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Dawson's Creek Music

Dawson's Creek
Music Guide

Season 1
#100: "Pilot"
"Hey Pretty Girl" - BoDeans
"As I Lay Me Down" - Sophie B. Hawkins
"Tubthumping" - Chumbawamba
"Mercy Me" - Say-So
"Good Mother" - Jann Arden
"I'll Stand By You" - The Pretenders

#101: "Dance"
"Am I Cool" - Nowhere Blossoms
"Flames Of Truth" - Sarah Masen
"I Want You" - Savage Garden
"Happiness" - Abra Moore
"Ooh Ahh...Just A Little Bit" - Adam Fields
"Pretty Strange" - Paul Chiten
"Apple" - The Autumns
"But You" - Paul Chiten
"You Don't Know Me" - Jann Arden

#102: "Kiss"
"First Time" - Billie Myers
"Kingdom" - The Slugs
"Too Many Times" - Wake Ooloo
"The Right Place" - Eddi Reader
"Pretty Deep" - Tanya Donelly
"All I Want" - Toad The Wet Sprocket
"I'll Remember You" - Sophie Zelmani
"What Would Happen" - Meredith Brooks

#103: "Discovery"
"Beautiful Thing" - Kyf Brewer
"Top Of Morning" - The Hang Ups
"I Know" - Barenaked Ladies
"Amnesia" - Toad The Wet Sprocket
"World Outside" - The Devlins
"That's What Love Can Do" - Tom Snow
"Stand By Me" - Say-So
"Full Of Grace" - Sarah McLachlan

#104: "Hurricane"
"Healing Hands" - Marc Cohn
"It's The End Of The World As We Know It" - R.E.M.

#105: "Baby"
"Sitting On Top Of The World" - Amanda Marshall
"Insecuriosity" - Andrew Dorff
"All I Want" - Susanna Hoffs
"Seven Shades Of Blue" - Beth Nielsen Chapman

#106: "Detention"
"Stupid" - Chickenpox
"Saturday" - Colony
"A Lot Like You" - Colony
"Grace" - Michelle Malone
"Will Tomorrow Ever Come" - Dance Hall Crashers

#107: "Boyfriend"
"We'll Get Through" - The Slugs
"Being Right" - Cush
"Dammit" - Blink 182
"Elegantly Wasted" - INXS
"Green Apples" - Chantal Kreviazuk
"Evaporated" - Ben Folds Five

#108: "Road Trip"
"Truly, Madly, Deeply" - Savage Garden
"Touch, Peel & Stand" - Days Of The New
"We Are The Supercool" - Space Monkeys
"Requiem For A Lightweight" - The Slugs
"Your Pleasure's Mine" - Super Deluxe
"Carry Me" - Boom Hank
"I'm Not Sleeping" - Nowhere Blossoms
"Nashville" - Judge Nothing
"The Step Inside" - Sounder
"Monkey Mind" - Judge Nothing
"Right Today" - Swerve
"Thinking Out Loud" - Ron Sexsmith

#109: "The Scare"
"Nobody Cares" - Vaporhead
"Will U Drive Me?" - The Rosenbergs
"Do You Dream?" - Mary Thornton/Adam Castillo
"Temptation" - The Tea Party

#110: "Double Date"
"Come Back" - Vaporhead
"She" - Louie Says
"What's Goin' On" - Shelby Craft
"I'm The Only One" - Melissa Etheridge "I Wanna Be Your Underwear" - Bryan Adams
"Hangin' By A Thread" - Jann Arden
"She's The One" - World Party

#111: "Beauty Contest"
"Small Town Trap" - Eve 6
"Girl With All The Goodbyes" - Susan Sandberg
"Pretty Face" - Chickenpox
"New York, New York" - Joshua Jackson
"Fall From Grace" - Amanda Marshall
"Superman" - Goldfinger
"On My Own" - Katie Holmes
"Surrounded" - Chantal Kreviazuk

#112: "Decisions"
"What Do You Do?" - Dog's Eye View
"Angel" - Sarah McLachlan
"I'll Be" - Edwin McCain
"Broken Road" - Melodie Crittenden
"Say Goodnight" - Beth Nielsen Chapman
Season 2
#201: "The Kiss"
"Say Goodnight" - Beth Nielsen Chapman
"Out Of My Head" - Fastball
"Birds Of A Feather" - Phish
"Swallow" - Nowhere Blossoms
"London Rain" - Heather Nova
"Have A Little Faith In Me" - John Hiatt

#202: "Crossroads"
"Good Intentions" - Aryana
"Sway" - Bic Runga "Make Tomorrow Up" - Brooke Ramel
"Killers" - Feeding Like Butterflies
"Get 'Em Outta Here" - Sprung Monkey "Killing Me" - The Andersons
"Always" - The Sterlings
"Kiss The Rain" - Billie Myers "If You Came Back" - Tommy Holmes
"Luckiest Guy" - The MacAnanys
"Dear Mary" - Aryana
"Save Tonight" - Eagle-Eye Cherry "Who Got The Meaning" - The Elms

#203: "Alternative Lifestyles"
"Anything You Say" - Chickenpox
"Flagpole Sitta" - Harvey Danger "Rock N Roll" - Bleach
"Mary Be Merry" - Say-So
"Four Eyes" - Sozzi "Bizarre" - Melissa Ritter
"Swan Song" - Bruce Hornsby "Give You More" - Reed Foehl
"The Party's Over" - Catie Curtis "Without" - Five Days Straight
"WooHoo" - Newsboys "Break Of Dawn" - Plankeye

#204: "Tamara's Return"
"Harvest Moon" - Donna Lewis "Who We Are" - Brooke Ramel
"Breathe" - Colony "A Minute To Ourselves" - The Elms
"Half As Good" - Zoe
"Northern Lad" - Tori Amos "Calm" - Jill Cohn
"And On A Rainy Night" - Shawn Mullins "The Island Song" - Mayfly
"Each Little Mystery" - Seven Mary Three "When It Comes Around" - Reed Foehl

#205: "Full Moon Rising"
"Catch The Moon" - Marc Jordan "Northern Lights" - Lennie Gallant
"Secret Smile" - Semisonic "Bootylicious" - John Lardieri
"Hands" - Jewel

#206: "The Dance"
"Footloose" - Kenny Loggins
"Kiss Me" - Sixpence None The Richer
"Less Of Me" - Grammatrain
"Sell Out" - Reel Big Fish "Someday" - Ethers Void
"She's So High" - Tal Bachman "Down On Love" - Bill Reveles
"Did You Ever Love Somebody?" - Jessica Simpson
"Special" - Garbage "Go Dead" - Red Delicious
"Take Me Home" - Donna Lewis "Real" - Considering Lily
"If You Sleep" - Tal Bachman "Goodbye" - Schiavo
"Cinnamon Waits" - Nowhere Blossoms
"Man On A Mast" - Wine Field

#207: "The All-Nighter"
"Hold On To Me" - Cowboy Junkies "I'll Hang On" - Nick Nolan
"Candy In The Sun" - Swirl 360 "Ain't No Trip To Cleveland" - Brandtson
"Push Me Over" - Bob Mair
"You" - Switchfoot
"Losering" - Whiskeytown "Spread Thin" - The Red Thread
"Who Needs Sleep?" - Barenaked Ladies
"Nobody But Me" - Save Ferris "2 Kool 4 Skool" - The Salads

#208: "The Reluctant Hero"
"Sitting With An Angel" - Dana Mase
"This Is Who I Am" - Shooter "These Hands" - The Dirtmitts
"Hope" - R.E.M. "Riding On You" - The Figgs
"Celebrity Skin" - Hole "I Like You Better" - Anna Waronker
"Got You (Where I Want You)" - The Flys "In The Pills" - Brandtson
"Acoustic #3" - Goo Goo Dolls

#209: "The Election"
"Dead Yet" - Mud'l Head
"Underwater" - Switchfoot
"Sacred" - Kelly Brock
"Kingdom" - The Slugs
"Amnesia" - Chumbawamba "Black Box" - Chickenpox
"Slingshots" - Morley "Because You Loved Me" - Say-So
"Troubled Mind" - Catie Curtis "Remember" - Katie Reider
"You Look So Fine" - Garbage "Lullabye" - Morella's Forest
"Heart And Shoulder" - Heather Nova

#210: "High Risk Behavior"
"Hey Now Now" - Swirl 360 "Find Myself Again" - Nick Nolan
"The World Is New" - Save Ferris "Convince Me" - Ali Handal
"Please" - Chris Isaak "Glide Away" - Doug Roberson & The Swarays
"Anything But Down" - Sheryl Crow "Capture Me" - Annie Palmer
"Driving You Crazy" - Tia Texada
"Lover Lay Down" - Dave Matthews Band "It's You" - Greg Tannen

#211: "Sex, She Wrote"
"Human Beings" - Seal "Blue" - Schiavo
"Life's A Bitch" - Shooter "Over It" - Halo Friendlies
"You Get What You Give" - New Radicals "Part Of Me" - Eren Cannata Band

#212: "Uncharted Waters"
"Heaved Away" - MacKeel
"Watch Your Step" - Matthew Ryan "All Too Much For Me" - Mayfly
"If I Had A Boat" - Lyle Lovett "The Island Song" - Mayfly
"I'm Cool" - Reel Big Fish "Going Back" - Bim Skala Bim
"C'est La Vie" - B*Witched "Don't Need You Anymore" - Stretch Nickel
"Slowly I Turned" - Black Toast
"Ode To Stevie" - Black Toast
"Suburbia" - Moxie
"My Door Is Always Open" - Binge
"Bottoms Up" - Black Toast
"Peace In The Water" - Robynn Ragland "Your Words" - Kara Tondorf
"Best Of Me" - Far Too Jones "Superhero Guy" - Spiral
"This Pain" - Adam Cohen "Now's The Time" - Lister

#213: "His Leading Lady"
"Winter II: Largo (F Minor)" - Antonio Vivaldi
"It's All Been Done" - Barenaked Ladies
"Sad Eyes" - Bruce Springsteen

#214: "To Be Or Not To Be..."
"Slide" - Goo Goo Dolls "See You On The Other Side" - David Newbould
"Know What You Mean" - Sister 7 "Girl Keeps On" - Lauren Hart
"I Do" - Lisa Loeb "Sooner Than You Know" - Amy Graham
"Come Rain Or Come Shine" - Jenifer Kruskamp
"Walk Slow" - Chris Isaak "Maybe" - Stretch Nickel
"In My Life" - Trina Hamlin "Unconditionally" - Fanny Grace
"Smoke" - Natalie Imbruglia "Lay Down Your Light" - Kristin Hoffmann
"Only Lonely" - Hootie And The Blowfish

#215: "...That Is The Question"
"Tell Me" - Audra & Alayna "Light Up" - Moxie
"Waterfall" - The Din Pedals "I'm All Right (Help Me)" - Michael Brandmeier
"Calling You" - Jenifer Kruskamp
"Queen Bee" - Jenifer Kruskamp
"Sunday Kind Of Love" - Jenifer Kruskamp
"Where Are You Tonight?" - The Devlins "Spark" - Reed Foehl
"Reckless" - The Devlins "How Am I Gonna Get Down" - Reed Foehl
"Intimacy" - The Corrs "Forgiven" - Deb Talan
"Wait For The Way" - Beth Nielsen Chapman

#216: "Be Careful What You Wish For"
"Give Up Giving In" - Amanda Marshall "Easy Chair" - The Peasants
"Nothing To Do With Being In Love" - Kyf Brewer
"Freak Of The Week" - Marvelous 3 "My Life Still Sucks (In A Bad Way)" - The Andersons
"Attic" - The Kickbacks
"Born To Lose" - James Van Der Beek/Meredith Monroe
"Truth Of Our Time" - Chickenpox
"Maria" - Blondie "Disappear" - Halo Friendlies
"Frozen Charlotte" - Natalie Merchant "Words Fail You" - Kris Delmhorst

#217: "Psychic Friends"
"Completely Pleased" - Semisonic "Adore" - Alva Star
"Run-around" - Blues Traveler "Eruption" - Weekend Excursion
"Angels In The Attic" - Debra Davis
"I Could Be The One" - Donna Lewis "Motorbaby" - Motorbaby
"Life Is Sweet" - Natalie Merchant "Comfort" - Talia Paul
"How" - Lisa Loeb "Just Once" - Susan Calloway

#218: "The Perfect Wedding"
"Flair" - Josh Rouse
"Reality Hurts" - Jenna Music
"Kiss Me" - Sixpence None The Richer
"Concerto #1 in G Major" - Johann Ludwig Krebs
"All Mine" - Dance Hall Crashers "Over It" - Halo Friendlies
"Little Differences" - Save Ferris "Second Chance" - The Peasants
"Shimmer" - Shawn Mullins "Like An Angel" - Josh Zandman
"Not The One" - Vanessa Handrick
"Once Again" - Michael Brandmeier
"You" - Shelby Starner "Forgiven" - Deb Talan
"You and Me" - The Spies
"Any Lucky Penny" - Nikki Hassman "Call You Mine" - Rose Ranger
"Feels Like Home" - Chantal Kreviazuk

#219: "Rest In Peace"
"Life's A Bitch" - Shooter "Between Now And Then" - Element 101
"So Young" - The Corrs "She Follows The Sun" - Joleen Belle
"Whatever Makes You Happy" - Paul Westerberg "Come September" - Reed Foehl
"It's Over Now" - Neve "Falling" - Alva Star
"Magic" - Ben Folds Five "Supposed To Say" - Karen Jacobsen
"To Be Loved" - Curtis Stigers "Goodbye" - Plankeye
"Lose Your Way" - Sophie B. Hawkins "She Dances On" - Amy Cook

#220: "Reunited"
"Mania" - Babel Fish "Weird To You" - Blair Packham
"This Is Where It Ends" - Barenaked Ladies "Break My Fall" - Plankeye
"Surrounded" - Binge
"Chasing You" - Seven Mary Three "Everafter" - Last December
"Reunited" - Dennis McCarthy (DC Composer)
"Ready For A Fall" - P.J. Olsson "I Don't Know" - Blair Packham

#221: "Ch..Ch..Ch..Changes"
"Sell Your Soul" - Grammatrain
"Everything Changes" - Bridget Benenate "This Town" - Wellville
"Goin' Our Way" - Gus "Real Love" - The Rosenbergs
"Cry Ophelia" - Adam Cohen "We Should Try Again" - Stretch Nickel
"Paper Cup" - Heather Nova "You Sweet Thing" - Brenda Weiler
"London Rain" - Heather Nova "Supernatural High" - Debra Davis
"Chrome" - Matthew Ryan "Silver Superliner" - Amy Cook

#222: "Parental Discretion Advised"
"Hit So Hard" - Hole "You Made It So" - Beth Thornley
"Why I'm Here" - Oleander "Can't Give Her Up" - Greg Tannen
"Letting Go" - Sozzi "Two Satellites" - Mary Beth Maziarz
"Moon Beneath My Feet" - Kim Stockwood "One Last Time" - Lauren Hart
"That I Would Be Good" - Alanis Morissette

Season 3
#301: "Like A Virgin"
"Old Time Rock & Roll" - Bob Seger "Urge" - Supersparkle
"Who's Who" - The Pretenders "Love Goes Down" - Annie Minogue
"Sleep Together" - Garbage "Emma Peel" - Bionica
"Dead Again" - Buckcherry "Turn It Up" - Squad Five-Oh
"Let Us Sing" - Tricky Woo
"Push It" - Garbage "So High" - Motorbaby
"Hold On" - Mary Beth Maziarz

#302: "Homecoming"
"Bodyrock" - Moby "Go" - Andy Hunter
"Days & Days" - The Nines
"On Wisconsin" - Capeside High Marching Band "Fight Song" - FirstCom Music Library
"Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)" - "Champions" - FirstCom Music Library
"Time After Time" - Tuck & Patti "Deep Blue Ocean" - Lisa Meri

#303: "None Of The Above"
"Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)" - Nine Days "Tommy Holmes" - Super Girl
"Swaying" - Train "Fractured Angel" - Doug Roberson & The Swarays
"Speak Of The Devil" - Chris Isaak "Goodbye Baby" - John Cate
"You Won't See Me Cry" - Sue Medley
"From My Head To My Heart" - Evan and Jaron "We're At The Top Of The World" - The Juliana Theory

#304: "Home Movies"
"Static" - Bleach
"Break The Chain" - Sue Medley
"I'm Sorry Now" - Jude "Beautiful Lie" - Sweetsalt
"Go To War" - Mad Lion "I Wanna Make You Yell" - Sucker Pump
"Man With A Hex" - Atomic Fireballs "Wilderness" - Supertones
"I Do" - Jude

#305: "Indian Summer"
"Before You" - Chantal Kreviazuk "Stronger Than" - Dana Mase
"Swim" - Madonna "Here You Been Lookin" - Sleepyhouse

#306: "Secrets and Lies"
"Shout" - Meredith Brooks "Constellation" - The Lovelies
"Get Me Through December" - Natalie MacMaster "Fragile Flower" - Leslie Nuss
"Concerto #1 in G Major" - Johann Ludwig Krebs
"It's Raining Men" - The Weather Girls "I'm Comin' Back" - Nick Nolan
"Super Good Feeling" - Bleach
"Eve" - Chantal Kreviazuk "I'm Crying" - Quincy

#307: "Escape From Witch Island"
"Puzzle Girl" - Kim Stockwood "Mercury Is Clearly Opposing Neptune" - Paper Moon
"Gone" - The Tea Party "Losing You" - Havalina
"If" - Dragmatic

#308: "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"
"Beginner's Luck" - Ariel's Worm
"America" - Bree Sharp "Time Capsule" - Leslie Nuss
"Better Than Anyone" - Mary Beth Maziarz
"17 Again" - Eurythmics "Good Life" - Mary Beth Maziarz
"Getting Over You" - Janis Ian "Fly Me Back" - Brenda Weiler
"That I Would Be Good" - Alanis Morissette

#309: "Four To Tango"
"World You Want" - Violin Road
"Hateful" - Peter Searcy "Giants In My Field" - The Parkas
"Dear Heart" - Parry Music Library
"Me, Myself, and I" - Vitamin C "A Girl's Life" - Cadence Grace
"Walking In The Rain" - Chapell Music Library
"So In Love" - OneMusic Library
"Knock It On The Head" - Wood "How Many Nights" - Scott Laurent
"Stay You" - Wood "Go Anywhere With You" - Beautiful 2000

#310: "First Encounters Of The Close Kind"
"Kate" - Ben Folds Five "Into You" - Rory Lowe Band
"Mrs. Potter's Lullaby" - Counting Crows "Your Rat" - Scott Laurent
"Run Into You" - Last December
"Never Ending" - Wood "The Wish" - Josh Canova

#311: "Barefoot At Capefest"
"No Chance" - Little Jinn
"The Frug" - Rilo Kiley
"Finally Found You" - Weekend Excursion
"85" - Rilo Kiley
"No Surrender" -
"Better Off" - Pete Stewart
"Scared Of Me" - Channeling Owen
"DeCapo" - Declan Nine
"Angels In The Attic" - Debra Davis
"Imagine" - John Lennon

#312: "A Weekend In The Country"
"Starmaker" - Julie Plug
"Fear" - Bryan Kelley
"Getting By" - Weekend Excursion
"Will You Ever Know" - Kind Of Blue
"Ain't Too Proud To Beg" - Temptations
"Absence Of An Angel" - Pancho's Lament
"Promise Me This" - Pancho's Lament
"Both Sides Now" - Joni Mitchell "Seasons Of Us" - Mary Beth Maziarz

#313: "Northern Lights"
"Affirmation" - Savage Garden "Sucking On A Plum" - The Rosenbergs
"No Regrets" - Sue Medley
"Get On The Bus" - Pancho's Lament
"Even Now" - Trina Hamlin
"What Can Never Be" - Sinead Lohan "Calm" - Jill Cohn

#314: "The Valentine's Day Massacre"
"Passion" - Patria
"Real World" - Universal Honey
"Charming The Gods" - Bryan Kelley
"Bad Girl" - DJ Rap "Breathe (Dex Dubious Remix)" - Clare Quilty
"Taste Test" - Beanbag
"What Can I Say" - Julie Plug
"Point #1" - Chevelle
"The Way Things Used To Be" - Debra Davis
"Never Be The Same" - Susan Aglukark "Come Inside" - Mary Beth Maziarz

#315: "Crime And Punishment"
"Believe Again" - Susan Aglukark "Something I Can't Be" - Kirsten Proffit
"Devoted" - Julie Plug
"Flower Days" - Trina Hamlin
"One Turn Deserves Another" - Susan Aglukark "One Last Time" - Lauren Hart

#316: "To Green, With Love"
"Better Off" - Pete Stewart
"Two Beds And A Coffee Machine" - Savage Garden "Same" - Schiavo
"Tracks Of My Tears" - Mary Beth Maziarz "Remember" - Katie Reider
"That Lonesome Road" - James Taylor "In The Garden" - Terry Kelly

#317: "Cinderella Story"
"Gone" - Sue Medley
"I Can't Try Hard Enough" - Dag Juhlin
"The Answer" - Brooke Ramel
"Dry Land" - Tara McLean "Something You Can't See" - Vaughan Penn
"I Know" - Kind Of Blue
"Settling" - Tara McLean "Comfort" - Deb Talan

#318: "Neverland"
"In My Life" - Trina Hamlin
"Give Me A Reason" - Mission Delores
"Anything" - Brooke Ramel
"Even Now" - Trina Hamlin
"If You Leave" - Last December "Without You" - The Whereabouts
"I'll Stay Right Here (Moments)" - Eli
"Chosen Family" - Leona Naess "Too Much For Me" - Clare Burson
"Go Be Young" - Edwin McCain

#319: "Stolen Kisses"
"Walking In My Sleep" - Better Days
"Wild Thing" - X "Bad Times" - Hissy Fit
"One And Only" - Better Days
"Goodnight Moon" - Shivaree "All That I Want" - The Weepies
"Louie, Louie" - Karaoke Gang
"Ooh, Child" - Meredith Monroe
"Wild Thing" - Joshua Jackson
"Daydream Believer" - Katie Holmes / James Van Der Beek
"Idiot Waltz" - Shivaree "Medicine" - Brenda Weiler
"Daydream Believer" - Mary Beth Maziarz

#320: "The Longest Day"
"Matter Of Time" - Jennifer Parsignault
"Thank You" - Dido "In Between" - Molly Bancroft
"Miss Fortune" - Eagle-Eye Cherry "Intoxicating" - David Crowder Band
"Mend" - Jann Arden "Too Much For Me" - Clare Burson
"In Your Keeping" - Jann Arden "Buttons" - Annie Palmer

#321: "Show Me Love"
"Fiction" - Nik Kershaw "Landmine" - The Whereabouts
"Sunday Morning" - Better Days
"Somewhere In New Mexico" - Jill Sobule "Somebody Loved" - The Weepies
"Crush'em" - Megadeth "Surrounded" - Dark Room
"Let That Be Enough" - Switchfoot
"Hazel" - Troy Young Campbell
"Music To My Ears" - Jenny Bruce

#322: "The Anti-Prom"
"In Every Corner" - Julie Plug
"This Misery" - Wild Colonials "Maximum Speed" - Astaire
"London Rain" - Heather Nova "Blue Sky Propeller" - Julie Plug
"It's Not Unusual" - Wild Colonials "Some New Paradise" - Molly Bancroft
"Foresight" - Granian
"I Believe" - Kind Of Blue
"Once In A Life" - Twila Paris
"My Invitation" - Sarah Slean
"Little Things" - Chantal Kreviazuk "Matter Of Faith" - Mary Beth Maziarz

#323: "True Love"
"Jealous" - Sinead O'Connor "Solitude" - Jenifer Aubry
"Sleepless" - Jann Arden "Say Goodbye" - Rose Ranger
"The Riverside" - Jessica Andrews "Do Or Die" - Jill Cohn
"Promise Me This" - Pancho's Lament
"Days Like These" - Janis Ian
"Walking In My Sleep" - Better Days
"I Will Be There For You" - Jessica Andrews "In Between" - Quincy

Season 4
#401: "Coming Home"
"AM Radio" - Everclear "Parking" - The Fuzz
"Souvenirs" - Mary Beth Maziarz
"This Years Love" - David Gray "If She Would Stay" - Sweetsalt
"Theme From Jaws" - John Williams "Original Score Piece" - Adam Fields

#402: "Failing Down"
"How Could We Know" - Say-So
"Packing Blankets" - Eels "Call It Clear" - Halloween, Alaska
"Cavity" - Stew
"Homecoming" - Five Way Friday
"Alone" - The Lads
"Superman" - Five For Fighting "Always Ending" - The Villas

#403: "Two Gentlemen Of Capeside"
"I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" - The Jayhawks "I Wish You Would" - Andrew
"Never Saw Blue Like That" - Shawn Colvin

#404: "Future Tense"
"Sorry" - Moxie
"Something To Say" - Mike Plume Band
"Backstreets" - Filibuster
"Never The Same" - Supreme Beings Of Leisure "Pretending To Be Alive" - Red Delicious
"Sugar Star" - Crushing Velvet
"Five Alive" - Medium
"Please, Please (Stacy's Song)" - Julie Plug
"You Won't Fall" - Lori Carson "I Will" - Rose Ranger
"Respect" - Train "Back Of My Mind" - Bill Bonk
"Day Ditty" - Wild Colonials "Give It Away" - Quincy
"What You Don't Know" - Katie Reider

#405: "A Family Way"
"Everyone" - Five Way Friday
"Just Another" - Pete Yorn "Wondering" - Scott Laurent
"Feel The Movement" - Bright Blue Gorilla
"Crest Of Mary" - Verbow "Are We All Alone" - Passenger

#406: "Great Xpectations"
"Hey Pretty" - Poe "Your Friends" - Slumber Party
"So In Love" - OneMusic Library
"Far From Saved" - Granian
"Block Rockin' Beats" - Chemical Brothers "The Wonders Of You" - Andy Hunter
"Setting Sun" - Chemical Brothers "Like This" - Crush
"Leave Home" - Chemical Brothers "Burn" - Andy Hunter
"Protocol" - Symbiosis "Cosmos" - KG Music
"Fields Of Gold" - Eva Cassidy

#407: "You Had Me At Goodbye"
"Wonderful" - Everclear "At The Top Of The World" - Juliana Theory
"Two Wrongs And A Right" - The Normals
"Freedom From Shame" - Michelle Cummings
"I Will Remember You" - Sarah McLachlan

#408: "The Unusual Suspects"
"Crazy For This Girl" - Evan and Jaron "Your Love Never Changes" - Paul Wright
"After All" - Dar Williams "He Hangs Gently" - Tracy Shedd

#409: "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
"Sorry Charlie" - Hathaway
"Teenage Dirtbag" - Wheatus "Unending Years" - Ashley Turba
"Piece of Soul" - Katie Reider
"Souvenirs" - Say-So
"Jingle Bells" - Mark Shane "Joy To The World" - Sidney James
"String Quartet In C Major "Emperor"" - Franz Joseph Haydn
"The Christmas Song" - Vikki Carr "Jingle Bells" - Phil Sillas
"String Quartet No. 15" - Franz Joseph Haydn
"The First Noel" - Adam Fields
"O Holy Night" - Sue Medley
"Love Came Down At Christmas" - Shawn Colvin "A Cradle Prayer" - Rebecca St. James
"Christmastime" - Smashing Pumpkins "It's Christmastime" - Olivia Nuetron Bomb
"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" - Mary Beth Maziarz

#410: "Self Reliance"
"Don't Need A Reason" - Beth Orton "The Race" - Deb Pasternak

#411: "The Tao Of Dawson"
"Broken Boy" - Michal "Omerta" - The Belles
"If I Am" - Nine Days "Adonais" - Loretta
"Understand" - The Lads
"Want Me" - Red Delicious
"Love Is The Movement" - Switchfoot
"Siren" - Red Delicious
"Nocturne" - Red Delicious
"I Think God Can Explain" - Splender "Girls Don't Cry" - Stewart Foehl

#412: "The Te Of Pacey"
"Night and Day" - Ella Fitzgerald "I Want To Tell You" - One Songs Music Library
"Jello" - Arlibido
"Rock Out" - 6X
"Camelot" - Sweetsalt
"Loving You" - Tammy Raybould
"Lean On Me" - Beth Orton "Where You Are" - Clare Burson

#413: "Hopeless"
"What A Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong "Walk With Me" - Roger Tarry
"Hopeless" - Dionne Farris
"Firecracker" - John Lardieri
"Give You The World" - The Flying Cordovas
"Waiting For A Sign" - Mary Beth Maziarz

#414: "A Winter's Tale"
"Impossible" - Brian Charles
"Hideaway" - Epstein's Mother
"Do It Again" - Splytz
"Sucker For The Count" - Revelation Darling
"Summer Of '69" - Bryan Adams "Carry Me Through" - Yell Leaders
"Dumb Love" - Brian Charles
"Sugar Star" - Crushing Velvet
"How Does It Feel" - Radford "Far Away" - Thomas Sandstrom
"Takes My Breath Away" - Tuck & Patti "I Will Love You" - Fisher

#415: "Four Stories"
"Spectre Chase" - King Lear Jet
"In The Sun" - Joseph Arthur "Your Time" - Adam Tenenbaum
"Color Blind" - Counting Crows "Silent Fear" - Schiavo
"The White Trash Period Of My Life" - Josh Rouse
"But Not For Me" - Elvis Costello "Love Is The Name Of The Game" - Kenny Washington & Joe Evans
"Heart And Soul" - Bruce Patch
"They Can't Take That Away From Me" - Lisa Stansfield "Somewhere In A Dream" - Nat Johnson & Joe Evans

#416: "Mind Games"
"Windows" - Amy Cook
"Laughter" - Josh Rouse
"In Metal" - Low

#417: "Admissions"
"Chemistry" - Semisonic "The Whole World" - Holland
"Bye Bye" - Marcy Playground "Gonna Get Out" - The Figgs
"More Than This" - Anne McCue "Afraid" - Quincy
"The Sound Of Fear" - Eels "Some Things Hold True" - Paul Cargnello

#418: "Eastern Standard Time"
"Last Lament" - Susan James
"I Can't Wait To Meetchu" - Macy Gray "Free" - Julie Kim
"Bring You Down" - Red Delicious
"You Belong To Me" - Hypnogaja
"Love In 2 Parts" - Erin McKeown
"The Preacher" - Frostbit Blue
"Sad Eyed Woman" - Tricky Woo
"The World Is Crazy" - John Campbelljohn
"Letters From The Wasteland" - Wallflowers "Looked Around" - Frank Jordan
"Show Me" - Vanessa Daou "Fearless" - Amber Asfour
"Sweet Jane" - Cowboy Junkies "Every So Often" - Jennifer Gibson

#419: "Late"
"Forever Young" - Joan Baez "One Life" - Karen Grenier
"Family Circus" - Micah Green
"Why Walk When You Can Fly?" - Karen Blake "Remind Me" - Fisher

#420: "Promicide"
"You're An Ocean" - Fastball "How Good It Can Be" - The 88
"I've Changed (Alternate Version)" - Josh Joplin Group "Some Way Out" - The Ashgrove
"Ruby's Gone" - Eva Trout
"Talk Show" - Dig Deeper
"Sundrop" - Ego
"Roses Around My Feet" - Tish Hinojosa "Over Again" - Paradiso
"When We Collide" - K.D. Lang
"Wonderful Thing" - Vagabond Lovers
"Aftershocks" - Mary Beth Maziarz
"20one" - Sid Six
"Take My Hand" - Dido "Easy Words" - Freebird
"Whadify" - Everett Bradley

#421: "Separation Anxiety"
"Dead Yet" - Mud'l Head
"Show Me Heaven" - Jessica Andrews "True North" - Stephanie Corby
"Write Me A Song" - Edwin McCain "Walk On" - Stewart Foehl
"Windows" - Amy Cook
"One Small Year" - Shawn Colvin "Capacity" - Karen Grenier
"Around And Around" - Mark Kozelek "Run" - Montana
"Waiting For My Real Life To Begin" - Colin Hay "Grow Up" - Stewart Foehl

#422: "The Graduate"
"Pinch Me" - Barenaked Ladies "Inspiration" - Fooled By April
"If It's Hurting You" - Robbie Williams "Tangled" - Adam Tenenbaum
"Dream Too Small" - Amy Dalley "Seamless" - Amilia K Spicer
"If" - Dragmatic
"Good Mother" - Jann Arden
"Fields Of Gold" - Eva Cassidy

#423: "Coda"
"Packing Blankets" - Eels "Call It Clear" - Halloween, Alaska
"Two By Two" - Les Vegas/C.J. Webbe
"Rock Me To Sleep" - Jill Sobule "Sometimes" - Andrea England
"How You've Grown" - Natalie Merchant "This Is Why" - Tammy Raybould
"Daydream Believer" - Mary Beth Maziarz

Season 5
#501: "The Bostonians"
"Daydream Believer" - Mary Beth Maziarz "(score music)" - Adam Fields
"These Days" - Jennifer Paige "I Will Be" - Veronica Monica
"Suckerman" - Bahu-Rang
"Easy On Me" - Arson Welles
"Superstar" - Trickside "Movie Star" - Molly
"Hash Pipe" - Weezer "Rocket" - Favorite Atomic Hero
"Goodbye" - Wellville
"I Ran" - Feel Love Fury "Hey Jamie" - Nick Nolan
"Leadbelly" - Feel Love Fury
"Seductive Sexy" - Feel Love Fury
"194" - Feel Love Fury
"Psyche" - Love Spirals Downward
"Strange Imagination" - Bahu-Rang
"Thistle" - Breech "Once And Always You" - Sylvia Tosun

#502: "The Lost Weekend"
"Spork" - The Pills
"Girlfriend In A Coma" - The Smiths "The Wrecking Ball" - Simeon Ross
"Wonderful Waste" - The Verve Pipe "Wrong Reasons" - Stereotyperider
"Star" - Little Red Rocket
"Fly" - Schiavo
"Question" - Old 97's "Uncovered" - Granian

#503: "Capeside Revisited"
"I Can't Forget" - Evan Olson
"Turn" - The Supers
"Complete Me" - Edmund's Crown
"She Says" - Howie Day
"The First Time" - Binge
"Head In The Sand" - Pop Unknown
"Ruby's Gone" - Eva Trout
"Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" - David Gray "Second Thoughts" - Brad Yoder
"I Belong To You" - John Maragos
"Superconductor" - The Tories
"Selective Memory" - Eels "What'll You Miss" - Lucksmiths
"Drift Away" - Dobie Gray "Drift Away" - Nick Nolan

#504: "The Long Goodbye"
"Down Here" - Lori Carson "Calm" - Jill Cohn
"Ghost" - Eastmountainsouth "Prayer For St. Symin" - Jennifer Parsignault
"Ruth Marie" - Mark Kozelek "Sputnik" - Kevin Kane
"Fallen Angel" - Michaela Foster Marsh
"Fire and Rain" - James Taylor

#505: "Four Scary Stories"
"Complete Me" - Edmund's Crown
"It's Gone" - Blake Morgan
"Sea Of Love" - Phil Phillips & The Twilights "For You Love" - UNKNOWN
"Spin Your Head" - The Ashgrove
"Vinyl Suits" - Schnockered
"Sweet Dreams (Are made of this)" - Marilyn Manson "Trigger Man" - C60
"Goodnight Moon" - Shivaree "Overflow" - Madder Rose

#506: "Use Your Disillusion"
"For Now (Get Up)" - Ethyline
"Won't Find You" - Universal Honey
"Angels & Gargoyles" - Cross My Heart
"Coming Around Again" - Dragmatic
"Static Trampoline" - Chris Pierce Liberation
"Loud" - Matt Nathanson
"Kathy's Song" - Shawn Colvin "Blue Paper Lanterns" - Stephanie Dosen

#507: "High Anxiety"
"Funky Young Flower" - Lizzie
"This Side Of Screen" - Ides Of Space
"Who Got The Meaning" - The Elms
"I Believe" - Little Red Rocket
"Top Heavy" - The Gentlemen
"Empty" - Tait
"Grace" - Lure
"12 O'clock Forever" - Jane Fontana
"Wash My Hands" - Arson Welles
"I Remember" - Sabrina Judge

#508: "Text, Lies & Videotape"
"After All" - The Rosenbergs
"EZ" - Pete Yorn "No Turning Back" - Tom Freund
"Ghost" - Howie Day
"Fall From The Night" - Gran Torino
"Mess Around" - Vanessa Daou "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye" - Amy Ward
"Nightswimming" - R.E.M. "Lullabye" - Morella's Forest

#509: "Hotel New Hampshire"
"Ride" - Liz Phair "These Thoughts Of You" - Light FM
"Thinking Amelia" - Deb Talan
"Four Leaf Clover" - Abra Moore "It Rains" - Universal Honey
"Every Reason" - Smalltown Poets
"Jello" - Arlibido
"The Moon And The Sun" - Heidi Berry "Waiting" - Monica Schroeder
"12th & Middle" - Brandtson
"Stay A While" - The Underwolves "Today" - Astaire

#510: "Appetite For Destruction"
"Nice Day" - Salteens
"Everybody Loves You" - Geller
"You're In My Love" - Sinead Lohan "I'll Be The One" - Terry Wollman

#511: "Something Wild"
"Spit It Out" - Cara Jones
"Girl Daredevil" - Bomb Pops
"Double Dutch" - Iffy
"DWWYU" - Linda M.
"Jessie's Girl" - Feel Love Fury "Outta Control" - Holly Go Lightly / Linda M.
"What The Hell" - Feel Love Fury
"Son Of A Preacher Man" - Busy Phillips / Feel Love Fury "Bad Times" - Busy Phillips
"Right Place" - Lava Baby
"In My Room" - Moxie
"Devoted" - Julie Plug
"I Want You To Want Me" - Katie Holmes / Feel Love Fury
"Lure And Cast" - Rebecca Gates
"Sins" - Glen Echo
"Shadows" - Our Man Paul
"Taxi" - Red Chord

#512: "Sleeping Arrangements"
"Prince In The Road" - Melissa Pearl
"My Shirt Looks Good On You" - Catie Curtis
"Figure You Out" - The Dorks
"Song For Ben" - Euonym
"Sonni" - Ethers Void
"I Know You By Heart" - Katrina Carlson
"Pink Star" - B'ehl
"Joy Ride" - Idol
"All Because Of You" - Chris Emerson
"Meet You Half Way There" - Student Rick

#513: "Something Wilder"
"Sex Junkie" - Lava Baby
"Thank You" - The Calling "Cycle Ends" - Molly
"Smell The Roses" - Turtle Grove
"Superbad Girl" - Iffy
"Wrong One" - David Clement
"Where Do I Begin" - Chemical Brothers "Sometimes" - Dee Dee O'Malley

#514: "Guerilla Filmmaking"
"Wasted Now" - Splytz
"Colorful" - The Verve Pipe "Get Real" - RubberSideDown
"Where Has It All Gone?" - Stretch Nickel
"I'm Not Afraid" - Remy Zero "Every Moment" - Our Friend The Atom
"Are You Beautiful" - Chris Pierce Liberation "Something Brand New" - Greg Johnson

#515: "Downtown Crossing"
"Walking" - Jonatha Brooke "Without" - Five Days Straight
"Close To You" - Mary Beth Maziarz "Without" - Five Days Straight

#516: "In A Lonely Place"
"Into Thin Air" - Trickside
"SOS" - Nick Nolan
"Every Song On The Radio" - Pillbox
"Beerball" - Schnockered
"And She Flies" - Swivelbox
"Hey, Hey" - The Elms
"Bigger Than Ourselves" - Wideawake
"I Want All Of You" - The Verve Pipe "Troublesome" - The Jealous Sound

#517: "Highway To Hell"
"Shame" - Glen Echo
"Do It Tonight" - Lava Baby
"Like I Do" - Stickman Jones
"My Brother's Wife" - Scratcher
"Falling For You" - Student Rick
"Crazy" - C60
"Jessie's Girl" - Katie Holmes / Feel Love Fury Scene/Song Deleted From DVD Release
"This Way" - Jewel "Lullabye For A Stormy Night" - Vienna Teng
"I Ran" - Katie Holmes / Feel Love Fury Scene/Song Deleted From DVD Release
"Hey Jamie" - Nick Nolan
"I Hate Myself For Loving You" - Katie Holmes / Feel Love Fury
"Rome" - Luke Bronin
"She Just Is" - Blair Packham
"Ready For Love" - India.Arie "Getting To Me" - Jane Taylor

#518: "Cigarette Burns"
"SOS" - Nick Nolan
"Johnny 9" - Zac Maloy
"Why" - Donatella

#519: "100 Light Years From Home"
"Invincible Me" - Shawn Jones
"Over My Head" - Lit "Small" - Molly
"Oh Boy" - Jude "Happy Days" - Wooden Box
"Everything" - M2M
"Miss Popular" - M2M "Word Gets Around" - Cold Cash Machine
"Don't" - M2M "Yes Or No" - Patria
"Scott Farcas Takes It On The Chin" - Less Than Jake "Bridges Down" - The Arsons
"Under My Skin" - Maura Fogarty
"A Million Tears" - Kasey Chambers "Afraid Of My Heart" - Universal Honey

#520: "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)"
"Why You Want It" - Swivelbox
"Sometimes" - Jay Hansen Project
"Somehow, Someway" - Ryan Adams "Sad Golden Waves Goodbye" - The Saving Graces
"I Wanna Be Sedated" - Feel Love Fury "I Can't Breathe" - Nick Nolan
"Dirtstar" - Schnockered
"I Hesitate" - Nick Nolan
"Long Livin' Life" - Eric Saulnier
"I Want You To Want Me" - Chad Murray
"Hands Clean" - Alanis Morissette "Holdin' On" - Penny Framstad
"Tell Me" - Randi Driscoll

#521: "After Hours"
"Lucky This Time" - Greg Tannen
"Long Gone" - Ethyline
"Humble Pie" - Amy Fairchild
"I Must Be Crazy" - Pillbox
"Lovers" - Schiavo
"The Long Day Is Over" - Norah Jones "I'll Be Loving You" - Fran Lucci

#522: "The Abby"
"Things Look Brighter" - Brandtson
"Super High Rocky Road" - Fanny Grace
"Serve It Up" - Schnockered
"Baba O'Riley" - The Who "I'm Free" - Nick Nolan
"Winding Road" - Bonnie Somerville
"Long Year" - Sweetsalt
"Seven Years" - Norah Jones "Jeri's Song" - Kathryn Schorr

#523: "Swan Song"
"Go Home" - Barenaked Ladies "Waiting For My Friends" - De Novo Dahl
"Tell Her This" - Del Amitri "Where Do We Go From Here" - Wonderlife
"Leap Of Faith" - Bruce Springsteen "Never Lookin' Back" - John Cate
"Taking Chances" - Abra Moore "Like I Would For You" - Kelly Brock

Season 6
#601: "The Kids Are Alright"
"Fun" - Rose Falcon "Holiday" - Ariel's Worm
"Love Is All Around" - Joan Jett and The Blackhearts "Right Place" - Lava Baby
"Bionic" - Melanie Doane
"1000 Questions" - Laura Doyle
"Goodbye" - Anna Waronker
"Slide" - Sci-Fi Lullaby
"Road To You" - The Tom Kitt Band
"Mary" - Kristin Hoffmann
"Found" - Jonah
"As I Lay Me Down" - Sophie B. Hawkins "We Belong" - Sylvia Tosun
"Your Love" - Laura Doyle

#602: "The Song Remains The Same"
"As I Lay Me Down" - Sophie B. Hawkins "We Belong" - Sylvia Tosun
"Afterlife" - Rosey "Show Me With Your Hands" - Popup Boy
"I Wish You Well" - Anna Waronker "Black Peach" - The Elms
"Gimme A Sign" - Ryan Adams "What Do You See In Me" - Andrew
"Confessions" - Lea Longo
"Here We Go" - Dispatch
"It's Not" - Aimee Mann "Let You Go" - Laura Doyle

#603: "The Importance Of Not Being Too Earnest"
"East Of Eden" - 60 Cycle Hum
"When It Comes" - Plankeye
"Blur" - Casual Blue
"Hold It Down" - Lee Hester
"High On The Sunshine" - Kelly Brock
"We're At The Top Of The World" - The Juliana Theory
"Tattoo Your Image (On The World)" - Pop Unknown
"Above All This" - Lee Hester
"I Love You So" - Laura Doyle
"Now The News" - Eli
"As I Lay Me Down" - Sophie B. Hawkins "We Belong" - Sylvia Tosun
"The Drifter" - David Poe "Stride" - The Bennett Cale Project

#604: "Instant Karma!"
"Amsterdam" - Rubber Snake
"Alive" - Rebecca Timmons
"Superstar" - The Crash Poets
"Over The Top" - Heavy Stud
"Just Like Me" - Moxie
"Judas" - Geller
"Spike-A-Delic Groove" - Mr. Spike
"Find Yourself" - Universal Honey
"Thinking About Tomorrow" - Beth Orton "Peace" - Monica Schroeder

#605: "The Impostors"
"Bye Bye Baby" - Schnockered
"Spaceshot" - Brian Sullivan
"On 2" - Heavy Stud
"Only Human" - Mike Freedman
"Frustrated" - Catfight
"California Dreamin" - Busy Phillips
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - Busy Phillips "Bad Times" - Busy Phillips
"Turn Your Lights Down Low" - Reed Foehl "Come Around" - Lee Hester
"Lately" - Binge
"Reunion" - Jonah

#606: "Living Dead Girl"
"Land Of Opportunity" - The Undecided
"Put Me On" - The Kickovers
"Dead In Hollywood" - Murderdolls
"Move To Bremerton" - MxPx
"The Corporate Enthusiast" - Dead Poetic
"Love At First Fright" - Murderdolls
"B-Movie Scream Queen" - Murderdolls
"197666" - Murderdolls
"Reverend Rider" - Dislife
"Hard Core" - Mr. Spike
"Living Dead Girl" - Rob Zombie "Switchback (Detroit 2000)" - Celldweller
"Miracle" - Josh Rouse

#607: "Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell"
"Kind Of Girl" - Annie Minogue
"On The Prowl" - Walter "Wolfman" Washington "42nd Street" - Jeff Lingle
"While You're Here" - Ali Handal
"Bad Girls" - Nigel Mack
"One Way Or Another" - Busy Phillips
"No Signs Of Pain" - Azure Ray
"The Seduction Of Mrs. Nielsen" - JP
"Greasy Money" - Kenny Greenberg
"Orange Sky" - Alexi Murdoch

#608: "Spiderwebs"
"I Can't Let You Go" - Love Candy
"Right Here" - Fine Machine
"Say It Twice" - Choo Choo La Rouge
"Peek" - Anna Waronker
"Supergirl" - Gina Young
"Fall" - Lake Boone
"Just A Boy (For Now)" - Nemochrome
"Every Song On The Radio" - Pillbox
"Hella Good" - No Doubt
"Underneath It All" - No Doubt
"Magic's In The Makeup" - No Doubt
"Beautiful" - Josh Zandman

#609: "Everything Put Together Falls Apart"
"We Are Family" - Sister Sledge "Dancin' Nights" - Sonoton Music Library
"Gone" - C60
"Static" - The Figgs
"Good Time" - Out Of Eden
"Friday's Salvation" - River City Rebels
"Get Down Tonight" - K.C. & The Sunshine Band "Bump And Grind" - Source In Synch Music Library
"Hi-Life" - Iffy
"Whispers From Heaven" - Glenn Graham & Amy Graham
"Green Tomatoes" - 45 Dip
"Parting Shot" - No Knife
"The Remedy" - Reed Foehl
"Into The Light" - Alice Peacock "Break You Open" - Aruna

#610: "Merry Mayhem"
"Love Came Down At Christmas" - Shawn Colvin "Christmas Magic" - Dee Dee O'Malley
"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" - Lynsey Bartilson "The Bells" - Universal Honey
"Wild Christmas" - Chris Trousdale "Best Christmas Ever" - Universal Honey
"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" - Mary Beth Maziarz "Please Come Home For Christmas" - Tanya Anton
"Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" - Brenda Lee "UNKNOWN REPLACEMENT" -
"Windy Nights" - Shawn Colvin "That's What Xmas Means To Me" - Amy Sky
"Jingle Bells" - Booker T & The MG's "Jingle Bells" - Phil Sillas
"Like An Alien" - Bionica

#611: "Day Out Of Days"
"Lonely Day" - Phantom Planet "Crosstalk" - Our Friend The Atom
"Mona Lisa" - Eric Saulnier
"Hole In Your Head" - Nemochrome
"Only Got One" - Frou Frou "Complete" - Debra Davis
"How Long Will It Last" - Colin Hay "Ghost" - Tim Burlingame
"Crazy" - Brian Sullivan

#612: "All The Right Moves"
"Does She Walk On Water" - Jennie DeVoe
"Lost At 22" - The Snaggs
"Bad Times" - Busy Phillips
"Fair Sky In Wichita" - Chad Lawson Trio
"Something I Can't Be" - Kirsten Proffit
"Zombie Lincoln" - C60
"Kozy Claustrophobic" - Failsafe
"Love Is All Around" - Busy Phillips "SCENE DELETED FROM DVD RELEASE" -
"Dear Dorothy" - Chad Lawson Trio
"Prince Of The City" - Jacobstone
"Rock 'n' Roll & The Teenage Desperation" - Loudermilk
"One More Day" - Tommy Holmes
"Are We There Yet?" - Chad Lawson Trio

#613: "Rock Bottom"
"Over The Top" - Heavy Stud
"Move To Bremerton" - MxPx
"Sour Mash" - The Gentlemen
"Overdrive" - Foo Fighters "Eye On The Setting Sun" - The Elms
"Total Eclipse Of The Heart" - Busy Phillips "Hey Jamie" - UNKNOWN ARTIST
"Tidza" - Big Bad Bollocks
"Staging The Plaguing Of The Raised Platform" - Cornershop "Hey Now" - Bob Mair
"True (With You)" - Wild Colonials "Best For You" - Walkabout

#614: "Clean And Sober"
"The Truth Is Out" - The Andersons
"Drop Out" - Heavy Stud
"Thanks Dave" - Nemochrome
"Shining Stars" - Morella's Forest
"Crazy" - Schnockered
"Hole In My Heart" - Glen Echo
"Find Yourself" - Universal Honey
"Beacon Street" - Red Chord
"Take It Off" - The Donnas "Suburbia" - Moxie
"Ragged Dick" - Choo Choo La Rouge
"If I Didn't Have U" - Lava Baby
"To Be Alone" - Danny Blitz
"Don't Kiss Me Now" - Moxie
"Sometimes" - Jay Hansen Project
"Honey & The Moon" - Joseph Arthur "Always" - Robert Scheffler
"My Friend" - Annie Palmer

#615: "Castaways"
"You Do Something To Me" - Sinead O'Connor "In Spite Of Unrequited Love" - Joel Evans
"How Big Is Your World" - Universal Honey
"Hot Damn" - The Salads
"Big Blue Sea" - Bob Schneider "The Truth Is Lies" - Scott Laurent
"Juliette" - Vanessa Daou "Fate" - Alison Lorraine
"I'm All Right (Help Me)" - Michael Brandmeier

#616: "That Was Then"
"On My Way" - Off By One "Picking Up The Pieces" - Jeff Lingle
"Today Is Tomorrow" - Anna Waronker
"Break My Heart" - Anna Waronker
"Blue Mind" - Alexi Murdoch

#617: "Sex And Violence"
"Without Sleep" - Cynthia Catania
"The Beautiful Ones" - John Lardieri
"Over You" - Straight Razor Seduction
"Hear Me Out" - Frou Frou "The Race" - Deb Pasternak

#618: "Love Bites"
"Paper Umbrella" - Shamra
"Chevy Malibu" - The Dingees
"Round And Round" - Bob Schneider "Meeting Hall" - Tim Burlingame
"Goodbye" - Nancy Weisler
"She Will Return" - Ballistic Edna
"Just Another" - Pete Yorn "You Are Not Alone" - Lee Hester
"The Blower's Daughter" - Damien Rice "Now" - JD Webster

#619: "Lovelines"
"Jerk It Out" - Caesars "Brand New Day" - Wonderlife
"Oh No" - Grey Eye Glances
"Would You...?" - Touch and Go "Superbad Girl" - Iffy
"Sex With Strangers" - Marianne Faithfull "Sex Junkie" - Lava Baby

#620: "Catch-22"
"Just A Boy (For Now)" - Nemochrome
"East Of Anywhere" - Lamya "Angels In The Wings" - Amy Sky
"Blue Streak Cadillac" - Katrina Carlson
"Love In Vain" - Steve Tannen
"Radio" - Crushing Velvet
"Promised" - Brian Sullivan
"Soda Jerk" - Buffalo Tom "Straight Into The Sun" - Meanwhile

#621: "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road"
"Hand In Hand" - Leah Erbe
"Old Time Memory" - Josh Kelley
"Home To Me" - Josh Kelley
"Place Called Home" - Kim Richey "My Friend" - Annie Palmer
"Way Beyond Empty" - Busy Phillips

#622: "Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption"
"Void" - Red House Painters "Sit And Watch The Sky" - Crashpalace
"Nobody's Fault" - Phantom Planet "Overrated" - Pilate
"Sins" - Glen Echo
"Pleasant Valley Sunday" - The Wedding Present "I Know What You Don't" - Poxy
"Soundtrack Of Your Life" - A Girl Called Eddy
"Blue Mind" - Alexi Murdoch
"The Air That I Breathe" - The Hollies "Butterfly Girl" - Jaylene Johnson

#623: "All Good Things..."
"The Art Of Losing" - American Hi-Fi
"Always On My Mind" - Phantom Planet
"If" - Dragmatic
"Fall From Grace" - Amanda Marshall
"I'll Be" - Edwin McCain
"Reflections" - Painted Man
"Have A Little Faith In Me" - Painted Man
"Have A Little Faith In Me" - John Hiatt
"Say Goodnight" - Beth Nielsen Chapman

#624: "...Must Come To An End"
"Angel" - Sarah McLachlan
"Hand In My Pocket" - Alanis Morissette
"Healing Hands" - Marc Cohn
"Green Apples" - Chantal Kreviazuk
"Hands" - Jewel
"Say Goodnight" - Beth Nielsen Chapman

NOTE: Two songs next to each other means the first one was on the originally aired episode and the second is the DVD replacement song.

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Well I was personally waiting for the soundtrack to the finale to come out starring
If - Dragmatic
Say Goodnight - Beth ?? Chapman maybe??
I'll be - Edwin Mc Cain.....
But no such luck!
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The thread is ok as long as people don't upload any music, that's not allowed
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Originally Posted by -Kelly-
The thread is ok as long as people don't upload any music, that's not allowed
Wasn't planning to! I'm a good girl I promise!!
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If you go to the Official website you can make your own Dawson's Creek CD chose the music you want the and picture that appears on the CD as well for around $11.95.
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Thanks for the link. I've been to that site and it's pretty awesome. Never made or ordered a CD from it though.
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I know Brooke

I love the "kiss the rain" song, a great scene with joey and dawson....and plus it was raining LOL
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I've made four CDs from that website. There are some great songs on the website...even the replacement songs from Season 3 are okay.
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I've always loved the music from DC. I use to wear out that first soundtrack cd!
I really got into Heather Nova from the show. They played a few of her songs in the first couple seasons (London Rain, Paper Cup, Heart and Shoulder) and I just fell in love with her music.


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Hey Danielle Aww the first soundtrack is so great, I used to listen to 'London Rain' over and over
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well, that's just fabulous.

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Dawson's creek is full of beautiful song....colorblind, superman, I'll be.... and more more more...
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^ It sure is

Just to let everyone know, you can link the artists/bands's websites here, that's allowed

Here are the list of links here
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The music was one of the best things about the show, it was always perfect for the scene.
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Sure is that's why the cds are a hit

I've added this thread to the threads list now.
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Sorry for opening the other thread, I didn't see this one. And I thought uploading music was allowed, becuase they do it in the OTH thread.
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