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BlackWhiteRose 03-02-2022 09:03 AM

Confidants {Faith♥Angel} #17: "I should have known you'd like it on top."
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{appreciation thread}

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01. Because they are similar
02. Because they would look hot together
03. Because they both were evil and good at one point
04. Because they both fighted there demons
05. Because she cried on Angel
06. Because he is the only one who did not give up on her
07. Because he is her favorite memory
08. Because Angel punched Buffy for Faith
09. Because they love being together
10. Because they are friends
11. Because Angel understood Faith in a way no one else did
12. Because Faith wanted Angelus to be on her side when she was evil
13. Because Angelus wanted Faith to join him on the dark side
14. Because Faith escaped jail when she found out Angelus was back
15. Because Angel visited Faith in jail
16. Because she wouldn't kill Angelus
17. Because she never gave up on him
18. Because she wouldn't kill Angelus
19. Because Angel was her savior
20. Because he couldn't kill her
21. Because he made her kept fighting
22. Because they time is never up
23. Because no matter what happen they will always have eachother
24. Because he was ready to take the fall for her
25. Because she would always be safe with him.
26. Because she mattered to him.
27. Because he let her sleep on his bed
28. Because he would take care of her
29. Because he don't wan't her to feel like a prisoner
30. Because rain has never looked so good
31. Because Angel is the first person to break Faith
32. Because they have the best fights
33. Because they both knew what it was to be really bad.
34. Because Faith just wanted something to love.
35. Because They. Are. Hot!
36. Because Angel really wants to save her.
37. Because they are fighting their darkness together.
38. Because they can make a club for murderers.
39. Because they can understand each other win ways no one else can.
40. Because no one else has ever not given up on her.
41. Because Faith wanted to stay with him rather then go to Sunnydale.
42. Because when they are good they are grand, but when they're bad… they are.. very bad (so bad)
43. Because Angel wanted a hug goodbye!
44. Because Angel was Faith's murder rehab sponsor.
45. Because Angelus wanted to make Faith like him.
46. Because Faith will take Angelus over Connor
47. Because Faith turned herself into the police to protect Angel
48. Because Angel opened his home and heart to Faith.
49. Because Angel was willing to take the fall for Faith.
50. Because he made her smile with his confession of singing Berry Manelow
51. Because Angel trusts her with his secrets.
52. Because they can depend on each other through all times
53. Because Angelus and Faith would be a hot/bad-ass couple
54. Because Angelus and Faith wanted to be with each other at one time
55. Because Angel made her rest in his apartment
56. Because Angel is never in the game when it comes to fighting Faith
57. Because no one could understand Faith like Angel does
58. Because Angelus wanted to make Faith just like him.
59. Because Faith knows how much they're alike

Butterfly85 03-02-2022 08:53 PM

Glad this title was used, it's hilarious and true obviously lol.

starryeyesxx 03-04-2022 11:41 AM

tftnt :D :yay:

BlackWhiteRose 03-06-2022 06:45 AM

No problem :)

eternalfate 03-07-2022 12:02 AM

Thanks for the new thread!

starryeyesxx 03-09-2022 02:20 PM


straws 04-18-2022 08:31 PM

TFTNT :yay:

starryeyesxx 04-20-2022 09:09 AM

Let's fill it with pretties :D :love:

eternalfate 04-22-2022 05:26 AM

Loved that scene from the gifset.:)

starryeyesxx 04-26-2022 04:22 PM

Me too, Angel was pushing Faith to deal with the things she really needed to so that she could take the next step :sigh:

Butterfly85 04-26-2022 06:34 PM

Faith needed to feel the pain and deal with the fallout of everything she did. Dying was too easy for her, so I'm glad he made her face all the hurt she caused. It was better for her in the long term too.

starryeyesxx 05-01-2022 07:14 AM

It was, & a more interesting & complex story imo :nod:


Butterfly85 05-01-2022 02:31 PM

That was a nice moment.

starryeyesxx 05-05-2022 05:53 AM

It was great that they showed that Angel still thought about Faith & put the time in to go & see her :nod: :sigh:

eternalfate 05-13-2022 05:28 PM

I still loved how unexpected that visit was! It came out of nowhere.

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