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stlavin95 11-03-2020 01:12 AM

Tutor Girl [BJoy|Haley] #439: "Give Back to Me in So Many Ways Even All These Years Later"

“Who or what would you say has been your greatest inspiration when it comes to your music?”
Well, I have a lot of artists inspirations like Billy Joel and Patty Griffin and you know, Carol King and James Taylor and uh Elton John. A lot of kind of old School artists although Patty Griffin is pretty recent. But mostly I just get inspired by what is happening in my life and all kinds of music that inspires me and I want to write something that is similar to that. That is usually what I get into. But I feel my inspirations are kind of changing a little bit right now so we’ll see what comes from that.

“Do you have any advice for a girl who wants to be an inspiring musician and wants to pursue a music career? What would you say to her?”
I think I’d probably would just tell her that music is something that is in you which you probably already know and just know that even if the career doesn’t take off you can still touch with your music. I mean, even if you’re, you know, working a job at Starbucks or you know, working a desk job, you can still touch people with your music in a lot of different ways, you just sort of have to figure out where you’re supposed to be. So don’t pursue it just for the sake of having a music career because that’s really tough but if you feel like you are supposed to be there and you have a passion for it then pursue it with no expectations and just enjoy the blessings and what you read from that. I would say just you know, figure out what you wanna do and then figure out a way to make money off of it. That’s something that my mom told me so I kind of hold on to that.

“I’ve been a fan of yours for a while and I was wondering which skin care you use?”
I kinda bounce back and forth. Right now I’m using a skin care line called Jurlique, J U R L I Q U E. I really love it it’s really gentle on your skin and I also use Lamere for a little while but it’s, there’s something in the process how they make it that is difficult for some skin so I think my skin got a little sensitive for a while. I pretty much just make sure I take care of my skin. I get facials once a month and you know, wash my face before I go to bed and in the morning and pretty basic routines.

"Only one part of her talent is acting (between) her singing and love of musical theatre. She's going to be a huge star." ~ Paul Johansson
"Joie. Joie. I love her, man. She’s my best friend down here. But she lives on Joypiter." ~ Hilarie Burton
"Joy's someone who challenges herself to be electric on every take. Many times she will make choices that elevate the material. And that's when you really win." ~ Mark Schwahn
"She's quiet, soulful. That's a good word for her. She's one of those people who are just really talented."
~ David Hartley (producer)
"The audience took to Joie in the snap of a finger. I've never seen anything like that before." ~ Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin (executive)
"My first impression of Joie was, 'Damn, she's 17." ~ Paul Anthony Stewart
"Joie Lenz... wasn't she great... I got her a gold bracelet at the end of the shoot that had "Reva 17" inscribed on it. What a talent... We shot 7 shows in 5 days that first week... almost 200 solid pages of material... it could have been a horrific experience... It was great fun..." ~ Robert Newman
"Her name is Joie, we call her Joybutter. She’s from somewhere very far away and we thank God every day that they sent her here because she is so unique and so just from any person I’ve ever met. You know, at first we were all like, Joie, she’s different. And then we realized, Oh my God, this girl’s like the coolest. She can do anything. She’s got wild ideas, and she’s just a fun, fun person to hang out with. So when we were all divvying up things to do for the game, you know, Chad and James were playing, Sophia was a team mom, I was a team mom, and a cheerleader. I’m like what can Joie do? Duh, sing." ~ Hilarie Burton
"Joie’s got the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. You know, she’s gotta record an ablum, she’s gotta be on Broadway. Broadway’s like her dream. And so it’s only a matter of time before that happens. Cause I just feel that she’s one of those people who’s way too good to be down here with us. And so Joie said, ‘Fine, I’ll sing,’ and I was trying to find somebody to play a guitar on set last week and nobody was really biting, and so Joie disappeared and apparently Joie went off and taught herself how to play her own rendition of the national anthem onguitar. So, she’s running late and I’m calling her, I’m like, ‘Joie, dude they’re holding the game, where are you?’ She’s like, ‘I’m five minutes away. I’ll be there.’ Next thing you know, ‘Alright, give it up for Bethany Joy Lenz.’ Joy had run from her car, she had just left it in the parking lot, ran with her guitar, propped herself up on the side of a deck. Like she didn’t even get a real chair or a stool. Her leg was all cropped up underneath her. And sets the notebook down and just plays. In the process, drops her pick, picks it up without missing a beat and sings the most beautiful version of the national anthem that I’ve ever heard in my entire life." ~ Hilarie Burton
"Joy sings a lot. Joy's constantly... always always using her voice. She sings between takes and stuff. I always laugh because she's always singing some showtune that I have no idea what it is or where it's from or when it's from or she just made it up. But yeah she does have an incredible voice and she's a very talented girl. And when she sang the national anthem I'll be honest, I never hear a national anthem like that, I think that's probably my favorite national anthem I've ever heard because I wanted to hear more after it was over. It was really great."
~ James Lafferty
"[Joy is] an amazing person. She's the type of girl who can do anything! She's been fortunate to be in the public limelight on a number of occasions, but we've never seen it go to her head. She's mature well beyond her actual years. She's level-headed and sensible, yet full of that crazy artist-passion which makes her so fun!" ~ a family friend
"I couldn't help but notice that the 'it' she brought to the screen, and in her photographs, transferred to her being right in front of me. Some actors just look different, some look the same, some blend in, but she stood out every single time. What she brought to the screen came across very easily." ~ a fan on meeting Joie
"I'm going to give the microphone to the best actress on One Tree Hill who is an incredible singer. Who is it? That's right! Bethany Joy Lenz!" ~ Paul Johansson
"Joy and I jam quite a bit. Maybe I'll do some things on her album and maybe she'll do some on my next one. It all depends on where we are. She really is talented, though. Lots of people ask me if that's really her singing. She doesn't only sing in an honest, unpretentious voice, she plays piano wonderfully (I keep asking her to show me how to play a couple of her songs 'cause I can't figure them out), and can song write so well. I've got her demos on my iPod. She just says things differently in her songs...I love 'em." ~ Tyler Hilton
"When I first joined the show, the first day before I started shooting, I met Rob and I met Joy. Rob and I instantly clicked because we’re both 5 years old on the inside and completely immature and joke around all the time. It’s funny. Joy and I, I feel like we’re already sisters. She just had her baby, Maria, and I’m going to cry when I talk about it, but I was one of the four people who was in the delivery room. I got to see her and help her deliver her baby. It was one of the most amazing miracles I’ve ever experienced. And it will forever bond her and I even further. So, if anybody asks if we’re friends, it’s more that she’s my sister. She’s amazing and she’s talented and she’s what I call a “Renaissance woman.” Now she has a little girl, she writes, she wrote a whole play, came up with the music for it….she’s so incredibly talented and I love being around her because it inspires me to want to do more, be more and have more goals because she’s so incredible." ~ Shantel VanSanten

Because she's tutor girl.
Because she's a rockstar.
Because she loves hard.
Because she's the best teacher in town.
Because she's the best mom.
Because she'll always be there.
Because she loves music, but not as much as her family.
Because she fought for her baby boy.
Because she's lost without her family.
Because her mom said she was the glue.

“The rest of your life is a long time and whether you know it or not, it’s being shaped right now. You can choose to blame your
circumstances on fate, or bad luck, or bad choices, or you can fight back. Things aren’t always gonna be fair in the real world, that’s
just the way it is. But for the most part you get what you give. Let me ask you all a question; what’s worse, not getting everything
you wished for or getting it all and finding out it’s not enough? The rest of your life is being shaped right now with the dreams you chase,
the choices you make, and the person you decide to be. The rest of your life is a long time and the rest of your life starts right now.”

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It's nice that Joy still mentions her time on OTH set. :nod:

stlavin95 11-03-2020 02:44 AM

It is, especially with everything that went on.

For You to Notice... 11-03-2020 04:15 AM

It is good she remembers the good stuff. :nod:

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