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  1. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #45:Whitney and Sara are having alot of Roswell reunion feels right now!!
  2. Jet Steel {Adrian Ivashkov} #2: Adrian has changed so much up until this point, we look forward to seeing more.
  3. The Warrior {Rose Hathaway | Zoey Deutch} #3: Because she is still our little gold nugget; always launching with new things.
  4. Duplicate #3
  5. Duplicate #2
  6. The Alchemist {Sydney Sage} #2: This smart blonde will be kicking ass and taking names in Silver Shadows.
  7. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #44:Sara is currently overwhelmed by The Secret Circle feelings *Damn you chiller for showing a marathon*
  8. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #43: We're now glad SC got cancelled because what was to come ruined it all.
  9. General VA/Bloodlines Friendships #1
  10. Silver Shadows (Bloodlines #5) book Discussion #1: The days are ticking down to July 29th.
  11. Guardians {Rose ♥ Dimitri } #4: Because their auras are shining when they are together
  12. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #42:Because We're having so many feels,new and old!!
  13. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #41: Its the end of TV season, but summer is almost here for more..
  14. {Fire User} Christian Ozera | Dominic Sherwood #2: "I hate what they chose to become, but they were still my parents."
  15. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #40:Because we are praying Star-Crossed gets renewed and that the finale is amazing!!
  16. Music Video Awards 2014
  17. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #39:Star Wars Day is sunday!! Whitney is going to geek out!!
  18. Epic Vampire music video - Queen - Who wants to live forever - MOVED!
  19. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #38:Because Sara is forever upset over Arrow, end of the story.
  20. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #37: The weather goes up and down like a roller coaster! Just choose a season already!
  21. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #36: Because we just love to talk to each other!
  22. Vampire Academy Music Thread #1:
  23. Kindred Spirits {Zoey & Danila} #2: "my jet-lag completely gone...when I saw you...love you so much..." - Danila.
  24. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #35: "Without you, I'd fall apart, I'm safe when I am in your arms, Only you can set me free, Only you can save me."
  25. {blood sisters} Rose & Lissa Appreciation #2: "I'm your dhampir and you are my moroi." - Rose
  26. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #34: "Darling Heart, I loved you from the start, but that's no excuse for the state i'm in." #Florenceandthemachingrocks
  27. Russian God {Danila| Dimitri} #2: "We're all in love with Danila, we all wanna marry him." - Lucy Fry
  28. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #33: Because Whit has Plus One feels and Sara has Soap OTP feels!
  29. 25 000 Celebration thread!
  30. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #32: Welcome to the land of OTP feels, rl issues and fashion!
  31. The Royal Princess {Lissa Dragomir | Lucy Fry} #2: Because Lucy rocked every performance in the movie that there is no one better for Lissa.
  32. Vampire Academy series book survivor: It's the countdown for your favourite. {VOTE - Final Round}
  33. Havoc Reigns!!!
  34. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #31: Rose marries Adrian. Sydney dies. Christian and Lissa are together, and Dimitri gets a random moroi pregnant.
  35. Christian ♥ Lissa {Royals} #2: They connected on a level when nobody else could even relate; thus creating a bond.
  36. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #30: Because this thread is all about music, music, music! Get with the program!
  37. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #29: Because Sara is crying forever over Teen Wolf. End of the story!!
  38. VA Quotes #2: Scene. What characters and book.
  39. VA 300 Word Story #2:
  40. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #28: Because who needs a life when you got this thread?
  41. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #27: Carry on...
  42. 25 000 preparation thread!
  43. VA Hangman #2: Pick a Letter!
  44. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #26: Because we talk too much not to realize we're over the limit.
  45. Tpam #2: ^
  46. Rest In Peace Rayane!
  47. VA Last Letter #2: Rose, Eddie, Eternal, Lissa.
  48. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #25: Because we have so much to discuss we raced through 25 threads!!
  49. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #24: Because do you remember the first ship that gave you OTP feels? Come cry with us!
  50. Post Count thread #2: We are on fire! Christian taught us well. ;)