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  1. Word Association #4: Linking one word to another is as easy as ABC.
  2. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  3. The Royal Princess {Lissa Dragomir | Lucy Fry} #3: "I want to be a part of the stories that need to be told."
  4. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #61:..........off topic?
  5. Guardians {Rose ♥ Dimitri } #5: "I don't belong to anyone. I make my own choices." "But I was meant for you"
  6. Russian God {Danila| Dimitri} #3: “He's hot-like, the kind of hot that makes you stop walking on the street and get hit by traffic" - Rose (FB)
  7. 50,000 preparation thread!!!
  8. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  9. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #60: Sarah and Whitney have Star Wars Feelings
  10. Queen & Consort |Christian ♥ Lissa |#3: Through thick and thin, good and bad, they only grew stronger.
  11. Dhampir Besties [Rose & Mason | Cameron & Zoey] #2: Mason is still a constant memory in all their hearts, especially Rose.
  12. Tpbm: #2
  13. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #59: Whitney finally caught up on OUAT and is having CaptainSwan Feels!!
  14. Moroi Princess{Jill Mastrano-Dragomir}#2:"She’s not just any Moroi. She’s royal. A princess. Smart, strong & beautiful. Destined for great things"
  15. VA Quotes #3: Guessing is just what makes fun,
  16. VA 300 Word Story #3:
  17. VA Last Letter #3: Moroi, Ivashkov, Vampires
  18. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #58: Missing quote "Juliet had it easy; she never had to kill Romeo" apparently not a quote by Richelle Mead
  19. Vampire Academy ABC's #3:
  20. VA Anti-ABCs #3:
  21. VA Hangman #3: New game. New quote.
  22. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #57: Nobody can hurt you now, you're stronger than you've ever been by far.
  23. {blood sisters} Rose & Lissa | Zoey & Lucy Appreciation #3: "Only a true best friend can protect your from immortal enemies"
  24. VA THIS or THAT #2:
  25. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #56:Because "You won't see me fall....I've got an elastic heart."
  26. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #55:Because: Whitney is having alot of Star Trek feels right now!!
  27. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #54:Because "Nothing left to say, no more time to give, I just needed you to know i'm letting go".
  28. Music Video Awards 2014: Round 1
  29. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #53: Because welcome to the land of all things Sci-Fi. Enough said.
  30. Silver Shadows (Bloodlines #5) book spoilers & discussion #2: Carry on....
  31. Official VA: FROSTBITE on Indiegogo Campaign! -- I Stand. You Stand. We all stand together. Support Frostbite today!
  32. Post Count #3: We strive to do the best we can. Movie news produces posts.
  33. Frostbite Movie Speculation and Campaign thread #1: Because "Hey little dhampir" #SupportFrostbiteOnIndiegogo
  34. Delate me!!!
  35. The Ruby Circle S&S #1: Now we have a long wait until Feb 10th, 2015.
  36. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #52: Because does Firefly have 14 episodes or 18? WE HAVE NO IDEA.
  37. The Royal Court {Movie/Book news & media} #3: We can't wait for the upcoming #Frostbite2015 crowdfunding campaign!
  38. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #51: Because spoiler alert! Sarah and Whit will be doing a Star Wars watch together!!! #Geeks
  39. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #50: Because spoiler alert! Sara has no real title for the first time in like ever. #CallTheMedia
  40. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #49: Sarah's back from MIA to cause trouble...jk
  41. VA Word Association #3: Dhampir - Moroi - Vampire
  42. The Champion {Eddie Castile}#2: "He was one of the most badass, capable guardians out there, but he couldn’t believe that about himself."
  43. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #48: Because there's so much to talk about, we don't even realize when it's new thread time!
  44. Ivashkov Family #1: This family isn't always the easiest, but family is family after all.
  45. Unconventional/AU couples #1: Which pairings could you imagine, while may not be canon?
  46. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #47: Whitney is having all kinds of THG feels right now! Bring On November!!
  47. Mr & Mrs Ivashkov {Adrian ♥ Sydney} #4: Because he'll do anything to get her back, coming in Silver Shadows this July.
  48. St. Vladimir's Academy [OT] #46: Because Jen is having a Gossip Girl marathon where everyone has chemistry with everyone.
  49. Guardian ♢ Moroi {Jill ღ Eddie} #2:Their kiss was only just the beginning of something special.
  50. Reading Popular Literature and Digital Media