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Old 06-27-2022, 10:57 AM
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Which X-Men comics are essential, besides the ones I already have?

Including my Wolverine comics, these are the ones I have so far in chronological order:

Wolverine: Origin 1-2, Weapon X, X-Men: Uncanny Origin (AKA X-Men: Season One), Wolverine: Season One, Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past, God Loves Man Kills, Wolverine by Claremont and Miller, Mutant Massacre, X-Tinction Agenda, and Age of Apocalypse Omnibus.

(I will also soon order X-Men: Inferno Omnibus.)

Yes, I am fully aware I skip over the Phoenix Saga stuff before Dark Phoenix, and I skip over The Brood Saga, as well as Fall of the Mutants. I am trying to trim and cut out all the fat to only have the essential important stuff that's needed for the world building and character appearances and developments.

This also explains why I don't get anything from before the Chris Claremont era, and I instead have X-Men: Uncanny Origin as well as Wolverine: Season One covering the basic essentials of that period. And, updating a lot of the nowadays very dated and questionable and inconsistent things from the pre-1980s comics.

And yeah, in case it wasn't obvious, I am trying to avoid any Omnibus collections as well as I can, aside from the two mentioned ones from above where I really don't have a choice. And I don't want to collect single issues, but much rather actual collections and possibly volumes. As well as graphic novels like several of my mentioned ones are, of course.

To help further to get an idea for things I am looking for, I am trying to find any collections with significant noteworthy appearances of characters like Mystique and Juggernaut where it establishes them (or re-establishes them for newcomers) and they play an important part.

Also something were Magneto rules over Genosha as well.

And a story that works as a great satisfying closure to the X-Men stuff if you think of it as the final X-Men story (even though I know it isn't, but I mean someone can have that as a head-canon), that would be really neat too.

I am also not sure about whether I should get the New X-Men Grant Morrison run or not. I know a LOT of people insist me to get it and that it's great and they love it, but no one ever seems to explain how and why. It's a gigantic Omnibus collection, so I'm not going to buy that whole thing unless I have a good reason to. So feel free to spoil away with anything important or significant or noteworthy happening there.

Please don't just recommend me things because you think it's good. I want it to be essential and significant to the 616 universe for reasons I've been bringing up.

Thanks in advance for any help with suggestions and recommendations.
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Old 08-06-2022, 05:24 AM
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If you rule out so many important things it's impossible to recommend things to you. I say ditch the 21st century stuff. Focus on the Claremont/Byrne and Claremont/Romita Jr eras. Arguably also the Jim Lee era. That's a lot of the best stuff.
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Old 08-06-2022, 06:34 PM
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This thread should really be merged with the comics and cartoons thread, sum1.
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