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eternalfate 02-26-2017 11:47 PM

24: Legacy, Day 1 - 1x05 Episode Discussion (“4:00 PM - 5:00 PM") Feb, 27, 2017
24: Legacy, Day 1
4:00 PM-5:00 PM
[episode discussion] Air Date: February 27th, 2017

Airs Monday, February 27th (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT)
Carter and Crimes try to make a deal with the leader of a smuggling ring to find out where the terrorist are located; Amira and Khasan get a visit from an unexpected guest.

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eternalfate 02-27-2017 08:43 PM

Previously on 24! :woot: Yet again! best Previous than any show

Jadalla Bin-Khalid the main terrorist.

Nilaa just got cleared because she's innocent and I hope she really is innocent on EVERYTHING! like it's no twist in the end where she is actually evil.

Rebecca lying and saying she knew nothing about what Carter did.

I do understand Kieth since Grimes has proved he cannot be trusted. He's a mess. Probably my second least favorite character right now, honors for first goes to Edgar cousin...

Khalid at it with this other guy who is tired of waiting in Kusama.

Amira and Khasan.:rolleyes: The worst storyline of the season.
Seems Amira is a bit sad about killing her boyfriend Drew.
Oh they are meeting up with their father... so, is Amira father evil as well. I'll assume yes.

Oh wait, it doesn't seem like the father is on their evil plans.

Oh and the visit from the father is an unexpected one.

Khasan believes that the father knows something

Issac ain't happy about the fact that Aisha and Jerome tried to kill him and he's trying to find out anyone who was involved.:eek:

And he's hardcore about it.

That's why Aisha ain't with Issac, she ain't about that hardcore thug life.:gone:

Grimes talking to Carter about the afterlife, thinking people easily forgave his nonsense.

Carter telling Nicole to go to Christine's, and hopefully that's the right mood.

Andre and Nicole scene. ... Andre asking Nicole to talk with Issac.

Oh it seemed that Nicole is the key to Issac being normal and sane again.:eek:


Amira father telling the kids about his son friend being evil.
He's smart.:eek:
I seen this whole thing coming, can't say I'm shocked by this.


Kieth doesn't trust, Andy, and I don't much as well.:P

Marinna is taking over, urg! her annoying behind.

Andy and Rebecca on the phone and Rebecca knows that Andy access has been revoked, thanks to obviously Marinna nosey a$$ just like Carrie from Season 2.:rolleyes:

Oh Grimes looking different after that shave.:eek:

Grimes really better come through here.


Issac and Nicole scene.:) I do love their scenes more than the Eric/Nicole scene.:lol:

Issac you are losing your crew right now.:eek::eek:

Being explained more why Nicole couldn't deal with Issac.:eek:

Grimes and Carter in a tough situation, what crazy thing is Grimes going to do anything.
Grimes is telling Carter even more things that has happened.

There is always some kind of secret with Ben Crimes.

Yup, you can do business with Carter.

Oh Eric Carter not shooting his partner.:eek::eek:

OH SHT!! Grimes dead anyway.:eek::eek:


Issac apologizing for how he treated Nicole, and it seemed that Nicole isn't forgiving so early.

It does seem that Issac has come back to his senses though.:eek::eek:

And he admitted that it hasn't been the same since she left, just like Andre told her earlier....

He obviously still loves her, right? :look: Stupid aggressive behavior at times but yeah.:gone:

Oh she decided to stay and it seemed like an almost kiss.:P But she told him to never touch her again! Go ahead and be strong Nicole, but hopefully you don't regret staying.:look:

Loved that Senator John Donovan is telling the truth about his father, Henry.
And we all know the father will lie here since that's what the person working with him told him to do.

Henry is playing very dumb right now. This is why John should've been wearing a wire when he was talking with Henry.:bawl:

John is upset right now with the lies that Henry is telling right now.


Eric Carter checked out alright!

Great job Carter.:thud: Hopefully this goes well though!


Amira giving her hostaged father a meal.:crazy:

It seems Amira has a weak spot for her father...
He is trying to get through to her.

He knows he can't get through to the father, so, he's trying with the mother.

We all know Amira won't do it. She's obsessed with following her evil brother. lol

Jadalla never killed anyone?:eek: Great to find that out.
Kusuma and Jadalla has been going at it all day! and the first life that Jadalla takes is Kusuma... well it was bound to happen...

Amira is stupid, she can't get through with Khusan.:P He's too far gone.


I KNEW IT! I knew CTU would be late as usual.:rolleyes: :(

Come on CTU! and look at that! shot in the leg! Exactly how Jack should've shot Curtis in Season 6.:gone:

Oh no... Gabriel slit his own throat...of course....

Decent episode.:)

Logan 03-03-2017 09:32 PM

Took till hr 4 for us to get some deaths . Grimes death wasn't a shock , once we heard he had 50K of this gun makers money never paid it back . I was somewhat shocked with Gabriel killing himself :eek: . Yet carter was quick and observant to get the finger for the fingerprint ID to save the files . ( I never use fingerprint ID on my iPhone ;) )

Amira going along with her brother to tie up restrain there father. It seems her brother has a strong hold on her .

Henry is the ( Logan henchmen type of the season . Huge $$$$ power but very underhanded , snake . Where is the guy CTU always used with the different chemicals injections . Oh Henry will sing very quickly. I can see him turning on the uncle in Exchange for immunity from any prosecution . Henry will have to be wired ..

Seeing the son Kalid kill his top guy , well he had to show he was not to be messed with them what he said goals . Killing his top guy, after being put down as somebody who never killed, now has control 100%.

Still not into Issiac and Nicole story , unless it connects with the main plot . Maybe issiac name comes up in Gabriels files ..

NikNak 03-10-2017 07:38 AM

Tia, I love your live tweeting. :)

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