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Old 02-21-2005, 10:58 PM
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I really liked this episode. I just can't believe that we have to wait until April to find out what happens. I feel so bad for Ephram, just when he thinks everything is going right it's all going to fall apart. I really hope that his relationship with Amy can survive this and I hope that he is still able to do well on his audition. I think it's about time that someone comes out and tells Ephram, it seems that everybody else knows but him and that's not really fair. I can't wait to see how he reacts to the news and I want to know what Madison did with the baby.
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Old 02-21-2005, 11:02 PM
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Credit Fraz at Fanbolt

Originally Posted by Fraz
I was told the lack of Ephram and Amy kissing is because this winter either Emily or Greg has been sick and they were passing it back and forth and never getting rid of whatever they had cold or influenza etc. So the swapping of spit or kissing down to hugging was to help to curb the sickness.

Two things pop into mind

A. Go get antibiotics and throat losengers
B. Spray Lysol alot of Lysol

Because we need some kissing and loving
Fraz is very, very reliable and I am now completely confident that this is the reason why we are getting a lack of intimacy between E/A due to Greg/Emily passing things back to one another. Think about how sick Emily was known to be in Staking Claim.. If you watch Greg in that episode, he looks like he has a sore throat. LOL In fact, if you watch the episodes closely all year long, BOTH Greg/Emily look to be sniffling quite a bit. I bet this is exactly what the deal is. I just hope they can stop spreading things to one another so we can get more stuff between E/A on the screen. Again, Fraz is VERY reliable so I 100% believe this is the truth.
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Old 02-21-2005, 11:41 PM
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I really don't normally post any kinda "episode reviews" here anymore. I come in and read them and agree or disagree with them. For some reason I feel compelled to talk about tonights episode. Maybe it has to do with we have to wait 2 months before we find out what exactly happens.

Andy/Harold - I loved how Harold was willing to quit out of respect of a broken trust. I agree with others that they don't feel that Andy may not deserve that respect because of the secrets he's kept. I just think it shows that Harold's character has respect for others regardless. I am also glad that Andy let him stay on.

Ephram/Amy - I've been a fan of this couple from the beginning. You could see it in Amy that it was very upsetting to her to hold this new found info in from Ephram.

Bright/Amy - I missed seeing Hannah in tonights episode but it was a cute exchange between Bright and Amy in their last scene. I don't think when Bright told Amy that she wasn't as fun as Hannah was any kinda dig. I just think it goes to show that there may be more in store for Hannah and Bright which I eagerly wait to see what happens. I don't think Amy was totally upset by what he said because she has her own troubles at hand and probably didn't take it personally.

Irv/Edna - Glad to see these two worked things out. I've always thought they made a great couple. I really enjoyed the voiceovers as well tonight. Forgotten how much I had enjoyed them before.

Madison/Andy - I'm glad these two got to talk about some things. I really liked that Andy apologized for making the decision he made. I think if he was to ask Madison to wait till AFTER Ephram's audition that it would make her feel like she did when he asked her to keep the pregnancy a secret. I don't think Madison will tell him before his audition but who knows.

Andy/Ephram - These two have come so far I really don't want it all messed up but I know it's gonna all get blown apart once Ephram finds out. I loved the scene on the balcony. The pain in Andy's expressions of what he knows he's gonna lose once Ephram finds out.

Overall I loved this episode. I don't want to wait till April to find out what happens. I'm not sure why they aren't putting 'Summerland' on Thursday nights. Correct me if I'm wrong but they've just been playing movies on that night. This way they wouldn't have to interrupt any shows. I also watch 'The O.C.' and OTH. By no means can 'Everwood' be compared I think. 'Everwood' seems to be more "family" friendly than the others. I think I've ranted enough and lets keep each other company till a new episode airs. We're gonna need it LOL
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Old 02-21-2005, 11:50 PM
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Originally Posted by BrunieGrl
Ephram/Amy - I've been a fan of this couple from the beginning. You could see it in Amy that it was very upsetting to her to hold this new found info in from Ephram.
Hey, since you're a fan, come post with us over on the E/A thread. Would love to hear from you over there.
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Old 02-22-2005, 01:01 AM
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From the tone of the posts so far, it looks like I'm swimming against the tide yet again. But, what the heck; it's never bothered me before......
Considering this episode was, in effect, built toward for about eight months, and the fact that one of the very top writers was assigned, I thought the result was FAR below expectation. There were some nice moments; there always are. But I disliked much of what I saw tonight for the same reasons I disliked "Need To Know"; and those reasons are summed up by the word "contrived". My definition of "contrived" in the context of television drama, is when characters say and do things which are inconsistent with their established behavior, or when events are inserted which don't ring true.
THE CHANCE MEETING: This is the biggest one of all. The odds are better of winning the lottery than of meeting under those circumstances. Since there seems to be no indication that Madison was going to go out of her way to contact Ephram and/or Andy (if she was, why hadn't she? She could have done so at any time.), then the WHOLE effect of Babygate on Ephram's career and relationships results solely from this one-in-a-billion meeting. C'mon! Is that the best we can do?
TELLING EPHRAM: Andy tells Harold that he'll tell Ephram about Madison, but not until after the audition so that Ephram will have the chance he deserves at his future. The way Madison greeted Ephram seemed to indicate she bore him no grudge. And she is one of the three people most aware of Ephram's dream. And yet they then decide she will tell him IMMEDIATELY before his audition? Excuse me?
HAROLD'S RESIGNATION: I totally buy Harold's justifiable trepidation at telling Andy he told Amy about the pregnancy. His angst at what he perceived as violating Andy's confidence is totally Harold. But the resignation? First of all, they are supposed to be 50-50 partners. Can one partner fire the other in that case? But, more than that, Harold is one of the most unimpulsive and pragmatic people in Everwood. What was he planning on doing if his resignation had been accepted? Go to Jake for a job? Re-open the bagel shop?
IRV'S OFFICE: Irv told Harold he had moved out of his and Edna's house a month ago and was mostly sleeping in his office. What office? Isn't his only office in the house?
MADISON'S APPEARANCE: Madsion looked beautiful tonight; but hardly like someone who had given birth quite recently. After all, it's doubtful she would have a personal trainer. I'm also wondering how Madison has been supporting herself in New York.
THE DOORMAN: The Brown's lived in a beautiful brownstone in New York, not an apartment building. They would not have had a doorman. Why would the doorman at the Trump Plaza recognize Andy? There have probably been a quarter of a million people going in and out of the Trump Plaza in the last three years. And the guy was a doctor, for crying out loud, not Derek Jeter or Madonna.
AMY'S HEAD: Okay, Ephram was focused on New York. But the love of his life tells him her head is screwed up and he doesn't press to find out why? Would he casually leave town knowing that his lady was being profoundly bothered by something?
BRIGHT'S HEAD: Love this guy. His "apology list" and his growing admiration of Hannah prove this guy actually does care about people. So he sees his sister lolling around in her pajamas in the middle of the day looking sad, and he doesn't notice? This is the same guy who was so sensitive to Hannah's pain?
FIRST SCENE: Why was it even there? What did it accomplish? To illustrate Andy's poor packing? Then we went from Ephram and Andy getting ready to go, to Ephram trying to convince Amy to go, to Andy and Ephram in a New York taxi? What did we need the first scene for?
DINNER AT THE ABBOTT'S: Irv's editor friend looked like a solid professional woman. Would she have allowed Edna to go on and on ranting about her without offering one word in her own defense? Would Irv? Even Harold made a snotty comment about Irv moving on so quickly and got no rebuttal.
DELIA'S HEAD: Are we supposed to believe Delia is that blase about Andy/Amanda? The same Delia who was calling for her mother a few weeks ago? Delia is old enough to know that married people aren't supposed to date. Not to mention how embarrassed she would likely have been that the object of Andy's affections was the mother of the boy she had just "broken up" with.
AMY/HAROLD: Amy doesn't seem mad at Harold for not telling her earlier about Madison. AMY??? The same Amy who has freaked out about a zillion times when she thought someone was keeping something from her?
NEW YORK GUSHING: Since the last episode of Season 1, we've accepted that Ephram considers Everwood his home. And we have been given no reason to believe Andy was pining away for New York. So, why the big New York gush? So, they were glad to see the place again. But does that equal Andy wanting to move there again? What would Julia think of that? Unfortunately, the poignant Andy/Ephram scenes fit in with what I consider a disturbing trend; certain relationships are only shown as being happy to preface some sort of a disaster. It's been the case with Amy and Ephram, even with Amy and Colin; now the same thing has been done with Andy and Ephram. That's manipulative.

Okay, I'm sure I've made a few people want to sharpen their figurative pencils and rebut my examples. But I think we deserved better.

Not to neglect the positives:
1) Loved the return of Irv's narrations. I can only hope they continue.
2) I'm so glad to see Irv and Edna back together. The demise of that relationship would have been tragic.
3) I was greatly relieved that neither Ephram nor Madison evinced any romantic interest in each other. Although I thought the "like meeting a cousin" was a bit much; I mean they were lovers after all.
4) I was glad to see additional foreshadowing of a Bright/Hannah hook-up. And to see Bright continue to get his act together.
5) Harold's agony for Amy was obvious to all.
6) Amy: What can I say? I'm proud of you, girl. I know I've bashed you a few times. But right now, you are fulfilling every expectation I could ever have for you. You are FINALLY acting like you're truly in love with the guy. Controlling your shock and sorrow in his presence was as loving a gesture as I've seen in awhile. Even your "I love you's? sound more deeply felt. You are the only one who seems to be putting Ephram's dreams at the forefront. Now, if you would just KISS the guy once in awhile. Oh, and you promised to try the lox.

Final note: Does Rose know yet?

Now, the dreaded hiatus.....

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Old 02-22-2005, 07:08 AM
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Originally Posted by MAKRO
Final note: Does Rose know yet?
Did anyone else think when Rose said "How long did you think you could keep this a secret from us?", she was first talking to Harold? I must admit I did.

Insightful posts, everyone and I can't even begin to match what you said. I was just totally blown away by the episode, starting with the lovely narration.
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Old 02-22-2005, 08:20 AM
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I can only assume that the baby is either gone or not in her care because how else could she get up and go where ever she pleases? She must have really great friends or a babysitter.

The real joy of this episode was seeing the return of some great and true to character development for all of the adult characters. I was more than happy to see Irv and Enda's story come back into focus. And even greater was seeing the return of the Harold I grew to love.

I wasn't bothered by Madison just being there. This has always been a show of moments, chance and timming. Having her there seemed almost right. Plus it felt like it was planned from the begining. It didn't seemed forced or coming at impluse from the writers.

Bright was just wonderful. This sudden impulse to make all his female wrongs right seemed so natural. And I loved Amy's refrence to him finding a woman and just knowing it is right and meant to last. I really thought of Hannah at that moment. I really missed her this episode, but I knew it would of been too much, too many characters, if she was in the episode.

The narration was classic and was needed way before in a number of episodes.

The on location shots are what really did me in. Seeing all the explorative shots of New York and Ephram coming to terms with his surroundings at school were wonderful.

ITA on the thought that this was a like a season finale. It felt much like when Felicity went to half season break. I won't be able to wait to see how this all unfolds.

ETA: Seeing how radidant Madison was I could see how Ephram could of got lost in her beauty. I, for moment, almost lost though of Amy. But it was interesting to hear Ephram tell Amy on the phone it was like running in to a cousin. It showed he was truly in love with Amy and any drama to come out this story with Madison story would not be of a romantic way, but rather of obigation and incovience.
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Old 02-22-2005, 09:49 AM
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Good episode. Loved Irv's narration it was perfect. Glad to see him and Edna work things out. Bright was his usual funny self and looked like he was certainly missing Hannah How dare they make us wait till April to find out what happened with Ephram/Madison... TSK!
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Old 02-22-2005, 10:14 AM
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Last night's episode was absolutely wonderful. Everwood really is the best show on TV in my opinion. I love LOST and other great shows, but Berlanti just continues to amaze me every week.
The last scene between Ephram and Andy was so beautiful and perfect, and it shows so much growth from Ephram. It was so bittersweet though, knowing that depending what Madison says, all that's been working up between them through the years could be deeply hurt. It was really just an amazing, incredible scene.
I was actually surprisingly happy to see Madison. I didn't like her with Ephram, mostly because I've always loved him with Amy, but it was great to see her last night. And Sarah looked beautiful. I can't wait to find out what she tells Ephram.
It was also fantastic to have an Irv voice over again. I'd forgotten how much I'd missed that. And I loved Edna and him last night. They're very sweet together.
All that I can say about Dr. Abbott is that I adore him. He's one of the best characters on TV.
As usual, I loved Bright during this episode. And I'm really happy with the direction the show seems to be going with a Bright/Hannah romance. I love Hannah, and I think she would be perfect for Bright, and it's obvious that he doesn't know he cares about her in a romantic way yet, but he does. His last scene proved that to me.
All in all, this episode was fantastic. I really feel so happy that I've been watching Everwood since the first episode. Every week, I care more and more about the characters and the storylines. This isn't a show about shocks for the sake of ratings or other typical TV stunts. This is a show about how things happen slowly over time, and how each thing you do can have an affect on things. Usually I would look at spoilers to find out what happens, but I want to wait and see what they come up with, and be surprised. Last night just reminded me how amazingly well written, well acted, and well put together this show is.
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Ahhh Everwood. How you doth disappoint me. I was overjoyed when I heard a beloved Irv voiceover, but the episode almost didn't deserve it. I'm willing to overlook that because it was so great that Irv was back. Here's hoping that we'll get more in the future. Now, I'm going to have to join MAKRO here and swim against the prevailing stream of overall positives for this episode. For an episode that we have arguably been building toward since the finale of season 2, this was a letdown. The whole 'fate' thing just didn't do it to me. Sure, Everwood has relied on chance and fate in the past, but the meeting of Ephram and Madison in NYC is probably one of the least likely things that this show has ever done. Plus, the overall NY gushing seemed out of place. The writers have gone out of their way to show that Ephram considers Everwood his home now, and they seemingly throw all that out the window so that they can have a series of Ephram and Andy moments...moments that really only serve to torture both us and Andy since we possess the knowledge of what's looming on the horizon (although we are a little more in the know than Andy). Plus, I knew that they couldn't resist dragging this out even more. All week I was excited because it was all going to finally be out there. Then, about Thursday of last week I started to realize that there was no way the writers were going to pass up a chance to torture me even more by dropping the 'cliffhanger' on me. Granted, I thought the episode would end with Ephram walking in and seeing Madison (or vice versa), so I guess they fooled me some....anyhoo, I'll stop griping now and get into the episode:

DELIA: Like MAKRO, I thought she was shown as a little too blaise towards the Amanda/Andy relationship. This is the same girl who freaked out because he even showed an interest in Linda. It took her months to get comfortable enough with her to not show open hostility. I'm supposed to believe that, not long after she was basically 'crying for mother', she can unemotionally speak about an illicit affair her father just got out of? Sure the girl is young, but even young people know what's right and what's wrong.

ANDY: I still harbor major feelings of disappointment in him for the Amanda affair. Maybe I shouldn't, but I do. That probably is a major reason why I just didn't like him in general during this episode, mainly because he still doesn't seem to be remorseful about his affair at all. That being said, I thought that it was interesting that he went from "I can't tell Ephram until after his audition; he deserves happiness" to telling Madison that she needed to go ahead and tell Ephram everything. I get that he wants this all to be over with, but I don't see how getting this bombshell dropped on him could do anything but hurt Ephram's chances overall. If, as he has maintained over and over again, Andy actually did this to give Ephram a shot at a 'normal' future, then he should have at least asked Madison to wait. In fact, it didn't even have to come right out and say it. He could have just mentioned that Ephram's audition was tomorrow afternoon and add that it would be best if Ephram's mind was clear. That way he could have let Madison know what he thought was best without putting her in the position of once again choosing whether or not to do his bidding.

EPHRAM: My main gripe with him is that he didn't tell Amy he loved her. She told him, but he didn't respond. WTF is that? Other than his hair, that was the only part of his whole arc that annoyed me. I liked that he was perfectly willing to not see Madison if Amy wasn't fine with it. Also, I really didn't think that him saying that seeing Madison was like seeing his cousin was that over the top. We know it has been at least 9 months since he's seen her. That's a long time for any residual heartache to heal, especially given that he's been in a relationship with Amy, someone he obviously deeply loves. We were never given an indication that his first attempt to see Madison was motivated at all by any romantic feelings, so I thought it was a bit obvious there that he was over, I still don't know that he was ever 'in love' with her in the first place; he was infatuated...I still see my ex, a probably the first woman I was ever actually in love with, and there is nothing there. In fact, I wouldn't even say that seeing her is like seeing a cousin. It's less than that...more like meeting an acquaintance you haven't seen in a while: You exchange pleasantries, promise to see each other more, and then walk away and forget about it. Granted, I've been broken up with her a little longer, but I can totally see how Ephram could compare Madison to a 'cousin'.

AMY: I liked that she decided to beg off of the trip. I don't see how she could have gone without the urge to confront Andy or tell Ephram overwhelming her, so it is good that she didn't go. EVC did such a good job showing how much this whole thing is eating at Amy, but I'm sincerely hoping that there won't be too much drama between her and Ephram. Both EVC and Greg are excellent at portraying the angst between E/A, but I'm hoping for a quick resolution.

One of my favorite scenes was the first one between Amy and Bright...the one where he was telling her about his list. That was such a great brother/sister moment...probably one of the classic ones that has been on this show.

And that brings me to of the bright spots (no pun intended) of this episode. His whole storyline was great, from making the list and discussing it with Amy to finding out that he's not the kind of guy a girl wants to settle down with. You could really tell that threw him for a loop. I also loved how they subtly worked in that he missed Hannah, without beating us over the head with it. I was a little disappointed that he didn't go to the movie with Amy, because she obviously needed it, but I chalk that up to him having lived with her...and to her being his sister. Bright has always been more insightful with people he isn't related to.

By far my favorite part of this episode was the entire Edna/Irv story. As I said before, the Irv voiceover was probably the best surprise of the episode, but Edna and Irv getting back together was probably the second best. I was sooo glad that these two worked out their differences. It's funny how the auxillary characters get to resolve their drama over the space of a couple of episodes, while the principals would have taken at least a month to deal with the same issues. Berlanti and Co. would do well to let E/A follow the Irv/Edna blueprint instead of the usual routine.

HAROLD: First off, how funny was he at the gym? He has never reminded me more of my uncle than he did in that scene.

I thought that the resignation letter was completely in character for Harold. He's always been rather formal when it comes to business dealings, and he had every indication that Andy was already upset with him (because of the Amanda thing), so he had no reason to think Andy wouldn't fire him.

I like that he seemed sad that Irv and Edna were split, even though it has been indicated in the past that he didn't approve of how they got together. It just goes to show that, when it counts, Harold can put aside his feelings and do the right thing...of course, we've always known that Harold likes Irv.

MADISON: Oh Madison...where did it go wron?. I've thought about this quite a bit actually. When there was first a hint of Madison and Ephram getting together I was all about it. I made wallpapers; I posted Madison/Ephram songs (in fact I think one of the ones on the opening post of the M/E thread is one I suggested)...they were the couple that brought me back to posting on this board. I guess it is a testament to Greg and Emily's chemistry that I've switched back to the Greenie side so completely that I saw Madison as the enemy. I guess the best part of tonight's episode is that I realized she isn't. She was just a victim of circumstance and the unfair treatment of Andy. She was confused and scared, and she made a mistake. Her whole demeanor told me that she is telling Ephram about the whole thing because she sincerely believes he should know, not out of some vindicitive scheme to get back at Andy.

I guess the fact that she wasn't shown with any baby apparel at all could be chalked up to the fact that the writers want us to wonder, but I think that the absence of said apparel spoke volumes. I think that Madison either had an abortion, or gave the baby up for adoption. It was indicated that she sent back Andy's money...or at least I think it was. That is a clue in and of itself. Unless her parents are wealthy (I don't remember this ever really being addressed), I don't see how a single mother in a city as expensive as NYC would have the luxury to hire a sitter so she could go places alone or have the luxury to dress as nicely as she was. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but that leads me to believe that there is no longer a baby in her everyday life. I guess that the writers could come up with a plausible explanation...they've definitely had plenty of time to do so, but that is the conclusion I've come to....but hey, I could be wrong

Sorry for the long post. I was just long winded today I guess.
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Old 02-22-2005, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by MAKRO
What office? Isn't his only office in the house?

Why would the doorman at the Trump Plaza recognize Andy?
Irv's office is not in the house. It was a rented space.

Why wouldn't he? If he was as big as they made him out to be in the "Pilot" ... and he's obviously stayed there ... or has been there on many of an occasion.

Marko - I personally disagree with your entire post. And I don't think Madison running into Ephram was too contrived. I mean ... it was a crowd of people, on a busy block. It happens.

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See, I'm a firm believer in "fate" and "meant to be." I really am. That's why I'm with ALLSTAR.. The Madison meeting was not that off the wall to me. From a practical standpoint does it seem unlikely to bump into each other in a city with that many people? Yes.. But for me, when there's fate involved, anything can happen.

I think that's what it boils down to.. I believe it is Andy Brown's destiny to go back to NYC, where he lost his wife, where he never knew his children, where he worked himself crazy and barely even cared about his patients... It's his destiny to have his deception blow right up in his face..

Also.. I can't stop thinking about how I hope that Greg/Emily stop passing illnesses to each other! I want to see some kissing with E/A.. Hee. Hopefully, these common winter illnesses will lighten up now that we are approaching getting out of flu season and they can finally get well again.

For anyone that doesn't already know, Greg was sick while filming in NYC a little over a week ago and had to decline an interview due to his illness. Now, my guess is he headed straight back to Utah and infected Emily with the same illness! And so the cycle continues!

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I thought that this was more than a season finale.

It could have been the series finale. Father and son are finally at peace and back in New York.

As for the episode, Madison gets on my last nerve. Yes, she needed Dr. Browns help. But she is an adult too.
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That was a pretty good episode.

-Can't say that I really missed Irv&Edna,but I'm glad they worked things out.

-LOVED Harold giving his resignation.That was such an honorable thing to do.

-Bright....Bright...Bright.....Hee,he is missing Hannah!He is missing Hannah! It's SO bound to happen.I can't wait.

-Poor Amy, she looked just like when Colin passed away I really feel for her....and I hope Ephram will be easy on her coz she deserves some happiness.

-Ephram/Andy....ummm,too bad it's gonna blow up right in their faces.Their last scene was beautiful.

-Madison....can't say I was happy to see her....but she was ok.I really liked Andy and how he apologized to her.T'was nice.

About 'Fate',I do believe Ephram&Madison were meant to meet again and I do believe Andy is meant to save lives again but this ep proved to me that Andy wasn't meant to come back in the city.That chat with his doc friend made him realize just how much he missed while he was working.And now,he'll have to build a relationship with Ephram all over again.
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THE CROW: At least there are two of us....

ALLSTAR: I respect your opinion. And I certainly didn't expect everyone to share mine. Hence my reference to swimming against the tide...

Here's my last shot at articulating to everyone why I was disappointed by some things Monday night, and why I'm perfectly willing to go against the prevailing sentiment (remember everyone, these are opinions, not arguments. I don't expect to change anyone's own opinions.). It has to do with expectations.
I can enjoy dramas on a superficial basis as much as anyone. Ludicrous plot devices and laughable dialogue just enhance the whole popcorn experience. But for me to connect with a show on a deeper level, it has to have more than that. And for me to connect with a drama to the level I have with Everwood, it has to have it all; compelling subject matter, rich characters, outstanding acting, and, above all, credibility. It has to be real.
Everwood is special. If I didn't feel that way, I wouldn't be participating in a message board for the first time in the twelve years I have owned computers. From the first moment of the pilot we were given a fascinating story, brimming with remarkable characters. But what was truly drew me in was that the story lines and the characters' actions were so completely believable. And so easy to relate to. If you look at the best episodes of the first season; The Pilot, Is There A Doctor In The House?, A Thanksgiving Tale, My Funny Valentine, The Unveiling (to name but a few), moments were rare where you would say "Why would Ephram say that?", or "What the heck was that?". With a few exceptions here and there, everything fit seamlessly into the big picture and the characters acted the way we would expect them to. Did this lead to my developing high expectations? Absolutely. Do I hold Everwood to unusually high standards? You bet, and I don't apologize for that, because those high expectations are, more often than not, fulfilled. That's why I get bothered when a character's behavior, or a plot device, doesn't make sense to me. If that didn't bother me, I would watch all of the average shows out there instead and not give a damn. That isn't to say I have to like every development to enjoy it. It just has to make sense to me. I hated Amy's waffling about forgiving Ephram for his lie, but was it uncharacteristic of Amy? No. And my distaste for the Andy/Amanda disaster wasn't so much based on moral grounds as on the fact that it seemed to me like behavior uncharacteristic of Andy.
This leads me to Monday night....
Andy has put himself through hell for the better part of a year questioning his actions with Madison and the pregnancy issue. And I think he has ultimately decided he was wrong. But, misguided or not, he did it to protect Ephram's future. Then, once he finally resolved himself to tell Ephram, he was still determined to protect Ephram's chance at Julliard by waiting until after the audition to do so. So why, guilty as he felt toward Madison, would he not at least ask her to wait until after the audition to talk to Ephram? He knows his son well enough to know how rocked he will be by the news, and how it would affect his audition. To me, that boat just doesn't float.
I have no doubt whatsoever that Madison's feelings for Ephram were completely genuine. Nor do I doubt that she was shaken profoundly by them. But they broke up due to societal pressures, not out of any bitterness toward each other. And her demeanor when she met Ephram in New York seemingly re-inforced that impression. She knows he isn't aware of the baby. But if telling him the truth is solely due to her conviction that he has the right to know, why didn't she do so at any time during the last several months? And, failing that, why would she do so right before his audition (she knows that's why he is in New York)? Again, this doesn't make sense to me.
Is Madison out to repay Andy for what he did? Maybe, although I don't happen to agree that she has a right to be as mad at Andy as she thinks she does; she didn't have to do what he asked of her. But the only difference between telling Ephram before the auditon and after is that telling him before would hurt Ephram more. For that matter, if Madison's feelings toward Ephram are completely benevolent, why tell him about Andy's deception at all? It can only hurt him more. This is behavior I can't understand.
As far as my lack of acceptance of the "miracle meeting", I believe there was just too much at stake to rely on such an improbable plot device. A three year story line and a one year story line. Madison seems to feel all of a sudden that Ephram needs to have the whole story. Why now? Just because they bumped into each other? Why not six months ago? If they hadn't been driven by the fickle finger of fate, would she have ever told him? What if Amy had come with Ephram instead of Andy? Would Madison have told him then?
I would have been happier, and I would have seen it as more plausible, if Madison had recently decided she needed to tell Ephram about the baby, contacted him in Everwood, found out he was coming to New York (or just arranged a meeting somewhere else if it was before he knew he was coming), and arranged to tell him in circumstances which would have the least detriment to his psyche and the least affect on his dreams. Again, we have seen nothing up until now to believe she means him harm.
I just expected more. Are my expectations my own? Yep. Do I expect others to share them? Nope. Do these occasional disappointments affect my overall enjoyment of the show? No.
Am I going to continue to expect more than I probably should? Undoubtedly. Will I usually be rewarded? Darn right!
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