-27-2017 07:58 PM

That looks delicious, Leanne. Save some for me! :drool:

Firecrest 09-08-2017 01:27 AM

Love the yummy cake! :drool:

crash landing 09-08-2017 04:50 AM


Day 1 - patch to quit smoking


Thinking haircut time lmao

Chris 09-08-2017 05:51 AM

Leanne - that cake looks delicious!

Sarah - good luck with your effort to stop smoking.

crash landing 09-08-2017 06:14 AM

Thanks Chris :D been up for 2 hours and already feeling good, its going to be hard but I feel good about it

L i N d $ @ y 09-08-2017 07:58 PM

Good luck on quitting smoking, Sarah. :thumbs_up:

reason to believe 09-08-2017 08:36 PM

Nice to see you, Sarah! :). I've been wearing bandages for a month now on my shoulder (not smoking related bandages :lol:) and I'm wondering if those kind of hurt to peel off or have you peeled one off yet? I look at it and think "ouch!"

Did you get a haircut?

crash landing 09-09-2017 12:23 AM

Peeling one off in the morning :lmao: so will answer

That pic of the hair was just from Thursday night :lmao: no haircut

fluffybunny 09-10-2017 01:48 AM

Great pictures everyone! :D

Good luck with everything ladies. :hug:

Here's a hand drawing I did a long time ago, which I scanned. It's of Sir David Jason in Only Fools And Horses. My dad knew someone who was having their house used for filming in A Touch Of Frost and he gave David this drawing and another one I drew to sign for me.
David wanted this drawing that I've posted, so I drew another one the same for him, and kept the other one.

Meliana 09-10-2017 04:12 AM

That's a really awesome drawing! Love David Jason!

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