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  1. VA Anti-ABCs #2: Bad, Crazy, Dumb...
  2. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #23: Where every OTP feel runs free without judgement.
  3. Vampire Academy ABC's #2: Rose, Shadow Kiss, Tasha...
  4. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #22: Because we are all dying over the feels from "Starcrossed"!
  5. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #21: “Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.”
  6. Novice Punk Nick - moved & closed.
  7. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #20: Because long may we Reign!!!
  8. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #19: Because "As long as I can still dream, I will dream of you." *CLACE FEELS*
  9. Alchemist&Moroi {Adrian ♥ Sydney + Hopper} #3: The center will hold because they are the center.
  10. St Vladimir's Academy [OT] #18: Because excuse our on topicness but VA is in theaters today!!!!
  11. Freaks of Nature {Rose|Zoey|Christian|Dom} #2: "If you weren't so psychotic, you'd be fun to hang around.” "Funny, I feel that way about you too."
  12. Vampire Academy Movie Discussion #1: Go see the movie opening weekend, Feb 7th. {RE-WATCH}
  13. The Warrior {Rose Hathaway | Zoey Deutch} Appreciation thread #2: "Brown hair. Two eyes. Armpits." Zoey describing Rose in 140 characters.
  14. Vampire Academy Rant/Vent Thread #1: Because "why? what? huh? what even..? I can't...? What just happened?"
  15. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #17: "You used to shine so bright, but I watched all of it fade” *CHANNELING EX DRAMA*
  16. Guardians {Rose ♥ Dimitri } #3: "I really feel like they are in love with each other" Zoey Deutch
  17. Please welcome our new affiliate 'Fans of Vampire Academy'
  18. The Royal Court {movie/book news & media} #2: From clips to promotional items, it's just like christmas.
  19. VA Word Association #2
  20. The Fiery Heart {Bloodlines, #4} Discussion #2: With mixed reactions, we still look forward to what comes next.
  21. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #16: Because "I will love you until I die. And if there's a life after that I'll love you then." *Sara has TMI feels*
  22. VA sites & links #1: Let's see the world of Vampire Academy.
  23. Queen & Consort {Christian ♥ Lissa } | {Dom & Lucy}#4: "I swear, if you say 'Little Dragomirs', you can sleep in the hall." - Lissa
  24. Leaders {Sydney&Eddie} #1: They're pretend siblings yet their friendship is very real.
  25. Princess & the Guardian {Lissa&Dimitri | Danila & Lucy} #1: Because she brought him back to life.
  26. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #15: Because Sara and Whit cannot handle all the COHF spoilers! Someone hold us!!
  27. mtv brawl - MOVED!
  28. Standard Avatars 2014
  29. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #14: 14 threads??? This is insane! *uses every opportunity to use that Dimitri quote*
  30. Vampire Academy Movie S/S #2: Can't think of a title. Dead by lust scene, later losers.
  31. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #13: Because this bipolar weather needs to go away ASAP!
  32. Vampire Academy Countdown: To the US Nationwide release | Feburary 7th. {International dates Included inside}
  33. VA Graphic Novels Appreciation #1: A different form, but same vision.
  34. The Core Four {R+D+C+L} #1: They love fiercely, and loyal to a fault. You don't want to mess with them.
  35. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #12: Because happy new year! Here's hoping 2014 has better things in store than 2013!
  36. Vampire Academy Twitter Account!
  37. Vampire Academy spoilers! [Please read and respond]
  38. Guardians {Rose ♥ Dimitri } #2: Because Rose and Dimitri are... "assuming the position."
  39. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #11: This Sarah Is Stuck At Work Until Midnight And Bored
  40. Happy Holidays!
  41. Please Welcome Stay to the Lights & vale decem As Your New Moderator
  42. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #10: Because Sara is sad about Nikita ending, and oh Devon Sawa was in Casper, who knew? Oh right, everyone!
  43. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #9: It's almost Christmas! *throws confetti*
  44. • 10,000 posts celebration•
  45. You know you're obsessed with Vampire Academy when....
  46. Moderator Opening Announcement
  47. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #8: R.I.P Paul Walker. You will forever be in our hearts! ❤
  48. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #7: This thread is catching fire....or something like that.
  49. • 10,000 posts preparation •
  50. The Ozera's {Tragic family} #1: Love comes in all shapes in sizes, even in death.