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  1. Possible Board Closure Discussion: Please Read and Respond!
  2. Vampire Academy - Moderator Opening Announcement
  3. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  4. Mr & Mrs Ivashkov {Adrian ♥ Sydney + 1} #8: Because their individual growth as characters contributed toward their personal relationship.
  5. Happy 2 years for VA Movie release!
  6. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #93: Happy Valentine's Day, dhampirs!
  7. Post Count #6: always in the top 100? Hell yeahs! Happy VA Movie birthday! 2 years, babes.
  8. Blood Sisters {Rose/Lissa | Zoey/Lucy} #5: "Lissa and I had been best friends ever since kindergarten; we'd been inseparable ever since."
  9. The Warriors {Eddie & Rose} #3: Two dhampirs fighting for what is right, and protecting their loved ones til the end.
  10. Please welcome AcrossTheStars as your new moderator!
  11. Zmey {Abe Mazur} #4: He'll do anything to save his daughter from certain death, even jailbreak her out of prison.
  12. VA Hangman #5: Long or short. Easy or hard. Try the puzzle and find out.
  13. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #92: New year, New thread, New beginnings...
  14. The Huntress {Rose Hathaway | Zoey Deutch} #7: Because we can't decide what movie we wanna see the most!
  15. VA Anti ABCs #7: Angry, Brutal, Callous..
  16. VA Last Letter #6:
  17. Vampire Academy - Moderator Opening Announcement - Extended
  18. VA Cast Appreciation [Live Watch: 11/22/63 Episode 1. #1: We love watching our talented cast in their many projects.
  19. Happy Holidays!
  20. 2015 Fan Art Holiday Competition Voting: Vampire Academy
  21. Word Association #7: From one to another. Easy as that.
  22. VA ABCS #7: There is always something to say.
  23. VA Awards Nominations {Categories inside; participation is welcome} : COMMENT on thread.
  24. 100,000 preparation thread!
  25. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2015
  26. The Person Above Me #4: TPAM Loves Vampire Academy
  27. Vampire Academy series Discussion #2: Because there is always new information you find on every reread
  28. Introduction | Birthdays | Board Guide #2: Welcome back to the Academy!
  29. Keeper {Angeline Dawes} #3: Angeline is tougher,smarter and wiser than people give her credit for.
  30. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  31. Leaders {Sydney&Eddie} #2: "I knew I would do anything to save Eddie—my friend—whom I loved."
  32. Mazur-Hathaway Clan {Rose.Janine.Abe} #3: Because Rose wouldn't mind if her parents got another chance together!
  33. Kindred Spirits {Zoey & Danila} #4: Because we ache for a reunion! make that happen, ASAP.
  34. Warrior Moroi {Mia Rinaldi | Sami Gayle} #3: Because Mia grew from VA to SB. We would love to see more of her.
  35. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #91: This board is no longer black and white. It's now in screaming colors.
  36. Guardians {Rose ♥ Dimitri } #8: ""When you're with Dimitri, your aura's like the sun. So is his.” - Sonya Karp
  37. VA 300 Word Story 6: It was a rainy day when Rose decided to google 'Vampire Academy' and was surprised when she found..."
  38. Russian God {Danila| Dimitri} #6: Because we can't wait to watch Soulless 2
  39. Human BFFs {Trey | Sydney} #1: They clicked from the very first moment they met; the rest is history.
  40. Vampire Academy Awards {Please Read & Respond}
  41. Champion {Eddie Castile} #4: "He is one of the most badass, capable guardians out there."
  42. The Royal Princess {Lissa Dragomir | Lucy Fry} #5: Because "Now add Honey" has the best lines ever. Lucy is rocking this movie!
  43. Fire User {Christian Ozera | Dominic Sherwood} #5: We can't wait to see him on screen every single week! Can.not.wait.
  44. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  45. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #90: Because Jen is seeing Me and Earl and the Dying Girl tomorrow.
  46. The dragomir's {Royal Blood } #2: "Because every family has its secrets."
  47. Mr & Mrs Ivashkov {Adrian ♥ Sydney + 1} #7: They ended the series married with a baby and we couldn't be more happier.
  48. The Huntress {Rose Hathaway | Zoey Deutch} #6: Because 2016 will be Zoey's year!
  49. Richelle Mead #3: Because apart from Soundless, we can't wait to see what else she writes
  50. Jet Steel {Adrian Ivashkov} #4: Because in LS he called himself a "victim" but then in Bloodlines he became his own hero.