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brasha 10-11-2004 03:23 AM


Originally posted by Grilka
Mommy told me something
A little kid should know
It's all about the devil
And I've learned to hate him so
She said he causes trouble
When you let him in the room,
He will never ever leave you
If your heart is filled with gloom

So let the sun shine in
Face it with a grin
Smilers never lose
And frowners never win
So let the sun shine in
Face it with a grin
Open up your heart and let the sun shine in

When you are unhappy
The devil wears a grin
But oh, he starts to running
When the light comes pouring in
I know he'll be unhappy
'Cause I'll never wear a frown
Maybe if we keep on smiling
He'll get tired of hanging 'round.

If I forget to say my prayers
The devil jumps with glee
But he feels so awful awful
When he sees me on my knees
So if you're full of trouble
And you never seem to win
Just open up your heart and let the sun shine in

So let the sun shine in
Face it with a grin
Smilers never lose
And frowners never win
So let the sun shine in
Face it with a grin
Open up your heart
And let the sun shine in

I've got that burnt onto my kids' CD. IT sounds pretty dang good :lol:

i heart giles 10-14-2004 04:41 AM

shipping costs suck! :(

brasha 10-17-2004 07:30 PM

Gymboree only charged me 6 bucks for shipping all my clothes here from the States :eek: I think I'll be shopping there more ;)

funky_chick 06-05-2010 01:59 PM

I really love how they have the "caveman" version of "modern" stuff and people :lol:

cristeto1981 06-07-2010 10:40 AM

Classic. I still watch the flinstones every once in a while. I remember i use to watch them with my dad.

funky_chick 06-26-2010 02:09 PM

Did anyone else see the live-action Flintstones movie with John Goodman and Rick Moranis as Fred and Barney?

Lain 06-30-2010 10:18 PM

Wow, six year gap between the recent post and now. :goof: Can't get any scarier than that.

I remember the live version of the first movie, didn't watch the Vegas one. Completely forgot that Rick Moranis was in there. (Just watched Little Giants recently).

Anyway, here's something you won't see anymore.

YouTube - Flintstones Cigarette Commercial

funky_chick 07-02-2010 12:20 PM

Wow, smoking cartoons. Not something you see often these days :lol:

Lain 07-02-2010 12:28 PM

It was actually common back then to play out/advertise cigarette commercials. Some game shows back in the 50s were sponsored by cigarette/tobacco companies and gave prizes of money and cigarettes to the contestant. And guest stars were smoking! :lol:

Though one thing sticks out of my mind as bizzare: During one episode of I've Got a Secret, the host was actually feeding about two cigarettes to this one goat. :goof:

There's a second Flintstone commercial of the same cigarette brand if you want to look hard enough. ;)

iamscottj 07-07-2010 05:24 AM

Whenever I hear Flitstones, I just hear one thing... YABA DABA DOOOOOOOOOO :) :) :)

funky_chick 07-07-2010 12:59 PM

It's very easy for that to come to mind when thinking about this show :lol:

Gizziefan1 07-09-2010 04:35 AM

Awe man, classics.
I loved this show, still watch it on Boomerang in fact.
Barney was always my favorite, voice of reason this guy.
Some episodes were my favorite, such as the one where Barney went invisable. Or the one where Fred got Barney thinking he was a dogXD
Over all, I did enjoy most of the films.
I liked the spy one and the first live action one.

Lain 08-15-2010 11:58 AM

The spy one sounds quite familiar. I mean, I vaguely recall it wasn't the spy some sort of red head femme fatale?) but I forgot the plot. :lol:

Slayerette89 02-19-2011 10:20 AM


Originally Posted by Gizziefan1 (Post 48498612)
Awe man, classics.

For whatever reason, often while watching The Simpsons, I catch my self thinking it would be nice if I re-watched The Flinstones sometime.

here comes the sun 03-19-2011 06:05 PM

They don't air this show very much anymore.

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