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  1. Viscount & Viscountess {Anthony ♥ Kate} #12: "You must know it, in your heart. You must feel it because I do. I love you."
  2. Anthony Bridgerton {Jonathan Bailey} #8: "So you find my smile pleasing."
  3. The Big Three [Anthony, Benedict & Colin] #1: "I refer to them as my brothers. It's really nice to have that support."
  4. [Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Discussion] #3: "Love is a choice one makes, you take someone in marriage and choose to love them."
  5. Daphne Bridgerton [Phoebe Dynevor] #6 "Did you know I have always suspected that men were idiots, but I was never positive until today."
  6. Duke & Duchess {Simon ♥ Daphne} #7: “I love you,” he said. “Oh, God, how I love you.” - Simon
  7. Unrequited Love [Colin ♥ Penelope] #9: "I love you, and I hate myself for not seeing the real you all these years."
  8. Three Words Posts #3: We need news!
  9. Edwina Sharma [Charithra Chandran] #2: "Today you have lost your power, while I have made up my own mind & that's victory enough for me."
  10. Historical Romance #3 "I think it will be a marriage of inconvenience"
  11. With Love [Eloise ♥ Phillip] #3: "I love you so much. I never thought that would happen to me"
  12. Francesca Bridgerton {Hannah Dodd} #3: “It’s a lady’s prerogative to do anything she wants.”
  13. What are you watching/reading/doing besides Bridgerton #9
  14. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  15. Queen & King {Charlotte ♥ George} #3: “I cannot breathe when you're not near. I love you, Charlotte. My heart calls your name.”
  16. Scandal Sheets {Off Topic} #7: "Open up your mind, maybe in this life we can be anything." ♫
  17. TPAM #6: TPAM loves period dramas!
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  19. Word Association #8 - Violet - Mama - Children
  20. Bridgerton - Moderator Opening Announcement
  21. Countdown Thread #3: All the countdowns to events, trailers, new seasons!
  22. Last Two Letters #1: Daph(ne), Newt(on), Onlook(er)
  23. 50,000 Posts at the Bridgerton forum! Come celebrate!
  24. Letter Ending Game #6: Michael - Luke - Edmund
  25. Colin Bridgerton {Luke Newton} #4: "Even Colin, the man with the easy smile and devilish humor had raw spots of his own."
  26. Kate Sharma {Simone Ashley} #8: "Beating you feels the same as any other win, but somehow smells sweeter."
  27. [ICONS] #2: Post all the pretty boxes here!
  28. What time is it? #3
  29. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  30. Anti-ABCs #6: Awful - Boring - Cringe
  31. Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page) #4: “I do not want to be alone. What I don't know is how to be the man you need me to be, the man you truly deserve."
  32. This or That #5: Kathony or Saphne?
  33. Unrequited Love [Colin ♥ Penelope] #8: "If you would open your eyes, you might see there are those in your life you already make happy."
  34. Queen & King {Charlotte ♥ George} #2: "You did not go over the wall." "No, George. I did not go over the wall."
  35. Viscount & Viscountess {Anthony ♥ Kate} #11: "It has been you this entire time. Spinning my world off it’s axis, making me reconsider everything."
  36. Hugs #2: Let's hug it out!
  37. Duke & Duchess {Simon ♥ Daphne} #6: "To meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart."
  38. Penelope Featherington | Lady W. {Nicola Coughlan} #5: "Should we not value a woman for her candor, her character, her true accomplishments?"
  39. TPBM #5: Is TPBM excited for Season 3?
  40. Besides the Bridgerton couples, who are you shipping? #2
  41. Brimsley ♥ Reynolds #1: "Great love can make miracles."
  42. 50k Prep Thread: Submit your testimonials and arts!
  43. Scandal Sheets {Off Topic} #6: Come join us! Everyone is welcomed!
  44. ABCs #8: Bridgerton - Charlotte - Dear
  45. Fairytale [Sophie ღ Benedict] #5: “Be mine forever. I'll give you anything you want. All I want in return is you.”
  46. Benedict Bridgerton {Luke Thompson} #3: "What is it, truly, to admire a woman? To look at her and feel inspiration. To delight in her beauty."
  47. Besties {Charlotte&Agatha} #1: "We shall be great friends."
  48. Young Lady Danbury {Arsema Thomas} #1: "I'm Lady Agatha Danbury. I'm to be on your court."
  49. Julia Quinn (Author) #3: Because she gave us 'Romancing Mr. Bridgerton'!
  50. Bridgerton Siblings #2: "My children may be rivalrous, but we have yet to lose any limbs."