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Old 02-17-2015, 06:21 PM
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Shannen Doherty/Prue Halliwell #22: Because She Is Our Ms. Hellfire

The 22th Shannen Doherty and Prue Halliwell Appreciation Thread

credit to: adriene_evans

credit to: Sarah01

S h i p p e r s
1. Suz
2. Deeta
3. Hunniah
4. Bency
5. ¨¨~ J Erlotiel L ~¨¨
6. Violet Baudelaire
7. Queen of Babble
8. Prettygirl04
9. Prue_Halliwell
10. DiMeraBaby
11. **Jules**
12. *~World on Fire~*
13. GrhmLz
14. Honey06
15. kimsunder05
16. ~Unfaithful~
17. bbcountry
18. daritah
19. xjoyusx
20. Shadow Kerr
21. ccc-charmed-i'm-sure
22. Leneoth
23. fairy_kiss
24. *Lucie*
25. Moonlight~Pixie
26. cometflash
27. tiny toon
28. Courtz_BV
29. pattywack
30. yulan
31. brendadylan1984
32. Only Hope
33. sabriras
34. SwettyMa
35. CheEsecAKe&BRUCAS
36. charmingbrenda
37. brendawalshrocks90210
38. dmcool1
39. BrucasLOVEOTH
40. Kelly_Dylan
41. Denise
42. -Annika-
43. forever young
44. shannonraye
45. BananaPudding
46. NateHales-Scott
47. StubbronWhite
48. Love to Burn
49. donnaanddavidx3
50. ~carnival-heights~
51. B.Chambers
52. silversky77
53. ..Mysha..
54. a sorta fairytale
55. MichelleWilliamsFan
56. BrendaFan
57. Kiss of Death
58. - Nina -
59. bhills90210
60. loveslullaby
61. xbrittnoel21x
62. ella ocean
63. adriene_evans
64. BananaPudding
65. carraboo
66. kika_m
67. DollyJfan4life
68. Olderroswellfan
69. Slayerette89
70. McQueenFanGirl
71. Natesgal55
72. BrucasBangelBrylan
73. loganandroryforever
74. memory91
75. deathly_smirk
76. CristalBuddy
77. Ashley486
78. -Fated to Love-
79. Sara Caffrey
80. missygurl88
81. BlondieLeigh
82. Charmed Slayer Angel
83. little mutant butterfly
84. liomi95
85. MaybeLove.
86. living in a dream
87. baelfire24
88. Green eyed stone
89. BlackWhiteRose
90. Lawlessaholic
91. Millie May
92. Dacrown
93. hilery00
94. Jewelstone
95. Nostalgic Heart
96. KeepThisaSecret

97. Blackforestangel

P i c of the M o m e n t

Q u o t e of the M o m e n t

"If I kind of like a guy, then I'm a fantastic flirt. But with a guy I truly like, I get painfully shy.I still get nervous on dates. I'll be sitting at dinner with a guy and I have to excuse myself and go to the bathroom because I can't breathe."- Shannen Doherty

R e a s o n s

1. because she's the the oldest sister witch
2. because she's 1/3 of the original charmed ones
3. because she gave up her own childhood just to help grams raised her sisters
4. because she gave up her dream of studying photography for her sisters
5. because at the end her dream came true anyway
6 because shannen did a great acting job in charmed
7. because seasons 1-3 rocks
8. because it wasnt the same without shannen/prue on the show
9. because she's Manny Hanks
10. because she's prujo
11. because Shannen dated Julian Mcmahon
12. because she directed 3 episodes of charmed, becareful of what you witch for,
the good the bad and the cursed, and all hell break loose
13. because she's stubborn
14. because she's the queen of morning meetings
15. because Shannen choreograph piper's table dance in cayote piper
15. because her hair is ever beautiful
16. because she defines the beauty of brunettes
17. because she can kick big demon's ass
18. because she's our Ms. Hellfire
19. because prue + bane is = HOTNESS!!
20. because she defeated a demon that cant be defeated
21. because she's the first one to get 2nd power
22. because 90210 co-stars jason priestley and luke perry visited Shannen on the set of charmed
23. because Iris and Nat of 90210 guested in charmed
24. because her car is gorgeous
25. because she had a great date,
26. because she conquered her fear of water
27. because she learned to say 'i love you' before it's too late
28. because her wardrobe simply rocks
29. because she loves baby matthew
30. because though married to a warlock, she was still the first one to get married
31. because she's incredibly smart
32. because her instincts were always right
33. because shannen loves horses like alyssa, holly and rose
34. because Shannen got Holly the job in charmed
35. because shannen and holly are real life bestfriends
36. because buffy and prue were bestfriends in real life
37. because she speaks latin
38. because she did forgve her father at the end
39. because she helped piper to get the club
40. because her eyes are amazing

C h a r m e d by S h a n n en
An interview with Holly Marie Combs
Adding to the friction, says Combs, was the stars' growing frustration with the show's direction. "We were in a rut, where we felt like we were doing the same episodes over and over again," she says. Doherty, in particular, "wanted to make the show bigger and better and stretch her boundaries," says Combs, who has been friends with the actress for eight years, and still speaks frequently with her. "I'd see her in the morning and she'd be like, 'OK, how are we going to fix this scene?' She was really dedicated and she didn't have a lot of patience for anyone [she felt] wasn't."

"She didn't want all the bad press again. She wanted to exit gracefully." But the studio wouldn't have it. Continues Combs: "They stamped their feet and said, 'No, you cannot leave. We will sue you,'"

"I'm sure I'm going to get many phone calls about this," she adds, "but you know what?I don't care. [The producers] know I was not happy with how it was handled. You just don't do that to a person, [especially]a person who has basically created two hit shows for you."

about going back to charmed without shannen

But closure hasn't come as easily to Combs. While she says she still has a good relationship with Milano, she felt "a definite sense of loss" when she returned to the set in July. "In a way," Combs says, "I have to treat this as a brand-new job, a totally different show I'm doing, because if I don't, it's going to be a really hard year."

"If you havent spent eight year with her, then i don't want your opinion!"--> HOLLY MARIE COMBS


How do you feel about Shannen leaving?
Shannen’s really a great girl and a fantastic actress. She’s nothing like what the press makes her out to be. I have a lot of respect for her as an actress and person. She’s great.

The rumor mill has it that the two of you are dating. True?
Yes. I’m crazy about her. She’s got this amazing passion for life. Actually, she’s passionate about everything that she does. There’s no phoniness about her. She’s such a loving person. She gives all of herself to you and makes you feel wonderful. I’m very happy.

Does being somewhat of a teen heartthrob, make it tough to pursue romance in life?
Well, my personal life is very important to me and I like to keep it that way. It’s rough though. Fans get possessive. A friend of mine directed me to a fan site and people were being just horrible to Shannen when they heard I’d started dating her. It made me unbelievably angry. And, you know, I appreciate my fans greatly. But you can bet I don’t appreciate them being so cruel to someone I care about so much. I wanted to tell all of them to just can it. (Laughs). They don’t even know Shannen. They don’t know how wonderful she is. I mean, you know, it hurt me. She means a lot to me. (Breaks a smile) I’m a sensitive guy. (Laughs). I wish people, in general, could step out of their egos and stop being so petty and childish.--> JULIAN MCMAHON


Shannen took some heavy hits from the tabloids during her years of Beverly Hills, 90210 as someone who's tough to work with. Well?
She's really a super person. She makes you feel like you're important. She doesn't want anyone to feel intimidated by her presence. And all three of these women together have a huge presence. Their resumes are very impressive. They just make you feel comfortable. They're as funny as you can ever imagine. The set is really light. Nobody feels put off or like they shouldn't be there. Basically, it's all for the good of the show. So if you're for the show, then they're for you

Do you Miss Shannen Doherty?
Shannen is a very lovely person. She knows what she wants, she's a perfectionist and she has all my respect.She was nothing but nice to me when she was working on Charmed.She's a true hard worker and i think by that some people found it hard to work around her coz she was always asking the best of everybody. It didn't always make for the lightest situation and some people took it the wrong way when really she was just trying to get a good product.--> BRIAN KRAUSE


"I have a lot of respect for her," says Milano of her former costar "I think she's incredibly smart and talented, and I wish her happiness, love, success." --> ALYSSA MILANO


You work with three of the most beautiful women on television - what is like working them - especially working with Shannen Doherty?
It has been a fabulous experience to say the least. Shannen? I like the bad girl in Shannen - I like that aspect of her. It's been good - I have to say that these are three very strong willed women who have had a lot of success at an early age, and also have had a lot of experience in front of the camera on television, so I have nothing but things to learn from them in a lot of respects - both on and off camera.

Are the things we hear about Shannen rumor or fact - both good and bad?
I think some of it is rumor, but a lot of it is based on truth because she was young when success hit her. The great thing about Shannen is that she is a total professional and is always prepared, and she expects everyone around her to be at the same level - and I like to think I am the same way, so I respect the way she is around the set. We get things done, things rapidly and according to the script, so I certainly can't complain.

"I like Shannen, I think she's a straight shooter. I don't know where the press was getting their information but with me she's been nothing but honest, hard-working and a complete professional."--> T.W. KING


Holly and Shannon are also very cool. The one thing I noticed about Shannon is that she works very hard. I had seen her come in one day on her day off to work with the stunt coordinator on some "Matrix" type martial arts. Plus, she's a very good actor. I really liked watching her work.

Shannen Doherty was also great to work with. All of that stuff about her being difficult, to me, seemed crazy. She's very dedicated to her work and took it seriously. You have to respect that. I thought she was very cool. --> MICHAEL BAILEY


“I also want to mention how impressed I was with Shannen Doherty, her athletism and how quickly she picked up on the wrestling moves we taught her for someone who at that stage had no watched Wrestling in her life was incredible!”. He went on to say, “For monthing fellow Wrestlers would remind me that I got pinned by Shannen Doherty!” “I also want to state that she was so warm to us (wrestlers) and her smile was electric and it’s a shame she doesn’t get the respect in the media that she deserves!, the media should lay off her!” --> TNA Wrestler Scott Steiner

A r t s

credit to: charmingbrenda

I c o n s

credit to:charmingbrenda

A n i m a t i o n s

credit to: kankonkine

S o u n d T r a c k s

1. Just My Imagination by Cranberries
2. Breathless by The Corrs
3. Bitch by Alanis Morrissette

P a s t T h r e a d s

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W e b s i t e s
My own little Charmed page
General: Lord Rahl? Darken Rahl: You served me well in life, General. It is my hope that you would do the same for the Keeper, now that you are dead.
G: I don't understand. DR: It's quite simple. The Keeper of the Underworld wants to make you an offer.

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Old 02-17-2015, 10:46 PM
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Thx for adding and the new tread! Love the New title
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Old 02-17-2015, 11:59 PM
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Thanks for the new thread. Love the title too!

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Old 02-18-2015, 06:16 AM
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What 's your favorite moment of Prue?

I have found something, which I made when the show was still on air.
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Old 02-18-2015, 08:36 AM
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Nice title.
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Originally Posted by Blackforestangel (View Post)
What 's your favorite moment of Prue?

I have found something, which I made when the show was still on air.
I love that, omg that is really really pretty.

I have a lot of favorite moments. I can't think of just one. One that stands out at the moment though is when she became a man. I loved that episode!

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Haha yeah that was a really funny episode. She looked kind of freaky with the beard and the man clothes
I have to retwatch that soon xD
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It was hilarious. I loved her as a man! Hahaha

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Me too. .. haha she definatly has a talent for transformation!
Wasn't there also a episode in which she was a cute white dog?
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^ I'd love to add your art to the OP, if you like. Yep in S3, beautiful blue eyes.
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You can add the art, that would be nice I'll try to make some more arts of Charmed, on the weekend.
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Beautiful OP. I love Shannen. I missed Prue so much after S3.
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Yes, I loved the episode with the dog too!

Do make more Charmed art, please.

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I'll do my best. I will make some tomorrow or on sunday. It's been a long time ago since I made the last arts.

She was a cutie as a dog
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Looking forward to seeing it

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