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  1. Standard Avatars 2015
  2. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #84: It's just about JUNE. Where did half the year even go? Soon, it'll be christmas!
  3. Guardians {Rose ♥ Dimitri } #7: "You are going to be Dimitri's partner."
  4. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  5. Vampire Academy Board 75,000 Celebration!
  6. Princess & the Guardian {Lissa&Dimitri | Danila & Lucy} #2 Because they might not have a spirit bond, but a bond nonetheless
  7. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #83: Upfronts are over; fall schedules are here and time to decide what to watch.
  8. TPBM #3: There is always something to learn from each other.
  9. The Russians {Belikovs'} #2: Little cowboy-Dimitri; packed with his crazy family would have made for a great story.
  10. Guardian ♢ Moroi {Jill ღ Eddie} #4: "I have never loved myself but you oh god, I loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like."
  11. You know you're obsessed with Vampire Academy when.... #2
  12. Unlikely Allliances {Rose|Sydney} #2: “Rose? So, it looks like— Did you eat some of my fries?" - "No."
  13. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #82: Because can this heat go away? We thought summer started in June!
  14. Russian God {Danila| Dimitri} #5: We adore Danila so much we watch Russian movies with subtitles just for him.
  15. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #81: Our BB is engaged and we couldn't be more happier! Congrats Sara!!
  16. Zmey {Abe Mazur} #3: "No need to be jealous. If you work hard and put your mind to it, you might just inherit my brilliant logic skills someday."
  17. Moroi Princess{Jill Mastrano-Dragomir}#3: “A princess of her people has no business sitting off to the side while her people are in danger.”
  18. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #80 Because it's gonna be MAY - in four days!
  19. Mr & Mrs Ivashkov {Adrian ♥ Sydney} #6 "They're amazing... like molten gold. I could paint those...they're beautiful. You're beautiful.”
  20. The Royal Princess {Lissa Dragomir | Lucy Fry} #4: Because we're excited about her upcoming TV Mini-series.
  21. VA 300 Word Story 5:
  22. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #79: Because we're all happy that Dom was cast as JACE in the Shadowhunters TV show! *cheers*
  23. {blood sisters} R&L | Z&L #4: "You'd probably do it in a way where you wouldn't get caught." I'm glad everyone has so much faith in me."
  24. His Little Dhampir {Adrian & Rose} #2: “Hey, little dhampir.” - Adrian's first meeting Rose.
  25. Guess the VA Quote #4: Guess where the Line Comes From.
  26. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #78: The new Star Wars trailer was released and nothing else matters!
  27. Fire User {Christian Ozera | Dominic Sherwood} #4: Because he's got that James Dean day dream look in his eye. He never goes out of style.
  28. VA Cast Appreciation #2: We miss them, and want them back. :(
  29. Vampire Academy board 75,000 preparation!
  30. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #77 Because The Royals is a new obsession. That is all.
  31. Spirit Bound | Jill & Adrian #2 Because after their bond began, he tried his best to make it easier on Jill
  32. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #76:Because we're just gonna shake it off, shake it off
  33. Board Customization!
  34. Russian God {Danila| Dimitri} #4: Whether it's in English, Russian. Whether he reads lines or the phone book; he can talk to us anytime.
  35. Jet Steel {Adrian Ivashkov} #3: "I’d rather you have a worthy partner who’s a human than a Moroi who can’t help you share your burdens.”
  36. Spirit Teacher {Sonya Karp} #2: She came from the dark side of being Strigoi and survived.
  37. The Huntress {Rose Hathaway | Zoey Deutch} #5 "You know what? I want to come first. I need to take care of myself for once."
  38. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #75: Because Instant Star was awesome and JOMMY were EVERYTHING!
  39. General VA/Bloodlines Friendships #3: Because no friendship is unimportant; even if they may not get as much page-time as others.
  40. BLOODLINES - Reread Session | Who's with us?
  41. VA Pictures #2: Look at the lovely, lovely pictures.
  42. The Core Four {R+D+C+L} #2: because they'd protect each other without a doubt.
  43. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #74: Because Jen has now become a 1D fan.
  44. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #73:"No matter what we will always love and support Zayn"
  45. Queen & Consort {Christian ♥ Lissa }| {D&L}#5: Because the chapel was where they met, fell in love and bonded over things lost.
  46. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #72: Hakuna Matata! That's the title. It means no worries.
  47. Guardian Angel {Mason Ashford| Cameron Monaghan} #2: He'll always be watching over his friends no matter where he is.
  48. VA Last Letter #5: It's not always easy, when the last becomes the first.
  49. St. Vladimirs Academy [OT] #71: Because it's Whitney's birthday. *cheers*
  50. The Alchemist {Sydney Sage} #3: "You don’t know the first thing about me, Adrian Ivashkov. I fight back plenty."