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dragonfire 03-29-2022 06:17 AM


Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (Post 106131737)
Glad you know. ;)

I really wish the comics weren't so reactive to the MCU. It was bad enough when the comics did this in the 2000s with the X-Men and Spider-Man movies.

Thanks. ;)

I know.


X-Men Monday #150 – The X-Office Kicks Off the Destiny of X Era
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PhoenixRising 03-29-2022 03:59 PM

Thanks for the info, dragonfire. :)

But I honestly do not get what Marvel is doing to X-Men. It makes me long for the 80s and 90s when they still knew how to write these characters. I miss the old Scott and Jean.

dragonfire 03-31-2022 08:59 PM

No problem. :)


Bleeding Cool
Immortal X-Men #1 Reveals Mister Sinister's Krakoan Secret (Spoilers)

PhoenixRising 03-31-2022 10:32 PM

Thanks, dragonfire. :)

If I never hear the name Krakoa again... :facepalm:

sum1 04-01-2022 05:02 AM

Me too.

PhoenixRising 04-01-2022 06:35 PM

The Celestials should blow up that island.

dragonfire 04-01-2022 09:25 PM

No problem. :)


Bleeding Cool
X-Men Red #1 Preview: Authority Complex
Storm is just trying to lead the planet of Arrako in this preview of X-Men Red #1, so why is her own council giving her grief?


Ann Nocenti Reunites With Mojo, Longshot, and More of Her Iconic Creations in X-Men Legends #3
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PhoenixRising 04-02-2022 03:46 PM

Thanks, dragonfire. :)

X-Men Red? Are they color coding these stories now? :lol: When's X-Men Blue come out?

sum1 04-02-2022 04:04 PM

They already had X-Men Blue Team and X-Men Gold Team as far back as the early '90s.

PhoenixRising 04-02-2022 04:25 PM

I know. :P That's when the Jim Lee thing came out, and they divided the team into blue and gold for different missions. But is Red a team or just a story title?

sum1 04-03-2022 12:04 PM

Maybe they're Republican. Or Communist. Seems to be the same thing these days.

PhoenixRising 04-03-2022 04:11 PM

What's going on now is populism, not communism. :P

sum1 04-04-2022 02:49 AM

We'll see.

PhoenixRising 04-04-2022 04:41 PM

The Republicans survived Nixon, they can survive this. Trump will soon be irrelevant. Time will evaporate him.

dragonfire 04-04-2022 07:49 PM


X-Men Red #1 review

‘X-Men Red’ #1 fundamentally understands Storm and Magneto
‘X-Men Red’ is all about character and X-Men legacy.

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