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  1. Board Closing this Sunday.
  2. Michael Ealy | Theo #2: Bring on Secrets & Lies and more of this guy on our tv screens!
  3. Possible Board Closure Discussion: Please Read and Respond!
  4. Roderick | Warren Kole #6: We are excited to watch him in his new role in Shades of Blue!
  5. The Following ● ABCs #9: Killers, Laws, Murder...
  6. Word Association #4: cult - following - lead
  7. Anti-ABC's #7: Stupid, Terrible, Useless
  8. Low Post Count Warning – Please Read
  9. {International House of Psychos} Off Topic #18: Fall is coming which means new shows!
  10. Mike Weston | Shawn Ashmore #8: Because if anyone was going to survive to the end...it was going to be Mike!
  11. Post Count #10 - Like serial killers, we like to see the numbers go up!
  12. The Following Season 3 General Discussion #1
  13. Three Words Thread #3: It is over. :(
  14. Psycho Twins {Mark & Luke} | Sam Underwood #7: Having Sam on the show was a definite highlight for us!
  15. Besides The Following, what are you watching? #7
  16. Hangman #6: The show is over but guessing the hangman quote continues!
  17. Ryan Hardy | Kevin Bacon #6: Because we're gonna miss him the most of all the characters.
  18. News Thread #6
  19. Episode Discussion 3x14 & 3x15: Dead or Alive/The Reckoning (Airs May 18th) Series Finale
  20. {International House of Psychos} Off Topic #17: Summer is almost officially here!
  21. Question!
  22. Episode Discussion 3x12 & 3x13: The Edge; A Simple Trade (Airs May 11th)
  23. Episode Discussion 3X11: Demons (Airs May 4th)
  24. Episode Discussion 3X10: Evermore (Airs April 27th)
  25. Episode Discussion 3X9: Kill The Messenger (Airs April 20th)
  26. Episode Discussion 3X8: Flesh & Blood (Airs April 13th)
  27. Roderick | Warren Kole #5: Because between Trent, David, Wes and Roderick we can't pick a favorite.
  28. No pregnancy storyline, please!
  29. Episode Discussion 3X7: The Hunt (Airs April 6th)
  30. Joe Carroll [James Purefoy] #5: "All I ever wanted was for my name to live forever. I think I've probably accomplished that."
  31. Michael Ealy | Theo #1: “The shark is supposed to stay beneath the water.”
  32. Ryan/Joe [Kevin/James] #5: “Do I need to remind you, Ryan ? When I die, you die.”
  33. Episode Discussion 3X6: Reunion (Airs March 30th)
  34. Max Hardy | Jessica Stroup #4: Because she's the voice of reason.
  35. Max & Ryan #2: Because "I only want what's best for my uncle"
  36. Episode Discussion 3X4/3X5: Home/A Hostile Witness (Airs March 23rd)
  37. Episode Discussion 3X3: Exposed (Airs March 16th)
  38. Inevitable {MaxღMike} #33: Because they're far from ancient history.
  39. Episode Discussion 3X2: Boxed In (Airs March 9th)
  40. Standard Avatars 2015
  41. Kyle & Daisy #1: Because their love cannot be contained by a room.
  42. Episode Discussion 3X1: New Blood (Airs March 2nd)
  43. The Person Above Me #9: TPAM is excited for March 2nd!
  44. {Batman & Robin} Ryan & Mike #5: "Mike, this is not you. This is me. Don't be me, please."
  45. Inevitable {MaxღMike} #32: "The flame still burns." ~ Shawn
  46. ABC's #8: Undeniable, Valorie, Wonder
  47. Post Count #9 - Like serial killers, we like to see the numbers go up!
  48. Mike Weston | Shawn Ashmore #7: Because "he's locked into this downward spiral of chasing, and he can't get out of this pain."
  49. Inevitable {MaxღMike} #31: "Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who gets it, so..." "Thanks for coming, Max. Means a lot."
  50. Anti-ABC's #6: President, Quiz, Raunchy