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  2. TV Vs Show Comparisons #1: What's different? What works and what doesn't.
  3. True Love {Matt/Ingrid} #1: Because her soul called out to him, human or not.
  4. Triple Moon: Summer on East End Book Discussion #1: Releases July 14th, 2015.
  5. The Ultimate Triangle {Freya/Killian/Dash} #1: Who says you have to love one over the other?
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  8. Freya+Ingrid #1: Their bond is stronger than anything else.
  9. Minor/Guest characters #1: Who did you like, or didn't? Should character arcs be less, or more?
  10. Season Two General Discussion #1: This darker became darker than we could have ever imagined.
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  12. Season One General Discussion #1: The Witching Hour is Coming
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  14. What would you change in the story?
  15. Episode 2.12/2.13 Season Finale Discussion - Airs 10/5/14
  16. Mason Tarkoff/James Marsters Appreciation Thread #1:because flirty and undercover is a great combination!
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  18. Episode 2.11 "Poe Way Out" - Airdate: 09.28.14
  19. Freya & Dash | #1: Because she couldn't imagine loving anyone as much as she loved him.
  20. Episode 2.10 "The Fall of House Beauchamp" Discussion -- Airdate: 09.21.14
  21. SISTERS [Joanna/Wendy] #1: "What?" "Your necklace...it's red. This is your last life."
  22. Beauchamps {FFIJW} #1: This family is neither perfect nor easy, but love is what they have in common.
  23. Gardiners {Dash & Killian} #1: The brothers two; they love.. they hate. They are family.
  24. Fair Haven {News & Media} #1: We wait for the season 3 renewal..
  25. Episode 2.09 "Smells Like King Spirit" Discussion - Airdate: Sept 14th.
  26. Episode 2.08 'Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake' Discussion - Airs 09.07.14
  27. Frederick Beauchamp {Christian Cooke} #1: This mysterious stranger makes you wonder if he's good or evil, but we love him nonetheless.
  28. Dash Gardiner {Eric Winter} #1: B/C badass Dash this season is too hot to resist!!!
  29. Killian Gardiner {Daniel DiTomasso} #1: This sexy dark haired male has taken the show by storm.
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  34. Witches of East End {Beauchamp Family book #1} Discussion
  35. Dashing {Dash/Ingrid} #1: Their connection has grown strength to strength this season.
  36. Ingrid/Adam #1: Becsue no matter what they have a connection
  37. Joanna Beauchamp [Julia Ormond] #1: "Magic is what you make of it. It can be dangerous and deadly, or it can be mystical & beautiful.”
  38. Ingrid Beauchamp [Rachel Boston] #1: "Ingrid’s powers come from up here; strength of mind. Intellect. Invention."
  39. Wendy Beauchamp [Mädchen Amick] #1: "I’m ruled by instinct, so my powers come from the gut."
  40. Freya Beauchamp [Jenna Dewan-Tatum] #1: "Freya, you’re ruled by emotion, so yours come from the heart."
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