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  3. News & Media #3: Bring on the season 4 news!
  4. Dr. Mindy Lahiri | Mindy Kaling #3: "She's one of the worst-behaved female leads in the history of televison" -Mindy
  5. The Mindy Project ABC's #5: Mom to be, Nice, Our favorite
  6. Post Count #3: We got a season 4, so keep the posting going!
  7. TMP Word Association #5: Hulu - stream - episodes
  8. TMP Fashion #2: Thanks to Hulu we'll be seeing a lot more of that spectacular Mindy fashion sense!
  9. Possible Board Closure Discussion: Please Read and Respond!
  10. Dr. Danny Castellano/Chris Messina #3: We need more of this sexy doctor & his red reading glasses.
  11. Jeremy | Mindy | Danny #2: They've had each others backs from the beginning & always will.
  12. -Season Finale- {3x21} "Best Man" Episode Discussion.
  13. {3x20} "What to Expect When You're Expanding" Episode Discussion.
  14. {3x19} "Confessions of a Catho-holic" Episode Discussion.
  15. Hangman #4: Our show supplies an endless amount of unforgettable lines.
  16. Jeremy & Peter #2: Because in the end they both forgave each other & that's all we wanted.
  17. Morgan/Tamra #2: Because we're glad to see these two stay friends.
  18. The Doctors Lounge {Off Topic} #4: Because we prefer those lazy weekends.
  19. {3x18} "Fertility Bites" Episode Discussion.
  20. {3x17} "Danny Castellano Is My Nutritionist" Episode Discussion.
  21. Mindy & Peter #2: "You're kinda my best friend." "Oh my god! I think you're my best friend too."
  22. Tamra Webb | Xosha Roquemore #2 ~ "I just burned 100,000 calories crushin' it."
  23. {3x16} "Lahiri Family Values" Episode Discussion.
  24. The Mindy Project Last Letter Ending #4
  25. {3x15} "Dinner at the Castellanos" Episode Discussion.
  26. {3x14} "No More Mr. Noishe Guy" Episode Discussion.
  27. The Mindy Project Anti-ABC's #4: Gross, Hoax, Insect
  28. This or That #2: TMP premieres or finales?
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  30. Besides The Mindy Project, what are you watching? #3
  31. {3x13} "San Francisco Bae" Episode Discussion.
  32. Mindy & Morgan #2: Morgan knows my menstrual cycle. I find it very helpful.
  33. Main Cast Appreciation #2: Because we can never get enough of this cast, whether it be on the show, social media, etc.
  34. {3x12} "Stanford" Episode Discussion.
  35. Danny & Morgan #2: "I wanna make love & care for you"
  36. The Mindy Project ABC's #4: Jeremy, Karaoke, Lahiri
  37. Minor Cast/ Guest Stars Thread #2: Because any given TMP episode is at least 25% better by the inclusion of at least one Deslaurier.
  38. Mindy Kaling & Chris Messina #2: "He has a supernatural ability to smolder" -Mindy
  39. TMP Word Association #4: New York - city - girl
  40. {3x11} "Christmas" Episode Discussion.
  41. Dr. Peter Prentice/Adam Pally #2: Right now, I am grown up who is living like The Situation.
  42. {Un-lamp Like Feelings} Danny ♥ Mindy (+1) #3: Give me some of that brown butter!
  43. {3x10} "What About Peter?" Episode Discussion.
  44. {3x9} "How to Lose a Mom in Ten Days" Episode Discussion.
  45. {3x8} "Diary of a Mad Indian Woman" Episode Discussion.
  46. {3x7} "We Need to Talk About Annette" Episode Discussion.
  47. TPBM #2: TPBM loves holiday TMP eps?
  48. Dr. Jeremy Matilda Reed/Ed Weeks #2: "Sup, I'm Barf. Scandal's my jam"
  49. {3x6} "Caramel Princess Time" Episode Discussion.
  50. #BeverlySomething | Beth Grant #1: "I can't go. I have tickets to an execution."