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  15. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  16. (Thirst Squad) Insane JDM Fans Thread #2: Because his voice is so deep, and sultry!
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  20. Jeffrey's Tweets/Social Media Thread #2: Because he now has an Instagram
  21. (The Gentleman) JDM Pictures Thread #3: Because his sweetness and sincerity can be captured in every picture.
  22. Jeffrey's Hands Appreciation Thread #2: Because we love his manly hands.
  23. John Winchester Appreciation Thread #2: Because we love that he got to say goodbye to his boys.
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  29. The Morgan Family (Jeff/Hil/Gus) Appreciation Thread #3: "Your the dad who makes us both feel protected, lucky and loved." -Hil
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  31. Jeffrey's Lips Appreciation Thread #2: Because we can't stop staring at his mouth, it's Magnetic!
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  35. Besides Jeffrey, what else are you watching? #3
  36. (The Danger Zone) JDM Body Appreciation Thread #2: Because it's not just his body that get's our attention, but his demeanor as well.
  37. Jeffrey Facial Expressions Thread #2: Because he makes the best faces.
  38. (Cowboy Casanova) Jeffrey Clothing Appreciation Thread #2: Because he can rock any style.
  39. Jeffrey's Facial Profile Appreciation Thread #2: Because he's museum worthy.
  40. The Sanctuary (Off Topic) #3: Because sometimes we talk about something other than JDM.
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  42. JDM & Norman/Andy Friendship (Sugar, Bubba, Sparkles) Appreciation Thread #2: I found the brother I never had. We’re thick as thieves." -JD
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  44. Please Welcome harmony_rules as Your New Moderator!
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  47. JDM Black/White Photos Thread #2: Because even in B/W he's the most rugged man we've seen
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  49. Jeffrey Dean Morgan Anti ABC's Thread #3: Garbage, Hiatus, Inconsiderate
  50. JDM Smile Appreciation Thread #2: Because a grown man should not be allowed to have dimples like that.