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stormy_seas 08-07-2005 10:00 PM

Sky High (2005) #1: So in the end my gf became my arch enemy. My arch enemy became my best friend + my best friend became my gf. But hey that’s H.S.
Didn't see a thread for this film, so...

I saw "Sky High" last week and LOVED it. Such an awesome little movie. I will elaborate on this later (don't have much time now). In the meantime, any thoughts?

BYtheSEA 08-10-2005 09:53 PM

Watched this today and I just have two words ... Warren Peace :thud:

Actually, it was a pretty good movie, storywise. :look:

mild toxicity 08-20-2005 01:47 PM

I went to see this with my little siblings, and was surprised by how good it was. I loved it. It's a shame it didnt do that well at the box office. :(


twinkiecat28 05-14-2006 01:19 PM

Bringing this thread back from the dead to say I really loved it

I've been meaning to rent it from the video store because it looked like one of the few childrens movies that would actually be intresting or at least entertaining. I finally caught it on Starz yesterday and loved it. I'm too lazy to look up who play him but Warren Peace :drool: that boy is fine.

AutumnColorsღ 05-14-2006 08:40 PM

I actually liked this movie too. I didnt think it was going to be all that great but I was wrong. I actually liked Warren with Layla then with her with Will.

MineyMouse14 05-14-2006 09:52 PM

I really liked this movie, and the kids I babysit live it too.

And I like Warren and Layla together too!

AutumnColorsღ 05-14-2006 09:58 PM

I just love the scene where she is at her favorite resturant which happens to be the resturant he works at, and they talk about Will.

twinkiecat28 05-20-2006 12:27 PM

I liked Warren and Layla better then with Will, Will actually annoyed me a bit during most of the movie actually

Clewless 05-20-2006 04:00 PM

I wasn't expecting much when I first watched this movie. I thought it was going to me another boring "tween" movie. Like just about every movie that airs on the Disney Channel, but it was actually pretty good.

One thing that bugged me though was Will's hair. Thats just not a nice style for such a young man.

I also thought it was a bit weird that...
I'm probably way over thinking this. lol

All in all, I thought it was very entertaining. Much better than I thought it would be.

AutumnColorsღ 05-20-2006 04:15 PM

Will kinda annoyed me as well, its typical that he wouldn't notice his best girl friend who is in love with him until either he knows he cant have the older hot girl, or that the older hot girl turns out to be boring for him so he finally opens his eyes and falls for his best friend instead. I was really rooting for Layla/Warren. :lol:

Mecca- :lol: I agree, his hair was a bit odd in the film.

Ivypool 07-17-2006 08:20 PM

Does anyone know where to buy that green dress that Layla was wearing for the Homecoming dance?

jthorton17 07-20-2006 12:46 PM

I liked this movie too. This seems to be a hip premise now. I can only hope that zoom is as good when it comes out. And it has Tim Allen instead of Kurt Russell.

2Cute2B4Gotten1155 07-20-2006 01:44 PM

Such A Cute Movie!

Enigma 07-20-2006 03:00 PM

I saw this not too long ago and loved it. Such a cute movie.

Interesting how many people liked Warren/Layla as opposed to Layla/Will. I thought Layla/Will were cute, but I was actually kind of rooting for Warren/Layla also. :)

MidnightsScar 07-23-2006 05:53 AM

I liked this movie. I wonder if they're going to make another for it.

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