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  26. Cordelia and Giles: Because when he asked her if she heard of 'tact' she said it was "just not saying true stuff."
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  28. Charisma Carpenter Appreciation #4: Because she's stunning, talented, & sweet. What more could you ask for?
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  33. Charisma Carpenter SmileღAppreciation Thread #3: Because she's got a "million dollar smile"
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  35. Cordelia Chase Appreciation #14: Because she is the nastiest girl in Sunnydale history and takes crap from no one.
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  37. Spike/Cordy Appreciation Thread #8: Because together they would have made Angel's life more "exciting"
  38. Charisma ABC's #20: Heroic, Incredible, Jazzy
  39. ♥Spuffy♥Cangel♥ #11:Spike was only sure of one thing and that was Buffy and Cordy was sure that Angel will win the war
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  48. Charisma & David Friendship #10: Because DB keeping in shape has been on CC's mind.
  49. Scoobies #2 - Through Apocalypses, first loves, vampires, demons and graduation they did it all together.
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